started learning personal websites since 2003. The first time to purchase the space is NetEase’s personal homepage, which is sent by post office 60RMB. Since then, I have opened the road to building personal websites. After contact with ASP, PHP space, I can’t remember exactly how many hosts have changed. One among them, there are also many companies IDC, of course, cheated, unstable, often crashes, even the phenomenon of missing data. So many years, so I have come to know whether you are doing personal blog as a pastime, or do the family, is essential to choose the host, I come through the following points and discuss how to choose our web hosting space: read more

recently, Baidu frequent activities to send someone else’s article, I feel basically included all the reasons, now specially sent once. Yes, everybody can pass by. Thank you Baidu included reduce the problem, many webmaster have met, recently seems to be serious point. Recently, I have seen many friends say that their web site inexplicable Baidu included reduced, and some have not found the reason, there is no suitable solution. Baidu has also been included to reduce some friends called "Baidu depilates" or "Baidu resort" how to solve Baidu included reducing, continue to look down. read more

The rise of intelligent mobile phone

, led to the development of mobile Internet, WeChat is very popular with people Repeng platform, it is not only a chat tool, WeChat public account operation is also more and more, operating properly, can become mobile internet marketing tools, many enterprises open the WeChat public, WeChat operators, so, how to operate the micro signal can bring benefits for the enterprise to enhance public operations by WeChat? What are the essential elements of


one, published articles should be high quality read more


wrote this article, he was disturbed and tangled. Whether I will be defeated in the past few years to sort out an article to share with you. Finally, in a busy afternoon to sort out, say what you want to say.

23 years old, I have 4 years of experience in the construction of the station, which is in a highly developed network era, may not be anything magical. It seems like a long four years. Have I really done enough? It’s really bad. Because I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t make any money. When it comes to money, you will say I’m vulgar, but which station is not to money as the target, read more

The initial purpose of

SEO is to rank websites, and the ultimate aim is to make a profit. Well, in order to have a good ranking of the site, you must know how to optimize the site. As you all know, the factors that affect the ranking of the website are not only the inner chain, but also the chain. So, what kind of chain can really play the role of promoting the site rankings? The following is for everyone to analyze.

1: the number of the outer chain


chain is like our interpersonal relationships in social life, if the chain more widely, the interpersonal relationship on behalf of our society is in the more extensive, circle of friends is also more widely, so as to know more, then you can imagine in our own field or in specific field the visibility is very high. The chain more widely, means that there are different types of different domain name so many websites to your site, so the search engine will think that your site is very important, in this circle is indispensable, thus the search engines will be very popular on your website. For example, your web site has 5000 outside chain, and competitors only 500 outside chain, so in the number of chain in this respect, your website is absolutely dominant. read more

impatient to eat hot tofu, refers to work not to be impatient

is not to say no again, we cut to the chase — whether it is life or in the network, even if the site is the same " eat hot tofu, please " new friends stand and intend to do stand friends under reference. Many of my friends have the strong interest to do. Looked at a lot of website development and make yourself full of longing, and stepped into the station in this industry. Since entering into the industry then want the site better, but made the website friends know we currently rely on search engines to own included, some people say that on the evergreen tree, after all the website can have? Even before is because the evergreen included read more

introduction: if this is really the Ding Dong District fell, also is not the last to fall.

Ding Dong district capital chain rupture and evacuation of the Beijing market rumors lasted a week. In the process of constantly exploring the reasons behind in my line of sight from the beginning of the Ding Dong District founder and the team itself, transferred to investors or even the entire TMT industry investment.

Ding Dong District founder Liang Changlin reliable? From the past results, very reliable. Liang himself said, "I’ve only done two jobs, the first is the military, then the entrepreneur."". Demobilized from the army after the start empty-handed founded the mother site Yaya net business for ten years, never financing, and in 2009 to achieve profitability. read more

April 2 Rizhao case, check their website included, found PR rose to 3, feel very excited, a few days to browse your blog (designer’s home below a subdirectory) found also rose to PR2.

happy, sum up experience, to share with you:

1, looking for excellent links, can not find the money to buy high-quality links, I have spent tens of dollars to buy a gov government website links, and guide new sites, the effect is very good.

2, the establishment of a discussion QQ group, send excellent articles, increase the rate of visitor visits, lock visitors. read more

from single to integrated Google quietly completed the PR value of the new standard conversion, which marks the Google PR valuation of the site has been mature. But as a webmaster, we should know clearly the PR value for the site, customers SEO experts said Google "assessment of the PR value and is not just a good-looking but useless name card, Google assessment of the PR value will not just stay at the site of the external links, from single to comprehensive is any the development of things of the road, the PR value of the evaluation standard is no exception!", so the PR value will eventually become the iconic website weight level data, how to maintain good PR value of the site has become a research topic, what is the Google on the PR value of the new rules? You can read "on" new rules change the Google PR value evaluation. As a webmaster it is very difficult for us to achieve "does not" mind, mood with website traffic and the PR value of the curve increases with the flow and excitement, the PR value of the curve decreased and dim, this is generally the head of psychology, in the face of the PR value of the reduction, we will feel uneasy, because the PR value of the reduction means that the website the weight is reduced, keywords ranking is then reduced. Then, why is the PR value drop? According to years of systematic research, comprehensive and systematic about the main reason for the decline of the PR value of the website. read more

everyone is talking about experience, rookie, I would also like to talk about my experience, a few days ago, I made a glorious step into the ranks of the webmaster, now built their own station, began his webmaster life.

first station, not what experience, but for the regular Internet me know that search is the best teacher, so I in various forums read countless articles today, summarize, share experiences and opinions of their own.

is the first on the network can earn this question, the answer is yes, must be able to make money, the forum, with the people of every hue, true, false, someone to show off the ten day million of the list, following an amazing sound, but more is in the corner. Lonely recounting his own website, a day to earn a few dollars, painful experience, and I, just as a spectator silently record, thinking. read more

lead: what should be the focus of the community? Know this media team advantage is the collection of information and knowledge management and pull to known users, but their long-term issue is how to run a virtual community of knowledge hitherto unknown.

knows that the team has come to an agreement that the focus of creating content is people, who are trying to socialize and face the side effects of social networking.

at the beginning of 2014, the emergence of a question answering community know: there have been what high quality user left almost know? Someone special to leave the known statistics for more than 3 months know almost celebrity: @keso, @ hecaitou, @ Misaki Sato Chi, @ Xu Xiaoping, @ Li Kaifu…… Some of them even deleted personal pages. read more

    I, a passionate, love the website construction of the 90 boys. Natural rebel, let me very early contact with the network site knowledge, but also because of my personality, let me decide on the website construction on the road has been going down.

remember the first contact site construction and production of knowledge is, in my time, which is 2005, I read 91 years earlier, I was born, now, just graduated from high school, immediately entered the university life, that is to say, in the future, I will have more time to do I love it. read more

introduction: retail sales of sellers on the judgment in general from their own sales experience, according to the sales trend chart to determine the mean, sales volume, turnover rate, promotion evaluation can give the overall sales figures, if the main module of each channel and the flow station to the subdivision, can more accurately predict the related sales. Each link can do things, perhaps more, each module is also different gameplay, specific gameplay depends on the temperament of each site, the formation of the team, the choice of goods, for the user groups. Sales in general will be divided into two parts: stand outside drainage, station guidance, if the corresponding company department is marketing and category department, and some companies may be a department, marketing department. According to the station, outside the station module decomposition. read more

in the hospital marketing before this line, I also think that site editing is a very simple thing, as long as the basic use of computer people can do these things. No, it is to copy articles from other websites, make good typography, and change the names of others into their own websites. When I was doing it at an Internet company, my website editors did the same thing. As soon as I entered this hospital, the data was completely copied from the Internet because of the small number of people and the tight time. This was also mentioned in the previous blog. read more

? Tianya by talk of "Tao" word turned red!!! Always in black and white, gray, light green color Tianya actually appear dazzling red, attracted tens of thousands of users to click.

a ripple, with countless netizens curious flooding, arousing the larger countless netizens spontaneously spread with "Tao" of the thread, not for anything else, just to see the "Tao" will not become red. For a time, the "energy-saving" and "world of work" "Tao" overwhelming, activities for two days, "Tao" has won more than 700 exposure easily. Grand behind, nature is a marketing communication Landes elaborate planning. read more

The issue of life and death of

enterprise websites is a key issue in China’s network marketing industry. The new enterprise website represents the desire of an enterprise to carry out network marketing, while the dying enterprise website represents the dashed hope of an enterprise to carry out network marketing.

recently read an article called: enterprise website is dead! Said: "statistics show that corporate Web site page views a day 51.5% below 50 times, that is to say, more than half of the enterprise website in the sleeping state. This set of data certainly sends us the message that corporate websites are dying." Indeed, different enterprise website each die each, some was carrying the mission priority, crashing down; some died; and nothing flashy without substance, and more are on the line that is unknown to the public, the dead line ". read more

station is not a big, but quite complex project, each webmaster plays the role of project manager in it. This project not only tests the personal qualities of the station, such as patience, perseverance, executive ability and observation ability, but also has a high demand for the co-ordination of managers and the ability of strategy and tactics. How to make rational use of their own resources, co-ordinate the distribution, and ensure good steel used in the blade, is a threshold for successful webmaster. read more

in the community "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the call, many college students after graduation have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. 2016, Henan college graduates 510 thousand people, a huge employment crowd, so that the supply and demand in the job market does not match the structural contradictions are still outstanding. In recent years, Henan province has been continuing to introduce measures to help college students entrepreneurship, financial subsidies and preferential policies to college students together. However, the complicated application procedures so that some students give up. read more

2008 is a lucky year. It’s a very good and memorable year in Chinese history. A year of honors and opportunities for Chinese and Chinese people. Our stationmaster also believes firmly, in this one year, can become lucky one. Make your website successful with good luck in 2008. Can’t it be decided by someone else?. It’s your own decision. Each of us, every webmaster should know, the biggest resistance is ourselves, we should let ourselves believe in themselves. Let us conquer ourselves. read more

what is the webmaster most concerned about? After any pay, want to exchange for the highest return, then it is income. So how do you choose the ads that fit your website,


1, the site’s main revenue, should come from alliances and GG ads.. It’s better to receive a monthly rent, but there are few people who receive such advertisements. Most of them can not be received. Then you have to choose a good alliance, many webmasters because of fear of finding a good alliance or bad reputation. Just made the GG ad directly. This will reduce the amount of income. Select League first choice celebrity. Or introduced by a friend. Able to receive money. read more