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Beck Rolls Out New Fall Dates Ahead Of Upcoming Album

first_img2016 could use a little bit more Beck. With the promise of a Talking Heads and The Strokes-influenced record coming out in October, Beck has certainly brought us closer to an exciting follow-up to his 2014 Grammy Award-winning “Album of the Year.” With last month’s release of the new song and music video for “Wow,” it’s safe to say the rocker is ready to share some of the work he’s been working on.Today, we’ve been graced with five dates in September. The tickets go on-sale this Friday, July 22, with provided links below:9/15 – New Orleans, LA – Saenger Theatre9/19 – Charlottesville, VA – Sprint Pavilion – with special guests Peter Bjorn and John9/20 – Columbus, OH – Express LIVE 9/22 – Bloomington, IN – Indiana University Auditorium9/23 – St Louis, MO – Peabody Opera Houselast_img read more

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Steely Dan Announce Fall Dates Following The Death Of Co-Founder Walter Becker

first_imgSteely Dan co-founder Walter Becker passed away over a week ago, giving fans the impression that the jazz rock band would cease touring. On the afternoon that the news of Becker’s passing broke, fellow bandmate and co-founder Donald Fagen wrote a touching tribute that promised to “keep the music we created together alive as long as I can with the Steely Dan band.” Today, Steely Dan has announced eight shows this Fall, moving forward without Becker. While the tour marks the first since Becker’s death, it is not the first time Steely Dan performed without him. Becker’s health complicated him from performing Steely Dan’s Classic East and Classic West concerts earlier this year. His final performance with Steely Dan was on May 27, 2017.Donald Fagen Pens Touching Tribute To Steely Dan Guitarist Walter BeckerSteely Dan will begin their tour on October 13th in Thackerville Oklahoma, then head to Grand Rapids, MI, Buffalo, NY, Orillia, ON, Windsor, ON, Wallingfor, CT, and Baltimore, MD before concluding their North American run in National Harbor, MD.Steely Dan // 2017 Tour DatesOctober 13 – Thackerville, OK @ WinStar World Casino and ResortOctober 16 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel ArenaOctober 17 – Buffalo, NY @ Shea’s Performing Arts CenterOctober 19 – Orillia, ON @ Casino Rama ResortOctober 20 – Windsor, ON @ Caesars WindsorOctober 22 – Wallingford, CT @ Oakdale TheatreOctober 24 – Baltimore, MD @ Pier Six PavilionOctober 25 – National Harbor, MD @ MGM National Harborlast_img read more

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SEAS 2009-10 annual report is now online

first_img“Refecting upon my first year as dean of the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), I can’t deny that it’s been a year of surprises. Good ones—and often incredibly great ones,” writes Cherry A. Murray.Cooking up a course … A general education course on science and cooking, first thought up in 2008, has become an international phenomenon. Seven hundred students showed up on the first day in hope of grabbing one of the coveted 300 seats. Lines snaked around the Science Center and onlookers wondered if a rock band was in town. “60 Minutes” visited campus to shoot a segment on innovations in the culinary arts.Flying high … Thanks to a $10 million National Science Foundation Expeditions in Computing Grant, “Robobees” (or Micro Air Vehicles) have taken off. One day, mechanical fliers may perform everything from pollination to even earthquake rescue missions. The project involves faculty and students throughout SEAS, departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Wyss Institute, and nearby sister institutions in academia and industry partners.Engineering innovation … With help from programs and courses dedicated to fostering innovation, a team of students created a soccer ball that, when kicked, charges a battery. Another group programmed a mobile app that connects the campus with surrounding businesses and events. The sOccket ball won a breakthrough award from Popular Mechanics and the app was featured as a lead story in the Wall Street Journal. Moreover, events like the CS50 Fair and the newly created Laboratory at Harvard brought thousands of Harvard community members together to see the results of hands-on learning first-hand.Getting the call … I had my own personal surprise when I received a phone call from the White House requesting my participation on the National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling. As I told a group of Harvard College admissions recruiters, being called by the President of the United States to serve as an expert is one of the fantastic things you get to do as a dean of engineering at Harvard.As we think about how we want to best present ourselves to the world, being a place that offers surprising connections, conducts cross-cutting research that makes people stop and wonder, and offers courses that makes engineering “cool” and relevant for everyone may be right on target.last_img read more

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Chicago on Chicago

first_imgThe Radcliffe Institute’s Schlesinger Library is presenting a long-running exhibit by the groundbreaking artist Judy Chicago. And Tuesday afternoon, to provide the ultimate perspective, it presented Chicago herself.The versatile Chicago has been creating art in a myriad of styles for half a century, and is perhaps best known for her large installation pieces of the 1970s and ’80s reflecting the role of women in culture and history. She also has created major pieces focused on the Holocaust, and performance art using offbeat materials such as fireworks.Tuesday’s discussion, “Judy Chicago and Jane Gerhard in Conversation about Art Education and Popular Feminism,” coincided with the library’s exhibit “Judy Chicago: Through the Archives,” open now through the end of September. The Schlesinger is home to Chicago’s papers.“I often say that in the ’70s we cast the discourse incorrectly. We cast it entirely around gender. Feminism is about values,” Chicago told the Radcliffe audience.“University studio art education is inherently biased against women,” said Chicago, who worked to change that view through her pedagogy at Fresno State College in the early 1970s, and in later teaching stints.“What I have always practiced and am advocating for is a content-based art education where people start where they are, and where they open up who they are, and where they reveal the injustice they’ve experienced. You don’t need to instill anything into them. It’s already there,” she said. Sketchbook containing notes for “Women and the Holocaust,” images, 1990. ‘Through the Archives’ Judy Chicago and students at an evening feminist studio workshop lecture by Berkeley political scientist Isabel Marcus Pitchard, ca. 1973. Photo by Maria Karras A page from “The Dinner Party Sampler Book,” a 44-page volume containing samples of hand and machine embroidery stitch techniques used to create the table runners, ca. 1975. <a href=”” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”> <img src=”” alt=”0″ title=”How To Choose The Correct Channel Type For Your Video Content ” /> </a> Judy Chicago and cat with a cylinder and square prism sculpture in her Pasadena studio, 1966. Detail of a photo by John Waggaman A program from “The Dinner Party” exhibition at the Cyclorama in Boston, 1980. Images courtesy of Schlesinger Library/ Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study “Female art is being minimized in all female colleges. Art education is de-skilling, and there is almost no discussion of content.”Of the process of becoming an artist, Chicago said, “You don’t need an MFA to get into a gallery.” She said many with MFAs are miserable, working jobs they don’t like to pay off debt from an education that left them in a position where they are unable to create art.Gerhard, a historian and author of “The Dinner Party: Judy Chicago and the Power of Popular Feminism, 1970–2007,” suggested that, “The power of feminism is that it changes people’s lives.”Chicago is an iconoclast, said Schlesinger Director Nancy Cott, the moderator. She called her “one of the most important, innovative, and productive artists of her generation” and “one of the best-known living artists,” who creates with diverse materials, including photography, ceramics, wood, metal, oil, needlepoint, dry ice, and fireworks.“In getting to today, she has never found her path easy,” said Cott. “By 1970 she made it clear she wanted to create art from women’s experiences and represent the parts of woman’s body.”Cott discussed Chicago’s “clarity of vision, imagination, conviction, and extraordinary courage.” She touched on Chicago’s famous installation piece “The Dinner Party.”“For many years, people wouldn’t show it,” said Cott. She pointed out that Chicago once wrote, “Feminist art is all the stages of a woman giving birth to herself.”Still, Chicago said at one point, “Yes, men can create feminist art.” During her recent return to teaching, she discovered some of her male students benefited more from her pedagogy than the women.In addition, said Chicago, “I am sick to death of ‘women’s’ shows. Yeah, we changed the margins. There’s been considerable change. Women and people of color are showing much more than when I was young. Mostly they are showing in smaller galleries.”If you look at museums with budgets of more than $200 million, she said, women and people of color aren’t running them. Chicago said the percentage of women artists in major museum collections is just 3 to 5 percent globally.Women, she suggested, “should see what women before them thought, taught, and created. And they ought to be helped in finding their own voices.” And she said that women artists should have 50 percent of the space in museums because they make up more than 50 percent of the population.Lelaina Vogel ’15 opened the event with a performance art piece, inspired by Chicago’s work, that contained pointed questions and answers:“What is a feminist?”“I myself have never been able to figure out what it is, except I’m called that when I express opinions defining me as something other than a doormat or prostitute.” “Don’t you want a boyfriend?” “I love being single. It’s almost like being rich.”Radcliffe Dean Lizabeth Cohen said Vogel’s piece connected the exhibit with the conversation, and helped introduce the next generation of women influenced by Chicago’s work.“Judy Chicago: Through the Archives” will be at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at the Radcliffe Institute through Sept. 30.last_img read more

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It will never be stricken from our minds’

first_imgEleven years ago Tuesday, senior Kerriann Zier’s father pulled her out of her fifth-grade classroom in Franklin Lake, N.J., and told her he was all right. “I just remember being so confused,” Zier said. “I was just like, ‘Okay then, thanks for stopping by.’ I had no idea what he meant.” Zier discovered only later that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, where her father worked. He was packing for a business trip and missed his usual train. If he had made it in time, he would have been on the 78th floor of the South Tower, the beginning of the impact zone. Zier and countless other Notre Dame students were personally impacted by the terrorist attacks against the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. In Rockville Centre, N.Y., junior Matt Hayes’ elementary school was on lockdown, but none of the students knew why. “It was one of those situations where we were old enough to know something was wrong, but not old enough to comprehend the extent of what may have happened,” he said. Hayes, whose hometown lost 48 residents in the terrorist attack, said he remembers students whose parents worked in New York City being pulled out of class one by one. The following day, his fourth-grade teacher explained the basics of the attacks to the class, but Hayes said he still did not understand the extent of the day’s events. “I didn’t really comprehend it until I found out my cousin’s neighbors lost their dad, who I had known and who was always around,” he said. “It didn’t hit home for me until there was a personal name associated with the towers. He was a firefighter.” Now that he is old enough to grasp the enormity of the tragedy, Hayes said the memory of Sept. 11 and its aftermath will remain with him forever. “It’s such a defining moment as a New Yorker,” he said. “I feel like people not from New York will never fully comprehend what those days after felt like or what it means to us. It will never be stricken from our minds and thoughts and feelings.” Senior Lauren Antonelle, who used to be able to see the Twin Towers at night from her bedroom in White Plains, N.Y., said the events of Sept. 11 hold acute significance for her and other Empire State residents. “Before moving outside New York, you don’t really realize that not everyone understands it the way you do,” she said. “I don’t think people realize how personal it can be. Most people have a detachment to it, but you’ll always be attached to it.” For the 11th anniversary, Antonelle visited the Grotto and reached out to her family, especially her aunt, whose brother perished in the attacks. Back in 2001, Antonelle and her fifth-grade classmates could sense something was wrong on Sept. 11, but only those whose parents worked in the towers were told what had occurred. Her mother broke the news once she returned home, and they watched the news together, Antonelle said. “I didn’t really know what the World Trade Center was, but they just kept showing the planes crashing and towers falling,” she said. “Once you saw the images of it, you kind of understand at least the magnitude, even if you don’t really understand everything.” Antonelle said the aftermath of the tragedy was nearly as difficult for her town as the actual attack. “A lot of it was waiting for people to call, to find out who survived and who didn’t,” she said. “It was just a lot of waiting. My school was religious, so there was a lot of prayer and service while we waited.” Zier was fortunate; she didn’t have to wait. Her father was switching trains in Hoboken, N.J., when he saw the plane hit the building he should have been inside, and his first thought was to drive to his daughters’ elementary school and reassure them he was safe. Other residents on her town were not so lucky, Zier said. “The next day, I got on the bus and everyone was crying,” she said. “Lots of kids in the area had relatives who were missing. A boy in my direct class, his dad never came home. Someone had a connection one way or another in the whole area.” Eleven years later, Zier still has a hard time discussing that day. It’s especially difficult being at Notre Dame on the anniversaries, she said. “At home there’s a sense of community because most people are somehow affected,” she said. “It’s harder being away from that on the anniversary.”last_img read more

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Colombian Government Awaits Information on FARC Hostage Release

first_img The Colombian government is waiting for the FARC guerrilla group to indicate the coordinates of the place and date for the liberation of five hostages, for which purpose it has offered “to facilitate everything necessary,” President Juan Manuel Santos said on 20 December. “As soon as they give us the coordinates, we will facilitate everything that might be necessary so that those individuals who have been kidnapped can be freed,” Santos indicated in an interview with the broadcaster La W Radio. The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a communist group, announced on 8 December that they would unilaterally release two members of the military, two town councillors, and a police officer, kidnapped between 2007 and 2010, whom they would turn over to Piedad Córdoba, a former senator removed from office. A day later, Santos authorized the operation, for which it is hoped that Brazil will provide logistical support with helicopters and their crews. According to Córdoba, the operation will take around a month from the date it was announced. Córdoba was removed from her parliamentary seat at the beginning of November, after the public prosecutor’s office declared her ineligible for eighteen years, asserting that she had exceeded her authority as a mediator with the FARC, with which she is alleged to maintain ties. Since 2008, Córdoba has intervened in the release of fourteen hostages held by the FARC, in several cases with the help of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. By Dialogo December 22, 2010last_img read more

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Chilean Air Force Deploys a Medical Operation to Easter Island

first_img“This type of operation creates great expectations, because they help and work together to improve the quality of life for the local population, as well as reducing the number of people on waiting lists during the year due to a lack of specialists,” said Juan Pakomio, Easter Island’s hospital director. A joyful reception The Military incorporated mammogram specialists into the medical operation in 2004, and that year doctors detected early-stage breast cancer in a patient who was quickly treated, “allowing her to survive for 10 years, so far,” said Dr. Cristián Pérez, a FACh radiologist specializing in mammograms. Additionally, medical personnel also conducted echocardiograms, endoscopies, colonoscopies, electroencephalograms, endometries, and echograms, all using instruments transported to the island by the FACh from the Clinical Hospital in Santiago. They also conducted an array of surgeries, including ones focusing on the gallbladder, colon, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids, as well as urological operations. That cooperation between FACh healthcare professionals and physicians from the Hanga Roa Hospital and the Ministry of Health through the Eastern Metropolitan Health Service led to 4,048 medical treatments, including 1,887 consultations, 2,086 examinations or procedures, and 75 surgeries. The medical consults focused on urology, gastroenterology, neurology, dermatology, nephrology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, cardiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, bronchopulmonary check-ups, and dentistry. Local residents joyfully greeted the flight’s arrival at the Mataveri airport and handed FACh service members – medical professionals who are known as “taotes” in the Rapa Nui language – leis made from native flowers as a token of their gratitude. By Dialogo September 17, 2015 The plane, carrying out the 20th Medical-Cultural Operation on Easter Island from August 22-29, delivered eight tons of cargo, including pharmaceuticals, raw materials, medical equipment, and food, in addition to 141 service members — among them physicians, dentists, and logistics and support personnel. Their mission, conducted annually since 1995, was to assist the island’s 5,761 Rapa Nui natives by providing dental care and medical treatments for all diseases that cannot be treated at the local Hanga Roa Hospital. Thanks to the experience service members obtain with each health care mission, the quality of dental and medical services provided to the people of Easter Island improves yearly, according to Air Force Colonel Néstor Ortega, the operation’s medical area chief. A variety of procedures and surgeries “The Chilean Air Force has given us a great opportunity, because this gives us access to modern medical equipment,” said patient Laura Ponte, who received a mammogram and a thyroid echogram. “There are no machines for these tests on the island.” Meanwhile, Military dentists performed treatments at the facilities of the island’s Marine garrison, in addition to lecturing young students on oral health and hygiene. On January 19, 1951, a PBY-5 amphibious plane from the Chilean Air Force (FACh, for its Spanish acronym) made the first flight connecting Chile to its island territory, Easter Island. The island’s natives, who call their home “Rapa Nui,” christened as “Manatura” or “Good-luck Bird” the famous plane – remembered today for one of the most important milestones in Chilean aeronautics. Dental patients were grateful for the checkups and treatments. The FACh improves every year “Every year, they wait for us to perform these tests.” Additionally, specialists from the FACh Financial Directorate contributed to Easter Island’s growth and development by advising and training a team responsible for the municipality’s finances. Echoing that feat, a Boeing 767-300ER from the FACh Second Air Brigade’s 10th Aviation Group recently delivered medical treatment and supplies to the island’s residents from the mainland 3,700 kilometers away. “[The operation] has taken on a permanent role in assisting the community, providing solutions and activities to effectively meet the needs of our society,” said General Jorge Robles Mella, FACh Commander in Chief. “People keep their appointments, and we were even able to treat people who showed up unexpectedly. It far exceeded our expectations, and we are very happy with the work we performed.” The operation also had a cultural component through which the FACh reinforced the ties that Chile has had with Rapa Nui for more than 50 years: FACh service members held a bullfight and a bicycle race, which included participation by the Armed Forces. They also held an art project for children and adolescents at the island’s schools that featured Chilean artist Mario Murua. Participants created an eight-meter long mural at the Anakena beach, based on the ancestral bird of the Rapa Nui, the “Manutara.” “This is a tremendous support for the Easter Island residents’ healthcare, because we do not always have the monetary resources to travel to the mainland, where most dental facilities are located,” said Paula Pakarati, a patient who received dental treatment from the FACh. “[This operation] not only fulfills a state policy to foster cooperation and national cohesion, but it also demonstrates our country’s commitment to all Chileans, especially those who live in remote areas,” said National Defense Minister José Antonio Gómez.last_img read more

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Panel examines Bar meetings, certification

first_imgPanel examines Bar meetings, certification March 1, 2005 Regular News The Bar’s Program Evaluation Committee has completed a review of the Bar’s certification process but is still studying the Bar’s Annual and Midyear Meeting operations.Chair Richard Tanner told the Board of Governors recently that PEC is satisfied that certification standards committees are operating well, noting they have adopted two-year plans to improve certification operations.That includes that lawyers with disabilities are accommodated and have a place on the certification application to indicate they have special needs. PEC also looked to ensure grading is gender neutral on the tests and is satisfied that applicants are only known as a number until the grading is done and the certification certificates are prepared.The standards committees were asked about making certification test questions available so applicants can gauge how they were graded and others can get assistance in studying for future tests, Tanner said. He noted that standards committees were reluctant to do that because some questions are reused year to year. But he said committees are building a bank of questions that will allow for new tests annually and then the questions can be released.As for meetings, Tanner said the committee is looking at issues but is running into conflicting goals and requirements.“A goal to make it more economical and encouraging people to come collides with our ability to find a location to take a group this size and keep the costs down,” he said.Similarly, because of the size of the meetings, the Bar must book the meetings several years in advance, which inhibits flexibility in finding new locations.Comments on the Bar’s meetings should be sent to Mike Garcia at Panel examines Bar meetings, certificationlast_img read more

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How love can teach us to lead

first_imgby: Dr. Michael WoodyAs Valentine’s Day approaches it’s a great time to consider the lessons that love can teach us about leading others and appreciating the contributions of those who have helped to make us successful.In that spirit I wanted to share some thoughts from Maria Pinelli, EY Global Vice Chair for Strategic Growth Markets and Bryan Pearce, EY Global Leader for Venture Capital and the Accelerating Entrepreneurs program, on the lessons love can teach us about leading and growing your business.Invest in YourselfYou can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first. Loving yourself is really about finding ways to make yourself better. Good leaders invest in themselves by making the time for self-improvement through mental nourishment. Pearce believes investing in yourself “requires introspection, self-awareness, and a keen sense of strategy.” He points out that “as a leader, you can never stand still” because the world is constantly changing. To be an effective leader you must embrace self-directed learning. Whether it’s a book, podcast, or formal training, carve out time each week for some sort of self-improvement activity, so you can be the leader your team needs. continue reading » 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

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Indonesia witnesses 1,928 disasters in 2020 so far

first_imgAccording to Raditya, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia had recorded fewer disasters than in 2019.”Compared to January to August 2019, we saw a 27 percent decrease in the number of disasters,” he said.The number of deaths and missing people is also down 43.1 percent from last year, he added.The agency has also recorded a 25.6 percent decrease in the number of displaced individuals and a 22 percent decrease in damaged settlements.Raditya said the drop may be owed to the public’s deeper understanding of natural hazards.”It may also be thanks to improved infrastructure and better environmental conditions,” he said. (nal)Topics : Indonesia has witnessed 1,928 disasters in 2020 so far, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) has reported.”We had recorded a total of 1,928 disasters across the country as of Aug. 30,” BNPB spokesman Raditya Jati said on Monday as reported by disasters comprise 12 earthquakes, five volcanic eruptions, 256 forest fires, 16 droughts, 726 floods, 367 landslides, 521 tornadoes and 24 tidal waves and cases of coastal erosion, as well as the COVID-19 outbreak.last_img read more

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