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Wuhan, the entrepreneurial mentality of a city entrepreneurs and investors can not see each otherDog

in addition to the school itself has three outstanding entrepreneurial training team team, ice rock workshop, LIAN, entrepreneurial atmosphere and the power of the circle is the driving force behind, data show that more than 70% years, China graduates have participated in innovation and entrepreneurship training program to experience during the reading.

search business is a product return dog based on search engine, provides various forms of search dogs search entrance product, suitable for various types of website, search products business types include: search box, text, pictures, links, pure charts and text recommended, you can according to their site layout need to select the appropriate specifications.


national square dance founder Hui volunteers when summing up the characteristics of HUST entrepreneurs, and reliable is their low-key label. "If China students said to do a app, so that by the time he can come up with something."

is constrained by Wuhan’s wage levels, with data showing Wuhan’s programmer gap has reached 100 thousand. In this case, either cultivate their own, or high wages to dig people. One needs to spend a lot of time and one must have a large sum of money. These two points, for start-up companies, are no small challenge.

investment ecology

talent Guaixiang

as a vigorous growth of entrepreneurial city, Wuhan entrepreneurial ecology how? In this trip to Wuhan, saw more than 10 point technology entrepreneurs and investors, they have the right to speak.

Abstract: a local media friend at the dinner table summed up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs believe that local investors do not understand the Internet project, and investors also feel that many start-ups do not fly.

, a local media friend at the dinner table, summed up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs think that local investors can’t read it

thunder’s search dogs, Chinese as the most powerful entertainment resources search engine, mainly to query the film, songs, games, video, software, content and provides download download search engine, has been occupying a large share of the search and download market, and well received by users.

in random 10 entrepreneurs in five from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology: National square dance, school board games, micro Uland heart, Jane, to find celebrity friends. This ratio may be a coincidence, but the business circle "Huake system" is a big group. The father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong do not have to say, the Dolphin Browser, volume leather mesh and so on these get good financing of the company, have students from china.

what about the investment climate in Wuhan? The conclusion may not be as good as the outside world thinks. One data illustrates the fact that only one of the 10 startups I’ve been talking about is actually taking money from a local investor.

business branchI met !Please click the

at present, thunder dogs search alliance cooperation, not only gets more reliable on commission, the temptation is to earn traffic through cooperation can, as long as your site is sh419 included, add dog web search, you can enjoy the dog search to your site bring certain flow

Wuhan universities, university graduates each year are numerous, but many entrepreneurial team has complained in the recruitment of talent. It is very simple for interns Guaixiang, recruit people can use immediately, but difficult.


"the line of Internet practitioners of Wuhan, many want to come back, this is our chance." Send micro games founder Tang Luyao said, nostalgia and equity into their advantages to attract top talent.


Mobile search business hard to break or continue to dominate APP

  due to the lack of mobile phone website, so mobile information naturally in the Internet is few, and now the development of mobile phone website is completely in the burn, simply can not make money, there is no mature form of advertising, website traffic even if there is, it is difficult to have liquidity, these have hindered the development of mobile phone website. The application of APP on the other hand, a variety of basically occupied the mobile phone desktop, what people want to play as long as the choice of the corresponding icon on the desktop can, in the mobile phone you can not allow users to watch the news every day, even if there are major news portal launched mobile phone client APP, these applications has built-in search function, it will gradually make mobile search become marginalized.

although the two mobile Internet hot, but in the traditional PC network in the world of search engine as the information status of a brother is not in the mobile search industry shine, it does make a lot of people in the industry. This is not only reflected in the love of Shanghai and Google, did not really realize the commercialization of mobile search in the mobile Internet terminal. It is also the search engine giant innovation in the mobile terminal lost power, some small search engine companies seem to see the huge potential market of mobile Internet, mobile search began a business trip, but a large number of mobile search in the small and medium-sized enterprises have been found with the entrepreneurial passion of the market was still a hard ice the ice is still difficult to block.

  APP application has become a stumbling block to the mobile search

  and PC; the traditional Internet is different, the mobile search engine contains information far less than the amount of PC information in the world, the amount of information of mobile search engines with the information and the PC end is like a drop in the bucket, is simply not worth mentioning, now if you pick up your mobile phone in the search engine to search a keyword, even WeChat. The application software is basically "information from the PC side, the mobile terminal information is almost negligible, because now the real out of the WAP mobile phone website is at least, because the mobile phone access site itself is small, and it is difficult to commercialize, so WAP has not become the mainstream in the mobile internet.

  mobile phone APP can be said to be very hot after the words appear APP intelligent mobile phone, a wide variety of applications in the app store on the stage, application of the miracle worker belongs to APP, and after the miracle was born, but shows from mobile search dark injury, because people have gradually used search engines need when the mobile internet terminal, if you really want to search what information that was in the PC terminal more convenient. On the one hand, there is no such user search habits. On the other hand, many Internet practitioners also can avoid the search engine, as the majority of the content providers want their own content to allow yourself to discover the biggest effect, if a search engine to help.

  mobile search business icebreaking difficult

What is invalid click and click fraudshlf1314 AdSense AD alliance user communication will be arrange

often have a new publisher to ask us the meaning of these two words, to help publishers to fully understand the meaning and difference between them, we are given in the following definition and related instructions.

publishers family members or publisher website users click on its display advertising, intended to help publishers earn more

click fraud is part of invalid clicks, refers to malicious or fraudulent clicks, in other words, is intended to through the way of increasing the income of the publishers or advertisers spending on. Click on the source of these include but not limited to:

, in order to promote communication with the vast number of shlf1314 AdSense advertising alliance users, and absorb more outstanding webmaster to join. After collecting online advice, we decided to hold the two large series of activities covering a total of ten in the city this year.

the first half of the year at the end of May to early June held a line of Nanjing – Shanghai – Hangzhou, another line of Wuhan – Chongqing; the second half of the year is expected to be held in October, a line for the Xiamen – Shenzhen – Guangzhou, another line of Zhengzhou – Xi’an.

the first field tour for the time being in May 28th -6 month 1 days, the specific schedule is as follows:

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publishers will often "invalid clicks" as "click display ads on their content". But we want to be clear that the definition does not take into account the invalid click click on the source, it is any to artificially increase the income of the publishers or advertisers spending on.

can be used to purchase certain hits third party plans, such as "$10 to buy 1000 pageviews"

– contains the user incentives of the third party service plan, such as pay per click and click on the

standard is also applicable to advertising display and conversion. To show the advertisement invalid including but not limited to:


please note that our policy is strictly prohibited in any way to make human ad clicks, impressions or conversion times. You can also learn more information on these aspects through invalid click faq.

Adsense group new topic article, the original title: invalid click and click fraud definition

– contains the user incentives of the third party scheme, such as pay to surf or auto surf plan

The following is the

– a manual or automatic way too often to refresh the page

automatic click Tools, robots or other fraudulent click software

invalid click is likely to artificially increase the AdWords advertisers spending click, we will not receive this click on the costs incurred to advertisers. These include excess click no value to click on the advertisers, such as double clicking in second clicks. There are many other types of hits, if we can determine these clicks that do not come from genuinely interested in advertising users, it can also be classified as invalid click list.

exchange program

publishers click their own display ads, or encourage others to click on their own display advertising

Morning light Shanghai dragon needs news angle

4, attention to the event, continuous tracking.

e-commerce platform that sales of similar products, this is a chance. Because by this news, perhaps a lot of people are interested in buying similar "mobile phone video", one point is a business opportunity.


media attention: 1 weeks +100% +100% +100%

2, pay more attention to the latest news, pay more attention to news websites such as NetEase, such as Sina’s front page news.

February 1st qianyunhui court case, a section from Qian with video recording micro shooting watch, as a key evidence of the trial report. The 30 minute HD video recording qianyunhui suffered a car accident at the scene, including the money rolling clouds will be within more than 20 minutes after the scene. (Note: This version of the video is relative to the court to play 30 minutes segment version, whether it is the original version to take Qian after authorities identified.

1, love hot issue in Shanghai, the fastest rising keywords.

look at this news now:

See figure in the 1 quarter of JanuaryFor the

recent hot money, is the cloud will encounter traffic accident. In the Internet and other media above raise a Babel of criticism of downtown, in fact case, we do Shanghai dragon will certainly guide "Qian" will certainly become a hot spot for the portal site and other traffic sites, can do a keyword to do this, but for the electronic commerce website, may be of little value.

remember I also have an article: "by a friend Christmas wishes" thought from "Christmas wishes" flow, time for the past thousands of IP. Of course he is a information website, or some significance. So, website optimization, content editing, need to pay close attention to news around, exercise their own news sensitivity. People think can from the following several aspects to consciously train yourself.

as follows:

this news, a big bright spot is: to take the watch. Then the habit of query about love: Shanghai Watch Video index.

in the 1 quarter of January

5, Discovery News, a relatively new thing, especially commercial value. Such as the example of mobile phone video.

. The original article, please indicate the morning light cloth child nets @ 贵族宝贝buooo贵族宝贝/archives/901

3, QQ pop ads.

A news event )

video watch user attention: 1 weeks +100% +100% +100%