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How to replace the Shanghai Dragon Team

transform of a business promotion department may occur is the replacement of Shanghai dragon staff. Add new team members, there are people from the team or the replacement of the entire team can and do occur. This change may occur in the interior of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, may occur in Shanghai Longfeng external service providers.


Shanghai Longfeng change team and meticulous documentation. What do a detailed record of the time, what do you do, tattoo. Ideally, it should be combined with the analysis of the data.

is a potential problem is the loss of power. In front of the Shanghai dragon team may be performing some plans, the new team had to take over these plans and continue, otherwise the new team plan will delay. Even if the new team trying to maintain the existing plan, they also take some time to be familiar with, but the old team is not necessarily suitable for specific methods by new team skills. To make significant changes to the Shanghai dragon team, for which the power loss is ready.

potential problems


make sure you have been recorded in the company’s Shanghai Longfeng process, and associated with the Shanghai dragon people and management are familiar with these processes, which can help accelerate the transformation. The new team can learn the training process, including a detailed description of the highest priority task and opportunity of the new team. You must go through one or two training to new team plans to quickly understand the history, and what needs to be done after the login information. Remember that you are due to the new team’s expertise to employ them, so the initial training may lead to modifications, the first day it all on the table can make things progress more quickly.

Is a way of dealing with this situation

, hired a new team, there is a period of transition time and the old team. In some cases it will be useful, in some cases, this may not be a good choice. Because the new team and old team may have different ideas. This is often thought to start, may take many weeks to regain lost power.

traditional web analytics tools to view past and change with the time flow data is very simple. But the noble baby network management tools and Bing network management tools can not see the historical data, the search engine does not provide the index page number of links and other historical data. You should keep these historical data records. In addition, make sure that you have all the relevant account password, who do not want to access the key data.

record Shanghai dragon action and process


A method of reducing

finally, you should check again, delete the old team access permissions tracking system. They can’t have access analysis software, webmaster tools account, and other resources they can’t have.

One of the

may change due to various reasons Shanghai Longfeng their staff, the resulting problem may.

Webmaster how to obtain the guiding ideas in the search engine changes

search engine is the first change without warning, time is very long, can be said that now the search engine is constantly changing, as a webmaster, I believe that to change some search engines in recent months and feelings, entered in October, can be said that this time is the best time to change the site there are a few months, the precipitation, either old or new webmaster webmaster will certainly have their own ideas to the station, but this time to change your site if the right direction to get the support of the search engine, and let the magic from the website.

from the search engine changes, from large changes to the beginning of a small scale now changes, it reflects the change of the decrease, and the webmaster want to get the harvest in the search engine changes, then you need to change the site will do before the station changed to the old-fashioned way now the new station will do, before by machines or software methods to improve website ranking change ranking method by reason to promote the website now, before those who use pseudo original software, machine and so on old method and post cheating all deleted, if you don’t change, then you can easily fall in love with the sea. Some keywords, you can find love in Shanghai home the birth of a number of new sites, and these new sites are not against the chain started.

Perhaps in the eyes of many webmaster

has submitted a new website to search engines today, the birth of the site after the author’s thoughtful, engaged in the website operation has been three years, but has never been any other website I such attention, because from the recent frequent changes in the search engine website has to change the feeling and if we don’t take action whether old or new Internet are likely to be eliminated, the face of search engines, these large changes to either change or choose the webmaster, I chose to change, I would like to introduce some of my ideas on this website change.


The range of

search engine is the change of the algorithm, in fact, changes in search engine is not only the change of the algorithm, do stand for so many years, I still see for the first time to provide some new directions for website search engine active sites, such as an announcement in September that the search engine is the importance of the website the content of construction, rather than build a false content, if the webmaster also legalistic, perhaps the site is really no in the day, in the face of search engine changes, seize the opportunity to get benefits in the change.

finally I want to say is the influence from the search engine this change, nearly forty percent and above the site affected, that is to say, if your site does not change, but other sites change, then maybe your site will be left behind, we can imagine, you don’t change to their owners the site, and competitors are changing, it will not cause the decline of the website? When a website search engine cannot be recognized, no flow, your site will be gradually.

The hearts of more complex search engine cheating and anti cheating sinister lakes

this means that if only a handful of sites to control a handful of people in a certain size range of small scale operation, never paid close attention to the search engine, cheating in a long period of time muffled fortune, so that search engine pioneer claimed by cheating cheating is often really earn a lot of money, this is not only because of any technical system tolerate certain data deviation, but also because such behavior is far from universally condemned, not enough to kill Ping Minfen ".

search engine cheating in love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide" in 2 words, is that "any use and enlarge the search engine strategies by means of obtaining malicious defects, inconsistent with the" quality rankings, caused by the quality of search results and user search experience will be decreased as the search engine cheating behavior." Because of the "perfect system actually does not exist".

if there is no search engine, you (yet) will do


but not all "special technology for search engines and do immediately by the search engine search engine sanctions, not only to determine whether you are conscious of behavior for search engines to do so through a period of time; at the same time, it needs more time to judge the behavior of common special technology harm — whether has spread to a great threat to the point of the search engine, according to the" love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2 "argument is:" (cheating) the most basic definition of law, is the flood is, whether it will affect the search system, ultimately hurt (majority) users search experience".

search engine for cheating so late to hit with a Kunming words, is "stealing cattle did not catch, catch the pile". Summed up the whole good, because "cattle" even if they have to be punished, "

but the paper is always hold fire "endless desire – fire from cheating in pursuit of money fame, there will always be a secret secret, especially in the highly commercialized today, so can bring huge commercial interests in technology to spread speed is obviously faster, and the popularization and application of large area such non conventional technology, the search engine ranking technical defects are constantly enlarged, the search engine ranking fairness and rationality disappear immediately," is to endure, not "at this time, search engines will have to strike non conventional techniques like the attack.

is always a hot topic on the Internet ?

search engine spam

all the search engine cheating is the highest standard of judgment: "if there is no search engine, you (yet) will do so? Or that a certain method is just to search engine with

Cattle Island registered companies do not operate, careful license revokedFive cases tell you why is


company, the company has not been opened for more than 6 months without justified reasons, or has ceased operating for more than 6 months after the opening of the company, and has not made any zero declaration.

in addition to this case, are there any other circumstances that will result in the suspension of the business license?

for the business sector, there is no annual report of the enterprise, it must be the focus of inspection over the next period of time. Often, companies without annual reports usually have only two cases:

1, the submission of false materials or other means of fraud to conceal important facts to obtain the company, branch registration, which will be directly revoked license.

cattle Island reminded the majority of entrepreneurs friends, the revocation of the license is not equivalent to cancellation of enterprises. In accordance with the relevant provisions of our country, the business license shall be declared within 15 days from the date of the revocation of the business license, and the cancellation of tax registration shall be made. After the tax has been cancelled, the enterprise shall then go to the industrial and commercial department for cancellation of the registration.

in accordance with the provisions of the sixty-seventh regulations of the company registration administration, the business sector may directly revoke the enterprise’s business license.

for entrepreneurs, if blacklisted is only a "warning", then the cancellation of the business license is undoubtedly sentenced to death penalty". By the business sector to pull black, there may be restored, but was revoked the business license, you can only write off again. And a careless, even have no chance to start over.

recently announced a new media group will be launched in January 2015 and will be officially put into operation. The evening of October 15th, Lenovo announced that it would set up a brand new subsidiary, fully based on the Internet platform to build China’s leading Internet model smart terminals and services business. The company will start operations on April 1, 2015 and will have an independent company name and brand new brand……


2 involves the forging, alteration, leasing, lending, transfer of the company or the business license of a branch, and the business department may revoke its business license directly.

After the establishment of the When

so, how did the business sector find these troubled companies,

sh419 "yes",

business normally fails to declare time because the material is poorly prepared or forgotten to declare.

yes, of course. But the following list is, to some extent, a category of illegal business practices.


in the era of great changes in the mobile Internet, mobile, Lenovo Group such a large company also accelerated the pace of their own innovation.

therefore, the probability of failure of new projects in general large companies is very high. In the Internet industry, often large companies do innovative products to do, but start-up companies, big companies inside failed products can be said to be "countless bones", I dark horse to comment on:

In this case,

in 2017 according to the latest news, reporting time extended from the previous 3~6 months for 1~6 months, after July 1st, the annual examination of the enterprise information will not be allowed to declare, change.

is usually included in the "business exception list" by the business sector". Generally need to pay the annual report, if the information is no problem, you can apply for removal, but may be accompanied by a corresponding fine.

cattle Island niurendao tells you, annual inspection is the key!

sh419 has been thinking about how to carry commercial traffic that is not available. From sh419 side, sh419 ah, to Philharmonic live, as well as sh419 maps, sh419 has been in the field of O2O exploration, but the results are not satisfactory. By the end of 2010, the local living service products sh419 side beta, sh419 has released the life channel to test the water, local life service. March 2011, there ah mall closed, the official transformation of life service platform. However, sh419 has, ah, living development has not reached the outside expectations. In order to have more autonomy, by the end of 2011, ah, from sh419 spin off, and later changed to Philharmonic live. But Philharmonic is not a success. O2O has gradually dominated the mobile Internet, the advantages of the lower end of the line, the Internet side has not dominant, because users want to enjoy services anytime, anywhere, the following is the "sh419" ah, the reason for the failure

3 violates laws and regulations in production and operation. For example: in violation of the "advertising law" for false propaganda, in violation of the "product quality law" production quality substandard products, as well as engaged in business beyond the business license, business scope, etc.. This is also the focus of 3.15 annual crackdown dealt with.

shlf1314 senior engineer IT, the best-selling book "top of the wave" author Wu Jun put forward an impressive "gene determinism", that is due to the effect of gene, when a large company to occupy new areas to make the transition, when disruptive innovation, often lose very miserable, for example: Motorola, NOKIA, Intel, Microsoft, although occupy the undisputed monopoly position in the industry, but as times change, after the industry revolution, are different degrees of decline, big company system innovation dilemma has become the norm.

Jack Welch when talking about this issue once said: "the first year of the new production line management to a value of $50 thousand, compared to a $500 million sales enterprise twentieth years more difficult".

do innovation in large companies, people are full of expectations, will also have a question, a big company in innovation when to involve too many things they do, innovation can really succeed?

The latent rule of VC in the eyes of an incubation female angel investorTaobao customer experience w

if the failure of entrepreneurship is an accident, then all that remains is the story. At least for Zhang Lu is like this, experienced the mobile Internet pioneer of her early, in early 2013 to join the tide of entrepreneurship, is the first wave of the earliest anonymous social. At that time saw the vast majority of investors are not concerned about this direction, the heroic became the wave of education Chinese investors they eventually end.

"fishing investment"

actually speaking, and Zhang Lu from the realization of the end of the interview time all add up, there are no two hours. But readily as she finished directly after an interview with the intention of setting time place, no half slow, even more than half an hour earlier I was accustomed to the agreed place, the diffuse coffee. You know, the girls before "gossip ", so this time we picked a deep investment circle of truth and the" norm ", three are entrepreneurs Shen

later removed into the angel investment industry, the main investment areas: consumer goods, agricultural and rural Internet, Internet, to raise the public, independent fund-raising ability has now and then she began to toss the incubator. For only two years and how she can grow so rapidly? How to find items? Zhang Lu told the star reporter sent a very fresh word: "fishing style learning". The so-called "fish" is the industry practitioners, entrepreneurs, investors institutional investors and individual investors, as well as those who want to change careers or want to start their business.

After …

with the hype and Taobao customers have been known, more and more in the sea Amoy started to make money, ha ha, it seems people here love and follow suit, is now popular copycat.

Taobao guest website: I love Amoy – Taobao shopping guide platform. On the beginning of the line, I often go to management, plus a few links to do some of the chain, update is also very timely, but included is very slow, very slow, is a month later, sh419 included. After that my management is less, because other work is busy, this site is only occasionally to see, because at that time did not expect this site to make money. Reprinted must note the source: learning network marketing blog

hearts planted, flowers do not open, inadvertently inserted Liu Liu shady. Taobao customers should have some understanding of Internet users, have heard of. Crazy Taobao guest let some people really made a few years ago, of course, the monthly income of 10000 yuan Tao is one of the few, but that a group of people in the middle also tasted the sweetness of Amoy, earn less, but it opens up a new marketing mode.

in the case that Taobao customers are becoming less and less popular

"when a lot of information is given to you so quickly, your brain will naturally absorb it quickly, and then your eyes will grow rapidly."." Speaking of this, Zhang Lu was a little excited. "When I publish about 3 articles in an industry, almost half of the mainstream venture capitalists in this industry will find me.". Among them, there are not only more interested in learning, high-quality entrepreneurs to discuss, there will be other institutions

"I usually share what I see with writing, and some methodologies. Because I will also note that I am an investor naughty laugh, readers will be more interested in coming to me to chat, we also hope to understand how entrepreneurship financing, how to make themselves more competitive." She explained further, as each article before she sent about 2 days, there are almost 500 people to take the initiative to contact and communication, will tell them now or had encountered difficulties, solutions and hardships to make. Thus, by exchanging knowledge, 1 messages are quickly exchanged for 500 messages, within half a month to get into and understand an industry that has not been involved.

and three months later, I found that when check my website data, this website has a collection of thirty thousand data, I was very surprised, I always think that it is impossible by too much, because it is a call to the API data collection should not be too much. Never expected, this time included so much. After I began to pay attention to the site, do some SEO network optimization, mainly for keywords ranking, more to my surprise, a few key words this website ranking very quickly to the first few pages, I insist on doing after a period of time, the ranking to the page, hehe happy time, feel a little sense of accomplishment.

I know Taobao or two years ago, but at that time my thinking ability and technology are also general, just know Taobao customers can make money, then did not do the impulse. Until 2010 I whim, invest in a guest website, play, feel Taobao guest atmosphere, feel how Taobao customers can not survive, there is no chance. After that, I started planning. Two days, I’ve got space and domain names, and use the weekend site online. At that time did not do too seriously, just a little change to the title, description and the like, picked a few very competitive keywords, after the site on the line. Fairly quickly. Ha-ha。

seems to suddenly numerous guest websites competing online, start the guest journey to make money. But in the end we should all know, numerous guest website 09/10 was sh419 drop right and be K, included almost 0. Many of these people are dumbfounded, passion and confidence was hit in a complete mess, this period of time after the website began to decrease or Amoy seems to be so many people concerned.

Zhang Lu also joke summary: "later I know, for the new tuyere.". The first person to rush in, is generally educational investors; second, third is to take money; the fourth is the denominator when the fifth, unless BAT’s VP, a small number of star team."

Analysis of grassroots webmaster how to locate your site

personal Adsense before doing web site, first of all to analyze the general classification of Internet users, can be divided into three categories: one entertainment, two learning, three business.

one entertainment type website

entertainment includes games, music, movies, chat, novels, jokes, pictures, and so forth. Now in the novice webmaster entertainment website, the individual is very difficult to do big, no sustainable traffic, traffic sources on the basic search, to search every day thousands of tens of thousands of IP IP, it also earns no less, once the site is K off after the search site would be dead. But I think the novice friends for the class website, why, one is familiar with the Internet environment, the two is the practice increase your knowledge and experience, to prepare for the future transformation.

two learning type website

there is no doubt that such sites are very promising, and there are so many internet entertainment sites in China, but learning sites are still a bit short of demand for Internet names. For example, such as Baidu search "valid data of primary school Chinese teaching resources network" has been very small, indicating that the network service for users to provide very limited resources, so that resources need to be a webmaster mining and development.

three business type website

online shopping mall website (B2C) enterprise information website (B2B) dating system website talent website, personally think that online shopping mall B2C and enterprise information website (B2B) relatively more mainstream market prospects, but also the future of the internet. Cite a simple example, a friend of the Chinese osmanthus net, he has the aspects of resources, can also provide a platform for the enterprise, but a day of IP 1000, but the annual income is above 200 thousand, so his website’s success. There is a friend to do the ginkgo day IP website, but hundreds, but a year membership service, there are tens of thousands of. I summed up their success in 3 points: 1, professional 2, resource advantages, 3 services.

for personal website owners, first of all to clear what you can do, but also clear what the Internet users need, the most important thing is to combine their interests and hobbies, as well as creativity and positioning to do the site. If you do not have originality, your website has not been born already died; have originality, the position is sure to be accurate. Because maybe you find something in an industry, and if you want to do everything, you may be powerless, because you are a personal website, you are not a company. What is good and what is good may be more competitive.

above point of view is not necessarily very correct, wrong place welcome everybody correction. Finally, AD a little station: