How does the Discuz x2 0 DY page call the classified information

Discuz DIY function is very powerful, use it to make a very personalized portal, and can achieve many complex functions, such as property, recruitment, second-hand transactions and other classified information. In the process of using Discuz, many friends will encounter a problem, how to call the DIY page classification information, this problem has troubled me, through the study found that the calling method, now for everyone to share.

The first step of

, to set up the classification of information in the back, there is no detailed explanation, my blog has a detailed articles about the operation, do not know a friend can see under (;

second step, enter the forum management center, find: BBS – Classification Information – Classification Management – enterprise recruitment (here I still use recruitment as an example) – detailed;


find the fields you want to display on the DIY page, such as: recruitment, recruitment, recruitment, click Insert call behind the field,



below this page, call the display template for the category information module. The call code for this field appears:

{zplxr}: [zplxrvalue] [zplxrunit]

, let’s copy this code first.


Third step

display layout design code classification information in Dreamweaver, and to display the classification information of the local insertion of saved code, finally copy the code into "display template" classification information module in the call.


Fourth step

DIY control panel into the foreground, switch to the advanced mode, select insert module: display static module, select the section classification information, select the classified information, the other set can be determined according to your actual requirements.


to this DIY page to call classification information on the success, and I hope all friends to Discuz enthusiastic help, reprint please retain the author’s blog

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