Detailed interpretation of China website operation development trend report in 2014

yesterday, Baidu Webmaster Platform released the "2014 Chinese website operation trends report", relatively speaking, Baidu released the report website data is very authoritative, because Baidu is the most close to the owners of this group of institutions. Compared to the report released in early 2013, in 2013 this year, more attention is focused on the development of mobile terminal sites. That’s a trend. If you don’t have a mobile station, you’ll have to step up.

topic: Baidu has been to encourage and promote the establishment of mobile site owners, but have a ready-made platform who are willing to spend money on a mobile station


main conclusions:

China website development overview: in 2013, the number of mobile terminal websites grew rapidly, an increase of 32% compared with 2012; PC wireless speeds up; PC wireless ratio reached 52%; 12% higher than 12 years.

Overview of resources

mobile website: service life, shopping, health care, education, video, music and related novels, based on the geographical location information service (LBS), the game is demand but the quality of scarce resources, the demand of mobile station in the process of website operation can be considered the user the content of the website construction, strengthen the.

mobile web page to the search engine friendly degree is generally not high, page writing is not standard, not to the Baidu mobile UA adapter jump two categories accounted for more than 70%, Baidu recommends using a separate mobile phone mobile website domain name, mobile optimized site hierarchy construction, encourage high-quality HTML5 resources.

PC China website resources: according to the 2013 PC end user demand trend, film and television, games, education, tourism, commodity supply and demand five kinds of demand will continue to occupy the dominant position and the trend of growth, health care, financial demand growth trend is obvious, webmaster in considering the above several kinds of demand camp sites in strengthening the construction of website content.

Chinese Internet site security is still grim, only 55% of the site in a safe state, and 45% of the site there are different levels of vulnerability.

1. Development of Chinese websites in 2013

1, mobile terminal site in the period of rapid development, the number of rapid growth, has exceeded the growth rate of PC sites


2, low quality sites overflow trend is gradually curb

quality webmaster should continue to improve, enrich the original content of the site, to meet user needs.

new station webmaster should continue to tap the user demand, create quality original content, building original quality site.


quality / low quality site comprehensive consideration of the content of the site audience, scarcity, use >

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