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On site keywords positioning method

general flow is higher, the greater the competition, we have to pay Shanghai dragon is more expensive, but often the greater the flow of words, the conversion rate is not high, so sometimes we found the target keywords have no chance to do it, there is no need to be sad, when you do go up and found can’t give you much transformation. A key flow we can love from the Shanghai index can be very intuitive to see, as we view the sprinkler love Shanghai index:

positioning is directly determined by the cycle of our Shanghai dragon, or may directly determine the success or failure of our Shanghai dragon. The reason for this is because some keywords is very fierce competition, we must do when doing keyword positioning, in manpower and under certain conditions, we can not make up the key words don’t touch, otherwise it will hurt your confidence. So the keyword positioning is very important, so we should choose the suitable keywords to slowly accumulate, when you have some resources on hand, we can further develop, rather than just give yourself an impossible goal. So what should be how to locate the key words? Here I come with you on my view.

, a degree of attraction between keywords and keywords.

Keywords Keywords

for example, a user wants to search for the purchase of tablet computer in Shanghai, if the notebook computer appears the title, this is a disturbance to the user, because the relevant information to buy tablet computer might not be willing to pay attention to the notebook computer, want to buy a tablet computer users, all other information and tablet computer related we can understand the content of user interference. And if we do only the sale of a tablet computer website, which are all relevant information about the tablet computer, the title is also all users pay more attention to the content, such as tablet computer tablet computer prices, pictures, this website will get more users click, so it gets more weight high.

with this keyword of the average monthly and annual flow of water, and the sprinkler users to search the word may have many kinds of needs, some may need to see the sprinkler video, some users may want to see pictures of sprinkler sprinkler sprinkler, toys, music and so on, these do not belong to our goal customers, because it is formed.

, a web site may also want to do a keyword, but when choosing the keywords we have to consider a very important question: before the keywords and keyword link. Why do you say that, you may have never heard of this argument, then I will come to you of. I will take the computer industry as an example, please see below:

We can see from the above

two, observation and statistics of key words flow.

In August your business website also long

has not put forward a lot of answers in before they have a heart of the results, as for why question, whether anti Web2.0 anti spam Raiders down what? What is love Shanghai and give away? Imagine if an enterprise independent website search their own business name search not to the company’s website, it is convenient for users to provide better service quality? The answer is negative, change an angle to think, if the search keyword that can search relevant information of the company, or that can be directly generalized to search user meaningful and have a direct role in guiding the company information. Then love Shanghai will lose his existence value for


2. Shanghai station!

3.web2.0 anti spam anti down exactly what? Most of my customers even search company name station can not search, instead of location is mostly without authorization of enterprise acquisition and generation of local yellow pages, classified information


1. enterprises have engaged in optimization traces by K in the enterprise customer site in his hand.

black June, July has passed, love Shanghai innovation is to engage in the industry of Shanghai dragon had a naked Er blow, pseudo original will be K, long-term not update will be K, friends of the chain in question will be K, K K,  collateral damage ! Well, the face of the enterprise, the love of Shanghai really a pain killer song and various K! Haven’t write blog, it is a relatively recent busy time and energy really are placed in the process of observation and research in enterprise ranking algorithm, the two it is to optimize maintenance station is many enterprises love Shanghai malicious K off, need to do a lot of remedial measures, including a series of excellent and soft start, I like a refugee in Shanghai dragon! I stand down the right according to their own user made a basic summary of the love of Shanghai continuous K, specific analysis is as follows: " /p>Most of the original

sex for promotion of the site without a K, is a coincidence? Or to the auction page to show the word is a direction of the high quality


4. enterprise Web2.0 station is your mouth? Love the sea is not clear what concept of corporate websites and Web2.0

reform is inevitable, and the platform will, before the anti love Shanghai, I said, when the anti love Shanghai Comrades back and ask yourself if there is no mobile or Unicom today calls this price? Competition will have a mutual benefit, finally consumers and users will get the final the real benefits and convenience! This time the reform of the old Shanghai dragon can only say is advancing more power, because there is a lot to be followed, stop doing business friends and I have found as a new algorithm, and for those who cried every day, the chain, may also be a bad news. Such a person, not what the industry quality, not what the industry ethics, nor what their upbringing, only at the time of the failure of high abuse, everywhere.

Xiao Quan teach you how to solve the site website is not in the home

3. solution:

(3) page outbound links too much: a link on the page can not be more than fifty, this is the webmaster get a lot of recognition, the chain is derived too much will make your website weight reduction.

: This is a trick, a keyword search, in a domain, so we can know which pages are the most important search your site search engine that you give him in which page ranking is not that you want a page when a keyword.

(1): the optimization of the site optimization excessive traces too obvious

(2) chain surge: external links in the short term add too much

2, the old site of the problem may be the following:

1. new web site home page is not the first problem is generally low value is the authoritative website. Newly built railway station, the chain and included are not many, their limited resources, the weight of a web page is generally not high. Site is not the first home page, the inside pages of the rankings than the home page. The weight of that page in the home than high, take my blog to illustrate. The original blog just set up a month, ranking the keywords of Dongguan Shanghai dragon a triumph, once rose to the top 20, but suddenly one day in the fall, site blog home page is not the first, as shown in

< >

second: Website Optimization Website Optimization excessive, remove excessive traces, to adjust the whole station. In addition to not frequently change the website title.

is often encountered in the forum asked site website is not in the home to do, meet this kind of problem to analyze specific issues.

(4) Links: their Links site was K, or Links and trash exchange was involved.

When the

: fourth outbound links too much: reduce page outbound links, a link to the control of the number of.

in search of Shanghai dragon Xiao Quan, home is not ranked first, but a content page ranked first, Shanghai love think of the importance of your pages are higher than your home, this time it will give you the keyword ranking you the content page. Your home page ranking is impossible to enter the front row index keywords in the content page, naturally can not find any ranking.

: the first railway station site authority value is not high: to update the original article, do website internal links and text aiming, the chain increased gradually.

third: the chain of short-term surge causes because of too much of the chain. Just wait, do not continue to be a massive increase in the chain.

Door-to-door service has been poisoned too deep, pimp business model how to penetrateAffiliate analy

O2O specific mode in various fields has many kinds, catering, leisure, beauty and so on, has also been a lot of investment to chase, then O2O of the target population is what people? Is the aunt jump square dance aunt, or some of the young white-collar work, or is tired about workplace elite

demographic issues, scene damping is the line of life and death

we see is 70, 80 and 90 of the O2O service to accept a higher degree, the depth of the Internet crowd on the new mode of acceptance is high, from a demographic perspective, O2O or young people mainly do business, but after several young crowd scene filtering, it looked again, we’ll worry about consumers the population density and the frequency of consumption of most O2O. Of course, it may not need to worry too much, now is still in a stage of early adopters, investor money not to burn, burn more while mass culture habits may turn.

our training website is to help schools recruit students. That’s a good idea. Now the market is doing the best to join the training site is pxba we can refer to, if there is a part of the site to join as well, where you join this site even if it is successful, this is a win-win strategy. How to let you have to make money operators, which is what you should consider, it is best to do a sample market, there is a model market is good to join, but also do a good job marketing strategy. This is critical. Now the market make up the classified information to join, but the classification information website to earn money, should speak more difficult, what time is your website to make money? You this website is very famous in the local, free release of information to your website, you will be successful, it is natural to make money things. The classification of information market now join good websites are not many websites do best is 58, but it is not the bidding agent, website operators, agents have no rights to the website, advertisers can only pull. A few days ago found a website, doing well, optimization is also good. You can refer to, China Information Port xxgang, to join the site, we must optimize the site, and now there are many sites have joined, but do not understand the website optimization. Surely not. I think the real estate network, food and beverage network, fast-food network can be joined, I just give you a way of thinking, you can look carefully.

massage, foot massage, door-to-door door-to-door beauty, overnight all the door, the door is really strong demand, this is true or false demand demand? Let us analyze the outbreak of O2O and development.


Offline must be practical to see, the line should also be divided into family, store, community and company of different service scenarios, different service scenarios make a huge difference in strength and psychological resistance requirements, also means that the establishment of O2O model under different scenarios of the difficulty of the huge difference. Take the family scene for example, families with children tend to parents at home, most home service basically will not be the last generation to accept, do their own cooking, housework do their best not to strangers through the door, the scene basically blocked most of the O2O, of course, home wash or can etc..

There are many ways to make money in

CCTV 315 has been in the past, the gun, not in the gun are relieved, and the electricity supplier business was laughing, because the prime minister replied to reporters when asked to support and escape, happiness came too suddenly, you are at a loss what to do. O2O as prime minister was behind the field, have been very happy, Europe Pu Yuan billion brother swarthy little face flashed, over the past one or two years, the development speed of O2O is blowout, pent up ten years of business the last mile problem put the Buddha overnight release.


networks. You don’t want to participate in network marketing. Those who wear pajamas can earn thousands of dollars a month. They are deceptive tricks. Or pragmatic, good, do not always think of nothing for nothing. If there is such a good thing, who will work as a worker, you say?.

made a website to flow up, making money on GG advertising is a good method to flow up very difficult, you need to understand the site optimization, if you are a more powerful SEO, you will earn a lot of money, at least is a middle class. I think joining a website is a better way to make money. Now when the financial crisis, to find work, many people want to start, we can develop a website, the website must have a perfect profit model, can not engage in a waste site for others to join. It’s better to have a company so that people who join you will believe you. Do what website is better? The website with stronger locality is stronger. One is information websites, and the other is training websites. I just provide a train of thought. You can also dig out a lot of regional websites. The training class website, I feel better profitability, because more and more people require retraining, and training schools are also more and more, the training school is now the most difficult problem is if the enrollment, enrollment, the school must make money.

massage, foot massage, door-to-door door-to-door beauty, overnight all the door, the door is really strong demand, this is true or false demand demand? The outbreak of O2O is essentially a demographic problem, on-site service poisoning too deep, pimp business model how to through

Internet generation is the importance of time cost, easier for on-site service to pay, the two branch of the O2O is the retail and service, retail O2O close to the electricity supplier delivery service, O2O belongs to the non standard service, O2O is a relatively high rate of profit.

hopes this article will help you make more money.

My Taobao Road my three years of struggle for dreams

I have been struggling in the imperceptibly, Taobao for three years, from the initial credit enhancement, what did not store a bit now, me and two other people set up a translation team, with two Taobao stores, and I set up a translation company, has its own company website. In three years, other people may change jobs, do many things, and I do only one thing and try to do it well. Here, I would like to share my story with you, hoping to inspire some people who work in Taobao or engage in e-commerce.

three years ago, when I was sophomore, as an e-commerce major, I began to have the idea of opening a shop in Taobao. At that time also saw many people in Taobao success, the heart is very envious. But if I sell the shop in Taobao, what is good? When I decided to input translation of two words and then search in Taobao, Taobao actually found there are so many translation shops. At that time I thought, translation is indeed a good starting point. My English was among the best in my class. Although it wasn’t English major, it was the first time in four, and the six was also nearly 600. I wanted to be a translator at that time. I am not sure, after all, I have no experience in translation, and I don’t know whether others can accept it or not. Try holding the attitude, I quickly in my shop and Taobao registered sellers’ translation on the line. At first, I looked at what other people said, so I took it, changed it, and released it. Honey, how do others do it? I imitate learning. In fact, it seems that this approach is very effective. Any new entrant in any industry should always imitate competitors who are doing better in the industry. They do well, naturally see the reason, why don’t you learn? Probably because of the credibility of the 0 reasons, the beginning of the five or six day and no one cares, then seventh days, is the time in seventh days at around 11 p.m., I clearly remember Wang Wang for me the translation of five hundred or six hundred words English. The negotiation went well and the customer paid it right away. I was so excited that the first order came at last. The afternoon of the second day deadline customer requirements, in order to complete as soon as possible, I will text copy to MP4, then after I moved his chair off at half past eleven to translation by the lamp in the hallway, I put Chinese written on paper, and then thought about second days in the play to the computer. Now think of it was really serious, this serious nature brings returns, customers look satisfied, immediately confirmed the praise. With my first business, I was more confident, and then I understood why the first customer found me. Because Taobao was not popular ranking, all in the order of the end of the time order, who finished early, who row in front, so just seven days later, my baby in front of the line, the customer just found me.

since the discovery of this rule, I spend a lot of time every day shelves baby, every more than 10 minutes on the shelves, the effect is also immediate, business is getting better and better, every day there are three or four single. But one thing that happened later, let me know, there’s also a rule to do business in Taobao. One day I was Taobao

Creative experience forum marketing text Kung Fu

? Tianya by talk of "Tao" word turned red!!! Always in black and white, gray, light green color Tianya actually appear dazzling red, attracted tens of thousands of users to click.

a ripple, with countless netizens curious flooding, arousing the larger countless netizens spontaneously spread with "Tao" of the thread, not for anything else, just to see the "Tao" will not become red. For a time, the "energy-saving" and "world of work" "Tao" overwhelming, activities for two days, "Tao" has won more than 700 exposure easily. Grand behind, nature is a marketing communication Landes elaborate planning.

technical means to achieve the flexibility of advertising bits

The randomness and replaceability of

advertising sites are based on not changing the forum architecture without having to re – post the posts. In the forum, only to maintain a position of the advertising links are not replaced, the page attractiveness will be reduced to the minimum, therefore, it is inevitable to open up a shortcut and grab Internet users’ vision.

What is the most

network? Internet users?. What is the easiest thing to do on the web? Network technology?. Previously impossible marketing techniques can be implemented on the web via technical means, such as adding hyperlinks to content keywords.

Landes spread after an investigation found that the content keyword hyperlinks are most likely to form a cause of concern of Internet users. So, we will be the customer (congratulations wine network) of the character set as key words in "energy-saving" and "world of work" all "Tao" word to do hyperlinks, can be linked to special congratulations red wine Christmas promotions.

this requires some technical support, so we need to find an experienced and influential forum for cooperation. This form of advertising effect is excellent, and then will be universal, we can try more.

chooses influential forum

most forums are based on industry or interest, and each forum’s "temperament" and "atmosphere" is not the same. Some forums are highly concentrated and some are rather loose. In forum marketing, the more focused the theme, the better. Therefore, the choice of the forum is very particular, in some weak topics, users strong independence, it is often difficult to establish a "hard wide" influence and status. So, the marketing company to spend some time to do the forum research, rather than wasting time to look for a needle in the ocean many forums.

this time, we want to sell is a wine brands around the world gathered Wine online trading platform – Congratulations wine network, through research, product positioning of the audience and the precise prediction of communication effects, we chose the Tianya community.

of course, the wine is better and louder. In order to expand the effect of the activities, to attract audience attention, it is very necessary for us in the early first refresh a number of "Tao" with a lot of beautiful calligraphy, "Tao" to attract the.