Five months on the line Taobao shopping guide website brand library Report

Taobao shopping guide website "brand library" ( officially launched in January 1, 2010, has been operating for five months on the internet.

"brand library" s main business is Ali mother’s Taobao customer service, is a kind of the shopping guide, help sellers Taobao promotion of goods, a result paid by the form of advertising after closing the Commission, in addition to Taobao customer service, "the famous library" referral domestic mainstream B2C shopping the site, to meet the different needs of buyers.

today, Taobao guest website more, which depends on the rise of online shopping in recent years, popular, as well as the universal application of alipay. Especially last year, Taobao shielding Baidu search engine, as a strategy, Taobao to Taobao passengers in this form again from Baidu get a lot of traffic.

for five months, from the first IP to the present, along the way, here’s a little summary:

1, the basic situation of the site

"brand library" is used in a web navigation program, the interface is narrow screen 123 style, draw a lot of Taobao off site failures, home to take simple navigation style, to provide practical information crown stores Taobao high reputation to the buyers.


"brand library home page

is currently Google PR value of the domain name brand library 3, Alexa ranked 1200000, Baidu included 1500, Google included 300, outside the chain of Baidu YAHOO’s nearly 3000, traffic IP1000, PV at about 2000.

two, website profit model

profit is the development direction of every website, no profit website is not always successful website, "the famous library" after five months of operation, and gradually formed a set of mature profit model.


as a guest guest website, Taobao is the main way of profit, as a shopping guide website, to provide users with Taobao store navigation is always the most practical "brand library" adhere to the direction in the promotion of Brand Library "in the Taobao store, is above the crown, favorable rate in more than 99% join, disappear shop. Online more than five months, the turnover of 432, although not much, but for a new on-line Taobao guest website, I feel fairly satisfied.

Another profit model

"brand library" in advertising, "brand library", in addition to the classification of the web site included, but also opened up a number of advertising, in order to provide those who did not meet the inclusion standard, but the potential is good Taobao diamond seller, adhere to the principle of low-cost advertising website, in order to ensure the interests of advertisers because, "famous library users on Taobao too are buyers, advertising conversion rate is extremely high, advertising clients >

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