How to do extrapolation well and how to find a good extrapolation platform

well known, extrapolation is the use of Web sites to achieve rapid external information display purposes, then there is a good extrapolation platform, work, such as God, twice the effort. But a good platform for mining is very difficult, so the green here introduces two ways to find the platform for extrapolation. Second recommendations are highlighted. If the article gets your approval, please reprint it so that more people see it:

is designed to teach people to fish

1. Tracking method

tracking method is also commonly used method, there are two kinds, the first is to track the local competitors extrapolated platform; the second is to track the rest of the rest of the disease counterparts platform.

is here with advanced search instructions, site, domain, inurl, Baidu advanced search, and so on.

first looks for a good platform for extrapolation, which is good for extrapolation. What are the standards? Good rankings, big rankings, and good content. Domian: URL + space keyword, so the search is out of this site outside of the XX keyword platform. Or search for extrapolated QQ, phone calls, etc..

in turn point to open filter platform, site: URL + space keyword, to query a platform, a disease of words included and ranking.

then manually copy keywords to find individual rankings, query the platform’s PR and so on, to obscure the overall ranking of the platform.

and then the rest is to do the test yourself.

note: remind you here, because only by some obscure means to test, so before the test results are obtained, please do not vigorously promote, so as not to be deleted posts affect work efficiency and mood.

two. Software query method

software query method, this method is better than the first way more system, is also commonly used to green. The software used here is called a net seller. Now free open invitation code [a228e41cf344ab94] copy invitation code registration software. Software download address: shareid=2807499628& uk=739610358 registration and installation in accordance with the tutorial in the compressed file, and then open the software.

network vendors, there are many practical functions, here in order to find extrapolation platform, I recommend a platform query (keyword platform analysis) this function.

what does this function do?

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