Experience and lessons of new site construction

my station has been built for 1 months, and I’m a pure beginner. But in the past two months, I learned a lot of knowledge, accumulated experience and learned some lessons.

here, I want to say just supply sour, sweet, bitter, hot, or the establishment of the station to friends as a reference, veteran table spray me oh.

a few days before the establishment of the site, mainly some preparatory work, every day to update some of the content, from the user’s point of view, under the defects of their own site and correct. Slowly, Google included some. But Baidu still no movement, and then has been updated every day, and occasionally to other sites propaganda. To the twenty-fifth day, Baidu finally included. And I took 51 Pages, and I was not happy.

lessons learned 1:

Baidu included in the new time is usually within a month, so has not been Baidu included novice webmaster friends don’t lose heart, as long as the daily updates (original or false original) is good, success is in sight.

Baidu included, read a lot of articles, talking about Baidu, know the answer to questions, will be helpful to their web site, so I went to answer the question. At that time, dead brains, one night answered nearly 10, second days found, and then in Baidu know to leave their links, will not show. Was dumbfounded, the original Baidu know the station closed. Until now, my website won’t show up.

lessons learned 2: in Baidu know, answer questions must have a degree, answer 2-3 every day just fine.

as I constantly updated website, will continue to increase the weight of Baidu keyword, the website I also ranked rise a lot. Because the www.nxsiwa.cn station network is my stockings female female class website, I site keywords " female fishnet stockings " in the first row, fishnet stockings in 20. Just when everything was going in the right direction, one day, one day, the website couldn’t be opened. I contacted the space dealer. He said it was a security patch. It took hours to get well. To the second day, the site can not open, and space providers to speak of other reasons. I’m so helpless. That night, I was proud of the 2 key words are over 100. Site snapshot also stopped updating, included also reduced some. It was then that I really felt the importance of an excellent space dealer.

lessons learned 3: do website, must find a regular, stable space providers, this is really very important.

since then, my web site keyword has not been restored, but I still insist on updating every day. Now, I stand in Baidu snapshot has been updated every day, and I add content every day, will be included. I’m pleased with that. I’ll always keep it up.

, finally, talk about the original content, >

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