just out of college, I have lofty ideals and entrepreneurial dreams, most of the university graduates will be completely out of the campus, start another life, but also faced with the trouble of entrepreneurship and work. I am also in the confusion to their life, I did the usual in what is usually love the Internet, hobby, learn a lot of things through the Internet, but not their own ideas, a friend introduced by admin5.com, to simultaneously access the A5 read a lot about the IT industry information and experience, I love the A5 at that time. Sometimes registered several domain names, sometimes look at the data, a few months down I felt a lot of things are not available, not mature, no technology, no experience, not to mention what a business, no experience and no technology for a newly graduated student, prospects. A5 gave me not learn to experience, let me gradually understand the Internet information, almost every day to see the Internet information, an Internet industry or business feel relatively fast, I believe the industry, learning to understand the IT industry for 2 years. 2 years have done what station, navigation station, music station, community game station, although the station did not much experience, or not too rich, still learning, because the Internet is changing too fast, feel hard to succeed, the solitary wood forest hard, from the experience of technology also is not sufficient. Inexperienced and have been learning progress, has not given up the It industry. In August 09, I bought 731.com /cn/com.cn/net.cn, then after buying choice of domain name registration, virtual host, understanding the domain name industry, the competition is very fierce, because they do not understand the market, abandoned the project. Want to do video station, station without a license and copyright issues are difficult to do based on personal video, now can not handle the video licence, the registered capital of 10 million state-owned enterprises must be, so give up this project, any project myself because they do not understand the market these problems have become empty. read more

last wrote an article about Lei Yongjun: webmaster will learn some basic knowledge of money, some novice webmaster friends look after my website. So I wanted to write an article about garbage sites. Then there is the following.

Internet broke the dream of becoming CEO overnight, and more and more grassroots webmaster began to edit one dream after another. However, unfortunately, always on hand, stand down a few years as cannon fodder, but not a success. At this point, grassroots webmaster began to dispirited and discouraged, but some insist. As Ma Yun said: "the sky is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is beautiful.". Stick to it, really successful, such as HAO123, A5, Adsense, nets and so on. read more

introduction: This is not suitable for non mainstream station webmaster friends. Non mainstream webmaster friends, please detour.

I keep asking myself why love and not love Youku potatoes, but has not learned that until recently started to pay attention to the non mainstream station, it suddenly, is the original page design tudou.com is too mainstream, the content page black background, the dazzling color, is to remind people of him is a non mainstream design website, although this seems like a funny conclusion, but when you carefully study, you will find that this is a fact. A fact that no one can conceal or ignore. read more


prepares to build a website, we tend to do a requirement analysis. And this demand analysis comes to netizen, namely the user of website after the website is built.

we say we have to plan a website to build a website. The first step in planning is to have a clear and clear positioning of the site. And this positioning needs to be considered in many ways. Among them, demand analysis is the most important. According to the needs of the website construction and development of the corresponding point. To carry on the thorough research and the analysis to it, makes the necessary market research, these items are essential. read more

has been developing a system for some time, and its functions have been confirmed by some customers, but it has been a big problem that the interface is not good, so the first two or three weeks have been devoted to improvement in this area. Face the design of N interface, N++ miscellaneous, broken, messy page arrangement, it is a headache really. Well, that’s all done. Sum up the busy two or three weeks.

first a brief overview of the system interface landscaping workflow

1: preparation stage, familiar with system related documents, have a general grasp of the system, not the design of dwelling; measure about summary page problems need to improve refinement; assessment, planning work time; people, change the staff clearly involved in the design, designers and developers. read more

in 2007, with the pioneers of courage, we from the middle of a less prosperous in the capital city of bud, with the dream of bigger and stronger, with the perspective of students attacked the young and ignorant of the employment information network media type. A new concept, but not proud achievements, one year time to catch up, never stop, but no achievements of the industry leader in the 1st Anniversary image, to the arrival of the flow is greatly reduced, has grown old.

just a year ago, it was a daring idea, a rash action that made my day miserable and unbearable. Originally I can take the Graduate Diploma in a small place for a young a secure job, but I did not like most of the students like to choose such a dull life, but a little network knowledge I learned in the University, set up their own website. Think of a long years ago, I was that I have boasted in high and vigorous spirits, the truth of "Win-win Theory", which allows customers to win in the market, and win customers. I have this self pride execution, I think in the Internet business on the road I will be able to plan and moving, moving quickly, ways to victory. read more

Ministry recently issued a notice to strengthen and verification of the site for the record, caused the attention of the media and the industry, exactly is most concerned about the IDC and the webmaster. To be exact, it has to do with their jobs and hobbies.

according to the notification requirements, the person responsible for the site I need to carry the original documents and materials required for verification of access to the service unit for the record site for verification procedures. The access service unit shall collect and retain the head of the website responsible for the color front bareheaded photo on the record site. The record center shall uniformly produce and provide a screen with the logo as the background of the photograph, and the photo shall show the time and background mark of the photo. read more

first of all, I’d like to say that I’m a new hand. But I know everyone has been the same as I am now, so maybe I will feel familiar with the things I write down. It’s been a month since my website has been working well. This month’s time, although always helpless, although mostly hard, but I also get a lot.

I remember, after the website is done, hang up the first day of the line, I became confused. I don’t know where to go. I first thought of the cat, and sent a publicity stick, and then waited for a long time, OK, did not pass. Well, don’t let me advertise, then I can always reply. So, normal replies, the post finally added to my site’s Web site, and soon, the effect on the pull out. From the cat came over a lot of IP, my heart that dark cool ah. But when I went there second days ago, I found my account had disappeared…… read more

toilet on the side, I dull looking ahead, while cheap cigarettes enunciate. Four years of university life in the northwest, let me a "Crazy" graceful posture who embarked on a desolate operation journey. Site operators in the entire Internet Ecosystem in the workplace like a fox, cunning and helpless survival in the crevice. "The whole world is like an empty tooth, and Maki Ki doesn’t feel anything, just when the wind comes, there are some aches and pains."."

accidentally enter the Internet circle for 6 years, this can have more choices: product, market, network marketing… But my first time to the Internet business, too early to appreciate the operation of Zhitiao Zhang: every day watching because of their own efforts to double the flow growth, when the rapid rise in sales, I suddenly found that digital drive life is unrestrained. So until now, I have been in various forms of products for me with the idea of operating the electricity supplier: all Internet products form monetization, and this is I still in operation on Italy, the reason just fly. read more

has participated in the Shandong Internet Conference a week later, the University master network www.daxue163.com dragging young footsteps slowly forward, there are many in consultation, I will continue to consult. An exchange, a harvest.

very happy, Daxue163 was Baidu soon included, keyword "College webmaster" is expected to be ranked in the top three in Baidu, which is a long-term concern Daxue163 a net friend told me. I am very pleased, Daxue163 from 05 until now at least four revision, each corresponding revision are members of the lost and sad have no way, only hate yourself as. read more

March 20, 2010 is a special day, of course, this is just a special for me and our team, the reason is that our planning and production development, hard to nearly half of the site finally on the line, although not perfect, but we are all the same, feeling of joy, the joy is included in the we hope for the future. At 4 in the morning of March 21, 2010, we were still busy. Only two girls slept in our team, and several of us were still debugging and modifying the details of the website. I don’t feel tired at all. Really, we really don’t feel tired. This time I understand, passion is the best fight. read more

in the network age, a lot of new network technology constantly enrich our eyes, network to feed a group of people, but also to a number of people down here, the network is good or bad of course to see everyone how to use it


we do the webmaster is the network resource is fully utilized to obtain the corresponding benefits, it is on the web site to make money, no station is in the service of the people do not make money, of course, when the acquisition of interests, or to the user experience to do good, not only to earn money and gain a good reputation. read more

said some of the early course of the books I learn jsp (see http://admin5.com/article/20080418/80628.shtml), the middle of the hard, I think only the programmer can understand, of course, have fun, conquer happiness. When you learn some knowledge, can let them run normally, serve for oneself, is the happiest time. It’s the most painful thing to search for when you are depressed. Talk about other things, when I was in high school when I chose the arts and science, I should have chosen the liberal arts, and I would be very interested in the arts. But the attraction of science, I finally chose science, but later results are not ideal. read more

first video, you let the webmaster how to trust you 10 hours 8 minutes before

it is the webmaster, as it is a commercial web site within the technical staff, and is responsible for the union of this income, our website is a commercial site in the area can be regarded as a comprehensive portal, in the province has a market share of. The union I have done for nearly 4 years, Google Adsense customers, Baidu alliance members, YAHOO, Sina, tixa, Ali’s mother, a fine have cooperation, and these alliances can be said that cooperation is very happy, even some of the alliance is no place to put the AD, and also customer contact to maintain a good relationship with friends, but until the first video collaboration: the first video, you know its reputation in the industry, not Weakness lends wings to rumours. read more

, I’m with a lot of poor webmasters. Also born in the countryside. Although life is getting better now. But rural people that didn’t change the integrity. Used to stand as a station. I bought a house. Took the wife. Now, there are children, too. But in the face of the Internet now. Face family. Face society. Think of an old song. How much love can be repeated?. So I had to give up the station.

I got in on 1999. Wuhan polytechnic. A year later. Met some friends. Since then, I have been in touch with the internet. The Internet wasn’t popular at that time. There are not many Internet cafes. Yes, there are only small ones. 10 or so machines. And it’s always full of people. In order to access the internet. When there is no class. We all go first to take up the position. Take good place. First comes a star. Ha-ha。 Now think of it. Full of fun. read more

many webmaster build local information network, almost all by selling advertising to make money, in fact, as long as we move more brains, money making way will have a lot of

describes several methods below,

1. sells ad positions,

advertising picture ads and text ads, this site is very popular to advance, almost no one to buy. We need the site in the development of late May, according to the local economic ability is different, different positions, each advertising price is different, the general price in 300–5000/, this is a a large income of local information network. read more

1, initial promotion of

2, mid term promotion

3, the promotion of late door

* * * all should do the necessary preparation before the promotion, otherwise, promotion is not practical, ***

first, the initial promotion of

purpose: to raise awareness, began to gradually increase the local users of the site’s attention,

Description: portal initial stage, the quality of the content of the site is not high, the site’s application service did not realize, this time publicity is mainly to improve the exposure of the site. The purpose is for Internet users to know us. read more

Discuz DIY function is very powerful, use it to make a very personalized portal, and can achieve many complex functions, such as property, recruitment, second-hand transactions and other classified information. In the process of using Discuz, many friends will encounter a problem, how to call the DIY page classification information, this problem has troubled me, through the study found that the calling method, now for everyone to share.

The first step of

, to set up the classification of information in the back, there is no detailed explanation, my blog has a detailed articles about the operation, do not know a friend can see under (http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_8c8fe0840100x76l.html); read more

I was born in Lufeng on the red sea land revolution, because the home is located in Guangdong underdeveloped area, information is closed, so the awareness of the Internet is generally low, but the good thing, this situation is constantly improving. I was contacted in 2004 2004 had been in the Internet, information consulting business, in fact, can not be called, can only say that personal interest, hold a learning attitude to do these things, the heart always has a sense of passion, maybe this is my budding entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial dreams read more

you always say, "that operation is not good," because the operation is your myth.

reading today calmly about operation, may be a bit subversive now most people operating concept: maybe our understanding of the operations are wrong, but still unaware.

when you say "the mouth with no operation", you have lost a word: years of quiet good, because the burden of people! You need to self review: whether it is prevarication or diversion, or you can’t understand the root operation what is just in the blind ". read more