Micro blog marketing era teaches you to do a good job of brand communication

if you say you’re doing Internet marketing, but you don’t know what micro-blog marketing means, then you don’t have to do it! Micro-blog is developing rapidly in China network, whether it is business or personal webmaster, have invested a lot of energy to the micro-blog marketing, brush fans, micro-blog, a no smoke internet war has quietly begun, many people think of micro-blog as a tool, but forget the true nature of marketing only! The correct use of micro-blog marketing, on the corporate website, in order to achieve the real goal of promoting. So, in the rapid changes in the Internet, micro-blog marketing work should be how to start?

1, the first to establish the official website of micro-blog, such as Sina, micro-blog, can apply for V certification, in order to improve the credibility of the official micro-blog; micro-blog registered domain name, but also as far as possible with their domain combination, also try to name nickname website; micro-blog official website profile can be brief, avatar is set to the website LOGO.

2, micro-blog enterprise content to try to publish the web site in excellence, the most valuable content, can not directly network software in the content of these things, though, content images have, but not a person you use this software, but also a person more than you want these contents. You use the tool regularly to send the same content every day, for a long time, people will think you are a machine, and you do not want to pay attention to your content.

3, now through most of micro-blog marketing is the enterprise, the use of micro-blog to expand its brand is the goal of the enterprise, planning a good micro-blog content, make it viral, in order to avoid advertising and advertising language, can be more easily acceptable to people. With everyone to analyze a small case:

her husband arrived home, suddenly heard a man snoring sound at the door, the man hesitated for 5 minutes, leave quietly, to give his wife a message: "divorce!" then throw out the mobile phone card, migrate…… Three years later, their wives meet by chance in another city, tears: "why did the Frence leave?" the man describes the situation at that time. The wife turned away and said softly, "that’s the Rising antivirus software."…… "


believe that this little humor everyone heard, this is the viral marketing software into Rising antivirus software, a perfect fit for the joke, let more people remember the Rising antivirus software, but also let the old users rising more impressive, with the rising of all know when Rising antivirus software will be open a small lion on the screen to sleep and purr. This is a text virus, short content dissemination, forming a good cycle, to achieve the effect of promoting brand.


4, when you’re ready, we’re going to focus on the number of fans. Usually a registered micro-blog is not directly fly you, so we can through the micro-blog search to your site content for keywords as the center of the target fans, plus interest after a private letter or close "

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