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The search engine is more and more critical challenges using station search engine

stations is a website, but must be unified, classification management, information sharing, single sign on can. The first station group proposed by the government, now has a wide range of application areas, such as government portal group, large enterprise websites and industry website group etc..

station group profit orientation:

third: standing group of way to do in the boutique boutique industry station, station for customers to advertise monthly fee charged. For example: we can do N on steel station, the station provides the chain for the master station, the flow of import etc.. And then we can master it to put advertisement let you know some industries, iron and steel, machinery and other station advertising but great oh.

station group definition:

A collection of

second: their products into selling products, the first method that Taobao customers in fact we still do the wedding dress for others. The excessive stage only belongs to a personal profit, when you are in the Taobao customer profitable enough to find a product to your agent, you can do it yourself, create a number of product promotion Keywords optimization to love Shanghai home, your products will Everfount sold out. A lot of money will brush came, the profit is higher than the Taobao customer.

fourth: advertising alliance. At present, the domestic good alliance is Google and Shanghai love alliance. We can use the station to create a number of small flow station, to apply for Google and love Shanghai alliance is put up, wait for the money is.

network promotion in the station group, refers to enterprises or individuals to establish a website at the same time, website optimization and promotion, so that the enterprise information coverage increase, network marketing competitiveness is stronger, easier to get orders.

definition: the so-called standing group, is a unified standard, unified planning, based on the unified standard, based on the unified technical architecture on the basis of classification management, classification and maintenance, high coupling degree, information can be presented to the site collection based on shared specific permissions. Do not put a lot of websites together can be regarded as a station group, must be unified, hierarchical management, information sharing, single sign on can. Station group achieved a unified technical standards, to implement interoperability, cluster management, consistent website operation and service specification.

: the first domestic stations the most profitable to the number of Taobao customers, is the most famous of all know the elder brother. Like the original brother left in a very short period of time to L-carnitine love Shanghai home occupy more than half of the position, although it was later dropped but the artificial love Shanghai, he also earned not a small sum. In fact, Taobao passenger stations do not have to be slimming products, slimming products are popular keywords, we can properly reduce the difficulty, so it is relatively easy, as long as we do in the station group to minimize the cost of execution, as long as you are strong enough, there are still a lot of room for profit.

Definition two:

Select key skills of website of different types


now online shopping market is more and more big, so there are a lot of stationmaster people think this is a good opportunity for business, and established its own mall, hopes to use the search engine promotion is Shanghai dragon skills to your shop mall to bring traffic, let more people to buy or pay attention to the website, so for the shop mall, this type of website how we choose keywords? First, since it is a shopping mall, shop type website, choose keywords do not choose too difficult words, and to have the product website, we select the target keywords first is difficult to optimize, second conversion rate is not high, so we can choose some keywords or long tail keywords, because there are a lot of people are the first love on the website to find the target keywords for reference, Then when something of interest, will be careful to check some detailed things, this time we can use relevant keywords and long tail keywords optimization brings us customers, so for the shop, mall website we propose to select the relevant keywords and long tail keywords to improve the conversion rate, and we choose the target keywords, we the best choice of the index between 150-3000, if the index is too high, the difficulty will improve, so not easy to select high index related keywords and long tail keywords.

, a shop, shop class website how to choose keywords

but remember, do Shanghai dragon, we should pay more attention to the difficult problems in our work, if too difficult, do keyword probability will be very small, so we in the choice of keywords when you consider, but there are a lot of people think enrichment using search engines so just what, key words will bring traffic, but not necessarily, every one of our thoughts is not the same, so customers and flow in is not the same idea, so we how to choose keywords? Then I share some experiences and views to everyone, and for different situations, I teach you how to choose the right keywords method.

is now in operation when the site of many webmaster first thought it is promotion, and now the most common way to promote and free way is Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon to bring traffic to bring users to search in the search engine keywords, so the choice of keywords when it is to note that when the flow is introduced to our website, we have to consider is the keyword conversion problem, whether there is time to search keywords directly to buy our products, or to become our customers, so that in the webmaster website, selling products on the site, first we must guarantee the flow in key words, but also pay attention to keywords conversion rate, of course, some Adsense website is to do traffic, and sales of products rarely, such It is not about the choice of keywords keywords of the higher the better, of course, the higher the degree of attention to key words, more traffic will bring.

In 2011, the website of Shanghai Longfeng decide on what path to follow

when it comes to love Shanghai, automatic door music often see other Shanghai dragon love Shanghai ventilation in some forum, the optimization of the hard site ranking it disappeared overnight, the chain and included suddenly disappeared. Remember after the Spring Festival, many sites outside the chain fell a lot, some are from tens of thousands to tens, the psychological bearing ability of a low will to see Marx. But even in the site in the ranking is natural, in front of the total promotion website in front of it, unlike Google, advertising and natural links are separate, even if Shanghai dragon then rich experience, skills, is also unable to transcend, unless it is a hacker master, directly into the database server or modify the contents of love in Shanghai. For the love of Shanghai, small and medium-sized enterprises but too much, that is to take RMB to burn well, I better get to do good, at least to increase visibility.

is Shanghai dragon at home really can’t live it? So not every Shanghai Longfeng Chan out of life? The music automatic door that Every cloud has a silver lining., you look at the Spring Festival, the love of Shanghai spent much effort to promote their own brands, then get a red envelope search I know, even grandma loves Shanghai, she is the kind of isolation, do not know what the Internet people, but fortunately, she was watching TV, she also see Hunan TV, she has to know what love is about Shanghai, what is in love with the sea Post Bar, so that the search engine market in China has been love Shanghai monopoly stage, so how are we going to fall in love with the sea to get traffic through business or even

then do domestic Shanghai dragon who. From now on, we all want to please love Shanghai, indeed from the Google server moved to Hongkong, to reduce the number of Google in the domestic market, the recent music automatic door using Google to search for certain keywords is not a result of it.

see A5 above the "small and medium-sized enterprise station outlet: Shanghai dragon is the best choice", indeed with the automatic door music views agree without prior without previous consultation are not large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises door for economic capacity and line capacity, network marketing is one of the best ways for them.

believe that many Shanghai dragon know, under the promotion of the site, the Shanghai encyclopedia, love love Shanghai know most, why? I believe this goes without mention of it, and now many Internet users have that love Shanghai is omnipotent, what the problem is to ask it, so a lot of net input keywords has >

first, do foreign search engine Shanghai dragon, automatic door music that foreigners do not understand on the domestic market, blindly to optimize some words, the effect is less effective, for some products or logistics has limitations, even for some industries will be Shanghai dragon also can only do local or domestic like the music, automatic door, because it is home maintenance and installation, so the region became a big problem, but some products can do the foreign market.


Single page station optimization case analysis

(贵族宝贝czyyb贵族宝贝/) by the original, reproduced please specify.

The following The

finally order the product page: page program with list mode above the whole part plus blog combination of above products interface is beautiful, but the bottom part of the collocation with a little just passable. Product selection with basic theme, shopping guide website is to let customers to come to their website, directly to the target site by clicking on the path of least, using the target site of attraction and reputation to complete the transformation, so the choice of good business is very important, product quality is good, the service is good enough, fast enough. In order to have a better conversion rate. Because of the time is a simple analysis of so much, the follow-up will serve for you on how the author is to solve the conversion rate is not high, especially in single product page, interested friends please attention!

Analysis of

first title:

website is a single page program with Z-blog revision, a navigation station layout, column layout, keywords layout of Pyramid have to meet the demand of layout strategy.

do flow analysis:

imperceptibly do station also has a month of Amoy, now more and more competition, we are all very many webmaster choice. Choose to do long tail Amoy ", because today is not individual heroism of the society, need more of the team cooperation. But we are still fighting alone the webmaster can go way, because of the different search habits, and the long tail word mining is endless, and product diversification. We also like to provide the more grassroots webmaster do Tao guest the chance of success.

In this paper,

moisturizing effect of skin care products _ whitening freckle suit _ what products whitening effect is good. _ whitening effect is good skin care products. The sales of the first Taobao skin care products "in the view of this type of station selection should also belong to the conversion rate with relatively high tone of key words, is the lack of price and brand class ask words, so I think this is not a problem of

two station although today has a slightly small, but often appear empty single, but it can also stream. The following is the station optimization strategy to share details:

site analysis framework:


website has also made for almost a year, basically every day now directional flow site is more than 100ip, keywords ranking also is stable, the main keywords ranking the first page. We all know that the directional flow of marketing point of view is a kind of transaction flow rate is very high, so this is not a problem. The flow is as follows:

Although the

Shanghai Longfeng supervisor should be how to manage to make work more efficient

Shanghai Longfeng supervisor leadership is co-ordinate the overall situation, every Shanghai Longfeng subordinates to methodical work, but how to let subordinates work more efficiently is a difficult problem in Shanghai Longfeng executives, the author has served as a director of the Shanghai dragon, also have a certain understanding and research, the following subsection the door to share the author is how to make these departments subordinate to work more efficiently by proper management.

chain and website editors are equally important, especially love Shanghai algorithm now, released the chain not only for improper ranking useless, but may cause K or drop right and other serious cases, so the management of the Commissioner of the chain work is quite necessary. The management chain of the Commissioner, the Commissioner of the chain to make work more efficient, Shanghai Longfeng supervisor should to achieve a few:

site is mainly responsible for the editorial staff of Shanghai Phoenix Station, now in the "content is king", the quality of website editors literacy level can often affect the entire site or rankings, so, Shanghai dragon director for the web editors management is very important, I think, for the management of web editors Shanghai Longfeng, supervisor should do several requirements:

: the first web editors

(1) to let the chain Commissioner to accumulate the chain resources. The chain resources is very important, a lot of the chain Commissioner made outside the chain even.

(2) internal work requires more meticulous. If you only want your web editor for writing the words, and not to take into account other internal optimization details, so this is a failure of your supervisor. The optimization of the internal details include: chain add, picture alt attribute, etc. key words in bold red. The details of work need to supervise the supervisor of Shanghai Longfeng website editors to do, otherwise it will not be able to optimize the internal truly perfect.

(1) training their writing skills. As a website editor, have certain writing ability is a waste, but in Shanghai Longfeng work, light elegant writing ability is not enough, the website editors should have the writing skills of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon head should not just sitting in the office to drink tea, should go to write out the website editor of the article, the article analyzes their keywords layout, pseudo original degree, through these indicators to observe their problems, then put forward and solved at the time of the meeting.

Second: the chain Commissioner Each The

Shanghai dragon service company will have a core of leadership, which is also called the Shanghai dragon head, a Shanghai dragon Er company has done for a long time, experience, will naturally rise to a Shanghai dragon head. Shanghai dragon head but not good to do, he often is the core of Shanghai Longfeng work, plays an important role in the success of Shanghai dragon.

Website content is king of content protection for website development

second, article interspersed website brand word

It is self-evident Keywords

code to prohibit the replication of

First, the use of

website is generally reading will be able to meet the needs of users, of course, a good article reproduced by a great chance, but in order to prevent others reproduced without copyright infringement and insurance purposes or use the code to prohibit copying others; although the program can prohibit mouse behavior, but some browsers still can copy paste then, you can also open the page source file, copy and paste, but at least increase the workload of others, when the owners see the article can not be copied, although there are some other methods can be achieved, but because of the cumbersome and give up, it is very good to protect the contents of the site.

when a website, the content is reproduced, it may affect the collection of our site, especially some relatively low weight of new sites, included have been very difficult, once the article is reproduced, the website is not included in this article completely, one disaster after another, people very tangled is awful; although the post can be found check each other’s behavior, but the Internet is so large, although a person’s behavior, but there are thousands on thousands of webmaster. When trying to stop until there is not ready to reflect.

content regarding the website function, good article is more rare, to create a high quality of the original article, for each person is not an easy thing, and now many webmaster is a person all has to send the chain and update the article, it shows more limited time valuable; but now many webmaster have a tendency of psychology, always want to get things easily in someone else’s website, the content is copied and reproduced everywhere.

website is very important, but no matter what words are not website brand word to have value, if an article can resonate with readers, so the user may search your website brand word into the site; therefore in the content update always have a brand awareness, clever articles with keywords in this paper, to enhance the value, look at the construction site in Shanghai attracting network is how to do:

very natural to show your website’s brand name, and not let the user feel that in advertising, and more users think is a website for the brand publicity; when the website content is "criminals" reprint, they are generally not the content of the site revised, is under the general revision the title, the content inside probably did not see, when the content is reproduced to others website, once the user feel good, may find their own brand word search sites, many users may be through the search engine to find the content through reading, let them have a deep impression, perhaps with the help of others some useful website to pull customers.

Dance dance charm – why you make moneyHow to use blogs to make money

, when we’re making templates, it’s best to have both content and advertising outstanding, so that people can make it clear at a glance.

to contentFor example, male

, when we add content, it is best to apply for 5-6 blogs to link our content together so that it can be included. And this makes it easy for visitors to click.

fourth: ad added

these are some small money blogging I summed up the method, is actually a small product auction, then buy 5 hair products now sell to 1 yuan.

third: add

  today is very clever, at the same time, in the two Qzone saw the content of the dance club, the first is the "crazy batch of audition dance group.". The other is the video.
  by the players of the dance club; the two elements should be opposed to each other because one is against it. One is advocacy. But no matter what, it’s their business. One of the characters seems to have been overlooked. Jiuyou — officially they developed the game, and the success of the operation until now.
  why did they say they were successful? The reason is simple, but there are two aspects: first, the natural aspects of the operation, they earn money, seems to be quite a lot. They also have a large number of online users, judging by their article. Volunteers often maintain, indeed due to the excessive number of people!
  what about the other side?. Nature is the user experience, user support, user input. This is very important, with this premise, even if the game has not made money, then his future potential is enormous!
  you can create such a popular virtual world with a game, invincible strength. Since it is a popular virtual world. Naturally, one night stands, and that’s not the game’s fault. It’s the game’s success – not a casual game, with such value-added services".
  I played this game for a long time ago, just remember when you play only four fingers can not stop activities, as for the above gorgeous dance. I don’t have time to look at it at all. The price is taken up by the spectators, and it is because of the bystander that if you jump well, it will naturally attract a lot of praise — to meet the psychological needs of the people! this success, do not know your intention to plan, or a
 ; remember a classmate around, is said to spend hundreds of dollars to buy dance clothes, regardless of the family. It’s strange at first, but you can’t help but be deeply attracted by the dancing parts of the player since it’s dancing and the nudity of the lower body is normal. Indeed, this is the roar, another success, you chose the right direction! Because these dances are something that ordinary people can never try, but they can and can easily achieve satisfaction in the game.
  in addition to the dance, the lure of minors and adults consumption than the inside of the costume. This is not fresh, as far as I know, is the first to see the Tencent to do so great to meet some MM to suit the psychological needs, and do not spend too much, then RMB, the other is Hao long swim, games should have. But some people don’t succeed. What’s the reason? In fact, it has already been mentioned above. Think it over carefully.

second: product selection

when I choose the product, it is something that men like better. This one is understood by everybody. This should be defined according to our content.

fifth: blog serial

advertising on the selection of our best choice that people are easy to accept, to buy the products, this will bring good results, I is to buy their own products they sell, ha ha that are reusable products, such as video, e-books, which is cheap and easy to sell. But also can immediately receive the money, is a very good choice oh. I bought this reusable product, and then sold it at Taobao store, and then use these blogs to attract traffic, it really works.

products, my choice is to choose some kind of health website content, collected do not do what the pseudo original, direct can be put up, when we add the content of our initial best not to add the content of advertising that will be brought to the risk of the title. Also, we have to add selected content, and don’t add dew points or anything related to state politics. These can’t be put in.

we choose blog best on the blog bus, because this blog bus can customize the template, it is really convenient to use.

has made a lot of money for me by blogging and making money, and I’ll tell you about it. I hope you like

first: blog select

after we do the above steps we have to give our blog bring good traffic, we should register for various high PR blog to our blog advertising to do such drainage, earnings will be higher. I bought in the A5 blog group software worked very well, which with the series, ha ha, but registration is easy, when we finished our registered blog bus inside the content added to the bottom of the other blog posts. Don’t add it to the content, so it doesn’t work. It’s best to have the title of each article very attractive so that visitors will pay attention to it.

it’s better to choose what kind of product we want to match our blog content.

Do stand, such as life, webmaster also have a generous heart

in the network age, a lot of new network technology constantly enrich our eyes, network to feed a group of people, but also to a number of people down here, the network is good or bad of course to see everyone how to use it


we do the webmaster is the network resource is fully utilized to obtain the corresponding benefits, it is on the web site to make money, no station is in the service of the people do not make money, of course, when the acquisition of interests, or to the user experience to do good, not only to earn money and gain a good reputation.

why do you stand as a human being?

The overall

1. website is like the person you face, you always do not put your site inside out of order to affect the entire site effect and clean it, always take your site looks simple and clean for collocation, this website will give people a comfortable feeling.

2. the content of the website is like the connotation of yourself, others and you can know your meaning and accomplishment from verbal conversation, all my friends love to culture and the connotation of the people, who did not always love to make some small hunhun loafers or something.

3. is the most important point, if your friend is not generous, very stingy, you will love? Do you think this generous and stingy man can mix in the circle of friends? Everywhere to pay attention to is not itself a disadvantage, how to make such a cheap. I hate the most is, do not know what other webmaster.

I also want to say what the main

webmaster webmaster all hate, what all the owners fear, hate is hard to write your original content posted to their website, or like A5, your own search engine has not been included immediately, A5 has been included, but the back of your article with a link to your site, so your article reached the effect, but the most important is the other webmaster, to copy and paste your article to wholly intact his own website, but your link to delete, sadly others site weight higher than you, of course, he also reproduced in the past immediately included, so in your stand above you all the original, in the search engine’s eyes become fake, and theft of several sites of your article will become genuine Do you think such experiences make you feel annoyed?

In fact, all

webmaster can think about it, why not willing to add connection to others? If your weight given to others? In fact, your post with a pair of SEO optimized connection is good, why? This question is stupid, if I really do not know how to say you don’t know it. Because your site links are links, no outbound links, so the optimization of SEO is harmful, the harm I will not say, you look up to Baidu. For one thing, if you think your site exports more links, it will lower the weight or other factors, then you >

Experience and lessons of new site construction

my station has been built for 1 months, and I’m a pure beginner. But in the past two months, I learned a lot of knowledge, accumulated experience and learned some lessons.

here, I want to say just supply sour, sweet, bitter, hot, or the establishment of the station to friends as a reference, veteran table spray me oh.

a few days before the establishment of the site, mainly some preparatory work, every day to update some of the content, from the user’s point of view, under the defects of their own site and correct. Slowly, Google included some. But Baidu still no movement, and then has been updated every day, and occasionally to other sites propaganda. To the twenty-fifth day, Baidu finally included. And I took 51 Pages, and I was not happy.

lessons learned 1:

Baidu included in the new time is usually within a month, so has not been Baidu included novice webmaster friends don’t lose heart, as long as the daily updates (original or false original) is good, success is in sight.

Baidu included, read a lot of articles, talking about Baidu, know the answer to questions, will be helpful to their web site, so I went to answer the question. At that time, dead brains, one night answered nearly 10, second days found, and then in Baidu know to leave their links, will not show. Was dumbfounded, the original Baidu know the station closed. Until now, my website won’t show up.

lessons learned 2: in Baidu know, answer questions must have a degree, answer 2-3 every day just fine.

as I constantly updated website, will continue to increase the weight of Baidu keyword, the website I also ranked rise a lot. Because the station network is my stockings female female class website, I site keywords " female fishnet stockings " in the first row, fishnet stockings in 20. Just when everything was going in the right direction, one day, one day, the website couldn’t be opened. I contacted the space dealer. He said it was a security patch. It took hours to get well. To the second day, the site can not open, and space providers to speak of other reasons. I’m so helpless. That night, I was proud of the 2 key words are over 100. Site snapshot also stopped updating, included also reduced some. It was then that I really felt the importance of an excellent space dealer.

lessons learned 3: do website, must find a regular, stable space providers, this is really very important.

since then, my web site keyword has not been restored, but I still insist on updating every day. Now, I stand in Baidu snapshot has been updated every day, and I add content every day, will be included. I’m pleased with that. I’ll always keep it up.

, finally, talk about the original content, >