guest website for almost two months, I feel more and more difficult to do station. The beginning of a period of time, busy with the construction of the site, I feel that time flies, and I am completely immersed in the joy of the station. Although the site can not bring much revenue, but my heart is full of hope for it, it is this hope, let me energetic.

this two days I have been thinking that we are actually taking Tao, Taobao and Ali mother of cheap labor, desperately promotion, only from the Taobao business that meager rebate, also scoring a share to mom. It can really rely on entrepreneurial success are few, why are there so many Amoy silently persist? Do not know the other guest is why, I do guest, is the life force, wages are not high, he thought more, the other can not find a way to make money, just try to do a guest, after all, do the Tao has less investment cost, but also by its predecessors to earn a lot of money, give me hopes and expectations. But I ignored a question may not be suitable for everyone to do guest, but a person’s time is limited, we spend too much time on one thing, it will ignore the other things in life, the success of the fine, not success may bring some negative effects on life. read more

‘s Gawker Media, a highly profitable and famous business blog site, has recently announced layoffs, and that’s why. Nick Media, the founder of Gawker Denton, is not a fool, and his worries about the future have never been as strong as it is now. That’s why YAHOO has repeatedly laid off workers, which is why AOL, MSN and other second tier firms are going to continue to depreciate. read more

O2O specific mode in various fields has many kinds, catering, leisure, beauty and so on, has also been a lot of investment to chase, then O2O of the target population is what people? Is the aunt jump square dance aunt, or some of the young white-collar work, or is tired about workplace elite

demographic issues, scene damping is the line of life and death

we see is 70, 80 and 90 of the O2O service to accept a higher degree, the depth of the Internet crowd on the new mode of acceptance is high, from a demographic perspective, O2O or young people mainly do business, but after several young crowd scene filtering, it looked again, we’ll worry about consumers the population density and the frequency of consumption of most O2O. Of course, it may not need to worry too much, now is still in a stage of early adopters, investor money not to burn, burn more while mass culture habits may turn. read more


company, the company has not been opened for more than 6 months without justified reasons, or has ceased operating for more than 6 months after the opening of the company, and has not made any zero declaration.

in addition to this case, are there any other circumstances that will result in the suspension of the business license?

for the business sector, there is no annual report of the enterprise, it must be the focus of inspection over the next period of time. Often, companies without annual reports usually have only two cases: read more

and then, Square. Both the Jack Dorsey I still think S> does not hide the views

reports. In twenty-first Century ten years ago seems to be Steve · Jobs’s one-man show, and after his untimely death last year, there are many media in the eyes of "the next Jobs" have emerged. Speaking of the leader of the 2012 Silicon Valley, I put my vote for Jack Dorsey Jack · Dorsey founder Twitter and Square two companies. The annual Tech Crunch Disrupt Jack Dorsey election this year to do keynote speaker speaker, but also indirectly illustrates the choice of the most authoritative voice here. read more

2. website keyword density should be high, if you want to optimize the website green vegetables fruit diet capsule this word, then in the web page more appear these words a few times, the best title also appear.

but BBS posting propaganda, propaganda, build blog, write soft propaganda, almost every method used all over, didn’t see income rise, in the heart is really very disappointed. When I was to leave Taobao off, I suddenly thought, I can’t give up, I will stick to it, Sima Qian wrote by castration "historical records", Goethe took 60 years to write Faust, they are not stick to it has made great efforts to read more

      give everyone a thinking question to expand ourselves!

      please respond directly to this post to participate in thinking activities.

      gossip, these data are to see Ali mother official background data to do the overall analysis, to share with you webmaster, we can adjust as appropriate. Don’t say I told you so!

      if you have 10000 clients plugins, please tell me how you can use them to get the highest yield.

      this topic is only for expanding thinking to discuss, do not recommend practical operations, after all, detrimental to the user experience. read more

WeHeartIt founder Fabio · Gio Litto Tencent technology plan

, these data show that WeHeartIt is still a large site, which is one of the reasons Vc firm optimistic about it. Pinterest is hot, with a lot of money and a very nice design. For these reasons, valuations are far greater than most investors can afford.

technology news Chao Hui September 6th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, last fall, investors in the social photo sharing site Pinterest invested millions of dollars, in addition to a photo sharing website WeHeartIt Brazil is quietly growing rapidly. read more

, the Commission will be paid by third parties. Please check your account number, name, Bank of account and so on so as to avoid any mistake.

I asked, "how many years have you been in Taobao?"

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: 9v.cn

"how much was 2012 sales?"

"if we don’t do it, the industry will soon be dominated by Japanese, European and American brands.". I still have this idea in mind and do a good job of China’s own brand. In fact, it is difficult to do its own brand, but it is difficult for us to adhere to." read more

        the essence of the long tail theory, that is produced from less variety mass change to many varieties small batch production. Applied to explain the development of the Internet business, it can be considered as a commercial theory from Web1.0 to Web2.0.

The typical characteristics of the business model of Internet era is

look of the latest fashion trend, we can find that the technology of the 3G era, exactly with the business 2 era, formed to coincide in time. What does that mean?

It is verified that


read more

if the failure of entrepreneurship is an accident, then all that remains is the story. At least for Zhang Lu is like this, experienced the mobile Internet pioneer of her early, in early 2013 to join the tide of entrepreneurship, is the first wave of the earliest anonymous social. At that time saw the vast majority of investors are not concerned about this direction, the heroic became the wave of education Chinese investors they eventually end.

"fishing investment"

actually speaking, and Zhang Lu from the realization of the end of the interview time all add up, there are no two hours. But readily as she finished directly after an interview with the intention of setting time place, no half slow, even more than half an hour earlier I was accustomed to the agreed place, the diffuse coffee. You know, the girls before "gossip ", so this time we picked a deep investment circle of truth and the" norm ", three are entrepreneurs Shen read more

deposit now, that is to enjoy double deduction discount!

The remaining four

local time on Sunday June 4th, Hon Hai Foxconn parent company chairman Terry Gou in an interview with "the Nikkei Asian review" exclusive interview that the company will join Apple Corp NASDAQ:AAPL and Amazon NASDAQ:AMZN to Toshiba TYO: 6502 memory chip flash business bid.

, the Nikkei Asia review, citing sources familiar with the matter, said Hon Hai is currently offering the highest bid for five buyers interested in buying Toshiba’s semiconductor business, with an offer of about $18 billion 200 million. read more

since Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed "public entrepreneurship, innovation" double call since, for a time, entrepreneurship, innovation has become a hot topic in the discussion, has gradually become the main theme of the current era of development.

three, discover the characteristics of talents, make rational use of team members’ respective specialties,

"at the time of entrepreneurs is full of idealism, that do business too shameful, the original ideal way of young people are moving in one direction, but then suddenly found the road to nowhere, must be in new ways, such as business." At that time, Pan Shiyi also wrote an article called "go China young intellectuals Patriotic Road" article, "doing business is to convince myself". read more

, casually attached to advertising cheats. Outdated poison starter, the average person is not rumoredA first principle of


the put is under the premise of respect for the majority of net cheats.

first I put all classes.

1, garbage station webmaster, refers to the crowd, casually next procedure, tied a meter, collection, acquisition, or collection, waiting for spider hair Sao typeThe actual value of

such station is very small, the specific cause of small I do not analyze, for this site, please put less common type of advertising, such as ordinary SOHO auction, Yahoo advertising, for this worthless station we should stand in the search for a user’s point of view to think, for those users for them the most attractive living 10 people 9 people love what is love? Ha wolf sheep, put on the right, but don’t throw too miscellaneous, at least not to give the user objectionable line. Of course not too tempting to drain, on the line, ha, outdated concepts for talented people, I the temptation is not to say, this kind of advertising to 768_90 enough, remember the page must be fresh, generally on the two best, another floating, as well as the rest of the position I suggest leaving a shlf1314 page on ads, content of 300_250, remember to highlight the color, and the back Landscape color must be crossed, because remember his position. RCPs, so in the first time to give visitors a map, or off the pages of people do not know what you put in the advertisement, at least they know you put the shlf1314 ads point to point the problem we not discuss, discuss it is, at least she saw you. For example, because of who like you at least, out of the ordinary, at least she can pay attention to you. This is called "love at first sight. Haha, at least on your board. The purpose is achieved. Ha. Why should recommend shlf1314 ads for relative advertising price is relatively high. Well, for this the pages have one less, is back bomb. Make full use of resources. And Kingsoft 1000IP6.5 good. Look at the recommendations.

——- method. This method is first principle of human nature, the principle of color. read more

my site traffic is not good, when less, of course, became the mother of mice, in September almost all of my websites are K, there are two or three stations, let me depressed for a month, then is sh419, Ali mother right down, let me take three station the rest of the ads removed, the site is two years, did the advertising alliance also has six or seven, look at China alliances and abroad who alliance comparison really can not say China alliance overbearing and unreasonable:

for half a year before, the effect of feeling good, so I put all my sites are put on the Ali Mama advertising, Ali mother’s reaction at that time is still a piece of praise, open standards of the mom is relatively low, the general site can be stationed, can be said to mother to win a large number of small owners heart, but my mother started her good times don’t last long, xiemoshalv plan. read more

      4; analyze all your promotions. Focus on what works, and discard the ineffective ones. You can’t waste your precious time.

      8, ensure that your customers can get your product at all times. If you have to delay delivery, your customer may eventually cancel their order.

      the biggest problem facing the China webmaster do English station is relatively more emphasis on Europe, news and other information content copyright, if a copy or acquisition way to get content very easily to complain, this will be the advertising and search engine punishment. Then the flow, although many webmaster optimization Chinese station more powerful, but in using search engines for English site traffic and found inadequate, search engine optimization, the gap is not small in different languages. read more

might as well take a look at some of micro-blog’s friends’ comments:

Ming Tak education Kang Zhongwei: wake up, in fact, as long as their own excellent, life will be very good, career will be very good, not to say that you have to start your own business, I think we have to correct this view.

luxury vertical and horizontal loneliness: entrepreneurship at least own capital to support themselves or the team, or their own normal means to make money, rather than start looking for money, read more

wants to know in the present website competition, the website content is how important, but the good content also must coordinate the SEO skill, this also can well promote the topic key word. So, what a happy thing it is for a SEO to be a qualified editor who is very handy.

SEO works with editors every day. It’s best if you run into an old editor and have been trained by seo. But every day I come into contact with the most or some layman, but we all know, editing this industry mobility, are some graduate students do a period of time to go, so I often do some training, a group of people who have a training, it is in trouble, so I summarize once, when every new person comes to this article to him on the line, saved me a lot of time. read more

we are eager for success, and we are more confident of success. Because our name is stationmaster.

every person who really goes to the station is a man who has a strong desire and creativity. Personal webmaster suffering and tired is ordinary people can not imagine, a team of live, we can only do it ourselves, including planning, art, procedures, maintenance, promotion and so on. At the beginning, there was no salary, no insurance and welfare. At the end of the year, there will be no bonus. We don’t care about it. Although we are tired, we can feel more or less the sense of achievement. In a word: pain and happiness. read more

people have doubts, in the Internet 2 era, the development of small websites will fall into a new dilemma, especially the development of personal blog and podcast took too much of the limelight, so small site is not really there is no development of the soil? In this regard, we observe on the contrary, we believe that the site is not small development space, in contrast to this personalized Internet era, have small website. Of course, as this is based on the sensitive grasp of the market, and timely adjust their strategy, really provide the most convenient guide service for the majority of Internet users, so that it can be a blaze a trail. read more