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The search page of eye tracking changes the Golden Triangle disappeared

two, the new elements cited eye tracking changes in

, another reason is that the search engine new SERPs elements sparked eye tracking changes. For example, the noble baby search result in the traditional left corner, because of the new SERP elements (such as Knowledge Graph, Carousel Local and Listings etc.) is dispersed.

ten years ago, eye tracking search results page that eye tracking showing gold triangle, but the new research found that this has changed, now people become more vertical eye tracking more dispersed.

Knowledge Graph (the knowledge map, directly displayed by the noble baby information in the SERP) will because the answer is relevant and significant difference of attention.

look at the noble baby Carousel (carousel, in an image, the top of the page display >

, the golden triangle into a more vertical dispersion

introduction: ten years ago, eye tracking search results page found eye tracking showing gold triangle, but the new research found that this has changed, now people become more vertical eye tracking more dispersed.

this study, 53 participants, asked them to complete 43 search tasks, and then catch their eye movements. All the operation in the PC Canada on the search engine to complete the noble baby.

Study of

with the new SERP elements appear constantly, people have the trend of faster scanning page. In 2005, researchers spend an average of 2 seconds to scan a page, now only 1.17 seconds.

participants will not meet in the relevant content directly jumped to the bottom of the contents of the. However, if the result is related to the knowledge map, it will in the following list attracts a lot of attention.

analysis, a cause of this change is that people use mobile devices to spread, cause people more accustomed to browsing page in a vertical way.

Mediative also in 2005 when done similar research. At that time, the study found that people focus on eye tracking SERPs is showing the "Golden Triangle" – the search results page in the upper left corner.

Mediative found that over the past ten years, the search engine results page (SERPs) have changed a lot, which also led to the change of users accessing SERPs attention.

however, results of this study in 2014 but ten years ago with great difference. The "Golden Triangle" disappeared, instead, focus on eye tracking people more vertical, and the search for something different.

Share new website how to explode the flow.


if we want to build a Shanghai dragon blog, we want to know what love is the choice of Shanghai user experience good site to give weight before it goes up, so what kind of station user experience it?

so we want to make a new ranking in the short term, in fact, the method is very simple, we can solve how to get the weights of the Shanghai love on the line. How to get that? If in accordance with the routine, of course is the more the chain, which station accumulated more resources, the cumulative amount of more users, more content resources accumulated, which stand more dominant! In fact we can’t spend 1-2 years to do a ranking, then I will tell everyone to use the whole network marketing to achieve our goal, we modified the

Hello, glad to share an article on the new website how to quickly rank articles and all the crap. Then we cut to the chase, ask you a question: should we put a new without any advantage in the case, the dozens or even hundreds of thousands of keywords ranking how to achieve good rankings in the short term?

power network marketing, but only through the QQ group and Shanghai dragon itself technical knowledge, it is difficult to achieve great results.

1, we have to know how to resolve peer key words can not solve the problem of a user experience good site.

how to operate?

2, how to prove our site user experience is the best.

If you don’t have a strong knowledge of

then we must use a quick win: the rapid introduction of traffic, according to the statistical data of the import that search engines can actually see our user experience in the forward.

operation: for example, we built a Shanghai dragon QQ exchange group, so we want to put in the group of people into the blog, the ideal state is a link in the group of 500 (if 500 people) are to the point, the fact is not possible. Because not every person every day use QQ group, even if some people see our information is not necessarily, or some people simply do not see our information. Then we have to use the whole network marketing thinking, put every one into the group of users to join their micro-blog, WeChat, QQ space, say, character signature, QQ mail…… That is to say as long as you surf the Internet, you can see me.

? !

if we only do more basic operation, built a QQ group or WeChat to guide the group’s buddy click our website, will not find the effect is not particularly good, so I for you to introduce a new thinking of the whole network marketing!!!

if you are a Shanghai dragon er without the whole network marketing, so I can not hesitate to say you’re a disabled, because the whole network marketing is the breakthrough point in order to promote the Shanghai dragon, and technical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng also contributed to the network marketing technology go, both of them is itself a combination.

Tai Chi Globe7 products stop putting onJack Dorsey from childhood to young entrepreneurs geeks

and then, Square. Both the Jack Dorsey I still think S> does not hide the views

reports. In twenty-first Century ten years ago seems to be Steve · Jobs’s one-man show, and after his untimely death last year, there are many media in the eyes of "the next Jobs" have emerged. Speaking of the leader of the 2012 Silicon Valley, I put my vote for Jack Dorsey Jack · Dorsey founder Twitter and Square two companies. The annual Tech Crunch Disrupt Jack Dorsey election this year to do keynote speaker speaker, but also indirectly illustrates the choice of the most authoritative voice here.

let alone Silicon Valley, not even the United States, even if the whole world, I see, can be called "Superman" is only two: Jack, Dorsey and Elon Musk Li Jun is not the Secretary. Can simultaneously manage two high-speed trains, in addition to Nissin Trinidad drive outside to work 16 hours a day and night, more important is the moment the mind calm, stable overall situation.

Pingwest, in addition to technology, products and companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, and especially legends, are also chapters in the pioneering story,

thank you for your interest in Chi Chi League, and for the inconvenience caused by webmaster, please feel free to understand. Please feel free to pay attention to the change of advertising on our affiliate website, and we will provide more excellent advertising items. I hope all of you will continue to support us!

League address: union.textclick

two big companies in hand, Superman does not stop,

, according to Peter Thiel, Jack Dorsey is experiencing an over growth from teenage geeks to prime entrepreneurs. First of all, the man can basically be counted as "the first handsome guy in Silicon Valley", which can be seen from the endless discussion of his girlfriend on the internet. In his public image is quite sloppy, hair never comb, was wearing a nose ring and tattoo punk. But now he has become very decent, and perhaps that means a shift from inspiration, passion, work to the orderly construction of a business empire.

respected stationmaster:

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

Twitter was founded 6 years ago, the world’s influence has no longer say Jack Dorsey you know Sina micro-blog to solve many problems of the official China? Now it has become a mature company, but Jack Dorsey said IPO was not his only goal. "IPO can be a goal to be the end of this whole venture, but it can be just a critical milestone, and I hope he’s more of the latter. If we think when the time is right, we will naturally meet the milestone." Twitter current CEO Dick Costolo also expressed a similar vague statement.

asked advertisers to stop Globe7 products, and we temporarily switched Globe7 ads to CPC.

Upgrade WeChat public number necessary elements of operation

The rise of intelligent mobile phone

, led to the development of mobile Internet, WeChat is very popular with people Repeng platform, it is not only a chat tool, WeChat public account operation is also more and more, operating properly, can become mobile internet marketing tools, many enterprises open the WeChat public, WeChat operators, so, how to operate the micro signal can bring benefits for the enterprise to enhance public operations by WeChat? What are the essential elements of


one, published articles should be high quality

in editing WeChat articles, pay attention to the content of the article quality should be high, the content should not be too long, so that someone will reprint or share your article, is conducive to WeChat powder up. Stand in the user’s perspective, WeChat is not for the enterprises, but for customer service, to push the article do not always send their own enterprises, more value to the users of the content, so that there will be people willing to pay attention to you.

believes that many people who have used WeChat public numbers know that WeChat has two types of editing, one is single graphics, and the other is multi graphics. The rate of science and technology recommends using multi graphic template editing three most appropriate, one of them is to edit the enterprise the contents of the article, after two we can edit the joke, the rules of the workplace, health knowledge, the user is interested in the theme.

two, title should be novel, characteristic

when people read the article, the first thing they will see is the title of the article. The title is the most important factor affecting the effect. The novel and characteristic title can attract the reader’s attention. Promotion WeChat public number operations, in the article title under some effort, don’t put the unattractive, value keywords placed in the title of the top thirteen, because the public number shows the title of words only 13 words.

three, send information to be true, credible,

operators want to ensure that the article published on WeChat is authentic and can not issue fake or shoddy products to deceive users. If an enterprise or individual releases a false information for a long time, the result is bound to be punished by WeChat. At the same time, the user will have a distaste for you, to cancel your attention, while WeChat and micro-blog blog, different, can not pass to the other comment, or private letter @ each other, when WeChat users to cancel your attention, it is difficult to attract the fans.

four, good push frequency and time

push frequency is not too frequent, and it is not too easy, because too many users will feel disgusted, too little will cause complaints users, basically not more than three a week. Remember, WeChat can not be regarded as a means of publicity, the essence of WeChat is to provide customers with valuable information, maintain old customers, develop new customers.

has a good grasp of the push time, usually in the morning 7:30-9:00, noon 1:00-2:00, 8:00-> PM

My four years webmaster dream destroyed in, there is no firm determination


wrote this article, he was disturbed and tangled. Whether I will be defeated in the past few years to sort out an article to share with you. Finally, in a busy afternoon to sort out, say what you want to say.

23 years old, I have 4 years of experience in the construction of the station, which is in a highly developed network era, may not be anything magical. It seems like a long four years. Have I really done enough? It’s really bad. Because I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t make any money. When it comes to money, you will say I’m vulgar, but which station is not to money as the target,


Xin Kui four years is my university study for four years, if it is four years of graduation, maybe I have starved to death. Now just look for online are college students’ entrepreneurship, web site operators earning thousands of articles N. Perhaps in order to stimulate college students, perhaps I can not afford. Because toss about for four years, and now stay in hand only some major website user name password. Others have nothing to gain.

you may be curious about what I have done for four years. I have done a lot of things. It is because of this "a lot of" two words that I have done, and now I still have nothing to get. I also admire those who do station groups, because I have no intention to operate 2 websites at the same time. I have done many types of sites, have died in a brain fever.

brain fever 09 years, when the university just has a crush on flash small game, also hard to do a few, most of the time is spent on playing games, released a new game, and tangled with "which website template", "the website domain name". It’s not propaganda in the real sense. The results may be known, little game site died in their entanglements. Think about it. If you insist on it, it’s OK. It’s a good site already.

brain hot 10 years, gave up the small game website, started own health website, when is the popular healthy type website, I daily frown to update. Yes, it’s frowned on to update. Because I don’t like any health knowledge. A webmaster do hate website, ask a reader would visit the


brain hot 11 years, after years of trying, may be tired, may be unable to do, 11 years, simply build your own blog, start operating blog bar. Because I am engaged in software development, so every day to update the blog to promote the learning motivation, to maintain your own blog, the effect is good, know a lot. This is the longest site I have ever done.

unfortunately, blogging has been a long time since you’ve been catching up on job hunting. Ranking fell, and can no longer operate. He died in my hand.

, now I’m sitting in the office and working as a programmer in a small company in three tier cities, but I’m still under great pressure. The heart is full

What kind of chain can improve website ranking

The initial purpose of

SEO is to rank websites, and the ultimate aim is to make a profit. Well, in order to have a good ranking of the site, you must know how to optimize the site. As you all know, the factors that affect the ranking of the website are not only the inner chain, but also the chain. So, what kind of chain can really play the role of promoting the site rankings? The following is for everyone to analyze.

1: the number of the outer chain


chain is like our interpersonal relationships in social life, if the chain more widely, the interpersonal relationship on behalf of our society is in the more extensive, circle of friends is also more widely, so as to know more, then you can imagine in our own field or in specific field the visibility is very high. The chain more widely, means that there are different types of different domain name so many websites to your site, so the search engine will think that your site is very important, in this circle is indispensable, thus the search engines will be very popular on your website. For example, your web site has 5000 outside chain, and competitors only 500 outside chain, so in the number of chain in this respect, your website is absolutely dominant.

two: the quality of the chain

chain requires not only quantity, but also high quality. A high quality of the chain can be worth 100 or more garbage outside the chain. So the webmaster has been in the pursuit of the quantity of the chain, not necessarily get good results, too many garbage chain, no obvious effect on the site rankings, and may even have a negative impact. In order to obtain the high quality the chain resources must often go to analyze competitors, may find the number of the chain competitors far lower than his own, but the ranking is much higher than their own website, this is likely to be competitive sites outside the chain of high quality, so as to get good rankings. For example, your site has 500 high quality the chain chain, these are some of the large information station and so on site, and competitors have 2000 common quality of the chain, then the chain in the quality of your website is the absolute advantage, the 500 of you outside the chain of high quality can be worth 2000 match quality common chain. Therefore, the quality of the chain is the webmaster must pay attention to.

three: the relevance of the chain

at the same time pay attention to the web site outside the chain of universality and quality, don’t forget, the chain also need relevance. Search engine is also very concerned about the relevance of the chain. The chain represents a high correlation chain is more natural, for example: whitening skincare links appear in vehicle maintenance of posts, the decoration links appear in infant education website, then this link apparently and the post or this website is no relationship. So, the webmaster in the hair chain, also must pay attention to the relevance of the chain.

four: stability of the outer chain

The so-called

stability refers to the number of site outside the chain in a period of time or order fluctuations >

Local portal, new station 6 months, PR from 0 to 3 experience

station is not a big, but quite complex project, each webmaster plays the role of project manager in it. This project not only tests the personal qualities of the station, such as patience, perseverance, executive ability and observation ability, but also has a high demand for the co-ordination of managers and the ability of strategy and tactics. How to make rational use of their own resources, co-ordinate the distribution, and ensure good steel used in the blade, is a threshold for successful webmaster.

, I’m currently applying for an YBC interest free loan for website entrepreneurship. The plan is to be a local gateway site for a county. About the content of the website and direction of guidance, oneself also calculate to be in sufficient bosom, without too much doubt. The question is: how to use the limited funds to the players, more work fast to the promotion of the site, in the local search keywords, and from the numerous local portal stand? My previous promotion experience is limited to the promotion of soft paper and hand chain, rely on the manual workshop days and months multiplying the total weight, no hands special funds for the promotion. Now have thousands of promotion funds, how to effectively use the money to complete the transition from manual work to small batch production? Extension funds are limited, and how to realize the sustainable promotion? With these questions, I consulted a just 6 months time, the "Zitong" portal website to PR=3, the snapshot is updated every day of the webmaster, his experience gave me a lot of inspiration.

, concentrating fire, occupying highland,

Zitong station is also facing not much money, he took for a quick fix, quickly occupied the commanding heights of the keyword search strategy. In addition to the traditional way to promote the site, the choice of a large number of short-term purchase of friendship links, and quickly improve the weight of the site. Buy links, it is best to choose PR greater than 5, relatively high degree of Web sites, the number remained at 20 to 30 range. This lasted 2 to 3 months, after the inspection period of Baidu, the weight of the site and PR rapid rise, in the local site search ranking will also rise rapidly.

two change structure, strengthening the foundation of

webmaster doubts: a step forward has been used up the promotion funds 80%, behind the money Maiyou chain how to achieve sustainable development? Don’t worry. This time, the PR value of the site has risen to 3. Chasing you to exchange links countless websites, looking up PR4/5 friends chain is also inevitable. Through screening in a lot of websites, in accordance with the principle of "benefit to yourself", this time, without money, you can also get a lot of friends chain and promotion. On the one hand, it changed the situation that the website relies on money support; on the other hand, it also laid a solid foundation for the continuous development of the website and promoted the self operation ability of the website.

three deepen reform and change passive to active

deepening reform refers mainly to the style and content of the website. After the website weight ascension, if want to go up the building again, need from website >