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In the process of website optimization keywords construction strategy and external connection health

third, several common forum soft release link. In order to illustrate the forum even the construction of the best effect, the author focus on several key to their connection in the construction process and we detailed analysis, first of all, the selection of flow is relatively high, interactive forum post, can refer to in the forum post every day of the post number comparison, choose the number of high active the operation section. Second, pay attention to the post selection, selection of controversial topics, in the appropriate forum rules under the premise of compliance with the relevant anchor text or even add >

first, the chain of the core value and significance. First of all, the weight of the chain can transfer the value of the website, you can bring more traffic to the site, the site outside the chain construction site weight transfer several ways we can understand the value of regular operation, high weight website external links is the basis to enhance the weights of the website, and this is also the reason why the Shanghai senior dragon and Phoenix ER in acquiring web site in the process of love even one-way import looking for high quality connection. Secondly, in accordance with the anchor text chain related can effectively promote the website keywords ranking, this is no doubt the problem I can take you to see the screenshot for different platforms can have multiple anchor text, such as forum signature high weight, advertising area and so on, this is not in the repeat.

as everyone knows, website operation optimization of external connection construction is a lot of friends concerned about the problem, along with the search engine algorithm is improved, the quality of the external connections of the industry is also the webmaster friends calls the highest degree of concern most widely, today pens in their own enterprise website for example and do a detailed analysis of what website the chain must be key points of attention and concern in the construction process. Well we continued to enter today’s short gossip website theme, even the construction of high quality, even the way of analysis of the construction of high weight outside.

second, to enhance the construction of distribution channels and the chain of the weights of the website keywords. First of all, according to the anchor text chain construction, such as the optimization of the key is the best to lose weight, lose weight or the auxiliary words, weight loss, diet pills and so on for the expansion, each page as much as possible for the main keywords single operation, keep the keywords and website title article content highly unified, the article properly auxiliary keywords or long tail keywords related to the expansion, we then look at the picture below

is the author of how in the process of constructing web content is reflected in the keywords, keywords to do the information storage medium is the elimination of tools, we note the title contains words, pay attention to the article at the beginning and at the end of the appropriate mention again or expansion is a very good performance, for the key words in the process of the construction of foreign the way I suggest the appropriate exchange Links, related to the third party blog or classified information website and submit relevant information with the relevant and so on.

The next day included third day website snapshot update

The original

Yuan Fang, how do you see it?

The following specific phenomenon:

statement: the following experience and not through the analysis of Web log, so there may be some unscientific. On the scientific search engine optimization, Fujian Shanghai dragon blog recommendation read two articles: Web log data analysis of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love work from 200064 Web log spider crawling status code to do the scientific data analysis on Shanghai dragon.

3, the next day included in the article, in the next day or two days will be included again.

by the Shanghai Phoenix blog, the 贵族宝贝fq address of Shanghai dragon.Org/2398.html,

well, pull away. The mechanism and principle of love Shanghai snapshot update actually official to make a statement. It should be this: love Shanghai snapshot is a search engine is stored in a cache file server, Never mind and love Shanghai weight. Only the search engine that page has obvious changes, or provide valuable content, or fully interactive communication this is the updated snapshot.

said the next day included basic search engine for the website is still not trust, also is the weight of Shanghai dragon often say is not high, snapshot update can also be expressed a spider is diligent, it is recommended to see search engine grab ranking principle. So, in addition to high quality original content, but also need assistance outside the chain correlation of high quality, so your site to beef up gradually. The best of the chain than the user to help you share directly, of course, statistical analysis under reflux rate.

now, the blog ranking basically is careless, traffic is very limited, this site in Shanghai Longfeng cannot share the love Shanghai cheese has been in more detail about the reason. But the way to get traffic very much, especially now that the rise of social media, and now is not derived from SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Fujian Shanghai dragon blog snapshots are generally the next day. When the most cattle, also is the release of the article, really reach the second state, this undoubtedly, even too late to modify the title, I believe many insist on doing the original webmaster have experience.

2, or the same day the original article, if the use of a large number of high quality related domain to attract search engine spiders that included.

recently in Fujian Shanghai dragon busy department related matters, and not too concerned about the Shanghai dragon blog. Today, look around and found a phenomenon, hope to explore with you under. As the title says: website article the next day included third days snapshot update.

in the form of links please reprint!

1, the original article published the same day, the next day included general.

Share low search volume keywords double flow


in Shanghai Longfeng the choice of keywords, keywords many webmaster first choice is your site name. Then put a lot of energy outside the chain, in the continuous efforts, Shanghai love the first three positions at hand. Thought Everfount flow in. They found that there are few people search your site name. How to do? Do a lot of work before we do nothing? The answer is no.. So how to make unmanned search website name key words become hot keywords? Love Shanghai, love Shanghai and know that Wikipedia Soso Ask the high weight encyclopedia and Q & a platform can help us achieve this.

, use the inquiry platform to answer

two, using Wikipedia entry

, which is the key of this article is to focus on the key words, turning waste into treasure. Say I practice: first create entry Ji’nan dating network". When to stay outside the chain within an entry, I found love in Shanghai wiki is difficult to stay outside the chain. Soso Ask to stay outside the chain easily. Secondly, I site of the target group is the Shandong Ji’nan blind dating demand singles. Here we held regularly every year under the line of people blind, blind date Qianfo Hill, Daming Lake blind date, Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center, sports center, blind date blind date. These many singles will search the blind date. I love Shanghai in the encyclopedia and soso Wikipedia created these blind date entry in the create entries >

take the Ji’nan blind network. Have made the wrong choice of keywords Shanghai dragon. The author in Shanghai at the beginning of the dragon, in all kinds of blog and forum are left to "Ji’nan date net" for the chain of keywords. In a large number of pay, not what the basic competition and search volume keywords ranked first in Shanghai got love. However, the search volume nearly a week that didn’t search the keywords in Ji’nan blind. How do I do? Hard won the love of Shanghai keywords ranked first so not in vain?. There must be a way to let the words flow to improve. In a lot of practice, I found that can use Wikipedia and ask website to enhance the flow of the target. My operation method is as follows:

I want to explain in detail the method of

this method many webmaster friends all know, do not do too much explanation, they apply to at least two ID, a question and answer. Here only to say that quiz skills, that is in question to appear like the Shanghai dragon general keywords or long tail keywords. For example: my Ji’nan Shandong Ji’nan area network is blind blind dating. I found the words "Ji’nan marriage" to search for large quantity. So I love Shanghai know question contains the word "Ji’nan marriage", and the answer contains my website. Sure enough, a few days after the discovery of this problem in the "Ji’nan marriage" is the top three keywords, has been able to bring some traffic. Here say one more word, published in all kinds of quiz platform and ask their customers can bring a lot of problems, the high quality chain.

The K website is complaining about the way to find reasons to solve problems is the truth

How to define the This site is

guide Shanghai Longfeng optimization direction, should carefully read the content and knowledge owners love Shanghai official offer; and for some published Webmaster Platform or forum article, should be treated to a reference attitude, not blindly imitate others, such as a lot of Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai recently continuous punches: June 22nd K off a large number of sites; again in June 28th K off a number of sites, many webmaster let fall into the trough, inside the forum everywhere see the site has been K case, today we can see that Shanghai dragon has not been previously so easy, a little attention, it may lead to their website by punishment; love Shanghai punishment website is also in order to enhance the user experience and do, see many webmaster in forum, QQ group to complain, even curse love Shanghai, personally feel that this is just a lesson, we should put more reasons on ourselves. Why the station is safe and sound, love Shanghai algorithm certainly equally, in addition to some accidental factors, more should find fault in ourselves:

K, a part of the reason is the webmaster complain: you didn’t do black hat, and was not clear down the right search engine, search engine is really malicious punishment? As a webmaster if you often focus on search engine changes; if a three year old Shanghai Dragon Phoenix master, not often pay attention to the dynamic Shanghai dragon, so now with the improved algorithm, now Shanghai dragon is perhaps the love sea is not recognized, so the webmaster should be more practice, more to look at the search engine changes and improvement, with full knowledge of Shanghai dragon to make your site more suitable the user experience, also can avoid punishment in every update algorithm love in Shanghai.

station improvement mainly from two aspects: 1, internal website. As the site to communicate directly with the user channels within the site directly affects the user experience. The external factors of the website, 2. Including the chain and some human factors, such as the use of software group chain, using brush ranking, these are not recognized by the love of Shanghai.

website is white or black hat, sometimes it is difficult to judge, but some of the more conventional, even love Shanghai official have indicated, it is undoubtedly a black hat means, such as buying black chain website keywords, deliberately accumulation by software group chain, also affect the fair the competition means of optimization, such as the use of software brush ranking, these are very easy to judge, his own stand most clearly, should do a comprehensive reflection of their own optimization, clear the existence of black hat optimization trace, believe that the search engines will accept very calm, love Shanghai also clearly pointed out: punishment not to.

three, carefully read the love Shanghai official guide

, a web site is related to black hat optimization

Love is the official website of the Shanghai

two, if you often focus on search engine

Filing is not difficult, the difficult thing is that you should fill it out with your heart

now many people say that the filing is difficult, and I want to say that the filing is not difficult at all. I just filed a new domain name, I’m 2010-5-3 registered domain name, 5.10 entered the record entry, today 13 will be over. I said the filing was not difficult at all.

one, filing is easy,

I have a few friends do Taobao customers, they want to do the station of guest station, but the domain name to the record, they haven’t had the record, I heard that after the initiative to help. (before they helped me a lot, is a friend in reality, there is an online), I help a friend for the record, a few stations are very soon, but at most 5 days to get the number. As long as you press the requirements of the filing process, seriously go to the filing, will soon be passed. You don’t have to go to those filing people. There are plenty of liars. (and some of them are true) my opinion is good for my own records. According to the record process, fill in 1-3 days will be able to pass. My new domain name,, just got the number. When used for more than 2 days to get, ha ha, good cool. I plan to do a new hairstyle theme website, I hope everyone will support it later, but it hasn’t been done yet, but it is also fast.

two, the filing is difficult in

to say that the filing is difficult, there are its rationale, you did not seriously fill in the record process is not let you pass. There are many places to pay attention to details, such as filling in the phone when you write, you can not fill in the mess, you have to write the number you put on the record area, or else it is not allowed. There is in your choice you are what your website related to the news, publication, education, medical care, medicines and medical equipment, culture, radio film and TV the Internet information service, what you do not choose. There are a lot of attention to detail, you can Baidu under a lot of. Just write it. And do not know how to record, I can QQ546655240 to communicate, I help you as much as possible.

The online IT education site, which ran online for just 7 months, cost $22 million

[Abstract] the College of geeks has gained capital recognition and is also inseparable from its founding team and the accumulation of its predecessor.

pictured geeks college founder Jin Yan

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported September 24th

recently, a company called "College geeks" occupation IT online education platform has become a focus in the field of online education, because the online education website was born 7 months let investment chiefs paid $22 million for its business for cake.

early 2014, geeks college on-line, in September 22nd of this year, geeks Institute announced the successful completion of B round of financing $22 million, investors SIG (Haina Asia) and blue Chi venture. Why a new occupation IT online education programs can get international top the favor of the fund in such a short period of time, and this is the A round of financing in the process of bluerun with the vote, the amount of investment is also ranked in the forefront of online education industry.

Last week,

comparison of online education industry, and Jiayuan founder Gong Haiyan (micro-blog) two venture ladder large layoffs, the net closed, it is because the capital chain rupture. Similarly, the investment environment and time node, geeks Institute out of a "small and beautiful" vertical online education of the new road, worthy of study and attention.

takes the toll road: the target becomes China’s Lynda

geeks Institute provides online education for IT, Android, iOS, HTML, 5, Cocos2d-X and JAVA, mainly for professional developers. It is the domestic IT professional online education payment mode of the first to eat crabs, income mainly from membership fees (30 yuan / month, 260 yuan / year, etc.).

for mobile developers, the online can be simple and efficient to learn useful technology, compared to offline training courses, often more efficient online, and more professional online. Because the direct hit mobile developers practical pain point, launched six months, geeks college captured nearly 120 thousand of accurate paid users.

reality, including YY, NetEase and other Internet giants reached online education, mainly to take free Internet thinking and traditional charging mode game.

geeks College CEO founder Jin Yan believes: vertical IT vocational online education threshold higher, higher degree of specialization, the higher the accuracy, the greater the value of charging. Professional developers and ordinary users have different needs, online learning is the most effective way, and this is their combat skills, and enhance the value of the individual as long as the content of quality, bound together in a common cause, has a large number of users to pay."

in fact, the probability of payment for educational products is much higher than that of other products, but the premise is to really meet the needs of users.

online education is a slow industry, force out of a hole, from the narrow IT occupation in >

University Master, where is your way

has participated in the Shandong Internet Conference a week later, the University master network dragging young footsteps slowly forward, there are many in consultation, I will continue to consult. An exchange, a harvest.

very happy, Daxue163 was Baidu soon included, keyword "College webmaster" is expected to be ranked in the top three in Baidu, which is a long-term concern Daxue163 a net friend told me. I am very pleased, Daxue163 from 05 until now at least four revision, each corresponding revision are members of the lost and sad have no way, only hate yourself as.

In fact, many college students

webmaster like me, hold online seemingly valuable CMS, every day of the template, once the research is to think when you can, some crazy injection, some crazy horse, let a person from hope to despair directly. Many college students are not trained, webmaster, no professional theoretical system, only a person in the dark road. Sometimes happy, sometimes quiet, everything is so natural and no rules.

met a netizen in Wuhan by Shandong grass-roots internet qq group yesterday, looks a good model, but suffer from their own technology, only in the garbage station on the edge of head while another side listened to Liu Huan’s "come back". In fact, he can find venture capital VC, his explanation makes sense: VC project is the premise to appreciate the capabilities of CEO, and an excellent CEO to have a perfect team, which is also called "Tang Ma team" in the material life of the society, I am a person, it is difficult to feed. How to convince a team


a lot of times, it seems that college students are lonely, others do not understand, their actions caused by depression, a person can not be sought on the edge of struggle. This is the grassroots, with admin build their legendary network of people.

really do not know, these are only college level webmaster, in the end will adhere to how long?. In fact, I am also confused. Where is the road? The road is on the WWW. It is because of this, there are a vast number of puzzling college students, webmaster, I realized that from a heart as a regional gateway out of the idea. Decided to return to the starting point, go back to my Daxue163, and strive to build a community of college students on the webmaster. Study together, work hard together and make progress together.

has an idea sounds a little tell some fantastic tales. Prepare for the 2008 annual grassroots college students’ meeting held on December 21, 2008. Want to do more services, more people, more people, more people. I would like to take out a sincere face of everyone, always win 2008 brilliant smile.

December 21st is the winter solstice of 2008. We will explore a brand new topic in Shandong, Ji’nan: University Master, you >

First video, you let the webmaster how to trust you

first video, you let the webmaster how to trust you 10 hours 8 minutes before

it is the webmaster, as it is a commercial web site within the technical staff, and is responsible for the union of this income, our website is a commercial site in the area can be regarded as a comprehensive portal, in the province has a market share of. The union I have done for nearly 4 years, Google Adsense customers, Baidu alliance members, YAHOO, Sina, tixa, Ali’s mother, a fine have cooperation, and these alliances can be said that cooperation is very happy, even some of the alliance is no place to put the AD, and also customer contact to maintain a good relationship with friends, but until the first video collaboration: the first video, you know its reputation in the industry, not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

at the end of 2007, by a friend, know the first video, rare CPM alliance, our website focused on several traffic channels around ip12w, PV to 52W, the original video for the first account (uyear) can be said to be very successful, as several two level domain name applied to the code, I am not cheating. Because in this website, I don’t need to cheat, not personal income, is a company, it is necessary to cheat? Well, get it, I put it in the first half year after the video to tell you.

first thing:

has been in front of that code, I try to apply to the nature from the leadership to the advertising, with friends and colleagues in the pressure test phase (you should know, this video is a kind of great harm, but in order to gain in user experience, I have been using Cookies technology to strictly control the frequency). The first two months are also good, although the provisions of the league and 8 yuan /Kip playing is there quantity is suspected, but the daily 250 yuan to 310 yuan of income should be passable, but with the passage of time, gradually falling down, and this time is the first video a period of rapid development. The third month income is less than 200 yuan, but we know that in the end of February pornographic incident revealed about 200W IP website we receive from the search engine traffic per month, but the income is still down slowly. At this point, I began to believe that the volume of the legend began to believe a bit, but in the attitude of the collaborators, did not go too far doubt its authenticity, after all, may be the effectiveness of the standard broadcast.

(who doubts, but does not wish to be wronged)

second things:

3, April, to second time payment period, we are the enterprise payment account, it is natural to invoice, because the monthly, monthly invoice to express to Beijing, we were on the first video credibility is quite reliable, we propose a bimonthly payment way, this way although, we pushed myself to a position of high risk, "