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Enter the website page second how to quickly enter the top three

three, users on our website

When a lot of friends to communicate with the author

how to allow users to click on our website, how to let users stay in our website. The main embodiment of the title and description, mainly reflected in the relevant search inside. User search habits are not the same, the same meaning as the keyword search, when we write an article, best title related keywords layout in the description and content inside >

, a website to increase the audience

said hard to optimize the website, do second pages or do 11 is not to enter the home page, which is what causes it or what is a good way to home and into the top three? Point of view we turn to stand in the search engine, why should our website row prior to three, what is the most core factor? According to Xinhua website the operation experience of ecological wood as a case, the website to enter the home page and stable in the top three, mainly to see the site audience is click rate and return rate and meet the needs of the users and the website user experience is particularly important, here we analyze several methods.

we have to do is continue to accumulate the audience, increase user clicks and brand keyword search, 1. we can according to their own industry of soft paper published in the major portals, leave your site "brand name" to guide users to search the site brand name. The 2. love Shanghai library, Douding network, road passenger Baba, SkyDrive and other platforms, organize valuable content, release of long tail keywords is hot, will soon get ranking and very stable, brought to the site Everfount traffic. 3. is a lot of webmaster friends in a way for the nation, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, at least hundreds of thousands, if you take up this part of the audience? Just like this one, with our website as a case study, contribute to Admin5, Adsense nets, share valuable content, your peers to read this article, I feel very valuable and place of learning, he will look at you to search for the case? You can think more about.

we take the "ecological wood" in the search keywords, love Shanghai down menu and relevant search, to see if there is no good to meet in the first and second pages, we should not meet people demand the existence of a mining. Disruptive innovation. To satisfy the needs of the follow-up. After the maintenance of the website of the year, search for "ecological wood" menu and relevant search keywords, ecological wood ceiling, ecological wood specifications, ecological wood price, ecological wood texture is the largest user needs several keywords, find the first two pages of the website, not good enough. So the author of these requirements, the layout of the Xinhua ecological wood site, and the depth of excavation of the needs of users.

  two, the keyword analysis and content layout

Look at the key now outside the chain of love from Shanghai refused to lift outside the chain of too

anyway, I just want to show some love, more and more attention Shanghai industry related to the high quality the chain, the chain is not much but fine, as long as identify several related resources, the chain of hair is not much, can bring the objective flow, this is the love of Shanghai want the best effect.

we analyze, Shanghai launched what is love this tool, the chain process in accordance with our ideas, is the more the better, but with the love of Shanghai again and again the renewal of the algorithm, we not difficult to determine, Shanghai is love is a good habit to develop the webmaster to do step by step the high quality of the chain no, some are not related to the chain, not on the site to bring valuable traffic, there may be counterproductive, so refused to part of the garbage chain is shizaibide, if the old station in our hands have too much garbage outside the chain, so that we may wish to Shanghai with love the launch of the rejected outside the chain of tools, you can batch applications. The new station, we don’t send the chain in some unnecessary, on the choice of high weight value, the resources of the chain, is the most love Shanghai want results.

this function is more humane, we know that some chain is not garbage outside the chain, this is only for a piece of information, if we can take advantage of this resource, but also for web traffic will be of great help, home is not good, this function can help us to use effective chain.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform each over a period of time will give us these webmaster friends bring a little surprise, have to say, Baidu very busy this year. I have gradually developed a habit is a day earlier to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform reports, access to new information, new content today is about to chain this tool, previously used several times, is also good, some of the rubbish, the existence of the chain is really a headache, to develop a website the weight has a big block, with the chain can be refused to delete a part, and today launched an upgraded version of the rejected outside the chain of tools and what

said the chain, here to learn again, the high quality of the chain, the chain resources are unlimited, but said the value chain is very few, how to make good use of them in order to give the site to bring more quality traffic? We all know that the classified network is a good resource, is the basic the chain is made up of the second, like, 58 city, the list of network, people network, Ganji several large classified sites is the high weight of resources, our webmaster frequented the so-called classification, nature, industry division to show clearly, otherwise, the information will not be passed, it is a normal phenomenon if you like these, the industry classification of network related, I suggest you find other resources, should be no effect on.

from the Changbai Mountain wild boar 贵族宝贝dlcfms贵族宝贝 carefully written, starting > A5

we’ll see another highlight of this tool:


The DCCI report in the third generation of search with the trend of liberalization and customization

DCCI data pointed out that the search engine has become the first major Internet application tools, more than 500 million Internet users. In the current search engine, search platform, users in the third generation of search engines to open can participate in the way of building search and other search very different, into artificial intelligence and expertise in the search results, and the thematic portal way, which accord with the characteristics of the search engine and the development trend of liberalization can be customized.

March 26, 2013, Internet Data Center (DCCI) released a new search engine research report, the report pointed out that from the user search behavior analysis, search needs and ways are changing, more free and can be customized to become search engine trends.

addition, DCCI report also mentioned that in the third generation of search engine users mainly in young users of 18 – 26 years, the average search and user request number more than 10 times, the average number of pages open is more than 15 times, the user loyalty was significantly higher than that of other search engines.

in the third generation of search pages

it is understood that the third generation of search launched more than two years has won a lot of customers, which is totally different from the traditional search to show the way and can participate in the search mode corresponds to the current user search habits change, people are constantly expanding.

Seven skills of website optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon must know

a new web site, the first consideration is the problem of the domain name and domain name selection procedure problem, but also to the domain name, of course you have to do the best contains keywords, such as 58, the domain name is 58贵族宝贝, such a domain name is easy to remember, two is to facilitate the search engine judgment. The program first consideration is to choose the static web site, and URL can be short is short, if you have to use the dynamic path, that also is not too complex, but also in the best website layout according to the conventional, is the front page and channel page and column page and the content page, provides web address, at present Shanghai love or love routinely play the

of a website is very important, so for the title and description of the writing and optimization, in fact, love Shanghai search engine guide has made detailed guidance on this, Liu Yufan talk one or two words, for the description of the title, the first to note a point is never the accumulation of keywords, because love Shanghai segmentation has been very mature, as long as the main keywords on the front, and then choose the opposite, this is written to love Shanghai Chinese segmentation will automatically help you. Is very important for the description of the written description of some key words, you are with your business and your way of writing can be so detailed. The title and description of the writing was not too long too numerous, simple focus

, website domain name and

four, the content of the website


A > website!

as the Shanghai dragon, often took over the new website that is homely food, and for a new website, improve website weight is the priority among priorities, as a new website to attract the attention of Shanghai love, must consider some aspects of the problems, and these problems are are as the basic operation process of Shanghai Dragon just, just a lot of Shanghai Longfeng couples are not very understanding, today Shenzhen Shanghai dragon Liu Yufan came about after some skills summary

navigationIn fact, the

three.The title and description of the

navigation should be placed in the above, but in this I have to recite, a website navigation is very important, which is just like we buy things in the store is the same, if what items did not indicate which area of the mall, you can find what you want? Even if it is found that it is also time consuming.



The title and description of

then how to design for navigation, is actually very simple, is to highlight, a column is a navigation, can let users know how to enter a way of navigation is to lead the users, many users access a web site is the first from the navigation watch, because they want to look for signs, navigation is a sign. But the role of navigation is not only the sign so simple, but also the layout of navigation keywords, such not only can guide the user can guide the search engine.


Comprehensive network marketing SKYCC combination marketing software more than ordinary software

combination marketing software


SKYCC combination marketing software multi-faceted information release management page

is a network marketing mode cannot meet the demand of the enterprise in the fierce. If the enterprise wants to carry on network marketing through common marketing software, so it is necessary to buy a variety of common single marketing software with each other, but if so, just need more manpower, capital investment cost, but also operate a variety of marketing software is relatively cumbersome and tedious. Several different manufacturers to develop marketing software coupling degree is very poor. Uneven technical ability. Cause effect. The valve is the valve industry new site East Ou in the purchase of such software becomes more powerful.

on the market marketing software, uneven in quality. Ordinary single marketing software for the enterprise can save manpower, material and financial resources. But with the development of Internet, network promotion way more and more, so the enterprise publicity information can’t cover a large area, it will reduce the effect of marketing.

SKYCC combination marketing software, not only is a multi-faceted promotion, in site data also become an independent school. SKYCC combination marketing software built on the 100 thousand site resources available, the official to update daily maintenance, a week, a month for library. Let the user marketing more effective. And can a machine installation, the use of multi machine, cooperative marketing. Information can be written once, a computer, a plurality of functions at the same time sharing operation, reduce information redundancy and trouble, once written, a key operation, easy to realize all-round network marketing. The www.she555贵族宝贝 Thailand San Jose website reproduced please retain the copyright.

A lot of network marketing mode

Many ordinary

February 2012, SKYCC launched the first combination marketing software, puts forward the comprehensive network marketing concept. It is the advantage of network marketing the most effective way to market extraction, intelligent combination together a software. Just a simple operation can achieve the comprehensive network marketing. If only a simple operation can be carried out, blog, forum, supply and demand information, classified information, mail, yellow pages information release, easy to achieve a favorable combination of advertising information dissemination and website ranking optimization. Achieve complementary effects.

current manual operation, time-consuming and laborious. The network marketing software to help the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve this problem. But advertising information incomplete coverage of this challenge in front of many small and medium sized enterprises.

Site filing required me to present China grassroots Internet gone

Ministry recently issued a notice to strengthen and verification of the site for the record, caused the attention of the media and the industry, exactly is most concerned about the IDC and the webmaster. To be exact, it has to do with their jobs and hobbies.

according to the notification requirements, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. The access service unit shall collect and retain the head of the website responsible for the color front bareheaded photo on the record site. The record center shall uniformly produce and provide a screen with the logo as the background of the photograph, and the photo shall show the time and background mark of the photo.

currently has the Fujian communications authority and the Guangdong Provincial Communications Authority has issued the notice, other regions of the Internet access provider has not yet received notification.

A website for the needs of operators and owners personally to access providers set up verification verification scene photographed caused around the room and the head of the hot and focus on the

notification, some representative believes that this notice has certain difficulty.

according to the notification requirements, each access service units should be set up on-site verification of the information site for the record department before the end of February 2010, responsible for the site record information authenticity verification work.

, a machine owner said, notice is about 22 days in the official website announced the end of February, from the current less than 3 days of work, time is very tight. And other provinces and cities have not yet received the relevant notice, it is not yet known whether the notification will be implemented nationwide. This is one of the difficulties of execution, time is pressing and preparation is very urgent.

secondly, information collection also caused stationmaster concern.

according to the notice, the local computer room collects and maintains the website owner’s color front bareheaded photo (electronic photo specification: 800× 600 pixels) on the spot. The record center shall uniformly produce and provide a screen with the logo as the background of the photograph, and the photo shall show the time and background mark of the photo.

at the same time, access to the service personnel, quality inspection unit for use of public security, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments to provide the identity card, organization code certificate, business license and other sources of information, verification of the site sponsor provides authenticity certificate of. At the same time through the site responsible person Id original identity verification and the parties are the same. Verification is correct, the identity certificate and the unit retained a copy of valid documents.

site owners need to own photo information collected by IDC, and then IDC by public security, quality inspection, industry and Commerce and other relevant departments to provide the identity card, organization code certificate, business license and other sources of information, verification of the site sponsor provides authenticity certificate of. This raises the webmaster’s further concerns, IDC how to obtain the above-mentioned government departments about personal information,


as we all know, citizen information collection has strict rules. The average person is pretty comfortable with collecting information from government departments, but IDC, etc.

Maybe our understanding of the operation is wrong, and you still do not know

you always say, "that operation is not good," because the operation is your myth.

reading today calmly about operation, may be a bit subversive now most people operating concept: maybe our understanding of the operations are wrong, but still unaware.

when you say "the mouth with no operation", you have lost a word: years of quiet good, because the burden of people! You need to self review: whether it is prevarication or diversion, or you can’t understand the root operation what is just in the blind ".

one, KPI is the mother of operational failure

in almost all the blame models for failed projects, the steering wheel of the crime is always operational. Most people equate KPI with operations, and KPI is often a concrete representation of pots. So, the operator is actually pan back back KPI, KPI became the operator of Waterloo.

says two impressive things first:

Project meeting, the person in charge of all the performance indicators of their project plan made KPA (the concept of KPA is also heard at the meeting, it is at a critical point in time to complete the key function or product), while KPA was transferred to operation.

, Annual, planning, meeting, everyone’s KPI is ambiguous, but my KPI can quantify the effectiveness: an astronomical figure. I was instantly blue.

KPI really only operate back? The pay was meager, and the KPI was heavy and breathless. What’s wrong with serious income inequality?

sometimes, a good product model will be disrupted by KPI order, and embarked on the road to defeat. When your foundation is unstable, the process is not open, and no good products can not afford to suffer blindly. KPI is easy to push people to crooked ways, and ignore the service.

this is very common in start-ups. Sometimes it is not the strategic direction of the product is wrong, but in the blind pursuit of KPI, the beginning of the wrong seeds planted.

, for example, in the trial and error stage, because the high KPI pull new, began to blindly pull traffic, using the wrong flow performance to determine the next step policy.

earlier this year, I do online education products, just on the line, the flow is tight, the market department of advertising for Internet cafes, Internet people boot automatically pop up, there is little induction, attracted a number of game users and users mistakenly click, and then Landing page page out rate of 90%, the transformation is almost 0. This allows colleagues to feel Han Li can not, traffic came, you did not catch, poor ability, strong man