Webmaster how to obtain the guiding ideas in the search engine changes

search engine is the first change without warning, time is very long, can be said that now the search engine is constantly changing, as a webmaster, I believe that to change some search engines in recent months and feelings, entered in October, can be said that this time is the best time to change the site there are a few months, the precipitation, either old or new webmaster webmaster will certainly have their own ideas to the station, but this time to change your site if the right direction to get the support of the search engine, and let the magic from the website. read more

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The K website is complaining about the way to find reasons to solve problems is the truth

How to define the This site is

guide Shanghai Longfeng optimization direction, should carefully read the content and knowledge owners love Shanghai official offer; and for some published Webmaster Platform or forum article, should be treated to a reference attitude, not blindly imitate others, such as a lot of Shanghai dragon.

love Shanghai recently continuous punches: June 22nd K off a large number of sites; again in June 28th K off a number of sites, many webmaster let fall into the trough, inside the forum everywhere see the site has been K case, today we can see that Shanghai dragon has not been previously so easy, a little attention, it may lead to their website by punishment; love Shanghai punishment website is also in order to enhance the user experience and do, see many webmaster in forum, QQ group to complain, even curse love Shanghai, personally feel that this is just a lesson, we should put more reasons on ourselves. Why the station is safe and sound, love Shanghai algorithm certainly equally, in addition to some accidental factors, more should find fault in ourselves: read more

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Comprehensive network marketing SKYCC combination marketing software more than ordinary software

combination marketing software


SKYCC combination marketing software multi-faceted information release management page

is a network marketing mode cannot meet the demand of the enterprise in the fierce. If the enterprise wants to carry on network marketing through common marketing software, so it is necessary to buy a variety of common single marketing software with each other, but if so, just need more manpower, capital investment cost, but also operate a variety of marketing software is relatively cumbersome and tedious. Several different manufacturers to develop marketing software coupling degree is very poor. Uneven technical ability. Cause effect. The valve is the valve industry new site East Ou in the purchase of such software becomes more powerful. read more

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Analysis of owners how to send the chain with the opponent learning from four aspects

chain is a very important factor, if it is found that the opponent’s site outside the chain is not better than their own, but the ranking is better than theirs, so why will appear in the top quality of the chain. After all, only has the quality of the chain to help the site get good rankings. So, your hair of the chain, the quality of the outer chain analysis is very important. For the quality of the chain to analyze, first look at the chain rivals released how natural stability and self correlation website platform, outside the chain, the chain, through the analysis of the three aspects, naturally it is easy to know how the quality of the chain of the opponent. Because the search engine is to judge the quality of the chain is also based on the three points. So, through the chain quality analysis of competitors an easy job to do and let you know the quality of the chain is not rival cattle cattle, so that they can make their rivals in a short time to increase the number of grasp. read more

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Lu Songsong analysis of Shanghai dragon combat blog

framework from the framework for brother song very good blog, the overall layout for the home page list (news, share news, webmaster webmaster terminal) – the content page, including blog Daquan, webmaster tools, loose software the loose brother’s website in the navigation bar, its main purpose is to weight driven by two and improve the site traffic, attention in the navigation at the end we can clearly see the "map" two words, obviously the reason why the site map here is to let the search engines as soon as possible, and also can play a role in navigation. read more

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Keywords analysis of the golden ratio distribution is appropriate

.The distribution of

core is not the main keywords, refers to the theme of the site, such as the LED light enterprise website, the website of the core keywords is LED light, the word is not in the rankings of the word search user is not our precise user.

can not stack keywords, the key is "natural", we must consider what place should put what keywords, what keywords are of concern to most users, users are most concerned about the word should do, for in what place to do, this is the key point to Ceng Xiaolong stressed. read more

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Wu Haifeng Shanghai love search webmaster is love Shanghai search party



love Shanghai Webmaster Platform as full of more than 200 Internet sites and search the only love Shanghai bridge is "customer first" service practitioner, platform by upgrading services for Internet entrepreneurs and webmasters to provide a new service experience.

Zhongguancun online technology for feedback: "for the SVIP to agree with the exclusive service, hope can exchange follow-up similar to higher frequency high organization."

convenient service has won numerous praise the person in charge of the site: read more

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The hearts of more complex search engine cheating and anti cheating sinister lakes

this means that if only a handful of sites to control a handful of people in a certain size range of small scale operation, never paid close attention to the search engine, cheating in a long period of time muffled fortune, so that search engine pioneer claimed by cheating cheating is often really earn a lot of money, this is not only because of any technical system tolerate certain data deviation, but also because such behavior is far from universally condemned, not enough to kill Ping Minfen ". read more

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The Shanghai dragon optimization experience sharing

two, www.***贵族宝贝 Home Furnishing beauty Lele love Shanghai weight analysis (to name ten):

said the Shanghai dragon, a lot of people will say to regularly update the article, to write the original article, at least also must be original. According to Shanghai dragon, in all industries, the electronic commerce website is the first to recognize its value and focus on the promotion of the industry, Shanghai dragon of electronic commerce website is the biggest sales promotion. So, how do the electronic commerce website of Shanghai dragon? What is their merits? Today, in the United States Home Furnishing Lele network as an example, the dynamic network and the lion share in the content of the Shanghai dragon optimization experience. read more

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Xiao Quan teach you how to solve the site website is not in the home

3. solution:

(3) page outbound links too much: a link on the page can not be more than fifty, this is the webmaster get a lot of recognition, the chain is derived too much will make your website weight reduction.

: This is a trick, a keyword search, in a domain, so we can know which pages are the most important search your site search engine that you give him in which page ranking is not that you want a page when a keyword.

(1): the optimization of the site optimization excessive traces too obvious read more

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