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How to get outside the chain of high quality sources

Now I must

blog operation is also have certain skills, rather than doing advertising. Management or blog staff will take you to delete the blog, then you will sad. The operating principle of blog is: when do blog, not to take pre link, first through the trial period, if you just apply the blog link, it is easy to be deleted. So webmaster friends must pay attention to. Another point is that the contents of the blog not to be too simple, it is easy to be deleted.

forum should be very simple, we may more than I use is OK, but I also here nag about, some BBS signature is to a certain fraction, is also limited, the new registered account does not have this feature, you should be made a number of stickers, made a number of points, in order to bring forum signature. Another point is that made every post, after a period of time must go to the top, or sink, the search engine will be deleted deleted.

the first time in the acquisition of high quality chain of the source, we want to know, the chain which has several forms: 1, blog (blog), 2, 3, exchange forum signature, Links, 4, 5, get a one-way link, some B2B net, 6, some news sources. These six points should be the source of the chain of all, if there is something else that is my ignorance, but also hope you Laoniao enlighten; believe three things are all the most common site for chain method. The fourth is a high quality the chain is difficult to obtain, B2B may be only a few website owners heard the news source is less.

details about the operation of the 6 methods of the chain:

Links, it should be said that simple is not simple. When do Links exchange, if met veteran Adsense, so as long as the exchange of a few basic conditions, estimate >

The chain

3, Links exchange:

1, blog (blog) the methods of operation:

The operation method of The

2, forum signature:

The easiest

outside the chain of more than six sources is blog, forum signature, chain exchange and B2B website, the second is the one-way links (not everyone is so generous, others will have a single website, so why is difficult, the most difficult) so the source of the chain is the news source, it is of the highest quality news source of the chain.

every webmaster want to obtain high quality, so as to improve their website ranking. But the high quality of the chain is not easy to get, then how to get outside the chain of high quality sources has become a huge problem of all owners, whether personal Adsense or the company’s website, are tangled this problem, then I will introduce to you the know-how, how to obtain the high quality the chain from here. Welcome Paizhuan:

A good website ranking three key steps

page title is the main content on the page summary, search engine can quickly judge through the web page title page topic. The content of every page is different, each page should have the one and only title. The title refers to the meta tag < title> < /title> the content of.

page title for the above information, the author think the early site can put the name of the site to the end, and other sites have a certain scale or have a certain visibility can be mentioned in front of.

content is always the core value of the site, but the site content rich and varied forms, is all around the core value for the service and website, but also easy to identify search engine. The content of the website is to first user oriented, an ordinary visitor search engine website only, can meet the needs of users of the original content is very important.

we do the basic goal of Shanghai dragon is to get keywords ranking, but also have good rankings, especially in love in the ranking in Shanghai. The list will increase the flow, improve conversion rate, achieve sales. So, how to get good rankings? For you today three key steps of ranking good.


page title to the one and only.

home page: provide website name or site name _ service introduced or products

, a title page contains the main content of

channel page: _ channel name site name (column or similar classification)

is the title of the page is to tell the main contents of this web user and search engine is what the search engine in determining whether a web page content weight, header information is one of the main reference.

love Shanghai Title wrote:


content will be done in the anchor text, anchor text links to do in use when the description of the text, it is mainly used to guide users to read, to help users better understand the content. The anchor text may point to your site may point to other websites. "

user browsing is usually from left to right, the important content (keywords) should be on the left of the title of position.

content should accord with the construction of the theme of the site, such as my website is a website of the Shanghai dragon, you can’t put a bunch of beautiful pictures, in addition to waste of server resources, the core value of the site will not have any help, see beautiful pictures of people, not on the Dragon Phoenix interest.


page: the title _ _ channel name site name

Note that the key point:

title to theme clear, concise, not listed and web content not relevant information.

two, good content of the construction of


A stray cat stationPromotion plan for novice station operation


guest website for almost two months, I feel more and more difficult to do station. The beginning of a period of time, busy with the construction of the site, I feel that time flies, and I am completely immersed in the joy of the station. Although the site can not bring much revenue, but my heart is full of hope for it, it is this hope, let me energetic.

this two days I have been thinking that we are actually taking Tao, Taobao and Ali mother of cheap labor, desperately promotion, only from the Taobao business that meager rebate, also scoring a share to mom. It can really rely on entrepreneurial success are few, why are there so many Amoy silently persist? Do not know the other guest is why, I do guest, is the life force, wages are not high, he thought more, the other can not find a way to make money, just try to do a guest, after all, do the Tao has less investment cost, but also by its predecessors to earn a lot of money, give me hopes and expectations. But I ignored a question may not be suitable for everyone to do guest, but a person’s time is limited, we spend too much time on one thing, it will ignore the other things in life, the success of the fine, not success may bring some negative effects on life.

3. site link, this way is the lowest cost, and can long-term, lasting, stable play a role. Use their own resources to find some types of PR value, high included good sites do friendship links.

can wait station built, long time flow can not go, no profit, and that energy seems to be weakening. Since the beginning of the Tao station, all his spare time in the above, I found myself not to repeat that, as long as the website promotion action, website traffic will suddenly fall into the bottom from Gu Feng.

1, the target keywords website changed to "Taobao sells goods", found more and more rely on the promotion to profit too tired, finally to site to have a stable flow also depends on the website optimization, let search engine traffic.

This paper mainly tells

goal: through this promotion, enhance website popularity, access to IP, PV, Alexa ranking. Through the promotion, the website real flow can enhance, achieves the sale goal.

4. advertising exchange, when the site traffic is very low, you can consider and other sites advertising exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion.

1. Free promotion:

to do station novice

was busy this week and didn’t do much to promote the site, so the site didn’t have much revenue this week.

2, bought some black links, listening to friends say black chain effect is good, although doubts about its effect, but because we are new, better not to buy links, the chain price is too high, only to the black.

2. optimized for SEO. SEO has become a subject, many sites more than 60% of the traffic is caused by the search engine, the use of certain technical means non cheating, according to the search engine ranking rules, the website structure and website technology and related processing, make the site in the search results are displayed in the rankings to obtain. Get more customers click rate. For example, through text editing, improve the frequency of keyword keywords in the web page, location, writing, so as to meet the search engine program on the index of the page, to enhance the search ranking of the site. I think the technician will consider it when writing the program. But not necessarily good, do not understand SEO search, simple learning. My small station is doing optimization, hope to early row to sh419 home page.

6. every independent page is hung with statistical code, and every day timing analysis antecedents data. Timing analysis of statistical data, to understand the flow of antecedents, IP, PV, keywords, depth of browsing and so on. This is very simple, did not do the station, but also quickly understand.

1. first of all, has a perfect program, the program as far as possible to use HTM generated. The benefits of static pages 1 to speed up the page to open browsing speed 2 is conducive to search engines included. Program security is important and it is recommended to use JSP. Otherwise, PHP can also, they can not write, please help you do it, there is not much money. If you can’t find what you can trust, just come to me and I’ll help you find someone to do it. Election space.

3, Alexa Rankings have great progress, from last week’s sudden event more than 900 to about 4000000, this is the only thing that makes you feel comfort. >

5. in the major sites leave site links traces, just leave traces can, can’t be crazy to send spam, advertising. The more common way is to leave a site link in a large forum. Now many of the forums do not allow subject posts to be registered in the short term, and if he thinks you’re sending an ad, you’ll soon have to delete it. We don’t have to waste our time here. The purpose of leaving traces is to increase the reverse link of the website. To improve the weight of the website. Increase PR value, traffic.

down, or tell me about my website’s changes this week:

7. temporarily not in the main station hanging pop, couplets, floating and other types of advertising. Internet users are very much

many successful books say: "persistence is a key factor in success.". But we often forget the other words of successful scientists: "the choice of the right direction, and ultimately to reach the destination.". But most people are not saints, human life is very difficult to find a suitable for their own direction, Tao is the same, we also try to walk, really want to choose the way of Amoy friends and I have chosen the right direction,

Xu Xiaoping talk about entrepreneurship eating problems can be how to support othersFor Intel, the a

might as well take a look at some of micro-blog’s friends’ comments:

Ming Tak education Kang Zhongwei: wake up, in fact, as long as their own excellent, life will be very good, career will be very good, not to say that you have to start your own business, I think we have to correct this view.

luxury vertical and horizontal loneliness: entrepreneurship at least own capital to support themselves or the team, or their own normal means to make money, rather than start looking for money,

Yan Chuanwei: agree, ancient words: Slim order in the world, people keep not to live, how to feed their own employees.

from the above picture can be seen, in addition to the basic hardware and software Intel, in the hope that in different application fields of data processing, and provide a more customized end-to-end platform. It’s like when we want to do PPT, we’ll choose to use Office Powerpoint software.

@ Xu Xiaoping: Recently, several people who have been unable to keep up with each other have been caught up in the illusion of "starting a business" and have paid a very heavy time cost. Employment is to support themselves, and entrepreneurship is to support others. You can not feed themselves, can feed the others? I met this will guide them to find a suitable job, to feed themselves and then find a way out from the higher life — entrepreneurship.

supports the view:

unstructured data: audio and video, for example, are more difficult to locate and more difficult to collate and analyze than the previous one.

whether artificial intelligence or the Internet of things, the essence of any product’s intelligence is actually to analyze the data and to produce value-added services. Such R & D logic has made effective data a very valuable resource. Intel’s transformation from a chip company to a data company is embracing this trend.


The importance of

Jingwei Zhang Ying: not everyone is suitable for business, not to mention the ability to play to the boss, but a deliberate decision to understand themselves, people can find their own roles in different companies, with the company’s growth and growth, the accumulation of experience, the accumulation of wealth.

on March 31st, Intel held a press conference in Beijing to announce its future plans. This is the first time they have been vocal about the domestic media after their acquisition of Mobileye. The core message throughout the conference is that Intel is a data company.

_z: Zhenxiang poineering process will encounter many unexpected problems, not ready, please don’t try.


Liu Xin RUC: agrees with this view. China to entrepreneurship, but also will unconditionally advocate entrepreneurship for many people especially young people to mislead, entrepreneurship in the Chinese, did not say first fund, product or market, is just a personal social experience and management ability of accumulation and deal with all kinds of government regulation will make a lot of people can not success. If a person does not support himself or manages well, entrepreneurship is likely to put him in a predicament.


specific micro-blog is as follows:

these data from different areas will be divided into three categories:

: Well, your la this is many people’s misunderstanding, many children think jobs are being exploited, is to make money to feed his boss, when the boss can be feed. Therefore, always restless, can not work dependably. This may be the virus that has been left over by the last generation in capitalist education

latitude and customized data: data such as automatic driving generated by these data often include a lot of latitude vision, scene, decision, and the data itself and the environment have a strong connection. This makes this kind of data more difficult to analyze.

Intel previous series of mergers and acquisitions and transformation, in fact, are in order to deal with these data and create a platform.

, FPGA, and Nervana

Intel, vice president of global and China President Yang Xu at the press conference made: as the market is huge, China has become a big country in the data, the future of the intelligent era, each scene has data generated. For example, every Internet user spends a day on average 1.5G flow rate, the amount of data a driverless cars a day to produce 4 TB, and a smart factory a day will produce 1 PB 1 PB = 1024 TB data.

the morning of January 5, 2013 ten, true grid fund founder, co-founder of New Oriental Xu Xiaoping in micro-blog published a talk about entrepreneurship micro-blog caused a heated debate in the industry, the micro-blog gives a lot of entrepreneurial dream of people poured cold water, but Xu Xiaoping’s words are so cruel reality, if there is no dream and that life is not a fish

structured data: graphics and text, for example, are easier to tag and therefore easier to organize and locate.

. This is mainly due to >

Like other SOC vendors, Intel has highlighted its powerful data computing capabilities when it comes to introducing its own platform,

Talking about the relation between the choice of website host and personal website

started learning personal websites since 2003. The first time to purchase the space is NetEase’s personal homepage, which is sent by post office 60RMB. Since then, I have opened the road to building personal websites. After contact with ASP, PHP space, I can’t remember exactly how many hosts have changed. One among them, there are also many companies IDC, of course, cheated, unstable, often crashes, even the phenomenon of missing data. So many years, so I have come to know whether you are doing personal blog as a pastime, or do the family, is essential to choose the host, I come through the following points and discuss how to choose our web hosting space:

number one, personal or company?. We often soak behind the times, visit A5 and other well-known webmaster website, we also often see the BBS release and message signature website space sales advertising, sometimes see the price is really cheap. How do we choose? Is the choice of individual or company? From this point of view, I think that individuals and companies did not have much distinction, maybe a lot of people say when individuals where the stability of the company, in fact, some on the surface of the company, is the individual company, customer service QQ number in a row is a person operation. So, the company or the individual, it is difficult for us to distinguish, then we will not distinguish. We can compare the performance of hosts through space testing for several days and cost performance. I have always adopted the method is to add QQ chat, to see how this person service attitude, if very impatient, it is best not to buy, because if there is a problem later, the service will not go well.

second, low price or high price?. Do not think that the high price is a good stuff, don’t think that the low price and good service. Moderate price, generally we can see the prices of other businesses, do not buy too low prices, low prices are likely to be of poor quality, at the same time service is worse.

third, stability comparison. We often see that some hosts offer a week’s test, and we can pay for them by a week’s test without paying cash. We test through the past few days to see how the host, and if there are frequent problems in a week, and the host business, many excuses to say maintenance, upgrades and so on wording, it is recommended to quickly change another host.

fourth, security. Now the black links run, host security is very important, we want to buy before you ask the host IP, and then through the other web site test with IP, look at the other sites are hung with black links, if many are hung black links you’d better not buy, do not choose the host, because they security is very poor, your site will also be linked to the black links, or even data loss, if you are to buy the program will be stolen.

above, I from the simple four points and everyone analyzed the importance of individual host selection. It is better to warn many novice personal Adsense, cheap good goods, low prices, poor service. Avoid.

this >