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as a second-hand car potential consumers, I often pay attention to the trend of the second-hand car industry, for people in the network before the completion of financing to cut into the second-hand car market news, some of their views.

and 58 city and go to the market crazy burning different, set up nearly 10 years, people network has been "muffled money" status. However, with the wave of O2O sweeping, people network finally can not sit still. After a total of nearly $100 million in D financing, the high-profile announcement of this round of financing will be mainly used to plough the used car market. read more

now many people say that the filing is difficult, and I want to say that the filing is not difficult at all. I just filed a new domain name, I’m 2010-5-3 registered domain name, 5.10 entered the record entry, today 13 will be over. I said the filing was not difficult at all.

one, filing is easy,

I have a few friends do Taobao customers, they want to do the station of guest station, but the domain name to the record, they haven’t had the record, I heard that after the initiative to help. (before they helped me a lot, is a friend in reality, there is an online), I help a friend for the record, a few stations are very soon, but at most 5 days to get the number. As long as you press the requirements of the filing process, seriously go to the filing, will soon be passed. You don’t have to go to those filing people. There are plenty of liars. (and some of them are true) my opinion is good for my own records. According to the record process, fill in 1-3 days will be able to pass. My new domain name, www.faxing6.com, just got the number. When used for more than 2 days to get, ha ha, good cool. I plan to do a new hairstyle theme website, I hope everyone will support it later, but it hasn’t been done yet, but it is also fast. read more

[Abstract] the College of geeks has gained capital recognition and is also inseparable from its founding team and the accumulation of its predecessor.

pictured geeks college founder Jin Yan

Tencent technology Hu Xiangbao reported September 24th

recently, a company called "College geeks" occupation IT online education platform has become a focus in the field of online education, because the online education website was born 7 months let investment chiefs paid $22 million for its business for cake. read more

when I was in college come into contact with the computer, at that time very love to chat, chat is a night, really do not know how the time that love to chat, it seems that time is really the good time wasting, then slowly discovered that the chat room is less and less the people in the chat, or a private chat, or a lot of advertising, slowly no longer chat room mix. Later, began playing the forum, I don’t play, love is everywhere to see the post, think this thing is full of fun, a lot of people to express their views on it, to vent their emotions, sometimes will try to write on it, can’t wait to see friends for their comments and messages. read more


www.qd-sd.com website construction also have a day, now the most headache is to keep people away quickly, every day thinking about how to keep it, after continuous consult do the following summary, there may be a lot of

, please exhibitions

1 provides visitors with things they can’t read anywhere else, so visitors will stay on your site for a long time to read your original stuff,.

2, to remind visitors to your site they can easily print the content they need. In this way, they can print on when you browse other pages. No matter what method to use, make sure that your page print interface is friendly or you can offer the special print version. read more

I have been struggling in the imperceptibly, Taobao for three years, from the initial credit enhancement, what did not store a bit now, me and two other people set up a translation team, with two Taobao stores, and I set up a translation company, has its own company website. In three years, other people may change jobs, do many things, and I do only one thing and try to do it well. Here, I would like to share my story with you, hoping to inspire some people who work in Taobao or engage in e-commerce. read more


website also has several years of operation, a small independent studio has more than 2 years, the first working for someone else, and then do it yourself, can also say what people have seen, although the site of the industry now too much garbage, but at least we still go to normal operation, think of it website.

sometimes is good for the other side, did not appreciate, in this world, not everyone is a liar.

sometimes we can do nothing but blame us.

When the urge to hurry to make

, a thick book, the table will lose out, give a little time, give money, when he did not press website so straightforward read more

generally do a release of the site navigation, the need to pay attention to many aspects, firstly, not too complicated, should allow users to quickly find their needs to clear website, the website itself should also carry the commonly used query tool, to facilitate users to timely find own what they want, and site navigation should also allow users to free to log in to your mailbox, enter search engine etc.. A good site navigation should be simple and convenient.

now do site navigation has many, but as the old site navigation was acquired, we are not difficult to find, now the site navigation, gradually into a single cycle inside the old, more people think that if the site navigation can not go beyond this bottleneck, the end will inevitably be acquired. So the site navigation, especially the new generation how to in the fierce competition in the Internet today is lost, becomes the masses to do a heart disease site navigation friends. read more

these days have been back to the Webmaster Station Post AD~ Khan! As a Webmaster Station old member, although has become outdated, but occasionally back to the webmaster community looking for old friends posted, this has become my habit.

station only to find that the popularity of the community is really plummeted, in addition to AD or advertising. Has become a dead forum. Can let me dizzy in a few days exchange station found a very special phenomenon.. station number and station community like, now have to rely on the era of artificial intelligence, run by the robot collection post, not the letter contained in figure. read more

I don’t know. I can’t count on being a webmaster, because I haven’t made a long website, and I’m sorry about it.

tell me about my experience here. Don’t laugh at me. I was born in the countryside. 13 years ago, I was very ignorant, should be said to be blank. Even the earth is round, do not know. Or do not say this, ah, 2001. Big changes, I came to Shenzhen, the big city. Get rid of the ignorance of childhood. With the first computer. It’s garbage. 256 memory. That was my first contact with the computer. At first it was mainly playing games. Of course, the machine often goes wrong. read more

personal Adsense before doing web site, first of all to analyze the general classification of Internet users, can be divided into three categories: one entertainment, two learning, three business.

one entertainment type website

entertainment includes games, music, movies, chat, novels, jokes, pictures, and so forth. Now in the novice webmaster entertainment website, the individual is very difficult to do big, no sustainable traffic, traffic sources on the basic search, to search every day thousands of tens of thousands of IP IP, it also earns no less, once the site is K off after the search site would be dead. But I think the novice friends for the class website, why, one is familiar with the Internet environment, the two is the practice increase your knowledge and experience, to prepare for the future transformation. read more

good products are not equal to successful products. Successful products are not necessarily good products. They are not necessary for further discussion. They are also suitable for use in the Internet industry. Many websites at the beginning of the establishment, have good vision, core products on the website are deliberate, it should be said is a good product, but why most are not successful? Might as well do some deeper thinking, in contrast, why your website is not successful.

from the basic needs of secular people for thousands of years, nothing more than vanity, interests, lust. A little aloof, you may not admit it, but in essence, is that these things in your everyday behavior. Or you are born tall, do not care about these, but the vast majority of people in the world is concerned about these. Since your website is not just for entertainment, it’s for other people, you have to consider these requirements of your users. read more

started learning personal websites since 2003. The first time to purchase the space is NetEase’s personal homepage, which is sent by post office 60RMB. Since then, I have opened the road to building personal websites. After contact with ASP, PHP space, I can’t remember exactly how many hosts have changed. One among them, there are also many companies IDC, of course, cheated, unstable, often crashes, even the phenomenon of missing data. So many years, so I have come to know whether you are doing personal blog as a pastime, or do the family, is essential to choose the host, I come through the following points and discuss how to choose our web hosting space: read more

recently, Baidu frequent activities to send someone else’s article, I feel basically included all the reasons, now specially sent once. Yes, everybody can pass by. Thank you Baidu included reduce the problem, many webmaster have met, recently seems to be serious point. Recently, I have seen many friends say that their web site inexplicable Baidu included reduced, and some have not found the reason, there is no suitable solution. Baidu has also been included to reduce some friends called "Baidu depilates" or "Baidu resort" how to solve Baidu included reducing, continue to look down. read more

The rise of intelligent mobile phone

, led to the development of mobile Internet, WeChat is very popular with people Repeng platform, it is not only a chat tool, WeChat public account operation is also more and more, operating properly, can become mobile internet marketing tools, many enterprises open the WeChat public, WeChat operators, so, how to operate the micro signal can bring benefits for the enterprise to enhance public operations by WeChat? What are the essential elements of


one, published articles should be high quality read more


wrote this article, he was disturbed and tangled. Whether I will be defeated in the past few years to sort out an article to share with you. Finally, in a busy afternoon to sort out, say what you want to say.

23 years old, I have 4 years of experience in the construction of the station, which is in a highly developed network era, may not be anything magical. It seems like a long four years. Have I really done enough? It’s really bad. Because I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t make any money. When it comes to money, you will say I’m vulgar, but which station is not to money as the target, read more

The initial purpose of

SEO is to rank websites, and the ultimate aim is to make a profit. Well, in order to have a good ranking of the site, you must know how to optimize the site. As you all know, the factors that affect the ranking of the website are not only the inner chain, but also the chain. So, what kind of chain can really play the role of promoting the site rankings? The following is for everyone to analyze.

1: the number of the outer chain


chain is like our interpersonal relationships in social life, if the chain more widely, the interpersonal relationship on behalf of our society is in the more extensive, circle of friends is also more widely, so as to know more, then you can imagine in our own field or in specific field the visibility is very high. The chain more widely, means that there are different types of different domain name so many websites to your site, so the search engine will think that your site is very important, in this circle is indispensable, thus the search engines will be very popular on your website. For example, your web site has 5000 outside chain, and competitors only 500 outside chain, so in the number of chain in this respect, your website is absolutely dominant. read more

impatient to eat hot tofu, refers to work not to be impatient

is not to say no again, we cut to the chase — whether it is life or in the network, even if the site is the same " eat hot tofu, please " new friends stand and intend to do stand friends under reference. Many of my friends have the strong interest to do. Looked at a lot of website development and make yourself full of longing, and stepped into the station in this industry. Since entering into the industry then want the site better, but made the website friends know we currently rely on search engines to own included, some people say that on the evergreen tree, after all the website can have? Even before is because the evergreen included read more

introduction: if this is really the Ding Dong District fell, also is not the last to fall.

Ding Dong district capital chain rupture and evacuation of the Beijing market rumors lasted a week. In the process of constantly exploring the reasons behind in my line of sight from the beginning of the Ding Dong District founder and the team itself, transferred to investors or even the entire TMT industry investment.

Ding Dong District founder Liang Changlin reliable? From the past results, very reliable. Liang himself said, "I’ve only done two jobs, the first is the military, then the entrepreneur."". Demobilized from the army after the start empty-handed founded the mother site Yaya net business for ten years, never financing, and in 2009 to achieve profitability. read more

April 2 Rizhao case, check their website included, found PR rose to 3, feel very excited, a few days to browse your blog (designer’s home below a subdirectory) found also rose to PR2.

happy, sum up experience, to share with you:

1, looking for excellent links, can not find the money to buy high-quality links, I have spent tens of dollars to buy a gov government website links, and guide new sites, the effect is very good.

2, the establishment of a discussion QQ group, send excellent articles, increase the rate of visitor visits, lock visitors. read more