From the station to talk about the mentality of website of Shanghai dragon and keyword ranking

?The purchase of

1, Website Title: site title should be streamlined, do not stack keywords and add descriptive words; the title is a page (site) of the soul, a lot of people love.

I contact network time is not too short, is the second ten year plan, for the website optimization and Shanghai dragon is a small, early no attention, suddenly look back, ‘Baidu’ smiles to me; this year began a systematic study of Shanghai dragon, never to a prison.; in order to have a good ranking, must have a good attitude, I am here to say is a mentality of the problem. read more

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Shanghai dragon DestoonB2B website optimization method

, a strategic acquisition. If you need to collect all don’t fall directly, directly, can be all collected, and then selectively, also must pay attention to the standard format, according to the website, the simultaneous removal of the chain, the picture also want to add anchor point ALT.

will do a diligent webmaster, communicate with customers, understand customer’s idea, not behind closed doors "station", the core is a member of the B2B site

three, many small B2B platform does not have the technical strength, can only use the official default template, or others online open free template, this template each is widely used, when spider collection found that each site structure is the same, easily judged as spam sites. read more

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