in the sushi brand we are more optimistic about a brand is for fresh sushi, so this very popular sushi restaurant can join? If you can, how to join? Xiao Bian can certainly tell you that this is a very well-known brand, but also a good brand to join


for fresh sushi since its establishment in 1996, has been committed to provide consumers with a delicious and nutritious food, has been recognized and favored by many consumers, is a good brand is worth joining.

for about 300 stores, more than 4000 employees and hundreds of vendors. In order to adhere to the "fresh", from the beginning of enterprise named "war" which means "really fresh, fresh, fresh, delicious and healthy to provide peace of mind, and is beneficial to the health food, health, nutrition, the concept of" pursuit of zero burden "for the purpose of service, therefore, the" quality of the senior level. The price is important for fresh meaning of the brand. Purchasing team each year to visit the world’s leading suppliers, to provide customers with safe and reliable marine products. read more