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Analysis of website snapshot is normal site page is not the first reason

first view the site is changed, I took a site to optimize it, before doing the non mainstream pictures of the keywords into May Day, although the website content or have been included, but received the contents recorded after the change began to reduce the title keywords, then second days began a snapshot and a series of problems, in fact, for this and the site itself is not much problem, but do not often go to change keywords. There is a web server is not stable, often can not open the case, when you visit the site of the spider did not get to, so the spider is unable to crawl and grab the effective content of the update, and then in the course of time leads to the site snapshot and other issues, so we suggest you must give your site buy a >

site yesterday snapshot is normal, today suddenly retreated, I believe that many owners have encountered such a problem, especially the novice webmaster would be particularly depressed, so how to solve the problem of

The first kind of ?

each stationmaster is very hard and hard in the maintenance of the website, the maintenance for second days and then update the snapshot query is normal, the content of the website is normal or not included, ranking is improved and a series of links, especially for the novice webmaster, every day there are a lot of problems need to solve, for example a snapshot of their ah, do not update the correction of a series of problems, so today I will mainly for such topic to share some personal experience with you.

The importance of

second: how to solve the snapshot

: the first to publish the content, or snapshot not update, this may be the reason why spiders don’t crawl your site, or is the site’s content and network site too much repetition, lack of quality, so in the update site at the same time, some quality problems as much as possible to ensure that the content of. There is a website title title change, when a spider to search your site keywords and collected, and then you change other keywords, it requires a new assessment to the spider to your site, it will also cause the spiders don’t visit, the snapshot will naturally not update delay. The last point is the site of the Links, a good Links not only can share the weight of the station and the station, but also the effective traction spider to help the snapshot, a bad Links will tie, so everyone in the Links at the same time we must guarantee the quality of the Links.

website snapshot I think we all know, such as the theory of time, exchange Links or test site weight whether the spider will need access to normal at the snapshot is normal or not, we all know the general high weight site snapshot is the next day, almost even for the day, and the factors affecting the snapshot normal, generally is the site of the daily updates, so if the snapshot not update how we do it

: how to solve the snapshot not update


Zhou Zhenxing the Spring Festival cool, but suffer the website

2, the site was linked to horse

basically all the problems here.


5, owners themselves become confused

site included reduced

Spring Festival is too cool, easy to the website ranking has plummeted, many months to go to waste. This is the case, the main or you don’t have a plan, that is during the Spring Festival does not have a website maintenance, no problem strange.

4, website ranking dropped

4, website ranking dropped


there is a competitor before the Spring Festival period to the gap beyond you, so bad strokes might. With this lesson, we must choose big brands to buy space after the relatively small chance of downtime.

site in the Spring Festival, basically all the server problem, it’s no wonder that the Spring Festival, they will leave the maintenance, maintenance of people is limited, the problem is also normal.


I summed up:

2, the site was linked to horse


5, owners themselves become confused

2, the site was linked to horse

1, the website can not access

1, the website can not access

3, no new content updates

Spring Festival has just been finished, the two day in the webmaster group most is to see their website problems, in. Kudiehanniang.

ranking drop on your behalf weight reduced, that is your website trust degree is reduced, which has direct impact to your website and cannot access the website linked to horse. The most important is the site be deducted, and your peers points or stay the same, so the natural ranking is reduced.

site included reduced is mainly due to 3 reasons

, website or second, the worst thing is the owners themselves become confused, for example, do not know how to optimize the site, self-confidence is also reduced, which is called the Spring Festival syndrome.

In fact,

is the main manifestation of lack of confidence. I did not expect a spring down on the site and webmaster have so many unfavorable conditions. So, how to solve the

1, the website can not access

3, The

site included reduced

website is linked to the horse did find a lot, especially the use of the Dede program, basically no security settings are hung horse, some home page has been tampered into some grey industry information. Really very sick, is not high, this is to give yourself a lesson, the website program related security settings must be done.

The logistics industry website promotion experience

1, the logistics industry practitioners of high age, understanding of the network is not enough.

The advantage of Because of the nature of the site before

2, users habits tend to South Logistics Information Alliance, to guide the user habits is very important.

3, portable and multifunctional, utility is the key.

and the user group is not very understanding, so I wrote "logistics network promotion plan" and the actual work out, resulting in the promotion of the early work of some messy, poor effect. After a period of work, have a preliminary understanding of the basic situation of the website, customers of the logistics industry. In the level of science and technology is relatively underdeveloped in the three line of the city, network promotion is the market business promotion, whose share of the market, who will succeed, the site for the industry, it is even more so. The following is a problem encountered and views on the recent work in a statement:

4, free of charge, who occupy a large market share.

experienced a period of extension work, so I have a preliminary understanding of the logistics industry, the future of any industry cannot do without the Internet, the network to help people work, learning is an inevitable trend. In a pre promotion plan for me to have a clear goal, but when I took the job, I had not thought of beforehand some difficulties, these difficulties make me thinking, I have to change the marketing strategy, to make improvement work slowly.

The use of

Internet is an era of progress of science and technology, logistics industry employees in high age, understanding of the network is not correct, even distorted, so in the website promotion work for this part of the crowd to do ideological work, and continuously for a long time with the service.

Huitong logistics network in the near future

from the site, convenient for nature Huitong logistics net, and the South logistics information network using multi function to win the market, who and contend for hegemony, I think is the key. The user pays attention to the effect, but not the website how powerful. Most users focus on supply, car source, and I want the car in what place (both vehicle positioning), do the three column has become the focus of. South Logistics Information Network vehicle treasure free trial to put pressure on me, how do I deal with

strategy must be free service, while the South Logistics Information Network has long charging service policy, some users think free misleading not good service. According to the analysis of weakness of the national Chinese, since the charges, I must use the common psychological, Huitong logistics network lost part of the user. Huitong logistics network users are familiar with computer operation, entering the.


South Logistics Information Network was established earlier, the user has long been accustomed to the site of the operation, and their ability to accept new things is weak, so in a short time is difficult to change the user’s habits. Most users said the habit is the biggest problem, so to guide the user habits to become the focus of recent promotion work.

Website optimization experience alone out of dogma is better than

is just a way of site operation and site optimization, may well wish for guidance, because experience means less detours. But slowly will find that experience is not a panacea, the competitive environment is constantly changing and the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, too stubborn to believe in the experience of thinking will inevitably fall into dogma, even delaying the website optimization opportunity. For example, in a fairly long period of time, the website optimization is the link is king and ignore the original content, but obviously if we still uphold this concept, I am afraid the website marketing effect will no longer be ideal. The author believes that the site operation and site optimization should learn from the successful experience, but should be combined with their own actual and the change of environment adjustment, the effect will be more ideal thinking out of dogma.

If the new The If

content posted up, but the site has not updated snapshot, is not very worried? The author’s experience, at least 60% of Web site operators will be anxious to get angry. But I think the website snapshot and website content updates are related, but not necessarily linked. The way to judge whether to update the website snapshot on the website weight, web content and search engine. But from the actual experience, if the update rate is not very big, or not frequently updated website content, website snapshot update frequency is not very high. So, the traditional idea that the website content updates have a snapshot of how much some garden limited experience.

is a newly discovered phenomenon, after the Spring Festival, many websites because of a lack of updates, most website snapshot stalled in mid month. But there are a number of websites ranked decline, a lot of people as long as the time of the site can save the lost substantially updated ranking and website snapshot. Shanghai network company where the author, there is a day to update the twenty or thirty articles, but it may be the site into a danger zone. Three must adhere to the principle of the content update, which is one of the update rules and smoothness. As the Spring Festival before and after nearly half a month and a sudden lack of website content, greatly updated (especially a large number of duplicate copies of the content), it is likely to cause the search engine alert to the website evaluation and bungled the best time.

two: dogma weight must have links with good ranking

: one of the doctrine of content must be updated snapshot of

under the same condition, the high weight ranking must be relatively good, but the fact is not the case. Just as there are many factors that determine the site weight, the influence factors of the website rankings are also different. A website only shows that the quality of the website weight is relatively high, and in fact there is no absolute contact website ranking. A simple example of a website of the Shanghai company, through the "Shanghai website construction" the keywords ranking perhaps by comparison before, but through the "Shanghai family decoration" this word ranking is not very ideal. The weight of the website is decided by the content of the site itself, and it depends more on the website ranking website theme, whether the site optimization reasonable, and search.

Keywords analysis of the golden ratio distribution is appropriate

.The distribution of

core is not the main keywords, refers to the theme of the site, such as the LED light enterprise website, the website of the core keywords is LED light, the word is not in the rankings of the word search user is not our precise user.

can not stack keywords, the key is "natural", we must consider what place should put what keywords, what keywords are of concern to most users, users are most concerned about the word should do, for in what place to do, this is the key point to Ceng Xiaolong stressed.

mobile power which brand is good, you can put the inside pages, if you want to make this page better ranking, not just to write an article on it, but to send the chain, outside the station to the site to vote. This is a strategy of the.

Pan Long tail keywords, words the word expansion is very large, but these words are not put in the website optimization inside, not very realistic. If the portal is still possible, but the portal to promote contact, contact marketing. Internet traffic, the main keywords or key words for the flow rate is about 20%, and the long tail word ratio is about 80%. So this word is to selectively do, because the words are too large to filter some very relevant with the website, the user needs to do this kind of words. Words can be placed outside the station optimization, on the third the party platform, let others website become the carrier, it can bring more traffic to the.

about the golden ratio, I think is the aesthetic significance of the proportion of allocation should be reasonable, if you choose 10 thousand and 1000 traffic flow, stand on our own point of view, of course, the more the better, there is a problem related to the number of keywords.

Three concepts:

Keywords Keywords

second main

The distribution of long tail word appropriate some of the inside pagesConclusion:



layout, keyword density is not the more the better, if the density is too high, no content, why many people are concerned about the problem of keyword density, because everyone is on the need of this. Ceng Xiaolong does not think so, the core content is only a high degree of matching, matching words that are most in need of user.

third: Pan Long tail keywords

Keywords: the first

in the case of no waste of the long tail wordFor example,

keyword is home to do keywords, such as LED lamp manufacturers, the word on the home page ranking is the main keywords, if on the inside pages can be long term, many people think that a long term is the long tail word.


anchor text, not only the main keywords, so easy to be judged as cheating,.

The Shanghai dragon optimization experience sharing

two, www.***贵族宝贝 Home Furnishing beauty Lele love Shanghai weight analysis (to name ten):

said the Shanghai dragon, a lot of people will say to regularly update the article, to write the original article, at least also must be original. According to Shanghai dragon, in all industries, the electronic commerce website is the first to recognize its value and focus on the promotion of the industry, Shanghai dragon of electronic commerce website is the biggest sales promotion. So, how do the electronic commerce website of Shanghai dragon? What is their merits? Today, in the United States Home Furnishing Lele network as an example, the dynamic network and the lion share in the content of the Shanghai dragon optimization experience.

Key words:

three, America Lele Home Furnishing station network, this article analyzes 2012 cases: ten China furniture brand ranking 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/article_cat-1/article-5455.html

first of all, America Lele network www.***贵族宝贝 website Home Furnishing basic situation, make an overall cognition:

2, keywords China furniture, China furniture brand, China furniture ten brand, furniture brand ranking. This article uses 4 key words long tail, not more than 5, the number is more reasonable. Each of the key.

so far, more than 320 thousand of the network Home Furnishing beauty Lele in Shanghai included the number, the number included more than 630 thousand noble baby, to an operator will not to the electronic commerce website for 5 years, reached the number included, America Lele Home Furnishing network has done very successfully.

the Shanghai dragon to do optimization, title, keywords, description Title Keyword description, anchor text, link, link, the context of recommendation, navigation links, use H tags, B tags, from America Lele writing methods, we can learn a lot in the Shanghai dragon optimization techniques.

analysis showed that the weight of the love of Shanghai, in addition to the "furniture" furniture "furniture city" online shopping "" folding bed "search a huge amount of target keywords, ranking Home Furnishing beauty Lele can occupy the first, like" floor ten brand "" buy furniture what "home network" brand ranking the composite floor ten brand ranking "long tail keywords, Home Furnishing beauty Lele net rank also ranks highly ranked, ranked first.

1, title 2012 Chinese furniture Title: ten brand ranking. Judging from the title, this article is about the "ten furniture brand" and other words are supplementary to the title.

Advertising cheats, Adsense must seeDai Renguang with the mentality of the operation to do Taobao cu

, casually attached to advertising cheats. Outdated poison starter, the average person is not rumoredA first principle of


the put is under the premise of respect for the majority of net cheats.

first I put all classes.

1, garbage station webmaster, refers to the crowd, casually next procedure, tied a meter, collection, acquisition, or collection, waiting for spider hair Sao typeThe actual value of

such station is very small, the specific cause of small I do not analyze, for this site, please put less common type of advertising, such as ordinary SOHO auction, Yahoo advertising, for this worthless station we should stand in the search for a user’s point of view to think, for those users for them the most attractive living 10 people 9 people love what is love? Ha wolf sheep, put on the right, but don’t throw too miscellaneous, at least not to give the user objectionable line. Of course not too tempting to drain, on the line, ha, outdated concepts for talented people, I the temptation is not to say, this kind of advertising to 768_90 enough, remember the page must be fresh, generally on the two best, another floating, as well as the rest of the position I suggest leaving a shlf1314 page on ads, content of 300_250, remember to highlight the color, and the back Landscape color must be crossed, because remember his position. RCPs, so in the first time to give visitors a map, or off the pages of people do not know what you put in the advertisement, at least they know you put the shlf1314 ads point to point the problem we not discuss, discuss it is, at least she saw you. For example, because of who like you at least, out of the ordinary, at least she can pay attention to you. This is called "love at first sight. Haha, at least on your board. The purpose is achieved. Ha. Why should recommend shlf1314 ads for relative advertising price is relatively high. Well, for this the pages have one less, is back bomb. Make full use of resources. And Kingsoft 1000IP6.5 good. Look at the recommendations.

——- method. This method is first principle of human nature, the principle of color.

2, second normal station, it would be better invested. Just put general no problem, because of lack of advertising resources for the regular station. Haha, the most important thing is to have their own fixed crowd, ha, you do not induce they will carefully look at each place you wanted to find the station. A people can not find things, such as out of date, think about whether he will pay attention to all the layout change. This is a regular stand value. With a fixed population.

——– suggested doing their own products.

3, for small regular stations, sell stations, brother, ha, find a big one, let him take you. So you can get one


map is also very good to support my view, click on the advertising time is June 19, 2009, advertising deal in July 4, 2009, from the customer, we can see that the customer is not always a click will buy. It’s going to be a long time, so you have to be attractive enough to get customers back.

said you can do a Taobao customer site, you also do a platform, and the shop is a shop on the platform, is the customer service attitude, the quality of the product, and Taobao site play is the guide function, actually I just started the Taobao site Taobao off 28 Street taobao28. I also can not please webmaster mentality, because the mentality of the webmaster is to engage in the flow, do not attach importance to the user, but you can make a lot of money, but I can say that a successful site is definitely not like this, just like the Taobao station, you can earn short-term profits, but to make their permanent site profitable the lifetime value for the user, you must provide a valuable service, do not necessarily do a customer on the loss of a customer, which is to run the biggest failure. For example, what we said before, if you’re familiar with cosmetics, you’re full

can be said that the first phase of the Taobao customer is people, as long as it is pulled to the person, this person is a little of your links, you can not, because this time the number of Taobao customers are very small, so the customer within 14 days as long as you don’t click on PID and other Taobao customers to buy goods you can get the goods, but now I can say that this era will gradually disappear, so this is also a lot of Taobao customers think the reason of their income is less and less, because more and more people do, the user can be exposed to a lot of PID, your success is not to allow customers to click on your PID. But how to keep this customer, let him the last time you click to buy PID. We look at a map, this map is a "good brand boutiques",

a webmaster to do Taobao customers, will have a manager that business operators do not have a mind, heart, it is difficult to do a Taobao customer, many people even now in the crazy money, but for the long term, he will not be successful, because you must let the customer through your link to buy, please give customers a good reason? Take a few days to see an article by Wang Tong, is the lifetime value of customers, in fact, is to let customers continue to look back, had a high lifetime value. To see this article, students can go to Admin5 Adsense nets look at "Wang Tong: customer lifetime value mining, let you double profits", also let me to Taobao guest has a new understanding, drying out and share with you.

2: owns the manager’s management mentality

1: Taobao off more and more difficult, the key is to

Under the financial crisis, the new direction of small Adsense making moneyLooking at the ugly face

my site traffic is not good, when less, of course, became the mother of mice, in September almost all of my websites are K, there are two or three stations, let me depressed for a month, then is sh419, Ali mother right down, let me take three station the rest of the ads removed, the site is two years, did the advertising alliance also has six or seven, look at China alliances and abroad who alliance comparison really can not say China alliance overbearing and unreasonable:

for half a year before, the effect of feeling good, so I put all my sites are put on the Ali Mama advertising, Ali mother’s reaction at that time is still a piece of praise, open standards of the mom is relatively low, the general site can be stationed, can be said to mother to win a large number of small owners heart, but my mother started her good times don’t last long, xiemoshalv plan.

my idea is to register a domain name only, preferably com meters. In fact, net, CN and so on. But com meters have the highest relative weight. My own test site is CN meters in use,. But this rice has to be filed by itself. The filing can be very troublesome, but I have no trouble filing it. Ha ha, if you feel difficult to record, you can go online to find a professional record, it seems that you can soon filed down.

Start mom

first write here, to update the site, ha ha. By the way, if you want to see the effect, you can go to my station to see the effect. The initial name network is: University City movie network. Maybe I’ll change my name later, so I’ll take a step. Since this is my test station, there may be a lot of problems later. I’ll share it with you later. I hope you will pay more attention to my little station, and your more attention will be the source of my good test results and share with you. Finally, I wish you all a safe ride through the financial depression and make more money. In this paper, by the station feeds.

this is mainly for the novice or part-time and do not have the conditions for investment, we need only have the thunder Union which should be invited to register a + m, with the rest of the space thunder official, just put ename meters to thunder address set. This saves a lot of investment, or saves most of the investment in a new station. For a few days, through the review, the site will automatically open, set up their own advertising, copyright statements and other information can be. What’s left is the need to promote the website.

below, specifically about this idea of profit point, where

look at what is the domestic owners generally do alliance, sub shlf1314 ADSEN. These results are foreign alliance, the Alliance for Chinese supporters and see how much? You will find the webmaster network.

China reflect on the Internet industry think Chinese alliance still need to stabilize their principles, inconstant in policy


we all know that new sites need to be promoted. So how to promote? To the forum, blog, Admin5 hair articles and so on, many methods, I believe we have their own basic methods, here is not much, if necessary, I will take the time over time and then reissued an article about the promotion.

originally thought that there will be Ali mother let the webmaster to get the sun, no mother do to you as a date and then give you a stick, put you into the abyss….

actually, I’ve written about it before, but it was only a personal idea, and I didn’t make a thorough investigation. This writing is summed up on the basis of some practice. I hope we can help, especially in the current recession.

Top 10 reasons for Baidu’s punishment and Solutions

recently, Baidu frequent activities to send someone else’s article, I feel basically included all the reasons, now specially sent once. Yes, everybody can pass by. Thank you Baidu included reduce the problem, many webmaster have met, recently seems to be serious point. Recently, I have seen many friends say that their web site inexplicable Baidu included reduced, and some have not found the reason, there is no suitable solution. Baidu has also been included to reduce some friends called "Baidu depilates" or "Baidu resort" how to solve Baidu included reducing, continue to look down.


is a new station, suddenly reduced, but also didn’t what to worry about, because the baidu is not the same as Google.Google although the restrictions relaxed, but stable, have certain requirements on the page, update the content is increasing. While Baidu, love to do the most is included new sites, only if the pages are included, then slowly finishing.

There are too many specific reasons for

. There are about dozens of common causes listed below. See below:

(1) website cheating.

reason: such as accumulation of key words, hidden text and so on. If this is the case, even if Baidu has included you, don’t feel muddle through, because when updates will be slowly eliminated. The two level domain and cross connect.


solution: this need not say, get your own page to change it! Also, don’t mess with the two level domain name blog. Cross connect now useless, which left one or two connections can be more removed.

(2) web site specification

: the title and keywords (KeyWords) too much, some owners love to search relevant keywords are put in, you put ten thousand useless. There is not a reasonable description (Description), if you are new, this is definitely useful, to set up.

solution: stay three or four keywords in the title is enough, too much love. Baidu does not recommend setting for the page name. As for the special theme website keywords, plus you never mind, but at least the page should appear some related content. The description set is very simple, just want to do about a language fluent, the summary of the page keywords appear two or three times is enough.

(3) website quality

reason: almost all content acquisition, but also a collection of very popular articles. Baidu suddenly will collect you thousands of pages, but Baidu included, in a certain period of time, will re search, if your content has no value, abandoned.

solution: after collection, slightly modified again. Don’t be too lazy, you do it, the article simply browse, change the paragraph or section, at least a little like no other place. The original much better, also leave a copyright information in the page >