A brief talk on the operation and promotion of talent website

my Fuxin talent network (www.0418hr.com) on-line 8 months, and from the initial Fuxin talent network several pages ranking, now to the home page ranking second, also used for nearly 8 months. I and SEO belong to the snail rookie level along the way, also made a point not worth promoting, but also has a little effect on the experience, and you ramble ramble. Website preparation and planning must be done well, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble after the operation of the website.

one. Domain names,

I opened three, first opened not COM domain name, this is a bit impatient, the engine included the first enable domain name, domain name com a few months later gradually beyond the front opening, remember this point, the best, began to put a good domain name.

two. Procedural aspects,

if I have the strength to also understand that the best technology developed, like us and the snail rookie webmaster, only choose ready-made developed, can be used directly, but this situation is very complex, requires careful consideration, late in his relationship to the site included and the adjustment of the column, if it is a regional the personal operation, so the best choice for an easy to use dimension, said here is not simple function is simple, the column, the best give up some certain programs such as incidental intermediary, campus recruitment category, which involves the need to pay a lot of effort to update and maintain, I choose the procedure. Only with the information, so every day I took a little time to maintain, at the same time, the web site of the VIP set, is worthy of careful study, this relates to the site to win Lee. Space is not to say, my choice is the network space, since a few months only once the system maintenance things, others are very stable, but the nets of space there seems to be a limit, must look carefully before buying. Especially rookie like me.

three. Promotion,

First talk about the

line, the line on the website before long, I had the name card, go to the talent market, have little effect, through the Fuxin network of excellence the visitor does have a few, but did not imagine the IP linear increase in traffic surge, it seems the effect is not immediate, the cost will be very persistent high, made a few period after I stopped, according to the local DM, I also made several of the strake advertising, the effect is not very prominent, it was to focus on the line, or to update website information, not registered, oneself go to collect their recruitment information added to the site, (remember: don’t update many, this will cause you behind the source of information is scarce, so that your information can not always have new content every day), non-stop every day to do, there will be Certain effects on your ranking. In the absence of recruitment information update or new user registration, only continue to update your website information, this also not say more, about this aspect is more.


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