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Five experience from the site into the sandbox

5) website can not use black hat cheating — some owners love to play some black hat optimization, for example by hanging trojan in some government website to get high quality external links, because it can in a short time to make our site get higher weight, so as to enhance the site in the search engine the ranking, if there is no love found in Shanghai fortunately, once found naturally without being put into the sandbox inspection, therefore, the webmaster want to site to avoid entering the love Shanghai box, when the website optimization is best not to cheat! "

sandbox owners are not so understanding, the so-called love is because Shanghai sandbox in Shanghai Longfeng site involved in the process of cheating, or caused by the website snapshot update, included is normal, but the key words on the site are competitive ranking suddenly no ranking, this is we love Shanghai sandbox owners said, there are many reasons caused by the phenomenon of love Shanghai sandbox, to introduce the following five preventive measures I get into the sandbox after

3) not frequent changes to the site because compared to other domestic those search engines, love Shanghai for change is the most sensitive site, when it found your site with the last visit time is not the same, it will be on your site to make some punishment, therefore, the site without affecting the user, or the search engine spiders visit, it is best not to easily change the webmaster website, especially the web site keywords, and even punctuation marks are not, or only involved site punished, on the site without the slightest help

1) as much as possible to ensure a stable space — for most of us the webmaster, most likely to lead to the website by the factors of love Shanghai discipline is the host of the problem space, so, after we found space host sites using a problem, must as soon as possible to solve the problem of it, if it is not the way to solve so, then we can only buy a new space, then the problem of space to replace, anyway, it is not because of space issues caused the site to be punished

into the sandbox love Shanghai!

2) – Shanghai dragon optimization the most taboo is excessive site optimization, website optimization can not be over so webmaster is best not to a sudden increase in the chain is too much, not too much Links exchange in a short period of time, otherwise the site will be very vulnerable to love Shanghai love the light punishment. Shanghai does not update or is not included, while the site was K or

as like as two peas on the line! For most of the love Shanghai! love Shanghai!


4) to ensure the quality of the content owners — if the owners do not want to love the Shanghai site was punished, but do not want to be in love with Hella into sand box, every day the best time to write the original content, if it is not written, it should be on the acquisition or reproduced the contents to make changes such as changes under the title of the content, or content of the following paragraphs can not, anyway as long as with the original content for

Give some suggestions and guidelines for beginners Shanghai Dragon

2, select keywords, keyword selection should be competitive small, a lot of people search keywords. Keyword selection is very important, because you will become your work center of Shanghai dragon.

2, Shanghai dragon tools, these tools will need to point out that the web >

how to learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization? Learning search engine optimization need to have what qualities and skills? For the best way to learn the Shanghai dragon or in practice, learning the successful experience of predecessors. The following is the Shanghai dragon learning list list is sure of search engine optimization experience.

based optimization of Shanghai Longfeng what? Here are some experiences of Shanghai dragon industry’s most successful people, hope to also have the help to you.

Shanghai dragon

beginners guide introduced basic knowledge of search engine optimization, as long as the foundation to optimize the site, for the website ranking to take a decisive role, often a lot of Shanghai dragon er for basic optimization site are not ready.

, for beginners to learn search engine optimization must know matters.

The use of

1, learn how to build a basic website. In depth study of Shanghai Dragon technology, it is important to understand the basic knowledge of Web development. Familiar with how to use the code editor of a basic website, don’t be afraid of the word code, written in HTML is easier than you think much, of course, the div+css must also be familiar with.

5, Google registered to analyze and verify your site. This free tool allows you to access your site tracking.

the next step is to learn how to learn Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon sword of the basic application technology to the website optimization process, will let you know the search engine optimization, and can help improve the website ranking.

1, registered Google webmaster tools, check and read everything. The administrator tool will tell you anything noble baby BOT see, it must be familiar with the information provided to Google, but it applies to all of the search engine optimization.

The next thing is to wait for

two, search engine optimization beginners guide.

3, domain name registration, found that the host. If the domain name can contain the best keywords, if domain with keywords will be more conducive to the search engines, the host must be stable, the stability of search engine for the space very seriously. If a website does not open, not conducive to the spiders crawl, but the user experience is not very good.

, at this time the search engine index website, using tools included and ranking on the site to track and record the data. Wait two weeks, let the search engine to find the site, Google Analytics data collection.

4, the website program is uploaded to the space, the simplest way is to use FTP to upload files.

Website optimization how to make your site more popular

website optimization and hope that their website can be popular in a short period of time. In the search engine has a good rankings and included quantity. But the idea is certainly beautiful, but it is not so simple. Because the search engine is a very critical tool. We are in the process of website optimization, any point defect or cheating is lazy phenomenon, it will mercilessly reduce the inclusion and ranking, while right down. We see some websites every day with millions of traffic, they imagine a fraction of it to give us a little. But our website optimization is that people are after many years of accumulation of culture, and then to grow to fame. We are not ambitious, otherwise everything seems so unrealistic. Here we talk about these, we grassroots webmaster how to optimize our own website, in order to make our site more popular.

1. website and the website of the direction to be clear. Our website optimization status should first clear their own website, to know what is the main content of our website to do, what is the nature of the site. With this specific purpose, we will do next is around this theme to build our website, so our website optimization will not seem so blind and aimless. Such as love, it is the position of Shanghai as a search engine tool, its goal is to allow people to quickly find what they want. Sohu, NetEase and other portals positioning is a portal, so their goal is to make the news website, the website content updates faster and to have the authority, it will be welcomed. When we clear the positioning and development direction of our website, we also need to pay attention to is the site of the open speed and safety. A high quality and reliable security of the site will be more welcomed by customers.

these website optimization, in order to make your site more popular, so we have to consider some of the big portal, why so many of their traffic, so popular? If we understand this, we will be more of the website optimization success is more popular. In fact, what big portals flow reasons, mainly because of their content in real-time, and is of high quality, fast access speed, nice page etc.. If we can do these sites will be very good. The following specific to introduce how to optimize the site more popular.

2. the next step is to improve the quality of web content, and often need to update the content of the website. When the position of frame direction of the website clearly, we have to do is to enrich the content of the web site. About the importance of the content of the website we are self-evident. Content is king. We want to make our website in Shanghai which included love rising, weight also increased. So our site

Each of the We Localization of

Analysis of owners how to send the chain with the opponent learning from four aspects

chain is a very important factor, if it is found that the opponent’s site outside the chain is not better than their own, but the ranking is better than theirs, so why will appear in the top quality of the chain. After all, only has the quality of the chain to help the site get good rankings. So, your hair of the chain, the quality of the outer chain analysis is very important. For the quality of the chain to analyze, first look at the chain rivals released how natural stability and self correlation website platform, outside the chain, the chain, through the analysis of the three aspects, naturally it is easy to know how the quality of the chain of the opponent. Because the search engine is to judge the quality of the chain is also based on the three points. So, through the chain quality analysis of competitors an easy job to do and let you know the quality of the chain is not rival cattle cattle, so that they can make their rivals in a short time to increase the number of grasp.

The anchor text chain

chain can use hyperlinks to nature is the best, while the general webmaster in the chain, which are in favor of it can send the chain links. So, we want to know how to do a hyperlink, we must first understand clearly how to do rival hyperlinks, use what is the anchor text word. So not only can let you use the same word chain anchor text, but also know what your opponent is optimization keywords, then node >

analysis of the two and the quality of the chain

matchThe quality of the

, a

three, opponents of the use of

has the role of the chain is very large, site to get good rankings factors outside of the chain is essential, I haven’t seen no site outside the chain can get good rankings, unless it is popular to keywords or No one shows any interest in it, is the artificial intervention. For the normal site optimization for ranking, the chain is very important. The hair of the chain, most of the webmaster with several methods, forum, blog, love is nothing more than the products of Shanghai commonly used method. How do the chain is the most effective? The author thinks that learning the hair of the chain with the opponent is ranked the most direct and effective improvement. Today the talent network talk about how to send the chain with the opponent learning.

The analysis of the source of the opponent chain

with the opponent to learn how to send the chain would first need to know what is the source of the chain of the website, forum, blog, source of love Shanghai or other products. When the opponent know the source of the website chain, you can also according to the opponent of the chain platform as well as in its own platform to do the chain. For example, in view of rival website, found that most of the competitors outside the chain is derived from a blog, then we can register a number in this blog, first do not rush, such as raising the blog was collected for a period of time, can be more than a week to do outside the chain, so as not to affect the my blog has not been included on the hair of the chain, the chain had more hair has no effect. Therefore, a careful analysis of the source of the opponent chain, the chain release platform through the view and his opponent, also released in the above.

The new station in three days let love Shanghai quickly improve the three skills included weight

second, the new website content must be full of


no matter what type of website, when you attract love Shanghai spider to your site, the site must have rich content, which is a key collection, imagine if your site spider love Shanghai also came, but the spider but what content do not have to grab or crawl to a few the content of love Shanghai search engine has its own criteria, I think this site would not be accepted by the love of Shanghai, naturally want website a few days included has become a major problem. I suggest that when everyone in the line on the website must get a dozen original content, and the best content is pure text content, the content in the entrainment of links, links, first impression so as to ensure the site.

3, website column, navigation must first set in place, and the column navigation is search engine to crawl content, so we must be in the official website to attract column, navigation website is set in place before the advent of spider.

and I have set up more than a dozen sites, these sites are profitable, there have been several K June 6th, I set up a new website in three days after the start of love in Shanghai included, as shown below, I each time a new application domain name to build the website three days are included, here I share some of my views and opinions, I hope to help the new owners.

third, the new site should be submitted and included both attract spider

1 of the website, title, keywords, description must be on the first amendment in place, not second days to sleep together and think of the title of the site settings, keywords set and problems, so to modify it will affect the overall site included.

many owners in the new line after the thought is submitted to love Shanghai included, it is not wrong, but the effect is not very good, so much of my website in the on-line time are not submitted to search engines, but directly.

first, only need to modify a

The first thing

2, website template must be revised for the first time in my success, when building a new website no matter what type of website will take a website without trial procedures before the formal registration of the domain name, finally uploaded to the computer, after this new website will be able to immediately establish procedures out put into use this method is far better than to get a new domain name registration trial program 10 times.

website domain name to space remaining after the site is set up, and the first thing this time is to modify the site webmaster do, I modify the website this proposed several suggestions, a new website, many things must be in the first amendment is complete, but not to be able to fall back:

Where is the significance of the platform site safety inspection

1, the website owner can fully grasp the site safety information in a timely manner.


, a 360 site safety inspection platform

site security is getting more and more attention by people, in order to put the comprehensive information reasonable show to the user, website security is considered to be one of the priorities, gradually let users rest assured and secure access to Internet information, to create a secure Internet environment. Chinese Internet website vulnerabilities exist serious, only 35% of the site is in a safe state, 73% sites were black type implantation dark chain, 2012 attack area is more highly developed areas of telecom value-added service. Because of this, the site safety inspection platform is also rising rapidly, has become a new industry. In the new industry in which companies and what is their stand head and shoulders above others? The meaning of

The implementation of

2, 360 want more webmaster site certification.

360 site safety inspection platform is free to free form mechanism, obtained the support of users, through the inspection of the site safety, safety fully understand the website information, whether the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities, the need for timely treatment. 360 site safety inspection platform mainly for vulnerability detection, detecting Trojan, tamper detection three blocks. Through the detailed understanding of its site safety inspection information, according to the problems of reasonable treatment, to prevent the vulnerability caused by site to be a big problem, which affects the overall flow.

website, easy to be outsiders invasion, which affects the website operation, for the user and search engine dual experience is not ideal. So in order to allow site owners to more fully understand their website security, love Shanghai and webmaster tools KnownSec, launch site safety inspection tools, through detailed examination, to understand the basic information of the website, including a detailed description of the website name card, vulnerabilities, and security risk early warning, and launched a security alliance certification level division of certification classification to scanv security, 1A security alliance website security authentication, security alliance 2A safety certification (not open)

3, gradually let all people participate, gradually improve their own brand strategy direction.

360 site safety inspection platform:

two, love Shanghai security alliance certification website

1 and 360 continue to strengthen their own products and enhance the use of

website security alliance certification:

There are loopholes in the

2, website certified by security alliance, love Shanghai search results with A icon display, to fully display its website name card.

SEO nine directions for novice editors

wants to know in the present website competition, the website content is how important, but the good content also must coordinate the SEO skill, this also can well promote the topic key word. So, what a happy thing it is for a SEO to be a qualified editor who is very handy.

SEO works with editors every day. It’s best if you run into an old editor and have been trained by seo. But every day I come into contact with the most or some layman, but we all know, editing this industry mobility, are some graduate students do a period of time to go, so I often do some training, a group of people who have a training, it is in trouble, so I summarize once, when every new person comes to this article to him on the line, saved me a lot of time.

one, write the daily articles list, anchor text list,

is to write out a list of articles, including "the article is about the classification" and "article" the name "address" "articles derived from the anchor text and address", according to the actual need to increase or decrease the content.

two, reference text, anchor text list, internal links,

The importance of

station anchor text I will not say, but do SEO station anchor text is a very tired very troublesome thing, but in the process of writing for editing a note that it omits the SEO workload. At this point, the tables listed in the first column come in handy, allowing the editor to clearly guide the long tail to focus on, and to facilitate the addition of anchor text links.

three, when writing articles should note:

1, the title appears keywords

2, the first and last section appears keywords

3, the middle of nature appears keywords

4, to promote the word for the first time, "bold", "anchor text link", plus only once.

four is not easy to appear when you want to promote keywords, you can at the end of the article with "recommend articles: XXX" or "related articles: XXX", and then add links.

in our promotion process, the keyword density of an article is very important, this is an increase keyword density method. Sometimes it is not what we want and keywords appear, this is a very good way, but also rely on innovation and play the other way.

five guarantees minimum 10 copies per day.

at this time a rigid requirement, according to the ability of editors and the requirements of the site to request, at this time I requested. As a matter of fact, we all know the difficulty of writing articles in SEO. How much do you want, not the essence, or the quality, not the quantity? It’s up to you.

six, each article export link control in 3-5 or so, not less than 2.

generally speaking, 50>

Website Google PR value drop reason comprehensive system analysis program

from single to integrated Google quietly completed the PR value of the new standard conversion, which marks the Google PR valuation of the site has been mature. But as a webmaster, we should know clearly the PR value for the site, customers SEO experts said Google "assessment of the PR value and is not just a good-looking but useless name card, Google assessment of the PR value will not just stay at the site of the external links, from single to comprehensive is any the development of things of the road, the PR value of the evaluation standard is no exception!", so the PR value will eventually become the iconic website weight level data, how to maintain good PR value of the site has become a research topic, what is the Google on the PR value of the new rules? You can read "on" new rules change the Google PR value evaluation. As a webmaster it is very difficult for us to achieve "does not" mind, mood with website traffic and the PR value of the curve increases with the flow and excitement, the PR value of the curve decreased and dim, this is generally the head of psychology, in the face of the PR value of the reduction, we will feel uneasy, because the PR value of the reduction means that the website the weight is reduced, keywords ranking is then reduced. Then, why is the PR value drop? According to years of systematic research, comprehensive and systematic about the main reason for the decline of the PR value of the website.

1, the site’s high quality external links in a short period of time, a large reduction of

as we all know, Google assessment of the PR value is still high quality external links as the main factor, from a single to integrated needs a process, it is impossible to mature at once. SEO experts in the universal navigation network tracking research found that: the PR value of the site will increase with the quality of external links to enhance, reduce and lower. So if the site in a short amount to reduce the high quality of the external links will inevitably lead to reduced website PR value, the PR value of the decision by Google to "base value + variable value" model, given a numerical evaluation based numerical is the site of the comprehensive quality of the variable value with site derived external links, but the base value plays a decisive factor for this particular combination and lay a solid foundation. If you have time, you can read the "PR value of 7 of the excellent web site navigation station to our inspiration", this article may give you some inspiration.

2, external links point to excessive garbage sites, or point to sites punished by Google

either Google or Baidu, attaches great importance to the outbound links, if you are a large number of links pointing to the rubbish site, it will think you site on the same site as garbage, not affected by the good evaluation, it is the site of the PR value is reduced; if to be punished Google site, will be the joint responsibility, Google will take up arms for your punishment. From the "Legend of universal navigation network" in the construction of universal navigation network, early construction, due to the face of friends, added some guidance to the garbage station link is the website from the PR value of 5 a drop

Lei Yongjun build high traffic waste site site positioning

last wrote an article about Lei Yongjun: webmaster will learn some basic knowledge of money, some novice webmaster friends look after my website. So I wanted to write an article about garbage sites. Then there is the following.

Internet broke the dream of becoming CEO overnight, and more and more grassroots webmaster began to edit one dream after another. However, unfortunately, always on hand, stand down a few years as cannon fodder, but not a success. At this point, grassroots webmaster began to dispirited and discouraged, but some insist. As Ma Yun said: "the sky is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful.". Stick to it, really successful, such as HAO123, A5, Adsense, nets and so on.

when the cannon fodder watching people are successful, so often thrown out: "if what I hold on, I * *^^*& ^&

well, god horse is floating clouds. Though you know you have regretted it, let’s start from the very beginning.

says so much nonsense, I forgot to tell you that I am also a fodder station, but fortunately I better rudder.

today I can have a monthly income of nearly 1000 yuan in the website. What I want to share here is to teach you how to build a high traffic garbage website. Don’t ask why you don’t teach people to build an influential website. It’s not that I can’t say it in A5, but that even if I say it, you think it’s a cliche. Because of your current lack of experience and understanding, the lack of a high flow of sites, the lack of analysis of this flow and experience.

1, site positioning

I’m so sorry. I said the word "website positioning" again, but if I don’t say it, maybe you’ll never understand the real meaning of the four words. Site positioning is to do movies, novels, women, navigation and so on. That’s wrong. What I’m going to say here is the location of a garbage station.

what’s the location of garbage? It’s demand.

yes, he needs it. Select 1 billion 200 million of China’s Internet users are required. To put it simply, it’s a big search on Baidu.

then I’m going to do it every day according to Baidu search volume, isn’t it?

is wrong again, because I believe I am not the best man in the world. Such a simple thing, certainly not a novice I do. So, how do we do it? It’s divided into three parts.

A. site properties

site nature, we select content.

does your website download, make pictures or do content?. It’s called the nature of the site. If we do garbage stations, we must take into account the flow. Do garbage station, we certainly won’t buy your space, that is, we choose to start from the content. This is also the first choice for garbage.

How much love can be done again, give up at the end of five

, I’m with a lot of poor webmasters. Also born in the countryside. Although life is getting better now. But rural people that didn’t change the integrity. Used to stand as a station. I bought a house. Took the wife. Now, there are children, too. But in the face of the Internet now. Face family. Face society. Think of an old song. How much love can be repeated?. So I had to give up the station.

I got in on 1999. Wuhan polytechnic. A year later. Met some friends. Since then, I have been in touch with the internet. The Internet wasn’t popular at that time. There are not many Internet cafes. Yes, there are only small ones. 10 or so machines. And it’s always full of people. In order to access the internet. When there is no class. We all go first to take up the position. Take good place. First comes a star. Ha-ha。 Now think of it. Full of fun.

because we are majoring in computer science. School computer room. At that time is not even the kind of mouse. Every day is programming. Reprogramming. This life lasted 1 years.

03 years, Internet cafes became popular. The basic school every day is out in the night. The first website I created with my classmates then. With regard to student exams. The program is joe. Because of these resources, our school has. Every day we take our school papers. Data. Print. Hit in one word at a time. 2 months later. The site is almost finished. And then there’s the promotion. As for school, we posted flyers to their door at night.

is network promotion. Post ads and stuff like that. At that time, the hair of these basically no man. After a few months. IP10000 or so. At that time, the flow of acid is good. There was also a lot of passion. This made half a rash and too much in haste.

suddenly got a phone call 04 years ago. It’s from a school. Say see our website. Want to talk about cooperation?. At first we were shocked. Still a little scared. Because when you start building. Not talking about making money or anything. Pure interest. After talking about. They can jump up to 50W. Together, the last half of the site, the site developed into a purely commercial nature. Now think back to that time of cooperation. They just want to buy it. Finally, I came out with some of my classmates. Of course I got the money.

After graduation students Gebendongxi

. At that time, I was assigned to an Internet company. The Internet at that time was a particular fire. During this period, I began to do the station. The first thing I did was GG. And some local commercial promotions. 05 years half a year. 5 stations earned nearly 8W. I thought I was crazy at that time. In order to stop. You can sleep for days and nights.

, 06 years from now. The Internet is beginning to shrink, too. Own regular station. Not getting any income. So it’s only the garbage station. These 2 years. Talking about garbage stations. May say >