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Love Shanghai for prompt on-line meaning is worth discussing


user experience is the most fundamental problem is to improve the quality of their SERP page, rather than by the record to remind that, I believe that many people think so, because you remind, eventually allowing users to choose, eventually allowing users to click which I should consider? And the most the key is the number >

The two

don’t know love Shanghai why not all of the pages for the record label, is unable to determine, or do not want to mark? Do not know, here, can only be understood as the record that is too confusing, some do not indicate, some of that, it is to show what? What specific markers, which we can not. You go to check Oh, and if the website

b) for the record "enterprise website" or "website" or "institutions for the record"

in 11.13, Shanghai issued a message of love "love Shanghai search on-line ICP record information display to help users select safe results", the explanation for this line fell in love with the sea this data is intended to allow users to have more information, improve the user experience, reduce user selection risk. The current record information in the relevant part of the hospital in search results show, follow-up will be extended to the maintenance, customer service phone, a number of possible financial risk within the industry. The future will also support the record information display results more abundant, please the webmaster friends and subsequent user attention "is this love; Shanghai gave us the answer, however, with 360 search is approaching, this change is 360 search came after it appeared, it gave us more thinking so, love Shanghai, what is the significance of on-line filing tips worth discussing

: one of the record reference, for the user experience to improve the relevance of

a) record too confusing


why do you say that, because the love of Shanghai shows the record of the site to distinguish, we can clearly see as shown in figure

display to show what? Mark "is to improve the enterprise website" hits, "or personal website hits, or" record "institutions hit it, I don’t know, just know, the idea is to let more people know the record of information, after can expand to more areas, such as maintenance, customer calls, the financial sector, and let more people understand, but, what is the purpose? In the end is to allow users to click on where? You can think of

yes, if the website appears below record information, you can quickly identify which is the enterprise website, which is personal information site for the record, in the user to determine the site is can get some good promotion, but the record shows that I still have some problems that this shows the problem about

Two new trends of love Shanghai search results

I admire

search engine, inevitably there are mutual learning and imitation. For this reason we can get from a famous story, the famous leading fast-food McDonald’s and KFC are two very competitive enterprises, and their manager every day will eat hamburger, but not their own point of hamburger, but opponents. Improvement of their products are absorbed from rival products. The search engine is the same. We can see the international brand as Google search search engines often lead the industry trend.

portal in SERP

: two page preview function in SERP

for us to optimize the staff, especially the Shanghai sex optimization, to understand the trend of improving search engine, make optimization strategy in order to better their own. In order to fast one step to achieve optimal results. This article from the original agricultural information network 贵族宝贝sannong.cuncun8贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source.

The There is a competition between the

: integrated

for this Google to pay efforts to improve the user experience, from the user’s point of view to improve. As shown above, we can see that Google will have the portal together. This not only allows users to more areas find themselves to reach the plate, but also can avoid a search results page is a portal site several plates to fill. As for the domestic search engine, the author has found that soso and Sogou also in this paper the author thinks that imitation, love Shanghai follow up is just a matter of time.

page preview function, Google is also the first to propose. Does this function has a good effect, Google launched a stage after the widespread praise. But we also see that in soso and Sogou search results on the page and found the function. Friendly experience this function can improve the user’s time is more profound. For this love before Shanghai has carried out the relevant tests, the difference is the love of Shanghai is used in the search results page preview. Of course, with the continuous improvement of search engine, the author thinks that Shanghai will love related improvement in this aspect.

The factor of keywords ranking chain and method of exposing Links deception

2, exchange chain, should see the following:

2, the higher the weight of the site better

4, Links

three, Links, this is the most important. But need to pay attention on the lot. In recent years, many owners use the link to deceive.

There are 3 I do

1), the website ranking is good (i.e., weight),,.

3, pure text links, it is not possible to click on the link.

, not nofollow, because if with this attribute in the A tag, then the site will not give you the weights of the site transfer.

2, click on the URL, for example: 贵族宝贝yangsheng52贵族宝贝/;

2, this form of the chain is not good hair too much, too much will make ends meet. Now love Shanghai foreign chain algorithm is very mature.

, a form 1 and form 2 must be outside the chain of the best good, need to pay attention to the following points:

chain mainly exists in three forms:

1, the form of link on the high weight of the site will have little effect, but basically useless in low weight site. In this paper, a connection effect estimation is equivalent to 500-1000 times of it.

Many a little make a mickle.

connection, such as: convenient health network;


1, in the relevant content on the website

two, 3 is not too obvious, but also a little effect of

by Shanghai Longfeng for so many years, summed up the specific function of the four chain of the rankings.

1, now many people use PR value holding techniques, causing the site PR is very high, but the website and daily updates are not how. So, I personally recommend when you exchange Links to see the value of PR is too important.

2), fell in love with the sea site the amount included is high;

keywords ranking mainly has two factors: the structure of the site and the chain. The website structure here I will not say more. I said here, the importance of the chain website ranking.

The The chain effect of

3), updated daily and weekly is

last year love Shanghai algorithm adjusted, many stations are K, mostly due to the content is collected, waste too much the chain. But many people feel some websites do not still have the chain ranking. I want to say is that no chain website ranking is normal. But it will not be too good, too many keywords ranking.

1, click on the text of the

Lu Songsong analysis of Shanghai dragon combat blog

framework from the framework for brother song very good blog, the overall layout for the home page list (news, share news, webmaster webmaster terminal) – the content page, including blog Daquan, webmaster tools, loose software the loose brother’s website in the navigation bar, its main purpose is to weight driven by two and improve the site traffic, attention in the navigation at the end we can clearly see the "map" two words, obviously the reason why the site map here is to let the search engines as soon as possible, and also can play a role in navigation.

Hello, is that I love everyone, see flowers bloom Yan of the harvest, today to bring you the tutorial is Lu Songsong (song brother) blog, and not for everyone to look at the play of Kazakhstan, the most important is the song brother blog to a Shanghai dragon combat to explain, hope that we can learn the real what.


loose framework

in the course of the "Shanghai dragon" from A to Z explain in detail we know Shanghai dragon is composed of three core content, + the + chain frame = Shanghai dragon, which I believe we don’t have any objection, the harvest today mainly from the three aspects to analyze Lu Song Matsuhiro.


open web site map I found is indeed in the Internet network expert, site map, a look that is very professional, we look at the pictures will know.

song brother site map is not simple Oh!

from the picture we can know clearly oriented home page links in the webmaster, good to share news, this month the hottest and most new messages, tag, these links we can carefully think, all links are included in the loose blog link (not download and others). That is to say you publish in any section of the article will appear on the home page, which is consistent with the structure of Shanghai is also the custom of love, home page list page content, the most important is loose in the home place with tag tags, believe that the estimates do blog will add


and navigation after we look at the middle part of the home page, the top is the most conspicuous notice, here are generally linked to the "news station" under the new article, the layout of the home page as below.

let us look at the tail, the tail is not too much to say, one thing we most need to pay attention to is the tail of the website also has a "site map", you can imagine how stressed the pine brother site map! Suggest that you didn’t do the map hurry home to do a


through the picture we can see the site map to more important pine brother tag added.

You must learn to analyze the competition of the Shanghai Dragon

now with the fierce competition, seems to do a website, want not so fast before ranking up, two or three months before you can put a web site keywords do love Shanghai first second, now half a year can go up to me, especially if the competition is very fierce words, fundamental did not go up the possibility of, why? Because you are doing what others are doing, you may one day update two articles, but others also update two articles ah, but others have weight station a lot more than you do, so you can follow the butt and go only

we do when the site, I think now don’t rush to do stand, I think to do a station only one day can fix, do the station is only upload up, the website structure change, and then update the articles and send the chain so many Internet! So, especially to do some small friends practice


learn to analyze your competition is mainly to see whether a keyword many people do, whether they are Shanghai dragon, if a word, even if has great value, there are 10 words in front of the top-level domain name, is not recommended to do! Because you do this word if you go that takes a very long time, as well as using this time to find a blue ocean market, find a little keywords people do, maybe not the optimization can go up



so do the development of Shanghai dragon to now can’t just the previous method, to analyze your competitors, choose less competition to do good, for the first page of all for yourself! If you have money, not to do Shanghai Longfeng, direct love Shanghai advertising sex, Shanghai, so I didn’t need you have the technology, one of my friends in Shanghai doing promotion sex is still very successful! The future development is not the Shanghai dragon, SEM, we need to do is search engine marketing, through advertising to do the first, choose a good the sales page, so that your products will be very popular! Please keep the information from the Hong Wah business consulting.

I have the station is not too much, but his own experience can tell you one thing: don’t do those fierce words, like skin care products category, tens of thousands of people are doing, you should learn to analyze your competitors do not think a good a hot head words immediately buy the site to buy the domain name space to pick it up, so to optimize up to for a long time, unless you do not want to Shanghai by way of the dragon, there is what "levorotatory elder brother" disorderly do station group, the love of Shanghai these search engines get dizzy, and then put the we get these Adsense rankings suddenly rise suddenly dropped, ranking is not stable, said K you K you say to you, you are the first first, we do not seem to what Shanghai Longfeng right!

The Ding Dong District, a microcosm of domestic investment in the field of TMT

introduction: if this is really the Ding Dong District fell, also is not the last to fall.

Ding Dong district capital chain rupture and evacuation of the Beijing market rumors lasted a week. In the process of constantly exploring the reasons behind in my line of sight from the beginning of the Ding Dong District founder and the team itself, transferred to investors or even the entire TMT industry investment.

Ding Dong District founder Liang Changlin reliable? From the past results, very reliable. Liang himself said, "I’ve only done two jobs, the first is the military, then the entrepreneur."". Demobilized from the army after the start empty-handed founded the mother site Yaya net business for ten years, never financing, and in 2009 to achieve profitability.

investment is like gambling, investing is betting. There is a saying, "reliable team + general project" than "general team + reliable project", we can see the importance of the team to the investment project.

Liang Changlin and his team are certainly reliable. Where is the problem? It’s on the investor.

investment, due diligence and the founder of contact, understand the market environment, investors in general, product or business model, operation direction and planning, financing and use, will have its own judgment. Risk investment failure rate is high, especially in the early stage of angel investment, investment projects, enterprises or markets are often in the early stage, the profit model is not clear, the high failure rate, the investment failure is understandable. The usual choice is to try to increase investment by stages.

this reminds me of the previous period, Ali has $5 million, $50 million investment in intelligent remote control application Peel, first of all, not to evaluate the effectiveness of its investment, at least in the investment attitude and manner is rational. So, the Ding Dong District Angel round of financing billions of dollars, more or less makes people feel too hasty. 5 moreover, this time the Ding Dong District of products, by a large number of patterns in the interpretation, investors are not too much attitude, get to know that 1 hundred million May, now There is not much left.

this is related to the problems facing the current investment industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, various venture capital have risen and poured into the TMT field. However, good and successful projects are always the minority. In order to improve the success rate, in addition to search for reliable, reliable screening or team project, is the popular areas of entrepreneurship wide net, such as mobile Internet, O2O, online medical, education and finance, the field of intelligent hardware etc.. Although these are not all short, flat and fast projects, the possibility of withdrawal is greater due to the influx of other investment institutions. Of course, hot money comes quickly and goes quickly. Once the cold, investors in the entrepreneurial team, the role of the show.

Ding Dong District investors did not do very well at this point. Public data shows that investment in the Ding Dong District is a >