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Shanghai senior skills

now we are talking about the website content, original and important, how to fill in the content of the website is a very important technique to live. We care about how to add value to the site.

if you have a web site traffic, almost did not update, than the long-term update, no traffic site is much better, now love Shanghai trying to guide us to do, how to understand the user experience, user experience, first you have to have the user experience, user experience reflected from where that is reflected from the user. So the flow is crucial to the long tail keywords tube, how to collect the long tail keywords, give me tips here, you can love from the Shanghai encyclopedia, you want all the keywords to find the industry.

3, love Shanghai particularly in love with traffic to the website

1, select a good

If you have the ability to achieve the best

, the site of the internal links > 5

server is very important

2, website content is very important

now mention Shanghai Longfeng to at least can let a person feel the pain, why, because they can not see hope, they pursuit is always ranking, Shanghai dragon is actually beginning to what ah, in order to better adapt to the search engine indirectly improve the ranking, is to improve the readability, practical, just we are behind the distorted. Do you want to go to the Shanghai dragon understanding from six aspects below, to think about

this is either from the search engines, or from the user experience is essential. Imagine ourselves as a visitor, I click on your website regularly open, obviously the next time I won’t come, also for the search engines, their role is the most relevant, the best website to provide the search, then your server is not stable, the result is no


, allowing users to generate their own articles, this is the direction of future development, we will be competing in their content is limited, only allow users to generate their own articles, it is the right way, an example of this, 114 network standard. This is a trademark search website, it is a typical example of the article, let users, as long as you go to this website, your query results automatically generate the article page, if things go on like this effect is very obvious.

4, website volume is very important

, for example, if you want to make your site 100W traffic, then your website, at least included more than 500W, and of course your site included bigger, included more keywords, then over the flow will be more, if you have doubt, can see the legal website is love, motionless, the flow of Shanghai millions. Why? If they are included, qianwanji, cloth million level how many keywords ah, please think about

Let you order fly with Soso Ask the word-of-mouth marketing

This is the

search engine of title is very high as we all know, so the title of the questions must appear keywords, description of the problem and repeat one or two times. The answer to the several times as possible, so that the density of key words on the table, the keywords ranking stack are generally good.

2, ask and answer with best

to search a keyword to see the row in front of ask "


you have to make sure good title. If you want to do web promotion or guide flow, the proposal to accurate and clear title, for example: we want to promote the freckle products, so questions can be written as titles like "the best freckle products what is" or "what kind of freckle products effect" and so on. If want to do web site keywords optimization, recommend you use love as the title of Shanghai or Shanghai love related search drop-down box appears. After determining the title, content must be associated with title, and the description of the content to clear. For example, just the title of "the spot product which good effect, so the content can around the spot product effect is good for the theme to answer, also is to put you to promote the website characteristics description is clear, let users can be clear at a glance.

Search ask with love, know as Shanghai increasingly stringent audit, if you just ask questions today call others answer, and then immediately adopt the answer, questions will have to be deleted danger! Now it should be noted, that others after the answer also take some practice to adopt the answer it! There is no danger of the deleted

a commonplace talk of an old scholar as we all know, account level is very important, so there will be a raising number of process. This process is not purely to do volunteer work, you can ask and answer with the form adopted their own problems, but must not take link, can guide the user through a keyword to search the web site name. Note that the low level of new ask many tasks can do account, while doing the task while his answer adopted, and soon a account level is raised.


now know love Shanghai becomes more and more difficult to do, so to come here today to talk about how to use Search ask marketing, Search ask relatively than the love of Shanghai know the answer, particularly important is more likely to take the link, you know there are a lot of the acquisition will visit Search ask if we in the search on ask a link would increase may extend there will be dozens of links, it can be said that in Soso Ask is a double-edged sword. Of course, there are a lot of Search ask promotion need to pay attention to place, here’s what I do Soso Ask some experience of promotion, hope for the novice in Search ask promotion of some help.

Q & a good reference The importance of

1, account level

The weight of the

4, set good keywords

3, adopt the answer should also pay attention to, can not act with undue haste.

Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM entrepreneurs should dare to shoot first and aim atJiang Qiping the l

        the essence of the long tail theory, that is produced from less variety mass change to many varieties small batch production. Applied to explain the development of the Internet business, it can be considered as a commercial theory from Web1.0 to Web2.0.

The typical characteristics of the business model of Internet era is

look of the latest fashion trend, we can find that the technology of the 3G era, exactly with the business 2 era, formed to coincide in time. What does that mean?

It is verified that


what do I want to share with you? I agree with the views of the guests in front of me, and I disagree with them. They are a part of said is right, if the students in the University have been learning, not too much social experience, then you go directly to the business, certainly too blind.

May 15, 2014, IDG capital and venture capital jointly organized the IDG campus entrepreneurship competition preach ninth stops at Zhejiang University successfully concluded. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks. The original traditional search later leather own life into the Internet the Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM with his eight years of business experience, dare to think business people are "not obedient", is to dare to shoot first aimed at "silly bold".

Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM

I graduated from University, and now, I have done an industry, a job, is headhunting. My entrepreneurial experience allows you to start business when there is a reference – – there are shortcuts to life. Entrepreneurship to find partners, to be good at dealing with the cattle people, you have to start the funds, anyway, mogujie, CEO, as well as the house to sell, and now the house is so expensive, many people can not afford to buy a house. So what? I did a headhunter for 21 months when I graduated from college. I did about 3000000 for the time. I made about 500000 of the pot of gold. Then, the ignorant started the business fearlessly. Set up a company in Beijing, the first year I was also afraid to tell the truth, but I thought, I’m just another office, another phone number. Then I’ll recruit

lead: as long as one is smart enough and firm, this process, in a straight line to squirm, eventually went to the end point. How does this process come about? First you have to twist, and don’t be afraid to sprain your waist,

I heard for a long time, you didn’t you listen to the record industry, we speak of suffering, not with you a dime, because when I talk with my cousin cousin entrepreneurship, they said: Wow, sister, you. Why? Because they haven’t done it.

below is a live speech record:

Internet hunting kocho CEO SIM: Good evening, Zhejiang University students. Now the time is very late, and later I think the best students are on self-study night, so we should be on the night school.

the reason why I disagree is that entrepreneurship is the first thing to shoot and take aim. I believe that all of the students in high school are learning very good students, but I don’t believe you, then I, I want to take an examination of Zhejiang University is Zhejiang University, I want to go to Peking university. I believe that when you study, you must learn every day of the day. Every question should be done first. In fact, it is the same way you start a business.

Professional Webmaster adhere to persistent beliefs

we are eager for success, and we are more confident of success. Because our name is stationmaster.

every person who really goes to the station is a man who has a strong desire and creativity. Personal webmaster suffering and tired is ordinary people can not imagine, a team of live, we can only do it ourselves, including planning, art, procedures, maintenance, promotion and so on. At the beginning, there was no salary, no insurance and welfare. At the end of the year, there will be no bonus. We don’t care about it. Although we are tired, we can feel more or less the sense of achievement. In a word: pain and happiness.

I divide stationmaster into two kinds: Amateur stationmaster and professional stationmaster. What is amateur webmaster, simply say, want to do more, less people, every day always think of those opportunistic things. The professional station spends more time on the Internet every day, spends it on its website, runs it in a planned way, and eventually makes it profitable.

, take a look at the difference between the two:

1. Learning level

professional webmaster will spend more time on the internet. They know how to learn, how to learn, and how to learn from each other. They know where they are, because they really do analysis, comparison, and research. Unlike amateur webmasters, who just update the information mechanically, they don’t do it at all".

two, technical level

professional webmaster through learning, with a certain level of technology, can modify the program to achieve their own ideas. Amateur webmaster only want to achieve the purpose of "modify" through the template.

three, time and energy,

professional webmaster will update every day to maintain his website, publicity, optimization, modification, testing and so on. Amateur webmaster does not plan, update, maintenance will be regular, such as 2-3 days, a week or longer, promotion is only issued copy water paste.

four, level of analysis,

professional webmaster is all-around talent, they will be based on the data, such as traffic statistics collection, Alexa, search ranking analysis of advantages and disadvantages of their website, and develop a more complete program, aims to enhance the competitiveness of the website. And amateur webmaster will not do a comprehensive analysis, if the flow down, they will only take one way: send more advertising water stickers.

five, acquisition and non acquisition

Most of the

professional Adsense is not collected, because full replication, collection of content will make the Internet there is a great deal of duplication and redundancy. Baidu and Google love sites like K. The amateur stationmaster likes collecting, because it really saves trouble.

six, rigidity and toughness

professional webmaster has very strong rigidity and toughness. Repeat the same job every day, and it has been going on like this for a year or two………

Looks like, ah, fly to the stationmaster’s station and define the garbage station. Look at the robot

these days have been back to the Webmaster Station Post AD~ Khan! As a Webmaster Station old member, although has become outdated, but occasionally back to the webmaster community looking for old friends posted, this has become my habit.

station only to find that the popularity of the community is really plummeted, in addition to AD or advertising. Has become a dead forum. Can let me dizzy in a few days exchange station found a very special phenomenon.. station number and station community like, now have to rely on the era of artificial intelligence, run by the robot collection post, not the letter contained in figure.

you look. I do not want to say, just say so Webmaster Station will bring about more bad influence. As I scalar just a K666. station or in the very early has been successfully transformed the market while maintaining a website statistics program download this pen. But not their own cultural site the station is still very slowly toward the.

disappearedI hope

station or all the way in the development of punk friends website should pay attention to the problem. Is in the station to begin their efforts to create the culture. A website only developed its own cultural sites such as the laggards will have a long-term development of the radiant.. I post we want to help. Thank you

Station should not rush, everything will come true

impatient to eat hot tofu, refers to work not to be impatient

is not to say no again, we cut to the chase — whether it is life or in the network, even if the site is the same " eat hot tofu, please " new friends stand and intend to do stand friends under reference. Many of my friends have the strong interest to do. Looked at a lot of website development and make yourself full of longing, and stepped into the station in this industry. Since entering into the industry then want the site better, but made the website friends know we currently rely on search engines to own included, some people say that on the evergreen tree, after all the website can have? Even before is because the evergreen included


a lot of new problems is just do not search engine included, especially Baidu. A time often began to complain. Finally give up. But I want to say is " the site is really so good? How many people do " the world is the real success again? How much? I want to say, not how experiencing rain rainbow? A vulgar not vulgar words. But actually the development of a website is not the case? So I want to say, please don’t give up, if you really want to make it developed after some people suffering. Then continue to go down. Do not speculation, not anxious. Don’t think for your search engine and do stand, as long as it is to conscientiously complete you should finish the contents of it. There may be a friend to say 100 Not included in the website by IP what to eat? I just want to say, you are to do station? Or to included? Money is not false, this is our purpose. But a wise man will do good to do station, search engine, after making money. And all this is a step by step process. In the development of the network, want to seek a way to survive you must stick to it, otherwise you will be eliminated.

So in addition to

novice do stand should pay attention to avoid anxious, but also know what? Or how to better the development of the website. I am not what the veterans. Build the first site until now has less than 1 years. But when you really experience to do a webmaster of this matter will be realized more things, rather than rely on time to complete.

1. novice do stand to do SEO. very simple to say what is SEO? If you have a decent appearance as well. The appearance of course, many people patronize… Of course this is the popular analogy SEO optimization. There are 3 main points. The first title: must be eye-catching, but, not to add some strange symbols in how those symbols will be down many people? And more distinctive eye-catching to you, the network do stand so much? The name emerge in an endless stream.

How to write pseudo original articles

in the hospital marketing before this line, I also think that site editing is a very simple thing, as long as the basic use of computer people can do these things. No, it is to copy articles from other websites, make good typography, and change the names of others into their own websites. When I was doing it at an Internet company, my website editors did the same thing. As soon as I entered this hospital, the data was completely copied from the Internet because of the small number of people and the tight time. This was also mentioned in the previous blog.


copied to what the "good", many people know, the search engine is a "big uncle lady-killer", is a "love", is a "mysterious grass bud". Because our editors are not medical graduates, they can’t write anything about the symptoms of the disease or the treatment of it. They must copy someone else. What are the level of grade, the thief also and the dodger. Then how do we edit the article, make pseudo original articles, do a "God series",


common methods have to change the title, change the contents of the article, the article content generally refers to change the beginning part and end part, there is a little at the beginning of his words, without affecting the reading of the premise, to change some of the paragraphs and so on. Copy the article, change the title is necessary, and content plus their words is the best.

, another way I’m going to introduce you now. Probably a lot of people are already using it. This is what I call synonymous substitution". Is to replace some of the existing keywords with the same or similar words. For example, the "three note" painless abortion before the change to "3 note" before artificial abortion, and say "how much" drug abortion into "the price is how much". OK, do you understand? If you have other editing articles and writing pseudo original articles, you must share them with me.

original address:

Author: Fang Guoping, now employed in a private hospital in Hangzhou, has worked in e-commerce website planning, construction, marketing and marketing management. In recent years committed to private hospitals online marketing and operations research, welcomed the exchange of guidance. QQ:348409791,

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In 2008, the website should take the road of marketing

The issue of life and death of

enterprise websites is a key issue in China’s network marketing industry. The new enterprise website represents the desire of an enterprise to carry out network marketing, while the dying enterprise website represents the dashed hope of an enterprise to carry out network marketing.

recently read an article called: enterprise website is dead! Said: "statistics show that corporate Web site page views a day 51.5% below 50 times, that is to say, more than half of the enterprise website in the sleeping state. This set of data certainly sends us the message that corporate websites are dying." Indeed, different enterprise website each die each, some was carrying the mission priority, crashing down; some died; and nothing flashy without substance, and more are on the line that is unknown to the public, the dead line ".

however, I wrote an article in response to: "enterprise website can not die!" expressed by the entire network marketing environment impact, enterprise website construction market is still in high speed development. For small and medium enterprises, they do not actually do a website, but to do network marketing. In the future, the development of enterprise websites must cater to the needs of Internet marketing, so as to have a longer life cycle.

The issue of life and death of

enterprise websites is a key issue in China’s network marketing industry. The new enterprise website represents the desire of an enterprise to carry out network marketing, while the dying enterprise website represents the dashed hope of an enterprise to carry out network marketing.

marketing website is the last one or two years new name, there is no standard definition in the industry. Overall, the marketing website is based on the enterprise marketing target site planning, evaluation system has good search engine performance and user experience, perfect effect, can use various means of organic visitors into customer service in the enterprise marketing target site. The concept of the marketing website breaks the traditional understanding of the website construction of the enterprise, and it conforms to the basic demand of the small and medium-sized enterprise for the establishment of the enterprise website.

marketing based site planning is to solve the enterprise website focuses on what, how to display the problem. The website planning of marketing type website takes marketing aim as the core, makes the website structure as flat as possible, and highlights the product, service and qualification of the enterprise. According to the enterprise’s industry attributes and their own characteristics, to determine the site’s visual style and key communication methods. In addition, the visitor interaction process is designed for different business types.

One of the distinctive features of the

marketing website is that it can "self promotion", which highlighted the search engine has a good performance on the marketing website (i.e. SEO, in the search engine search relevant keywords can obtain ideal natural ranking). Search engine optimization usually involves page structure, content design, external links and so on. It is a systematic project, and it is also the key point of marketing website construction. At the same time, the marketing website has >