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To get a better ranking of keywords by trimming

The benefits of

four, trimming

is now a Jingdong, Suning, and other famous sites are beautiful with fine tune this method. In the case of Jingdong, the Jingdong of the related products recommended to change according to the user preference and recommend the following figure, for example:

on the page page conversion rate fine-tuning to ensure

Through the

tuning is modified and adjusted based on existing pages on the site, update is a new page. Update the site generally do not need fine-tuning, the best adjustment section.


of the high conversion rate of the page, sorting and editing, improve the user demand and information.

can analyze data through several means to fine tune:

; Two, why should

, what is fine

the user’s needs are constantly changing, we need to improve the conversion rate of fine-tuning, such as thematic pages;

page of the continued good click through fine-tuning to maintain user;

on the local fine-tuning: home page link remove and replace operations.

three, trimming and updating of the difference between

is for a long time without fine-tuning change page, the website of local changes, the adjustment of the text, pictures, layout and section position.

No need to click The

, six case

can be driven by fine-tuning the update site, promote ranking.

This is the recommended

five, the fine tuneThe

also, from search engine angle, search engine may not unlimited crawl the Internet all site data, thereby reducing the probability of "we will search to long-term changes and click" no difference in the old database. That is to say, in the search engine database is limited, and the search engine in the preservation of new data, will continue to remove old data, so we use fine tune a good solution to this problem. The following picture we often see is the result of omitting the love of Shanghai, belongs to the category of old data:

website click rate is very low, analyze the needs and preferences of users, and for the forum and navigation adjustment, but also fine-tuning.

page click on the map (thermodynamic diagram) analysis on the website of the forum, the user clicks, demand, thus positioning section and forward operation.

change with the change of user demand.

for long-term change page, we need to adjust the page, which led to the site updated by 304 status code;

Select the keywords I see (a) the long tail word choice

provided above is the long tail word mining tools provided below under "mining long tail words:

search related words long tail, I believe we all know it, at the same time love Shanghai search will come out a search in the search box at the bottom, love Shanghai. The related search terms are analyzed, find out more easily optimization words, then your website as long tail words.

long tail word choice in fourth steps:

obtained from some QQ group inside, get the latest information from the inside, obtained from micro-blog and WeChat above. We can add a lot of peer QQ group, QQ group inside general discussion hot topic more, is your site can be used as key words, and little above and QQ information which discussed the hot topic, all the words you can as long tail.

for mining the long tail words mining tools, there are a lot of Web mining long tail words, such as the owners of the house of the long tail mining tool is very good, and the long tail word love station mining tools, can also use the love index of Shanghai mining tools etc..

long tail word choice in second steps:

2. for the long tail words website opponent, choose something you think is simple words, think they can do up rankings of words. To carry out the relevant analysis. Such as: analyze people do words fierce competition is not fierce, if not fierce, they can choose to do the words to do the long tail.

long tail word choice in third steps:

long tail word selection the first step:

every day to see the network above are some website optimization articles, not to say that the station update on the construction of the chain etc.. I believe we look boring, you want to see some of the more useful, and more offbeat article, today I realize you dream.

1. in Shanghai and colleagues know love website can see love Shanghai people know which questions, the general people questioning the title, you can be used as the site of the long tail words you.

conclusion: the long tail word choice from various places, can also be discussed in people’s daily life topics >

but to do the long tail words, the webmaster must know Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there is a certain basis to do, or to talk about the long tail word choice, let your web site traffic soared.

to share with you today about the long tail of the choice of words, don’t look down on the long tail words, do more, the flow can be a lot more than the main words. I also confused, often very competitive words, results got half a year still do not go up. Later found that many stations are doing more long tail words, after seeing a little changed my understanding of Shanghai dragon.

Figure Wang Audio network money, not impetuous, rely on the strength to fightInternet winter Interne

‘s Gawker Media, a highly profitable and famous business blog site, has recently announced layoffs, and that’s why. Nick Media, the founder of Gawker Denton, is not a fool, and his worries about the future have never been as strong as it is now. That’s why YAHOO has repeatedly laid off workers, which is why AOL, MSN and other second tier firms are going to continue to depreciate.

in the past year, analysts have claimed that online advertising will not be affected by the recession, people should be used in this kind of advertising spending more publicity, online advertising is the future mainstream advertising.

Blodge said the online display advertising spending in the second quarter has begun to show signs of decline, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau IAB data show that non search ads including display ads, classified ads spending grew 14% in the first quarter, the second quarter is only 5%. In September, there was a frightening downturn in the consumer market, and growth in non search advertising spending in the fourth quarter was almost certainly a negative number.

so, online display advertising growth has deteriorated to what extent? Blodge cited PWC’s data, in the past three years, the first quarter display advertising spending has been compared to the previous year, the fourth quarter is higher, while the second quarter spending is higher than the first quarter. But this year, the two indicators have declined see the rightmost data in the figure below. What’s more, the figure shows the total revenue of online advertising, including the growth of search advertising revenue.

estimates that the Internet display advertising market will fall by at least 10% next year, and by 2010, a bit more, according to Blodge

but Blodget thinks it’s time for us to wake up and face the reality. He believes that Internet advertising spending will decline in 2009, may even be a significant decline, and will continue to decline in 2010. Hundreds of new start-ups with advertising models will be crushed. YAHOO, CNET, AOL and other large display vendors will also be affected. Online advertising company or will usher in the second dotcom crisis.

now look at the income in the second quarter of the year. Compared with the second quarter of 2000, the second quarter of 2002 showed a 25% decline in advertising revenue. Perhaps the future will not be so bad, but it is not much better, and the slide will continue for at least two years.

chart 2, 1999 to the second quarter of 2008 U.S. Internet advertising revenue movements

Wang lecture: in 2007, making money online has been very difficult, many loopholes in the thinking of flooding.

website, a little more rational, and only rely on strength, in order to make money.

Trojan pop-up plug-ins, crooked ways, deception, will not last long.

2007. Looking forward to 2008, a little cold, bad voice, forgive me

After 2 months, Foxconn finally burned the flames to Japan51 great benefits O2O takeout system red e

deposit now, that is to enjoy double deduction discount!

The remaining four

local time on Sunday June 4th, Hon Hai Foxconn parent company chairman Terry Gou in an interview with "the Nikkei Asian review" exclusive interview that the company will join Apple Corp NASDAQ:AAPL and Amazon NASDAQ:AMZN to Toshiba TYO: 6502 memory chip flash business bid.

, the Nikkei Asia review, citing sources familiar with the matter, said Hon Hai is currently offering the highest bid for five buyers interested in buying Toshiba’s semiconductor business, with an offer of about $18 billion 200 million.

pays attention to our understanding of more

huge benefit a

where users purchase new O2O systems / home systems CMS any product, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Foxconn teamed up with apple and Amazon to bid for

Terry Gou told the Nikkei Asia review. "

· purchase value of 10000 yuan including 10000, less than 20000 software products, set down 800 yuan


51 coming holiday Lakes Hefei Lake Science and technology limited company of science and Technology to celebrate the holiday, also specially prepared for a huge benefit gift. 51, you enjoy high, for your preferential, we can not rest during the holidays, welcome friends interested in harassment at any time!


has always been the arena Corporation and the development of talents strategy closely from the social elite, tap the potential of innovation, people-oriented, gather popularity, and strive to create a harmonious and comfortable working environment, providing opportunities for talented talent shows itself. The company will further develop the industry portal system at the same time, through unremitting efforts to shape the brilliant image of large software companies!

Hefei Jianghu Mdt InfoTech Ltd was founded in October 2012, is a commitment to the Internet software products and solutions model innovation, standardized management, rapid development of high-tech enterprises. Has a group of more than 10 years of professional experience in the field of Internet team. At present, the number of domestic service customers exceeded more than 2000 independent business users, information technology arena family cling to every product with sincere service attitude, professional technology, perfect, because it is not just a software system template, is a major league, we will continue to and friends together to fight

is about household appliances enterprises, most people will first think of Japan, as one of the representatives of the electronics manufacturing enterprises in Japan, Toshiba has made Japan the first electric washing machine and refrigerator, with a lot of "world first", the Japanese enterprises gradually grow into a world-class science and technology company.

, however, the once magnificent tycoon is now in deep financial trouble and has fallen into a position to sell assets. At present, Toshiba Co is selling memory chips flash memory, one of its most valuable businesses, while its potential new owner is Foxconn, a private enterprise based in china.

saves 2000 against 4000!

take out 3, micro mall, buy system CMS will be on-line end of May

users buy new direct benefits


· purchase value of 20000 yuan including 20000, less than 30000 software products, set down 2000 yuan

reports pointed out that "the Nikkei Asian review", Toshiba intends to sell the chip business is currently the only Toshiba profit sector, Toshiba is eager to sell, because the company is expected in fiscal year 2017 ending March 2018 to complete the deal before the end of. Toshiba intends to use the deal to make up for the huge loss of its American subsidiary, Westinghouse Westinghouse.

home buyers are U.S. chipmaker Broadcom Broadcom, KKR group Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., WD Western Digital and Hynix SK Hynix of the joint bid and Bain Capital Bain Capital, the buyers have bid.

"Both apple and Amazon will provide funding, but I can’t disclose the amount of money each company has invested," !

active transfer gate: jhcms/zt/juhui/

huge benefit two

· to buy more than 30000 yuan worth of software products, set down 3500 yuan

"Nikkei Asia"

had previously speculated that apple and Amazon were interested in Toshiba’s semiconductor business, and Mr. Terry Gou’s speech last Sunday was the first confirmation of the bid for two American technology giants. It is important to point out that apple and Amazon are both key customers of Foxconn.


The designer of PR two and a half from the 0 to the 3 wise remark of an experienced person

April 2 Rizhao case, check their website included, found PR rose to 3, feel very excited, a few days to browse your blog (designer’s home below a subdirectory) found also rose to PR2.

happy, sum up experience, to share with you:

1, looking for excellent links, can not find the money to buy high-quality links, I have spent tens of dollars to buy a gov government website links, and guide new sites, the effect is very good.

2, the establishment of a discussion QQ group, send excellent articles, increase the rate of visitor visits, lock visitors.

3, BBS post, posting is a skill, don’t very direct hair website link, send pictures also line, picture address is their website address. Note: only related sites, the effect is obvious. (my website a lot of traffic is through search pictures to enter. Oh, there are articles), plus, the Jiawei hope, this is not the chain of good


4, the establishment of several blogs (Sina, and news blog weight is relatively high), update excellent articles, by the way to publish to the blog above.

5, website updated content every day, this is very important, let spider every day to climb.

my level is limited, written is not good, directly released in the webmaster network, I hope everyone will support the designer’s house:

Reflective knowledge how to operate a knowledge hero

lead: what should be the focus of the community? Know this media team advantage is the collection of information and knowledge management and pull to known users, but their long-term issue is how to run a virtual community of knowledge hitherto unknown.

knows that the team has come to an agreement that the focus of creating content is people, who are trying to socialize and face the side effects of social networking.

at the beginning of 2014, the emergence of a question answering community know: there have been what high quality user left almost know? Someone special to leave the known statistics for more than 3 months know almost celebrity: @keso, @ hecaitou, @ Misaki Sato Chi, @ Xu Xiaoping, @ Li Kaifu…… Some of them even deleted personal pages.

celebrities are running away, knowing what’s going on,


the key behind this matter is that it is the emergence of these well-known users, to create the influence of knowing today.

A year after

Quora was founded, it was almost born. At first, it was only focused on copying Quora’s questions and answers, and it was not intended to develop social interaction. It is careful to open the registration system, from Li Kaifu, Lei Jun and other IT celebrities, to Tang Yan, a North and other low-key industry experts, have chosen to know almost as their preferred channel of voice.

tilt the balance completely at a time, knowing almost from the simple quiz for operation, the transition to a human operator, where the atmosphere is gradually showing a discussion and cluster effect, the forces of opinion leaders more and more. Know even taking advantage of the almost completed a star campaign, to explore a number of offline unknown to the public, but can rely on the famous "knowledge quiz hero", they are excellent sources of content, so know almost into a community should have a positive circulation, and even can be said that the competition is known to almost.

know almost on the road of social networking farther along, 3 years to win over more than 5 million users, has become a virtual knowledge community the most influential. Now, the stars it created are intent on leaving it. This makes people can not help but sigh: "know almost achievements and lost" lies in social two words.

so, at this point, know the story especially worth discussing: have a perfect overseas template it is how to shift social operation? Famous users leave, will form a big impact on the future of


people are more important than content,


was born in Quora, the founder of Zhou knew the social potential of this model.

Zhou Yuan believes, Quora has created a new form: it through the quiz this mode (or "units") presents the contents of a structured, followed by social — a few people who did not know because of concern the same issue and a new relationship, after more stimulating relationship between people even with persistence.


New group network business on the road to write with me in the same period of start-up friends

March 20, 2010 is a special day, of course, this is just a special for me and our team, the reason is that our planning and production development, hard to nearly half of the site finally on the line, although not perfect, but we are all the same, feeling of joy, the joy is included in the we hope for the future. At 4 in the morning of March 21, 2010, we were still busy. Only two girls slept in our team, and several of us were still debugging and modifying the details of the website. I don’t feel tired at all. Really, we really don’t feel tired. This time I understand, passion is the best fight.

I’m not going to go on talking. Talk about our team and our project.

The new

group team is not a perfect team, including me, we only have 5 people, perhaps some people will say that the team of 5 people a lot, but if I tell you, I have one and another man’s girlfriend is two people, what would you think? ‘all obligations in help, no stock, no wages, so accurate that we have only three people, a technician is the only artist. We are not programmers, modification of the procedure is to rely on a network of friends, have never met the man do to help, please allow me to write his name: we often call to Malacca, expressed his deep gratitude. The other member is my brother, my younger brother. Just graduated from University, from Nanjing to Nanchang, joined me in the ranks of entrepreneurs. As for me, without technology or art, the only thing worth mentioning is that I’ve been working at A5 and ChinaZ for some time and I’ve never been able to do so.

this entrepreneurial team, really can do it? I often asked myself the question, but the answer is yes, I believe that as long as a few of us are willing to work hard, our project will be successful. Initial business is painful, before spending money is always extravagant (I believe that this is our common problem after 80), never from the concept of saving the province, to really have their own goals, but found no money. Start-up capital is a big problem, but it is worth me happy that I was actually able to set up one’s own team, I want to thank my brothers, thorn hidden, Seven7, our team members are now living on their own, that is we did not pay a penny, only a trust a responsibility, and share a success after may benefit "".

As for our

project, many people may think that this project had no future, never mind, I don’t care if not I do not listen to everyone’s opinion, but I think you should do on the market under investigation when saying this, otherwise you will be deprived of the right to speak. New group network (, see the first feeling, will not feel like a Groupon imitators, brother, we did not imitate G>?

First build site two, first single (last)

said some of the early course of the books I learn jsp (see, the middle of the hard, I think only the programmer can understand, of course, have fun, conquer happiness. When you learn some knowledge, can let them run normally, serve for oneself, is the happiest time. It’s the most painful thing to search for when you are depressed. Talk about other things, when I was in high school when I chose the arts and science, I should have chosen the liberal arts, and I would be very interested in the arts. But the attraction of science, I finally chose science, but later results are not ideal.

when I had some control over JSP, I started looking for something to do, where to find it, and I went to the nearby electronics city. Because I have a friend in the shop to the electronic city, electronic city, chat with him, went to 3, met my first customer, he said to do, oh, so my first single is settled.


, it’s very tortuous. Take your time,

I asked the client for information about the website. The client asked me to find one of his secretaries. I looked for her and asked her for information. He said he wanted to wait. Well, I’ll wait, waited for 2 days, I ask, say again, so I waited for more than a week, or to wait a moment, I finally asked, how long to wait, the Secretary said he was busy, wait a month, I’ll wait for you a month.

during this period have nothing to do, how to do, depressed for 2 days, finally want to come out of ideas, give people a website, people use the website that you do business, I can give myself to do business on their own web site, where their own business, should be able to do it, after all, he has a technology. At least you can master all the technology of your website, you can know my website well. What station do you do? I don’t know. I went to the online search related online, see people put ads on the site can earn money, good, do. Look at the good sites in this line, see the article, referring to a foreign marriage website do well, Google ads do best the world, to the site a look, oh, very simple thing, then look at the introduction of his articles, ha ha, this website author like me. Is at the beginning of the language learning website of the exercises, do this point, badly, then I can imitate it, ha ha, good start. Just do what he does. At the beginning, I did only the registration interface, my QQ group 23838269 friends are witnesses, I let them test my website every day, really hard for them, here, thank them.

at this stage, I am in the QQ group into a webmaster, just entered, it does not adapt, not one of my fitness, I have seen a lot of people do not have to, why, most of the advertising to.