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6 kinds of promotion of the practice of the chain

5, 4, micro-blog

. Some people can use micro-blog industry, is the main industry of people will use micro-blog, then entered the site by micro-blog. Don’t consider whether to transfer the weight, as long as someone clicks, as long as the user will have weight. Micro-blog is used to guide users to enter our website, if you take micro-blog as a way of the chain that is wrong.

mail. I mentioned earlier the sheep.

, QQ group 3. Some industry QQ group is very active, such as sheep and cattle. Most of the people are gathered in the QQ group, if you can put these people gathered together in your group. When someone in the group asked questions you recommend him to your site to go inside. Of course you need to have the website content, and the quality is very good. A 1000 person I raise sheep, brought a lot of IP to my site in the early time, can let the sheep "the word at the age of 2 months and has been ranked the home page ranking before three, but I didn’t do the chain of other articles, have a long time not updated. If your industry user is not in the QQ group inside, you can also do QQ group marketing. It is mid flow, the flow is Xiao Bai station.

ranking needs to do some promotion of the chain on the site keywords, extension chain including the chain and promotional links, can guide the user to enter our website. Mainly includes: the forum outside the chain, classified information chain, micro-blog, QQ group, e-mail, text. I mainly used in the classification of information chain, QQ group and soft, now look to:

2, classification of information chain. This is very important, because most people get classified information as a garbage dump for content, but did not pay attention to the classification of information store to help our ranking. If you can improve a shop like a website as well as a shop that is a good resource station. If a mechanical site has 30 shops of good quality, the ranking is certainly not bad. But the work is very tired, you need to register a large amount of information, because some information was collected for a long time, some information can easily be removed. You can choose the relatively high weight of the platform for the release of information, the platform can also be used to do long term closure.

1, the forum outside the chain. Register your industry forum, do some forum outside the chain. Although now the character signature forum have no function, but if the post is not junk posts and click on the large amount of words, this link will also be taken into account. Through the love of Shanghai station, some of my personal signature in the forum link to calculate the chain. You can use the tool to check my site, my site is search for "Cangzhou heavy snow bucket elevator drawings" top two websites. In addition to the industry forum, you can also do some Shanghai Longfeng article published to the webmaster forums, such as the owners of the house, A5, Shanghai why, Longfeng Research Center, included in these forums are very good, basically will be included.

To improve a few blog click rate

before doing a blog, you must think about what to do content, only focus on a particular theme type, in order to increase user stickiness on the blog. Look at those Hot Blog, is a focus on the field of the.

in daily life, often need to update your blog, to improve the quality and quantity of posts. As long as the update of high quality is the basis for the development of blog posts at the same time, we should be updated regularly, enhance the search engine ranking continued to attract more users.

3. update articles, improve the quality of

in the post, in order to enrich the content can be inserted into the appropriate picture, also can add the right amount of high quality the chain in the article, we can get the reader to fully affirmed, but also improve the ranking. Remember to write soft in the article to appear independent advertising, otherwise it will let readers lose confidence. Do regular updates, prevent the reader will forget you. Regular updates can improve your ranking, but also gain loyal and stable readers.

believes that there are a lot of people have their own blog, but the blog friends believe that the operation in the end is not much. I believe the blog click rate, improve the flow of the stationmaster is a topic of concern. To be honest I also have such experience, which waste a lot of time to practice, summarizes several methods for their small.

I just contact Shanghai dragon is 2012, when do the chain Commissioner, in some forum community stop the article. Later, the application of free forum to do, then come to apply for free space to do their own forum, to the final use of Ali cloud payment website host. Along the way to learn a lot of things. We should improve the hit rate is most concerned about the issue, only the site began to flow, the webmaster friends will have the confidence to continue to do so. In order to retain old customers and attract new users to read, it is actually increase the click rate, the operation is not so difficult, if do you have any other way, or have different opinions welcome add my QQ3870624 with the learning exchange. Here I will combine their experience to tell you.

2. is the title of the article to attract


1. clear positioning

in this era of the Internet, a large number of blog post every day, there are a lot of different content, quality. Why users have to choose your article to read? This article title to do strange, people look interested, so the user will see your article. Remember the title must be relevant to the content, or reading a long time will resent you, next time you don’t go to see you in.

The network marketing of the big and complete, small and beautiful VS

2, SEM

: love Shanghai for account to professional operation, at the same time can be considered to put love Shanghai Wangmeng, Sogou bidding advertising etc..

company has 4 Shanghai Longfeng personnel, are the basic chain of the Commissioner, every day to the specified classification or blog platform to release some information, even if the completion of the task. Such as the release of information in the list, Sina and other platforms the company regularly, I love Shanghai station outside the chain of the main domain name query tool, pathetic, and the company’s website traffic is almost 0.

: reduced network of personnel of the Department, such as the hot back there are 1 manufacturers of network programmers and artists, 4 staff, 1 Shanghai dragon head. The advice is to leave 1 able to work procedures and art staff, 1 Er, 1 SEMER Shanghai dragon and responsible person. The author gave the company network marketing person in charge of an account balance, the 3 Shanghai dragon Er salary 2000 yuan per month as a benchmark, a month to 6000 yuan, if the money to buy the news source of high quality the chain, this month’s work is better than 3 optimization personnel a year make achievements.


, the company opened a love Shanghai auction account, but the account operating personnel is not professional, input and output is not controllable. If the bidding account is not optimized, is to spend money like water, seventy or eighty per cent will lose money.

speaking of network marketing, a lot of people in the mind immediately jumped out of Shanghai, SEM and EDM, longfeng. A xiaoertuire company recently posted the service factory, caught in the network marketing investment, low output, is not controllable in a vicious spiral. The company once wanted to give up the network marketing, the author’s team made some analysis to the company, the idea is as follows.

two, the company network marketing symptom analysis

I think, at present the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to develop the network marketing promotion and more useless, input and output is not controllable. The author team for the enterprise network marketing planning to go the long way, less money, less waste of time, so as to improve the chances of success. This idea is first put forward by Wang Tong senior, the team also recognized this strategy in depth.

1, Shanghai dragon

through the contact, understand the Xiaoertuiretie manufacturers OEM network marketing including Shanghai Phoenix, SEM, blog marketing, B2B marketing, classification and inquiry platform promotion, reputation Taobao shop promotion and other conventional means. But asked what kind of effect is the best when the person in charge said ready to accept either course of discourse. The author thinks that the thoughts of KPI and the 28 law is very important, not only the performance evaluation index and network promotion focus without considering and planning, network marketing team and the company are as follows.

love Shanghai

, a way of network marketing

< >

3, blog marketing

The webmaster how to deal with the fickle search engines do Shanghai Dragon

third word "drill" — study. Although the technical content is not high, but we still need to learn. As the saying goes "it is never too old to learn". Although the Shanghai dragon doesn’t require us to learn, but one thing is for sure, we do Shanghai dragon to what time, I want to learn what time. Because of the love of Shanghai, Google search engine is not immutable and frozen, they always are in turn. If those things you just took early to see in the forum, to deal with the search engine the myriads of changes, only one — so far behind. What about learning, or where to learn, Tianya will not nonsense, people who come here should all learn. A5, left behind, a push, Shanghai dragon why, etc. these forums are Shanghai Longfeng encyclopedia, we always have to learn.

webmaster how fickle search engines do Shanghai dragon? In fact, we discussed this issue also can’t. I summed up a few words here.

is the first "love" – interest! Also is to want to do Shanghai dragon, must first have a great interest in him, so I will have to be. If there is no interest or interest is not strong enough, then Tianya bet that sooner or later you will have to give up one day, as we all know, Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, give up, failure means. Shanghai love like a pretty good girl, many boys are chasing her, you only love her, love her, will have the possibility to catch up, believe that everyone should have a good understanding of.

fourth words of "constant" perseverance. With interest, with confidence, to learn the theoretical knowledge, the next step is to put what we have learned into practice, is to optimize our website. Don’t believe three days a week or ten days to get a key word optimization to the first page or the first story. If true, then only two kinds of cases: 1. the key word no competition (as can be imagined, it does not bring any value for us; 2.) a blind cat with dead mouse, the accidental factor allows you to temporarily on the home page, but I believe you to Tianya, ranking up more time than you fast. Keywords ranking ascension is a time of accumulation, in order to maintain a stable ranking need solid foundation. Like building a house, only a piece of a piece of brick masonry firmly, in order to cover up the edifice, strong. Otherwise, even up, soon will collapse. In a word, remember a word — > million

second word "letter" – confidence. Have confidence in yourself, have faith in Shanghai dragon. You know, Shanghai dragon is not high threshold, high technology content is not what. It does not require you to have what undergraduate, graduate students, such as education, as far as I know, in Shanghai dragon industry made a batch of outstanding people, a considerable part of it is not to go to university. You should tell yourself, as long as you work hard to do, and not to do worse than any one person.

The reason for you to uncover the Sina blog the chain is not included

from the two test can see that Sina blog weight did not abate, but for those with a text description, hyperlinks articles not included, but generally with pure text links articles will be included. After all in the Sina blog the chain, do not take a text or hyperlinks, text directly on the line, some people will ask, why the article with draw text and hyperlinks will be included? This strange phenomenon temporarily no way for you to answer, but also need to go further study.


today I apply for three Sina blog account, and blog, called the A blog, B blog, C blog, and then use the three blog to do the two test. First of all, in the online to copy three articles, links are removed, and then randomly put a paper published in the three blog, about an hour or so, the three blog articles are included, can see the Sina blog included is very fast. (Figure

believes that most of the Shanghai dragon ER third party blog the chain will be the first choice of Sina blog, because the other third party blog should have a period of time will be included, while Sina blog is basically apply for an account, just released an article will soon be included, is currently the fastest among the third party blog. But recently, everyone may find now Sina blog was included as before, published articles are not included, so that everyone has been Sina blog search engine right down, really is the search engine drop right? NO!!! Sina blog weight is still high, please we continue to look down.


hope this article to help, the most effective way to lose weight: 贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please specify. Thank you for reading


and I once again found a three article, respectively the second test of the three blog, insert a text description, and then posted on the A blog article, insert a hyperlink in the B blog article then released, insert a text link in C blog article then, an hour later, as a result of this testing, A blog and B blog articles have not been included, the C blog article was collected. (Figure

Network hedgehog Menue Ye Renhao refused to do the rich two generationsShare experience with Taobao

2. website keyword density should be high, if you want to optimize the website green vegetables fruit diet capsule this word, then in the web page more appear these words a few times, the best title also appear.

but BBS posting propaganda, propaganda, build blog, write soft propaganda, almost every method used all over, didn’t see income rise, in the heart is really very disappointed. When I was to leave Taobao off, I suddenly thought, I can’t give up, I will stick to it, Sima Qian wrote by castration "historical records", Goethe took 60 years to write Faust, they are not stick to it has made great efforts to

‘s father said, "are you crazy? Are you sick? He always wanted me to be a lawyer, a doctor, or a bank clerk.". He always advised me to go back to school and even say, "you want to build a new company, you can go back to school first.".


my experience has been shared, and my new website is the weight loss manual jianfeibook/. If you think it’s OK, reprint it and save a link for me,

The chain

Taobao off for 3 months, to see Ali mother forum to share the experience of predecessors about every day, they like by Taobao customers earn thousands or even tens of thousands of monthly income, heart is really envy or not, dream about the day can like the master that the monthly income of 10000 yuan, even if only a few thousand dollars can also be

at that time, Microsoft was very strong in the game industry. It looked for potential programmers everywhere and paid very high salaries. And Microsoft means more opportunities for geeks. My programmer was turned away like this.

4. must adhere to, you are not successful, does not mean you will not succeed later, but you give up now, it also means you failed. You feel confused now, but is included poor, no traffic and not to earn money, but you have to know the search engine has a sandbox, it is for the new test, this period website ranking is not very good, but as long as you go through this period, you will feel included will increase to obtain the very good ranking.

was still working on computer games, I returned to Hongkong to work full-time at China Network when my partner was in America and we communicated via the Internet


When I was 16 years old, I saw the news of Netscape, the world’s first Internet listed company, in a cafe outside the campus of Tulane University, from today’s america. I realized that the Internet was real, though no one knew what the Internet was. I became very excited and decided to drop out of school.

so I recruited my partner online and finally got a programmer. He’s very clever, he’s programmed himself. He’s strange. A man from New York has never been to New York. He was 14 years old, and I was 16 years old. Everybody said, "start a business together," and then we’ll be together. We are going to develop a computer game, hoping it will become popular, but there is no money. My father came to see me, and he said that your computer was too slow…… He gave me 3000 dollars. I used this money to buy a notebook.

, I said, no.. My father introduced me to his friends when I was 10 or 11 years old. Many of his friends are rich in the two generation. The rich two generations of decision makers at home are always older, even though the two generation has been 30, 40, and 50 years old, and they can only listen to dad or grandpa. I don’t want to decide my life. I have my own ideas. I want to become rich by myself.

dictating / Ye Renhao finishing / entrepreneur, journalist and Yang

1. the best choice of targeted, such as the name of some Taobao customers selling products, such as green vegetables and fruit slimming capsules and so on, high commission, and also searches, the conversion rate is high.

I didn’t feel particularly frustrated because we did something and talked and talked with people. For me, starting a business has become a reality. Before that, I didn’t know anything about starting a business, and many things were just in my mind. It’s fair to meet Microsoft. I think it’s a good learning experience.

3. website to be strong, a SEO master once said that content is king, the chain for the emperor, to know that the chain is very important for SEO, the source of the chain is generally Links, soft, BBS signature, buy links etc..

so I took the time to do a web site, every day hard to add data, add the chain, but also to webmaster learning your predecessors SEO technology. After sh419 included more traffic, have changed much, a few days before finally a single transaction, earn 200 yuan, can give me heart broken! A few months of hard work paid off, it is called a heart have mixed feelings.

I dark horse introduction, he braved the "two generations of rich" aura, but from the difficult environment to stand out; give up their studies, decided to embark on their own entrepreneurial road. In the Internet era of "contention of a hundred schools of thought", "network hedgehog" Ye Renhao has his own unique views and vision, and from his prosperity and development process into his entrepreneurial life.

source: I dark horse network

? Keywords

after making money, not happy alone, immediately to share experience, for the site of Taobao SEO, I also summed up some of the experience for your reference:

initial venture


Detailed interpretation of China website operation development trend report in 2014

yesterday, Baidu Webmaster Platform released the "2014 Chinese website operation trends report", relatively speaking, Baidu released the report website data is very authoritative, because Baidu is the most close to the owners of this group of institutions. Compared to the report released in early 2013, in 2013 this year, more attention is focused on the development of mobile terminal sites. That’s a trend. If you don’t have a mobile station, you’ll have to step up.

topic: Baidu has been to encourage and promote the establishment of mobile site owners, but have a ready-made platform who are willing to spend money on a mobile station


main conclusions:

China website development overview: in 2013, the number of mobile terminal websites grew rapidly, an increase of 32% compared with 2012; PC wireless speeds up; PC wireless ratio reached 52%; 12% higher than 12 years.

Overview of resources

mobile website: service life, shopping, health care, education, video, music and related novels, based on the geographical location information service (LBS), the game is demand but the quality of scarce resources, the demand of mobile station in the process of website operation can be considered the user the content of the website construction, strengthen the.

mobile web page to the search engine friendly degree is generally not high, page writing is not standard, not to the Baidu mobile UA adapter jump two categories accounted for more than 70%, Baidu recommends using a separate mobile phone mobile website domain name, mobile optimized site hierarchy construction, encourage high-quality HTML5 resources.

PC China website resources: according to the 2013 PC end user demand trend, film and television, games, education, tourism, commodity supply and demand five kinds of demand will continue to occupy the dominant position and the trend of growth, health care, financial demand growth trend is obvious, webmaster in considering the above several kinds of demand camp sites in strengthening the construction of website content.

Chinese Internet site security is still grim, only 55% of the site in a safe state, and 45% of the site there are different levels of vulnerability.

1. Development of Chinese websites in 2013

1, mobile terminal site in the period of rapid development, the number of rapid growth, has exceeded the growth rate of PC sites

2, low quality sites overflow trend is gradually curb

quality webmaster should continue to improve, enrich the original content of the site, to meet user needs.

new station webmaster should continue to tap the user demand, create quality original content, building original quality site.

quality / low quality site comprehensive consideration of the content of the site audience, scarcity, use >