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Love the sea index query tool upgrade version of the line

example 1: 贵族宝贝*.xxx贵族宝贝/* said we want to query the 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ all pages of my blog and blog Shanghai Longfeng sub station;

The so-called

adds a unique custom query function of

example 3: such as 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/zatan/*/ 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ and I said Shanghai Longfeng blog Shanghai dragon Er essay directory (excluding all subdirectories) of all pages;

example 4: such as 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/jichu*/* 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ and I said to Jichu at the beginning of Shanghai dragon blog directory (including all subdirectories) of all pages;

we will see in front of a text box, behind there is a text box, according to their own needs customized query needs, you can also choose can be left blank. I look at the preservation of custom built query results display:

example 2: 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/* said we want to query all the 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ pages I blog under the Shanghai Dragon (including every directory);

custom query function is to say some index of the amount of information we can customize our own query. It is a pity love Shanghai currently only supports the wildcard query, let us take a look if you use wildcards for customization:

OK, you will see the above display result. In front of me left department automatically becomes 贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon jishu贵族宝贝 is equal to the overlap and have, behind my input form I said above 3 example results, that is the meaning of this.

this is my 3 example according to the writing, when we enter the love Shanghai webmaster tools -> site analysis -> after falling in love with the sea index, select query website and click new rules will appear as a red border map legend.

Note: the Tools >

said above is text, starting with the new Shanghai dragon can not understand, followed by the form at the set of results, also look at the index amount of love Shanghai query what changes the tool interface:

fell in love with the sea love Shanghai Webmaster Tools index query tool upgrade version 26 beta, in the face of such a long time online there are a lot of people have tasted the sweetness, when it comes to upgrade, who can think of a tool upgrade is undoubtedly adds some features or changes in some form. Here we talk after the upgrade of the use of sea love index query tool.

Electric business circle Shanghai dragon contest masters how to operate the Shanghai Dragon

5, the article reviews; (analysis: the article reviews the search engine ranking is helpful here to do that, but through this business circle of Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon contest contest, the row in front of the website article reviews are many; but there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng contestants in their comments, there is a lot of attention to the game of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon lovers attention comments;

1, Shanghai dragon to participate in this contest, Shanghai dragon master are mostly involved in the blog system to participate; (that blog is easy to operate, and the latter easily change the subject, because the general host such a plan to choose the words are relatively uncommon words to do the theme;

4, Links operation; (Links analysis: this link in construction process is always a link building, Shanghai dragon industry recognized the effect still actually we can look down in Shanghai to the Shanghai dragon theme keywords love home website basically Links basically is to use the extreme, basically is in 2 digits; by which we can prove the importance of Shanghai dragon chain for keywords ranking

);The use of

began in April the business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest, slowly has been nearly 2 months before, because of his work did not participate in the Shanghai dragon contest, with some regret, in this period of time on electric district of Shanghai dragon competition, fierce competition in many Shanghai Long Fenggao hands in the process of rough see many master who see talked about and usually don’t talk about the Shanghai Dragon technology, today take love Shanghai electric District home Shanghai Longfeng masters website, found the same point Shanghai dragon series, today a cursory summary:

) )The distribution of

2, the Shanghai Dragon Master ‘website basically is updated every day; (analysis: update, no doubt that the importance of the original site, ranking the site keywords is the concept of what we usually think the content is king! As long as the operation of several sites in the Shanghai dragon all know, here do not explain;

3, the site keywords; (analysis: here the keyword of the website distribution, but also can be said to be keyword density, this is really Jianfengchazhen, as long as you can put keywords place basically have, and even some of them have affected the user experience, this individual total result for 1, because of the time, in the just 2-3 months and many competitors with a good use of keywords, keyword density in a short time to get the ranking is no doubt a weapon, 2, participate in this contest, only to show their own strength, and to be recognized within the industry, and not too much commercial value, basically after your blog or website most would change the theme to carry out other projects, so did not spend great efforts in the UE above, but in the SE rankings);

)The above 5 points is I >

The website snapshot is a valuable site last updated

Guardian of

my website home page is updated, the spider every day to climb. But the snapshot has not changed, this problem is that we encounter the most. The guardian gives the answer is simple: love Shanghai spider think your site is not updated. Why.

We know that ?

in this picture are two sites, one above is the real name network marketing, the following is a chef network. Through this picture we found a problem, that is the love in Shanghai snapshot of the home page and website last update time is the same. This suggests that love Shanghai is based on the snapshot update web page update to decide. The premise is your site home page updated, Shanghai also crawled to love.

on the site, many of my friends have asked why not update their website snapshot, aiming at this problem, the guardian gave an answer the most is: the search engine think your site is not updated. Why do you say that? My websites are updated every day. I believe that many webmaster friends have such doubts, this simple guardian for friends to introduce.

two: my web page really updated.

: your web page is updated.


web page really updated, but he did not update the snapshot. For this, the guardian suggest webmaster friends to see whether the spider crawling log, its own website. Crawling last time is how. Although the website home page updated, but the spider did not crawling is not updated snapshot. Many websites update is not so fast, spiders may not every day to crawl.

The original

search engines crawl the site will put the data in your server. Then according to certain rules released snapshot date different. And each keyword corresponding different pages (when we do the optimization also targeted optimization keywords). I will find the different search keywords are different page snapshot. This point I believe a lot of friends more clearly. However, why your website snapshot not update

regression, why my website home page every day in the update, but the snapshot is not updated? Your web page snapshot not update three reasons basically, the guardian gave stationmaster friends to answer.

Optimization of To see this point

give you an example, then the following topics.

Some friends of the

three: your web page really updated

webmaster friends, their website home page is updated. (website update does not represent the home page updated) especially some new sites, a big reason is long-term not included in your web page is updated. Some enterprises are looking for the establishment of the company, with a fixed template, or all of the product information, do not call home, this is the reason why the snapshot is not updated.

How to make a profitable English websiteTop 10 ways to boost web profits

      4; analyze all your promotions. Focus on what works, and discard the ineffective ones. You can’t waste your precious time.

      8, ensure that your customers can get your product at all times. If you have to delay delivery, your customer may eventually cancel their order.

      the biggest problem facing the China webmaster do English station is relatively more emphasis on Europe, news and other information content copyright, if a copy or acquisition way to get content very easily to complain, this will be the advertising and search engine punishment. Then the flow, although many webmaster optimization Chinese station more powerful, but in using search engines for English site traffic and found inadequate, search engine optimization, the gap is not small in different languages.

      1; advertise your web site with live slogans; call for action. You have to grab people’s attention and let them click on your website.

 :     for those who do not understand English at all, I suggest that we should find something more meaningful to do. There is no better suggestion than this.

      the other is the price, advertisement price is the market changes with advertisers to the changes, the main market is Europe and the United States English station and other economically developed countries and regions, the advertiser’s competition is more fierce, so the advertising price is usually higher than Chinese, advertising a few or even dozens of times.

      English station is indeed more profitable than Chinese station

      2; use pop-up windows or ads on your website. They attract the attention of web visitors because they are jumping up and down in front of people.

      9; use directories on your web site so people can browse easily. Most people are pressed for time, so try to use lists, brief introductions, essays, and so on.

      the first is obviously more advertising only accept English station, there are a lot of advertising tend to put advertising in the English station, that is to say English station will be able to choose more advertising, can make more money.

        3; buy online business books, e-books, private web sites, members, and so on. Learn as much about the promotional ideas of all new websites as possible.

      since the shlf1314 Adsense English station has become a hot topic, because many webmaster do believe that English station is a shortcut to quickly build up the family fortunes, but most of them never think about why to do English station to do and how to make money.


      7, and other electronic magazine publishers or other web sites to exchange content. This is a powerful and effective way to set up links to other target sites.

      whether it is for English or do not understand English webmaster, do an English station is more difficult. The English stands are more competitive than the Chinese stations, because the competition among advertisers is so fierce, so the publisher’s competition is very fierce. There are hundreds of competitors in any type of site. It’s hard to make an English stand and do it well.

      of course, well done. The publisher has a few stationmaster forum from Guangdong, through the shlf1314 search engine optimization will be a lot of popular keywords are ranked at the very top, actually this station does not do English station and diverted to provide optimal service and you can have a good income. What’s more, their experience can not be duplicated, and such people are few and far between.

      5; get as much benefit from each site visitor as possible. Ask them to order your e – magazine, participate in your message board, register on the website, and so on.

      English station is more difficult than Chinese station

      10; add a message board or chat room on your website. If people like these things, they will regularly visit your site to participate.

      6; if your banner ads fail to improve the click through rate of the site, you can also use text links. People do not ignore text links as much as they ignore slogans.

Burst money is so simple stand outside drainage + station guide = sales

introduction: retail sales of sellers on the judgment in general from their own sales experience, according to the sales trend chart to determine the mean, sales volume, turnover rate, promotion evaluation can give the overall sales figures, if the main module of each channel and the flow station to the subdivision, can more accurately predict the related sales. Each link can do things, perhaps more, each module is also different gameplay, specific gameplay depends on the temperament of each site, the formation of the team, the choice of goods, for the user groups. Sales in general will be divided into two parts: stand outside drainage, station guidance, if the corresponding company department is marketing and category department, and some companies may be a department, marketing department. According to the station, outside the station module decomposition.

The main

station sales assessment is marketing personnel, in the relevant estimates, generally only consider the relative macro data, on the basis of their own promotion channels, promotional merchandise, discounts, seasonal and cyclical factors to evaluate sales. Without considering the shortage, refund, oversold corresponding. With the market sales are to assess the general optimistic, and many of the electricity supplier payment orders almost accounted for about half, when the market demand for discount, expediting such action will have great influence on single product delivery.

active push


EDM: Sales = number of mail * number of send * conversion rate * customer orders

SMS: Sales = SMS number * conversion rate * customer orders


EDM is the nature of email marketing, email usage in different countries are not the same, the general users often use mail orders in 1 to 2 days, another 1 to 2 days more, that is 3 to 4 days to see a EDM complete marketing results. General reference, the last 2 days of orders and payment success rate is basically determined sales. The main problems of EDM marketing is that the user type selection, provided by the data center users than only considering the area, whether to buy, both passengers and price must be accurate, the conversion rate is high, and does not require user harassment at least. The group of EDM users basically uses mailbox frequently, it seems to be nonsense, if it extends further, it is mostly the office group that is not used by users in the country. And stay QQ mailbox is not student gens? Everybody sees his data.

search engine


SEM: Sales = advertising number * arrival rate * conversion rate * customer orders

natural search: Sales = natural flow * conversion rate * customer orders


Henan college students to apply for a subsidy program complex

in the community "public entrepreneurship, innovation," the call, many college students after graduation have chosen the path of entrepreneurship. 2016, Henan college graduates 510 thousand people, a huge employment crowd, so that the supply and demand in the job market does not match the structural contradictions are still outstanding. In recent years, Henan province has been continuing to introduce measures to help college students entrepreneurship, financial subsidies and preferential policies to college students together. However, the complicated application procedures so that some students give up.


opened subsidies

loan finance to discount

College Students’ employment pressure

nationwide, the relevant departments have always taken the students start to lead the program as "an important measure to promote the management of work.

not long ago, Henan provincial society pointed out in the document, to further the implementation of the students start to lead the program will be reflected in the specific implementation of business registration, tax relief, business loans and discount, business incubators, venture support, to help meet the conditions of the entrepreneurial university students can obtain the corresponding policy support.

in fact, in recent years, Henan has been the introduction of measures to help college students entrepreneurship.

in March last year, Henan issued a heavy helping measures within 5 years of graduation of college graduates or college students, as a business entity or the legal representative of the actual controller, students can apply for venture capital support, support standards are divided into 20 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 150 thousand Yuan four grades; college graduates within two years graduate school or college graduates first venture, students can apply for business subsidies.

this year, the Zhengzhou authorities also continue to keep up, launched a series of supporting policies, college graduates in Zhengzhou city within two years of Graduate Entrepreneurship, according to the relevant conditions for business subsidies, standards for a one-time 8000 yuan. Zhengzhou secondary school students to start their own businesses, the maximum application for 300 thousand yuan of venture capital, by the financial discount.

at the same time, all levels of government and business incubator Park, have also launched a different entrepreneurial assistance policy, from the capital, training, venue, property management and other aspects of entrepreneurship students to facilitate.


application procedures complex

part of the college students chose to give up

7 months, the Henan Provincial Department of human resources and social disclosure of a set of recommendations

A brief talk on the operation and promotion of talent website

my Fuxin talent network ( on-line 8 months, and from the initial Fuxin talent network several pages ranking, now to the home page ranking second, also used for nearly 8 months. I and SEO belong to the snail rookie level along the way, also made a point not worth promoting, but also has a little effect on the experience, and you ramble ramble. Website preparation and planning must be done well, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble after the operation of the website.

one. Domain names,

I opened three, first opened not COM domain name, this is a bit impatient, the engine included the first enable domain name, domain name com a few months later gradually beyond the front opening, remember this point, the best, began to put a good domain name.

two. Procedural aspects,

if I have the strength to also understand that the best technology developed, like us and the snail rookie webmaster, only choose ready-made developed, can be used directly, but this situation is very complex, requires careful consideration, late in his relationship to the site included and the adjustment of the column, if it is a regional the personal operation, so the best choice for an easy to use dimension, said here is not simple function is simple, the column, the best give up some certain programs such as incidental intermediary, campus recruitment category, which involves the need to pay a lot of effort to update and maintain, I choose the procedure. Only with the information, so every day I took a little time to maintain, at the same time, the web site of the VIP set, is worthy of careful study, this relates to the site to win Lee. Space is not to say, my choice is the network space, since a few months only once the system maintenance things, others are very stable, but the nets of space there seems to be a limit, must look carefully before buying. Especially rookie like me.

three. Promotion,

First talk about the

line, the line on the website before long, I had the name card, go to the talent market, have little effect, through the Fuxin network of excellence the visitor does have a few, but did not imagine the IP linear increase in traffic surge, it seems the effect is not immediate, the cost will be very persistent high, made a few period after I stopped, according to the local DM, I also made several of the strake advertising, the effect is not very prominent, it was to focus on the line, or to update website information, not registered, oneself go to collect their recruitment information added to the site, (remember: don’t update many, this will cause you behind the source of information is scarce, so that your information can not always have new content every day), non-stop every day to do, there will be Certain effects on your ranking. In the absence of recruitment information update or new user registration, only continue to update your website information, this also not say more, about this aspect is more.