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The webmaster do not ignore the use of Robots

2. shielded duplicate pages: if we find our website there are two aspects of the same page, but in different ways, we’ll use Robots shield a page, the spider will crawl but still not put out, we can directly see the number of pages being intercepted in Google webmaster tools.

two, Robots.txt

, the origin of Robots.txt

Optimization of

3. shielded some dead links page

we do when the site on the line, there will be many irresistible factors put out by the search engine, which leads to a decrease in the overall quality of our web site in the search engine, we lead to the impression of poor, the role of Robots is to shield these irresistible factors don’t let the spider put them out, then we should be shielded. Some

pages? Effect of The establishment of 1.Robots.txt

1. without shielding some content page: give you an example will understand, for example: the registration page, landing page, shopping page, post page, message page, search page, if you do 404 error page to screen.

4. shielding longer: over the long path. We can use the Robots input box shield.

before I have been emphasizing details, is now the love Shanghai requirements of the web site is to see the details of your good code, label and so on to detail, as part of a Robots website also belong to the details of the job he has a great help to our site, there may be many new Adsense don’t know what a Robots is, I give you said some operations on the Robots.

create a notepad file locally, it is named Robots.txt, and then put this file in the root directory of the US, so that our Robots.txt is built up, some open source applications such as weaving is with Robots, we modify the.

we must first understand that Robots is not a command or instruction, Robots is a web search engine and the third party agreement, the agreement is the content inside the Robots.txt, early is used for privacy protection in the website, he is a TXT file in the root directory of our website.

we only those with a common feature page shielding can not, spider crawling does not mean that the spider can’t grab the address, and the address can be able to crawl to crawl to the two concepts, of course we can handle the dead links we don’t demand shielding, can not be handled by the way we like the dead link we need to shield.

three, Robots.txt

The path

The traditional stall transition to the Internet, using the Internet 90 thousand rural young man

remember in June 10 years after college entrance examination, I have no concern about the results of the things, because my family conditions I know, I never intend to go to university, but when I received the admission notice, I have no previous surprise, the mood of the day is very dull, because I feel the college notice for me it is just a piece of paper for me is not essential, meaningless.

window under the sparse rain, every day was chased out of nowhere, I want to talk to you, look at the impulse, all the way through their bitter history, so I decided to use my own experience written down, not for anything else, just to record my true portrayal of life.

come to school when I was looking for my father had a talk, with three thousand dollars to sell rice to me, let me in any case to the university to complete, because they are not read many books, but chose to keep at home in a lifetime, so they all hope lies in the next generation of us, let us go out of the countryside, break a piece of their own business.

Guide language:

that time I was going to do a part-time job, come up with a business idea, then I scare myself to live, because the hand is only one thousand dollars. I also need four months, I hesitated for a few days, but also around the school to a few days, after the most promising a good small product — small fan, because of military training during the hot weather, lying in bed at night can not sleep, a small fan can easily fix the problem, but also do not worry about the problem of cold, so I took the cruel two months of living expenses 500 yuan try not to eat instant noodles after two months spent, so I put down the so-called face, the first step to set up a stall, the first day I share with each lower than near the store price of 5 yuan to sell two a small fan, earned a total 15 dollars, at that time.

in September, I have my father gave me three thousand dollars for the poor students, student loans, smooth came to a university in Pingdingshan, gave me the most profound influence is, the first day of school, in front of the campus dormitory is full brother and sister who sell things in our lives, then what did not feel strange, familiar in the school after a few days, but I gradually found in front of the school on the street every day there are a lot of people selling things, people are early to account for the location, some people even for a position and a quarrel, like that gold position be taken.

I am a 90 poor boy, I was born in a small remote rural family, parents are honest farmer, because we that remote places are poor, so I better than children as early as the "home", because of this kind of environment makes me not to endure hardship, not afraid of dirty. Not afraid of tired character, so also the achievements I choose from the flea market started to resolve now.

See the vertical search engine from fighter.

two, French fighter can do

, it is necessary to search a vertical search engine?

to answer this question, we should observe from the search engine itself. We observe the love of Shanghai. 360 other search engines. In fact, the vertical search engine they have been doing, for example, map search, news search, music search. 360 also recently launched a search for a good doctor. These are the proof of vertical search, so the vertical search is necessary.

please indicate: 贵族宝贝mark.zhiyiwang贵族宝贝 (perceived ease of trademark transfer network)

three, we can not do the vertical search engine

I don’t understand why so many people want to do, vertical search engine, and real money investment. Do they want to know the truth even if you made?. Then the search engines do not need to do big innovation, only need to use it, you can finish you. You don’t even have explosive residue. So before we do things, we must consider the good.

Vertical search

obviously, they certainly do not, why, because the existing search engine basically can solve all the problems. If the love of Shanghai, or 360 in their search Riga, similar to the 360 doctor in this search, vertical search is a very good thing. We open the search box when we see the top physicians, lawyers, search, search search, enterprise search and other education. But this operation is too much trouble, which is currently the search engine, not so much effort to do this for each vertical classification detailed.

legal problems, the first reaction of many people is a lawyer. In the existing search engine search, information law is indeed a lot, there are many sites in the yellow pages as a lawyer. At first glance seems to be sufficient information, but if you really tried to find a lawyer or legal services through the network, then you will know the information most specious. This is the method of defining the fighter itself, which is why he practices law circles vertical search. Regardless of its service is not a gimmick. We only look at the vertical search engine

there is a case, other companies can take the industry done very carefully, but we will not buy it, the search engine, not so much energy to do detailed work, but we have to buy all the major search engines account. So, let them together, is the best way.


The stationmaster must stand in the heart of altruism of website content


view all sites of success is almost success content, if your content is not successful, then your promotion will only hurt your website. So I recommend that everyone in the website content must stand in the heart of altruism point do content, whether the value of this article I wrote, after reading the user will not feel the harvest or feel a waste of time. We must first convince yourself, in fact in order to solve the problem of the user.

Of course, a lot of content

second is the content of the site is not needed by the user, the general small and medium-sized enterprises, a person responsible for the company network. In fact, the largest in Shanghai Longfeng, the challenge is the fusion of the industry, if you really understand this industry, know your users, understand your products, these things also need time to learn. If a Er has not contacted the Shanghai Dragon restaurant, suddenly you let him do you edit the site, how can he do well? How could he do the content that users need? In fact, there is a way, we send the chain in the domain of others, we have time a little, dare to play naked advertising. Put down the guard while doing their own website content, because no one to review your content. This garbage content hidden within a short period of time may not have what problem, but for the long-term development of a website is a big problem.

statement this update is not accord with the needs of the user, the content once too much, such as a business enterprise a year down the news station update three hundred or four hundred articles. The latest update of the content sink to the bottom, perhaps this part will never allow the user to see, whether it is important or not, because the user is difficult to click on your website to the search engine, is also very difficult to collect. If your website has 500 pages, click if is 50 words, that your website’s click rate is 10%. If you click on the website only 50 pages is 50, then you click is 100%. The same is to click on the search engine is the 50 view is not the same, so we must pay attention to some of the site’s weight, why always lift not up, the content of this waste is one of the important reasons.

I have seen a lot of websites have a big problem, that is the question about the content. The problem is that Shanghai dragon Er did not think, may be realized but this operation. You might ask the content of the website will have what problem? In my view there are two points, the first is the content of the web site too much, second is the content of the web site is not needed by the user. In fact, these two are well understood, the content of the website is updated, because too much, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will listen to what others say will lead to update the rankings in the learning process, a new snapshot will be very like, so give your website to update a lot of content, but the content may appear harmful. In the short term will not be a long time, but the side effects emerged.

Adsense should better analyze website advertising layout

what is the webmaster most concerned about? After any pay, want to exchange for the highest return, then it is income. So how do you choose the ads that fit your website,


1, the site’s main revenue, should come from alliances and GG ads.. It’s better to receive a monthly rent, but there are few people who receive such advertisements. Most of them can not be received. Then you have to choose a good alliance, many webmasters because of fear of finding a good alliance or bad reputation. Just made the GG ad directly. This will reduce the amount of income. Select League first choice celebrity. Or introduced by a friend. Able to receive money.

2, the correct advertising, select the appropriate advertising on your website in the appropriate place, so that each advertisement has its own role, not waste of each ad position. But also can’t like some Adsense that advertising hanging all over the place. This is not respect for visiting users, it is difficult to make a return visit. Appropriate advertising should be accurate, not many, but useful.

talks about how to choose advertising types. Now the mainstream webmaster do CPA. In CPA advertising, the mainstream is lottery and web games. I once saw an article. Web games will be a major revenue collector for the future. I think this is inevitable. Sign up for a 1-2 yuan, or even higher. So, not yet put on such advertising webmaster friends on the grip.

web games, CPA, several age groups, children play. Students play, adults play. Such as my new station, novel station. You should select the second half of the player. The age of the novel should be about 15-40 years old. This will lead to better income.

there’s another one. The stationmaster can’t hang himself in a tree. Feel that the ad placed in this ad place has no big benefit, it should be changed immediately, try another.

wishes all the webmaster friends to make more money. Monthly income is over 5K. Love Wangzhuan or do not understand the webmaster and group 62703208

From the end of Youku non mainstream beat speaking

introduction: This is not suitable for non mainstream station webmaster friends. Non mainstream webmaster friends, please detour.

I keep asking myself why love and not love Youku potatoes, but has not learned that until recently started to pay attention to the non mainstream station, it suddenly, is the original page design is too mainstream, the content page black background, the dazzling color, is to remind people of him is a non mainstream design website, although this seems like a funny conclusion, but when you carefully study, you will find that this is a fact. A fact that no one can conceal or ignore.

non mainstream page design directly blocked the potato network become mainstream web site footsteps. Back when Youku potatoes had chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival be roughly the same. This does not make man-made disappointing. In short, the failure of potatoes was a design.

Youku may have this kind of problem, but the simple design undoubtedly left him too many repeat customers. This is not just my personal feelings for the people around me, I did a survey, they are generally not love potato black reaction and brightly coloured color, but love the blue line layout Youku this simple website.

If you

to me a contemptuous disregard, I dare say your site is definitely not a successful web site, you may see few simple website success, but this is because of the success of the website, so you can see that a successful website is mostly simple site, such as Baidu and Google as everyone knows Oh, we all know it. Do not tell me, Sina, NetEase Oh, because they did not start at the time of success, the site is simple, but after success, only to develop into the portal ah. And, you see, even though their website has a lot of content, they’re still keeping simple page designs.

my ebook download and is to eat a non mainstream loss, made of black appearance, the results retain membership rarely, but recently I’m revising for template, let him become a simple and lively design of the station, and then to the success.

so I say simple page design is the guarantee and premise of your website’s success. Don’t study potatoes.

original link: l respect for originality, can be reproduced freely, but please keep the link, thank you.

Five months on the line, Taobao shopping guide website brand library Report

Taobao shopping guide website "brand library" ( officially launched in January 1, 2010, has been operating for five months on the internet.

"brand library" s main business is Ali mother’s Taobao customer service, is a kind of the shopping guide, help sellers Taobao promotion of goods, a result paid by the form of advertising after closing the Commission, in addition to Taobao customer service, "the famous library" referral domestic mainstream B2C shopping the site, to meet the different needs of buyers.

today, Taobao guest website more, which depends on the rise of online shopping in recent years, popular, as well as the universal application of alipay. Especially last year, Taobao shielding Baidu search engine, as a strategy, Taobao to Taobao passengers in this form again from Baidu get a lot of traffic.

for five months, from the first IP to the present, along the way, here’s a little summary:

1, the basic situation of the site

"brand library" is used in a web navigation program, the interface is narrow screen 123 style, draw a lot of Taobao off site failures, home to take simple navigation style, to provide practical information crown stores Taobao high reputation to the buyers.

"brand library home page

is currently Google PR value of the domain name brand library 3, Alexa ranked 1200000, Baidu included 1500, Google included 300, outside the chain of Baidu YAHOO’s nearly 3000, traffic IP1000, PV at about 2000.

two, website profit model

profit is the development direction of every website, no profit website is not always successful website, "the famous library" after five months of operation, and gradually formed a set of mature profit model.


as a guest guest website, Taobao is the main way of profit, as a shopping guide website, to provide users with Taobao store navigation is always the most practical "brand library" adhere to the direction in the promotion of Brand Library "in the Taobao store, is above the crown, favorable rate in more than 99% join, disappear shop. Online more than five months, the turnover of 432, although not much, but for a new on-line Taobao guest website, I feel fairly satisfied.

Another profit model

"brand library" in advertising, "brand library", in addition to the classification of the web site included, but also opened up a number of advertising, in order to provide those who did not meet the inclusion standard, but the potential is good Taobao diamond seller, adhere to the principle of low-cost advertising website, in order to ensure the interests of advertisers because, "famous library users on Taobao too are buyers, advertising conversion rate is extremely high, advertising clients >

Micro-blog marketing era teaches you to do a good job of brand communication

if you say you’re doing Internet marketing, but you don’t know what micro-blog marketing means, then you don’t have to do it! Micro-blog is developing rapidly in China network, whether it is business or personal webmaster, have invested a lot of energy to the micro-blog marketing, brush fans, micro-blog, a no smoke internet war has quietly begun, many people think of micro-blog as a tool, but forget the true nature of marketing only! The correct use of micro-blog marketing, on the corporate website, in order to achieve the real goal of promoting. So, in the rapid changes in the Internet, micro-blog marketing work should be how to start?

1, the first to establish the official website of micro-blog, such as Sina, micro-blog, can apply for V certification, in order to improve the credibility of the official micro-blog; micro-blog registered domain name, but also as far as possible with their domain combination, also try to name nickname website; micro-blog official website profile can be brief, avatar is set to the website LOGO.

2, micro-blog enterprise content to try to publish the web site in excellence, the most valuable content, can not directly network software in the content of these things, though, content images have, but not a person you use this software, but also a person more than you want these contents. You use the tool regularly to send the same content every day, for a long time, people will think you are a machine, and you do not want to pay attention to your content.

3, now through most of micro-blog marketing is the enterprise, the use of micro-blog to expand its brand is the goal of the enterprise, planning a good micro-blog content, make it viral, in order to avoid advertising and advertising language, can be more easily acceptable to people. With everyone to analyze a small case:

her husband arrived home, suddenly heard a man snoring sound at the door, the man hesitated for 5 minutes, leave quietly, to give his wife a message: "divorce!" then throw out the mobile phone card, migrate…… Three years later, their wives meet by chance in another city, tears: "why did the Frence leave?" the man describes the situation at that time. The wife turned away and said softly, "that’s the Rising antivirus software."…… "


believe that this little humor everyone heard, this is the viral marketing software into Rising antivirus software, a perfect fit for the joke, let more people remember the Rising antivirus software, but also let the old users rising more impressive, with the rising of all know when Rising antivirus software will be open a small lion on the screen to sleep and purr. This is a text virus, short content dissemination, forming a good cycle, to achieve the effect of promoting brand.


4, when you’re ready, we’re going to focus on the number of fans. Usually a registered micro-blog is not directly fly you, so we can through the micro-blog search to your site content for keywords as the center of the target fans, plus interest after a private letter or close "