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Google is Google Shanghai Longfeng supervisor should learn to do their own product optimization love

engaged in website construction and website promotion of the circle of friends recently rumored that Google began recruiting Shanghai dragon optimization of executives, this is a very interesting thing, Shanghai dragon is to discern the search engine optimization idea, then there is a good ranking site made by certain means, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and search engines is the opposite relationship, and the search engine for Shanghai dragon head, "this is singing what play?"

Google search engine has been dominated by the boss’s position, although in the Chinese market once lost love Shanghai, but in the global market, Google boss can not shake the status, with nearly 700 million Chinese Internet users, Google has been trying to enter the China market again, and this news will appear from time to time, after all Chinese market has development potential. Infinite then, Google once again into the Chinese, they will reflect the reasons of failure, or dig some desirable things in love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon optimization love Shanghai has been doing very well!

The Google

is fair in some aspects, but this is fair but China in the search engine market to love Shanghai, love Shanghai why victory? In fact, Shanghai has always been in love by Shanghai Longfeng optimization methods to optimize their products, such as Shanghai, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love love quiz, love Shanghai library, recently appeared again love the experience of Shanghai, originally the search engine home page space is limited, these products love love Shanghai + Shanghai, for users to search the target site, need to love their own products from Shanghai, users have to spend a lot of time searching and identification, the user experience is not good, but for the love of Shanghai, as long as just click on their own user accidentally which product, from the rule of the search engine will determine the site visits, the His self-evident.


used to have professionals to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon and Google Shanghai Longfeng optimization, there are some strong love Shanghai, the famous Shanghai dragon optimization expert Lu Songsong author said that the original Shanghai love recognition degree is very bad, for example, the same article, issued on its website and in some authoritative websites, judgment rule of love Shanghai "this is more important content where, as long as Sina, Sohu, NetEase, such a large site, certainly the second, and was the first in their own website, these large sites can easily be replaced, ranking fell far behind, while Google is not the same, pay more attention to Google the site builders efforts, as long as you do a good website optimization, then Google ranking rules are" where the content from". Discount website construction, website optimization Shanghai Longfeng domestic practitioners to develop such a habit, rarely do their website content updates, more accustomed to through the soft Wen, with links to news large websites so as to improve the weight of the website


recruit Shanghai dragon optimization supervisor, some owners said that this is an event marketing of Google, told the Shanghai dragon optimization practitioners engaged in the website construction and website promotion, Google very fair, we also.

The chain construction site after Shanghai Longfeng drainage work

of course, you can also choose in some of the larger love Shanghai high weight >

common chain construction method of drainage

back to the topic, some people may ask, to write a good article to be published where? Of course is to release related to the content on your site or forum is in the community, but note that is not what this forum forum will do, at least to a certain size, posts to ensure to have a certain amount of access, if the majority of this forum are ads posted, you do not need here, the hair is also no one, no one to see you hair is

What is the chain of !

simple point, there is a link to your site outside the chain is on another site, then the user can enter your site through this link.

"content is king, the chain for the emperor, the chain for the princess, the code for will, for keywords, structure for city, updated for the prince," this is a classic Shanghai dragon in a old saying, today we have to talk about some problems related to the construction of the chain.

soft Wen promotion

for example, the website is your home, you just moved into this place, no one around you know, people outside do not even know you, your daily to do a lot of delicious food at home, but you are the only one person to eat, very lonely, you want to share with others, but no so, how to make your home more and more people know, to let them know your way home, then go to your home to taste your delicious food? We need to make friends, as a web site, is to do the chain construction work.


we love Shanghai in the use of search for a keyword, as long as the relevant content of the love of Shanghai products, will appear in the front of the search results, so that is the highest exposure, but if the search results have a link to your site, I think the effect is self-evident.

‘s love has many products in Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai, such as love know love experience, love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love of Shanghai, the head of the community library in Shanghai, Shanghai SkyDrive Post Bar love love… These are all common, but also love Shanghai product for the best tools to build the chain of drainage, how use these tools to drainage, after the time when I will explain in detail one by one.


1, Shanghai love

to write a good article, then go out more often than you have all the spam chain effect is much better, often seen on the network some poster, I thought why, fool 13 can see this is a broken advertising, some less experienced person point would point, but I like this too much advertising, there is a certain experience, even if you do not point in how attractive advertising, know that you are in X, suggest that you don’t go to the point that advertising is really a waste of youth wasted time.

The thought of love from Shanghai 6.22, 6.28 update interpretation

imperceptibly, No. 6.22-6.28 6.28-7.2 a week, five days, occurred in a wide range of adjustment of the day in Shanghai, on the day 7.2, LEE published on these updates, and also explain the love of Shanghai in June 22nd and June 28th, the two day of what happened, what about these I say, after all, after such an adjustment, his website is also in the ranks, but also look forward to love Shanghai can reply to my weight, then in July 2nd LEE issued a notice to do some of their own feelings.

see remedies, can not help but think of love Shanghai to restore some sites by weight of complaints, remember in the group saw, said complaints website can still, sometimes a good website can regain weight by the complaint, but if there are hundreds of thousands of websites at the same time. Complaints can be predicted, when LEE said the method, let us think this is the end of the way.

finally, love Shanghai illustrates the remedial method, specific screenshots of

what about the above announcement, I still have a certain feeling, how to say, love Shanghai this update and explanation, let the author self.

above is the screenshot, can see, after the two major adjustments, basically the site appeared before a site drop right, included after a site is K off, the two update for the vast majority of owners are not calm, to tell the truth, these updates, so that the 60 station of my own in 30 did not have to say the weight losses, when the A5 forum, we are also in Shanghai how to complain that love, love Shanghai too violent, so that the vast majority of owners, no ranking, even by the K website, to.

first, LEE explained what happened, specific screenshots of


these screenshots from on the other hand, for the sake of our love of Shanghai is the majority of Internet users, and then K it off that cheat page (or site), well, for the user, this made no Naik, since love in Shanghai in the eyes of the user is the user, but I have seen the on the other side of Shanghai, love of the adjustment, update strength is too large, feel that there are some places to do too much, now the largest part lies in the old station or old station, whether acquisition or pseudo original, rankings are just, and some of the original site is not serious love the sea K fate, this time to see this sentence also felt too funny.

what’s next, LEE explains why love Shanghai adjustment, specific screenshots of

shlf1314 Adsense according to URL match advertising paradigmPhoto sharing service WeHeartIt monthly

WeHeartIt founder Fabio · Gio Litto Tencent technology plan

, these data show that WeHeartIt is still a large site, which is one of the reasons Vc firm optimistic about it. Pinterest is hot, with a lot of money and a very nice design. For these reasons, valuations are far greater than most investors can afford.

technology news Chao Hui September 6th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, last fall, investors in the social photo sharing site Pinterest invested millions of dollars, in addition to a photo sharing website WeHeartIt Brazil is quietly growing rapidly.

last year tried to invest in WeHeartIt, but an investor who eventually failed to reach the deal said WeHeartIt founder Fabio · Fabio Giolito was not very interested in outside investment. Gio Litto has a small team selling advertising for $3 at CPM thousand impressions cost for $-4. The monthly page views up to 618 million times, even if only in a few pages of advertising content, WeHeartIt can also be easily hundreds of thousands of monthly income.

Pinterest and WeHeartIt independent access to the user growth Tencent technology plan

Pinterest and WeHeartIt pageviews growth Tencent technology plan


 :     I often found that when I set up a new station, shlf1314 Adsense would match the ad according to URL.
      but with further crawling of the page, the ad changes to match the content of the page.
      the following figure was 1 months ago; there was no demonstration station. But I can guarantee its authenticity.
      shlf1314 Adsense tour inside but according to the news, after the Chinese stations will no longer according to URL, adsesen.

, but Pinterest is growing much faster than WeHeartIt, and that’s why people haven’t heard of WeHeartIt, Pinterest’s current worth of $1 billion 500 million. WeHeartIt growth has been slow. At present, Pinterest is about 3 times the size of WeHeartIt. In July, Pinterest visited 34 million 500 thousand users independently, with more than 2 billion page views, WeHeartIt independent visits of 12 million 900 thousand users, and page views of 618 million times.

last July, WeHeartIt was 5 times the size of Pinterest. WeHeartIt independently visited 7 million 700 thousand users and had 460 million page views; Pinterest’s two data were 1 million 500 thousand and 91 million at the time.

Dialogue on bitter ghost feet seven and a seller with annual sales of 50 millionNine wins the Commis

, the Commission will be paid by third parties. Please check your account number, name, Bank of account and so on so as to avoid any mistake.

I asked, "how many years have you been in Taobao?"

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

"how much was 2012 sales?"

"if we don’t do it, the industry will soon be dominated by Japanese, European and American brands.". I still have this idea in mind and do a good job of China’s own brand. In fact, it is difficult to do its own brand, but it is difficult for us to adhere to."

"what about 2011?"


"you two categories of small change too fast, very difficult to familiar with this industry, it changed the new, there will be categories of small two, do not understand the industry knowledge, arbitrary command."… "

"to see people brush sales, I also report that no one accepted, I may not have so much evidence, then no way I can also brush a baby, but I’m a brush would be identified to be punished… …

"about 25000000?"


as chief Commission issued a number, the payment time may be different from the past or delayed, according to the third party bank submitted to different processing time, the collection time will be different, please pay attention to the webmaster bank to the time, not to the station please wait patiently.

here are some excerpts of the chat:

text / Taobao ghost feet seven

"you ask me questions, I’ll send them back and help them as much as possible.". But, as you say, it’s difficult to do cable work under the line, and the difficulties in doing it online. Maybe we think these difficulties are inevitable, and we won’t feel so miserable."

really, every Taobao merchant

"50 million" or so, should be the category first."

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

"we more than 100 people, finally through an explosion of drill exhibition, train train, a day to sell more than 100, but also a small team of one of his businesses with similar goods, one day sell more than 500, how can not brush it… …

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

"we in this industry, a lot of irresponsible businesses, it is fake, and so continue the industry again… "

"pain, these unfair competitions have affected our life and death problems."."


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

"we tried three months ago, and spent about 1000000 to build a burst of money, when Tmall conducted quality control new regulations, because the packaging text failed, it was deleted to me directly, I can only cry ah."… …


"is it so painful? Have you considered changing your industry or direction?"

participated in the annual meeting of the Beijing net business organization of the network power organization. After leaving the train, she joined the Xu Xu of the beauty hall and chatted on the road. Xu is Shandong people, very straightforward, very honest. Talking about their home business, talking about collagen, talking about brush sales, talked about his pain.

"from the end of 2009."

"the growth has been good and doubled. Do you feel miserable in 2012?"

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

China’s Wang Qiang talks about 10 ways to allow Internet users to stay longer on your website

I website construction also have a day, now the most headache is to keep people away quickly, every day thinking about how to keep it, after continuous consult do the following summary, there may be a lot of

, please exhibitions

1 provides visitors with things they can’t read anywhere else, so visitors will stay on your site for a long time to read your original stuff,.

2, to remind visitors to your site they can easily print the content they need. In this way, they can print on when you browse other pages. No matter what method to use, make sure that your page print interface is friendly or you can offer the special print version.

3, spending time to fill in your online survey in the visitor, please provide some additional content for them. So they can browse, stay longer or buy something you provided. What once completed the test table and submit the answer, they will browse those additional page.

4 offers free downloadable e – books. Visitors will browse more when they are ready to download, so that they will stay longer than.

5 provides a large number of searchable online or resource directories. These directories must have what visitors want. You can use the ‘TrafficEqualizer’.

6, be sure that all your pages can be opened quickly, and of course they can be easily closed. Time is precious, and no one is willing to waste time on the download of the page,.

7, in the beginning, tell visitors what your website can offer. If visitors are very confused about the subject offered by your website, I’m sure they will leave.


8, don’t release your website easily unless you check it carefully. If visitors see a lot of spelling or grammar mistakes, believe they’ll leave.

at the first time

9 makes your web content text easier to read. Everyone doesn’t want to work hard to recognize text that is too small or too bright..

10, the use of some headlines or key symbols in some places to attract visitors attention. This will attract visitors to browse more things on your website, for a long time. The survey shows that all the people are not willing to browse the web like reading. Instead, they scanned the headlines and some key love outstanding things, and then select the desired content to read

welcome to contact 475303621

Do website 6 years have sense


website also has several years of operation, a small independent studio has more than 2 years, the first working for someone else, and then do it yourself, can also say what people have seen, although the site of the industry now too much garbage, but at least we still go to normal operation, think of it website.

sometimes is good for the other side, did not appreciate, in this world, not everyone is a liar.

sometimes we can do nothing but blame us.

When the urge to hurry to make

, a thick book, the table will lose out, give a little time, give money, when he did not press website so straightforward

there are more junk customers to the Canton Fair, let us do a website within 10 days, the site was built, that will come back the website checkout, do not harm us, pad space, domain name money, anyway, do not want your website, there will be a variety of reasons.

if you want to do a website well, it’s not our business. Please cooperate with each other.

hundreds of quick money want to do industry website, want to use the least money to get the biggest function, fool just do so for him, such customers, directly don’t talk about.

website industry is really garbage, we pay attention to Xiamen liar

telephone marketing really annoying, I own website, people often call me, said I was XXX network company, do you need to make the website, website promotion you need.

after continuous thinking and Reflection: 1, there is no guarantee that the business is not 2, not to advance the business with 3, low price business with 4, on the site is not finalized produced by our company, firmly do frame 5, try holding the attitude of the customer is not connected we don’t want to do it, the site was lost in the side 6, we strive to in the production site to complete the other network marketing program,

maybe it’s time for a change, now some small list, unless it is a friend, the other basic not connected, to pick up some government websites and some large sites, in addition to prepare for his wife to work, to get him to do online sales, specializing in selling and parent-child couples dress with

well, 2008 is destined to be tough for 1 years, and my little company under AD

Why didn’t your site succeed

good products are not equal to successful products. Successful products are not necessarily good products. They are not necessary for further discussion. They are also suitable for use in the Internet industry. Many websites at the beginning of the establishment, have good vision, core products on the website are deliberate, it should be said is a good product, but why most are not successful? Might as well do some deeper thinking, in contrast, why your website is not successful.

from the basic needs of secular people for thousands of years, nothing more than vanity, interests, lust. A little aloof, you may not admit it, but in essence, is that these things in your everyday behavior. Or you are born tall, do not care about these, but the vast majority of people in the world is concerned about these. Since your website is not just for entertainment, it’s for other people, you have to consider these requirements of your users.

vanity, secular society can act as fame and power, as well as on the Internet, which the success of the website, especially the community website, there are few opinion leaders or moderators such as the so-called "big brothers"? For most ordinary users, a call should be 100 the "big brothers", that is the ultimate ideal of online the. In the growth of "big brother" in the process, if there is a post named boutique, is sticky, even just being back, is a very happy thing. I now write this article, and if anyone looks at it, someone comments, whether it is for approval or against it, at least some people pay attention to it, and subconsciously they will be much happier than no one else is looking at it. What is this? That’s vanity.

interests, this not to discuss, the world is a for profit, world Rangrang all benefits to. Why do people want to take the risk of being Taobao buy something? Cheap! As long as you can save money or make money, or get some benefits, even if there is the risk of being, there will be many people willing to try.

lust, this is nothing to discuss, no one does not like, saints can not avoid vulgarity. Since the access to the Internet after just a few years, extramarital affairs, one night stands from the immoral evolution as a normal phenomenon, visible how powerful the power of the network. Quite a number of websites, based on pornography, have made no small achievements, such as the chat rooms of sina and QQ, such as the audition group.

analysis of vanity, interests and energy-saving nature, look at your site, whether to meet one or all of the requirements, whether conducted in-depth understanding of them? Whether can be combined? The positioning of the site can be arbitrary, but in popularity, if you can some inspiration and induction in human nature, get your website is a key step towards success.

, for example, if the manager is a face of learning progress website, in general, nothing more than the contents of some marketing, management and other aspects of the article, a community, we can exchange, That’s all., of course, the popularity.

Do standing in 2008 is happy or sad

2008 is a lucky year. It’s a very good and memorable year in Chinese history. A year of honors and opportunities for Chinese and Chinese people. Our stationmaster also believes firmly, in this one year, can become lucky one. Make your website successful with good luck in 2008. Can’t it be decided by someone else?. It’s your own decision. Each of us, every webmaster should know, the biggest resistance is ourselves, we should let ourselves believe in themselves. Let us conquer ourselves.

2008, the way of personal stationmaster is how to go, I also do not know. Only through walking. No matter how tortuous the road is, how difficult it is to go. We all have to go step by step, because we chose it. We should not give up. Yes or no, no one can tell. Happiness is sorrow, and we do not know. But today, all of you here, since you can walk here. Prove that the road we choose is the same. Then we should not give up. Go along with our decision. Let’s talk. Can you do that,


, just like me. I was a designer and had a job that would make people feel good, but I quit and chose to be a This station?. A personal website. Did you say you have a lot of nerve?. It takes a lot of impulse and determination to do it. Do it full-time. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Did you do well?. But I’m doing it every day, paying every day. Man proposes, God disposes. I’m working so hard and I feel like I’ve done my best. I wish I could succeed. This is the dream of every webmaster. I am no exception.

2008, I wonder if I can reach the level I want. But we work together, and strive to achieve the hearts of the wishes of the hearts of the mind. Let’s not grieve and find happiness. Work hard at the station. Happy life. Is it all right? Everybody webmaster. Come out and cheer together: let’s work together. Strive for the best.

In a timely manner to seize the needs of Internet users, the site will be able to survive and develo


prepares to build a website, we tend to do a requirement analysis. And this demand analysis comes to netizen, namely the user of website after the website is built.

we say we have to plan a website to build a website. The first step in planning is to have a clear and clear positioning of the site. And this positioning needs to be considered in many ways. Among them, demand analysis is the most important. According to the needs of the website construction and development of the corresponding point. To carry on the thorough research and the analysis to it, makes the necessary market research, these items are essential.

what is demand analysis? I think demand analysis is to analyze the needs of society, the needs of the times, the needs of a wide range of people in society. According to these requirements, determine what kind of problem you want to help them solve, that is, what kind of website you want to build.

everyone who is planning to have a station has its own original idea, and this idea comes from the usual inconvenience. The idea comes from life. With the rapid development and popularity of the Internet, people feel more and more comfortable with the convenience of the Internet, and they are becoming more and more inseparable from the internet. This dependence on the network has become one of the reasons for creating a variety of web sites. More and more websites, all walks of life are in depth, and the birth of more and more websites, so that every webmaster is more and more strongly aware of the pressure of network survival.

so-called timely grasp of the needs of Internet users, I think this is to see if you have a first-class eye and ability to grasp the opportunity. In a timely manner, that is, according to the form of social development and social characteristics of the time, or what major events in society, to make a judgment choice. Take the social emergencies, the 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake, Sanlu milk powder incident, the Beijing Olympic Games, the ongoing "God seven flying"… Wait。 Of course, not to say that if these sites are not built, these events are only a period of time, the key is to see if there is no development prospects. I think these unexpected events, as well as the hot topics of concern for people’s livelihood, no matter what the site should pay attention to. Because these are the urgent desire of Internet users to understand, is the demand of Internet users. Seize the current events, publicity to the site, to meet the needs of users psychological, but also reflects the social concern of the site.

we say that many websites appear to meet the needs of a community at a given time. Whether these demands can be sustained urgently requires our short accumulation and discovery of their new source of life.

of course, I talk about these also just some fur, specific operation or need webmaster each to fumble. After all, the ideas and patterns of each website have their own characteristics. To go what kind of road, the webmaster should have a spectrum.

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