Maybe our understanding of the operation is wrong and you still do not know

you always say, "that operation is not good," because the operation is your myth.

reading today calmly about operation, may be a bit subversive now most people operating concept: maybe our understanding of the operations are wrong, but still unaware.

when you say "the mouth with no operation", you have lost a word: years of quiet good, because the burden of people! You need to self review: whether it is prevarication or diversion, or you can’t understand the root operation what is just in the blind ".

one, KPI is the mother of operational failure

in almost all the blame models for failed projects, the steering wheel of the crime is always operational. Most people equate KPI with operations, and KPI is often a concrete representation of pots. So, the operator is actually pan back back KPI, KPI became the operator of Waterloo.

says two impressive things first:

Project meeting, the person in charge of all the performance indicators of their project plan made KPA (the concept of KPA is also heard at the meeting, it is at a critical point in time to complete the key function or product), while KPA was transferred to operation.

, Annual, planning, meeting, everyone’s KPI is ambiguous, but my KPI can quantify the effectiveness: an astronomical figure. I was instantly blue.

KPI really only operate back? The pay was meager, and the KPI was heavy and breathless. What’s wrong with serious income inequality?

sometimes, a good product model will be disrupted by KPI order, and embarked on the road to defeat. When your foundation is unstable, the process is not open, and no good products can not afford to suffer blindly. KPI is easy to push people to crooked ways, and ignore the service.

this is very common in start-ups. Sometimes it is not the strategic direction of the product is wrong, but in the blind pursuit of KPI, the beginning of the wrong seeds planted.

, for example, in the trial and error stage, because the high KPI pull new, began to blindly pull traffic, using the wrong flow performance to determine the next step policy.

earlier this year, I do online education products, just on the line, the flow is tight, the market department of advertising for Internet cafes, Internet people boot automatically pop up, there is little induction, attracted a number of game users and users mistakenly click, and then Landing page page out rate of 90%, the transformation is almost 0. This allows colleagues to feel Han Li can not, traffic came, you did not catch, poor ability, strong man

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