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Shanghai dragon love Shanghai regional changes in the ranking page second local Shanghai Longfeng si

Shanghai dragon knows keywords Shanghai dragon has very obvious regional, specifically how to do, for example, I search Shanghai dragon in Guangzhou, so the home page will appear in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon ranking the first site, while in other local search too, such as in Dongguan Shanghai dragon search page will also appear in Dongguan Shanghai Dragon ranking the first site, as shown in figure

because I make friends in Dongguan and Changsha friends help you search the Shanghai dragon, the results obtained above and the same, there are no local Shanghai dragon search site, but other non Shanghai Longfeng regional key words, although there is no local site second pages, but the page display three local sites, and this is also the regional ranking in the past the main feature, but there is concern about Shanghai Longfeng regional ranking friends should know that the beginning is not local to the home page of the site Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ranking, but I also did not specifically observed when the local Shanghai Longfeng site, at least this is always there.


Xiao Jun recently Shanghai dragon blog appear inexplicable website right down, and also by many Shanghai Dragon Friends ditch, there are many enthusiastic friends give me give advice and suggestions in my blog, then thank you for these friends, thank you to my blog’s concern and support, you gave me great encouragement, but also to the development of the blog I insist on a new power. Although the site is down right, but the work also has attention to search engine trends and changes in the development of Shanghai dragon, for example, today suddenly found after Shanghai Longfeng regional ranking has been a new change, in addition to parts of the local site outside the home page, page second before the existence of the local site has disappear.

area of Guangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai search results page second four

the Dongguan area search Shanghai dragon home top three

the Guangzhou area search Shanghai dragon home top three

I think the regional home we have seen, when you may one day when love Shanghai search Shanghai dragon found home with a local site, so that his site is Shanghai dragon home page, in fact it is the regional ranking, this is also to the local keywords ranking the first site more the opportunity to show, is combined with the user search experience to match the search results. In addition to the home page will display the number one site, before will display local keywords such as Shanghai City Longfeng ranked second in third of the site in the second page, usually appear in 12 13th or so, but now the query was found not, query a lot of regional keyword, so that.

Shanghai Longfeng leaders is the breadth to the depth of the technician

today is talk about this topic because some novice for the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng planning is not clearly found in the group at present, they do not know what to the diversification of network marketing is good? Or to professional is better? In fact, can not simply say which one is good, which is not well, this is the key problem of location of your own, such as you want to be a network marketing company responsible person, there is an overall planning on the whole network marketing company. You must have a very broad knowledge, you can learn what is not fine, but you must understand, and can bring these irrelevant things together, and monitoring well.

if you are a company network marketing director, if you don’t understand this, just do the Shanghai dragon, then your disadvantage in Shanghai Longfeng disciplines is also quite obvious. If you are in charge of a website a lot of people in a large network of the company, when your division is very fine, you are on a single point of ability is very important. We know that in the United States, Shanghai dragon mature country, to provide Shanghai Longfeng based company can be listed. In these in Chinese is unthinkable, the division will be very fine, such as page optimization, code optimization, keyword mining personnel, there are specialized in selling keywords of the company, if you want to follow the path of specialization, then you deep into your position will be very valuable and irreplaceable.

video marketing can bring great effect to the brand, we know the search engine judge a web user can love Shanghai index your website brand word. The higher the index represents the users of your site in the larger population, will become the future website weight only has a strong user group is higher, the formation of strong and difficult to go beyond the competition in Shanghai dragon in. And video marketing is of great benefit and promotion for the site of the brand promotion, although these have no direct relationship with the Shanghai dragon, but indirect relationship has great influence in the future, when judging force competitors, like rival micro-blog have many fans, how many brand word detection, how many of these media reports external factors will have a great impact.

simply because the Shanghai dragon now has become increasingly difficult to play a good effect, ranking for a web user group is too important. Promotion for a site in Shanghai Longfeng success more and more important, for example, like Lu Songsong with a micro-blog blog. The use of high-quality content blog user precipitation in micro-blog, micro-blog took the content synchronization to micro-blog, micro-blog users will naturally see, click on the link to its blog to watch it for the articles. This will form a flow return, this part of the data can be monitored to love Shanghai, as long as you install love Shanghai statistics.


For example,

may be the case in our country is not the same, small and medium-sized enterprises in our country a lot of people are more than one job, so you may not have to choose, choose more will be more important. But if >

Noble baby website ranking drop The problem of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis technology to find out

2. has lost

many companies maintain the brand image through the optimization ranking, but at the same time, don’t forget to determine whether the link can be used. The well-known enterprise Uber as an example, in early February this year the brand image makeover, design new Logo (copper shaped), but to search on the website Uber Logo pictures, can still see the old Logo, so, in order to maintain the site search ranking to maintain heat.

network messages dominate today, search engine is an important channel for many enterprises to contact with customers, and is also the key to decide the enterprise income. However, when the optimization ranking down how to do? British Ecselis operating marketing company search department leader Ian Bowden pointed out: "most of the time optimal ranking drop is a reason to follow, know the reason to take further action to solve the problem. "How to avoid becoming a search engine Lu snake, he sorted out 10 reasons for the decline:

to have less external links to the website, each external links are the key influence ranking, this kind of website if there is removed or unable to connect successfully links, may let the user to touch, causing the decline in ranking.

if the website ranking drop, it is likely that some external links influence ", this time should immediately remove the related links, to avoid problems continued to affect the ranking, or open the Search Console message and find aristocratic baby operation projects, whether informed of violations.

Many commercial terms

5. change

at this time through the use of external links to well-known tools, such as Ahrefs and Majestic, were ranked after the appearance of new lifting link, find new links really is the main cause of the decline of the.



noble baby search engine algorithm in a period of time will change, so the ranking drop may be related to the changes of the noble baby algorithm, based on the search engine ranking software, such as: Advanced Web Ranking noble of the baby calculus tools, the change trend of observation of calculus, search ranking drop is related to algorithm change.

1. new


3. update

4. manual operation in the engine or calculus of illegal

link ranking optimization brand image

website, is likely to lead to the decline in ranking optimization. According to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office announced the noble baby optimization ranking report, baby will randomly change the new aristocracy of the influence of the website link parameters, in a period of time in addition, even if the new link with the original web content, noble baby also may start "ranking regulating system".

A sudden increase in new links in

Shanghai dragon year old Shanghai dragon Zac recent badcase conjecture

I guess: the site is a large number of spam links; when BSG is K, users have found this phenomenon, found that even today query are more than 900 such spam links "I am doing advertising…" We all know, Shanghai is still relatively to love hate spam links. Don’t know who have a grudge against Zac Shanghai dragon and BSG, made so much garbage, Zac in the forum also said "welcome to my blog spam links to Shanghai dragon experiment, I am willing to sacrifice." Don’t link people just a behavior art, with which several stations do

and the webmaster guess is "Taiwan", but the reason is not fatal, many forums related to "Taiwan" posts are not enough to explain what this. The Zac blog has been a natural development, natural ranking is also rising, as for this condition, "

guess two: site title and abstract change; Zac quiet under the silence: "want to live long, away from the Shanghai dragon", ha ha. A few days ago the title also shows rankings is love Shanghai and Google’s perennial Old "in Shanghai or Shanghai dragon love Google search, I perennial third", today will become "old perennial fall". Does the search engine is this sentence title to hurt? Content also made changes, "Taiwan Tour" this post to the display output from the text. No matter what the site, change the title is bound to cause the attention of the search engines, or even drop right, review site. Zac and change the title, just do a little experiment.

today "Shanghai dragon" search results as follows, BSG ranked sixth.

to do the most important experience of Shanghai dragon, find the solution from the various phenomena and conditions, and slowly accumulated experience. The author is engaged in this line for more than a year, that is updated daily halfway, send the chain is very boring. But in dealing with the search engine, and will encounter Guaixiang own site, try to solve the process is a kind of fun. In order to rank in order to flow often also recently started reading network cudgel thinking, marketing books, books Zac feel really good. Speaking of Zac, Zac and BSG to often focus on who may know something happened one after another recently, first in November 11th Robin Baidu guide贵族宝贝 ranked Shanghai dragon disappeared, November 18th was restored. While the recovery of the Zac on the day of Shanghai dragon’s ranking is down. The webmaster of this matter is also a variety of speculation, as for the reason, I guess the following points, we can discuss, wait for Zac announced the real reason.


Farewell to the venture registered companies and registered a strong bitterHow to lead the team memb

since Prime Minister Li Keqiang proposed "public entrepreneurship, innovation" double call since, for a time, entrepreneurship, innovation has become a hot topic in the discussion, has gradually become the main theme of the current era of development.

three, discover the characteristics of talents, make rational use of team members’ respective specialties,

"at the time of entrepreneurs is full of idealism, that do business too shameful, the original ideal way of young people are moving in one direction, but then suddenly found the road to nowhere, must be in new ways, such as business." At that time, Pan Shiyi also wrote an article called "go China young intellectuals Patriotic Road" article, "doing business is to convince myself".

has many webmaster especially roots webmaster, technical ability is very strong, so they fire, when the early start of the booming, website development is also good, but with the development of the website is more and more, the newborn blood enriched into the team, when the development of the Internet from the original one into a team fighting, but not before successfully found the cause of development, a lot of things are always not satisfactory. Some owners think or sum of people inside the team do you think is not the same, regardless of quality or efficiency that can not hit their own requirements, and if things to other members of the team to do better to complete their own webmaster. It has been a strange phenomenon for a long time. Webmaster busy too much, team members do not know what to do, the development of the site will naturally be imagined.

it is reported that the service platform of Shanghai cattle Island company is the flagship service brand of Yu Sheng Business Service Co., Ltd. of Shanghai. 4.8 yuan company registration including one card, three chapters service, let the majority of entrepreneurs enjoy the public innovation wave of entrepreneurial experience. Founded in 2016, the Internet investment expert brand — Shanghai Island, to "Internet plus" business model, to provide efficient safe and reliable service to O2O self service platform to help entrepreneurs.

one-stop service,

, but in this fast developing Internet era, it’s not easy to start a business. Especially, there are too many things for entrepreneurs. Then what puzzles and problems do the entrepreneurs face now?

startups need innovation


people and many different personalities, life experience, education background, and so on, these are decided by each person will have different processing methods on the same thing, everyone will have their own characteristics, determines each one of them will have their own good, so, as a group.

two, linking personal performance to team performance,

investigate its reason, perhaps these stationmaster is oneself from do technical origin, to management respect not he is good at, accordingly, the problem is managed in the team. So you will find bottlenecks in the development of the site. However, the website must grow, need more people to participate in, it certainly can not meet the development needs of the site, so for the webmaster, how to improve team combat capability, is must pay attention to the problem. In this article, we will not theoretically say what management is planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling. We will talk about how to lead the team in some simple ways.

"there is no opportunity for entrepreneurship in the traditional sector."." In the recent recording of the China business program presided over by Hu Haiquan, Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China, said.


is now not so easily that entrepreneurial class, resources, conditions, opportunities, and so on, the team is essential, even if opportune, you may be frustrated because of some other situation. Then you need reliable and handy helpers, such as Shanghai cattle Island company registration service platform niurendao/.

1. Let team members understand the overall development of the site

anyone who comes out to work and needs to pay, can not get material gains, is the most basic requirements, pay with the harvest, want to match. Only if we think we can get continuous harvest from the continuous development of the website, we are willing to pay for it. Therefore, as a webmaster, it is very important for team members to feel that. Can not remember the website development of good and bad one, the team members pay a big pot, any will not promote the team member’s work passion

arts high founder and CAO Cao Qitai said that entrepreneurship is not equal to open a company, you need to have a theme, a central idea, the mainstream value, first find these can start a business.

entrepreneurial skills are not innate, need to learn to accumulate to supplement the day after tomorrow. Without sufficient accumulation of entrepreneurial knowledge, there will be a lack of strong intellectual support and a reduction in the success rate of entrepreneurship.

for early entrepreneurs, the government’s efforts to support entrepreneurs directly affect the future development of entrepreneurs. But if you do not have too much understanding, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of no road.

start without

coupled with the current market, entrepreneurial information is relatively fragmented, and there is a problem of accuracy and timeliness, the lack of an entrepreneurial information management platform.

Sun Tzu cloud "in unison  wins", let the team members will target their goals and stationmaster, let us become a force force rather than force or even conflicting forces, which is the basis of all management. Members understand the direction of the site, and recognize the direction of the site, so they will connect their future with the future of the site, become the team’s insight foundation.

Lin Tao do a little bit of experience in the forty sourcing network

generally do a release of the site navigation, the need to pay attention to many aspects, firstly, not too complicated, should allow users to quickly find their needs to clear website, the website itself should also carry the commonly used query tool, to facilitate users to timely find own what they want, and site navigation should also allow users to free to log in to your mailbox, enter search engine etc.. A good site navigation should be simple and convenient.

now do site navigation has many, but as the old site navigation was acquired, we are not difficult to find, now the site navigation, gradually into a single cycle inside the old, more people think that if the site navigation can not go beyond this bottleneck, the end will inevitably be acquired. So the site navigation, especially the new generation how to in the fierce competition in the Internet today is lost, becomes the masses to do a heart disease site navigation friends.

we can see that, with the increase of Internet users use the Internet, search engine more powerful, more users tend to use search engines and web site navigation, for example a friend asks you questions, you will answer: use Baidu Search stupid ah. Therefore, if you want to attract Internet users to stay and use your web site navigation, you should know what the Internet users need and what we can do for them. Therefore, to locate your site navigation for those groups, now the Internet has appeared in a variety of industries to the site navigation, navigation, navigation, such as owners of food supply, local group purchase navigation, navigation navigation and so on


supply network ( on the choice of the supply of navigation is very early, then the supply of navigation is not much, basically use your fingers can count out, as they are now very much unreasonable, so how to keep visitors? Site navigation program included no other functions in addition to the release of information, the function is very simple so, the forty supply network in this area have been looking for, until now the integration of the system, increasing the number of shop experience, promotion section to increase readability, also allow businesses to release their own goods or recruit agents like the article, as far as possible to keep visitors, visitors will find this site good collection do not open the website, a pop up as the pillar of the house. Or, it will only make people dislike directly


things are always moving and developing. If you can not adapt to the pace of the times, can only be self defeating. Therefore, a good professional web site navigation not only included site, should also be timely update related articles and news, firmly follow the market changes, this is the website in order to better development of survival, do not update the information, will only lose customers, it is now called the content is king.

this article originates from the forty supply network, original article, reproduced please retain copyright, thank you!


New webmaster to do a new website, a real experience and feelings

first of all, I’d like to say that I’m a new hand. But I know everyone has been the same as I am now, so maybe I will feel familiar with the things I write down. It’s been a month since my website has been working well. This month’s time, although always helpless, although mostly hard, but I also get a lot.

I remember, after the website is done, hang up the first day of the line, I became confused. I don’t know where to go. I first thought of the cat, and sent a publicity stick, and then waited for a long time, OK, did not pass. Well, don’t let me advertise, then I can always reply. So, normal replies, the post finally added to my site’s Web site, and soon, the effect on the pull out. From the cat came over a lot of IP, my heart that dark cool ah. But when I went there second days ago, I found my account had disappeared……

well, the mop has failed and I’m going to the end of the world. Where does everybody go?. Because my travel website, so I directly into the tourism sector of the world, a great deal of advertising paste. Hey, the administrator is not cover, do not have to wait second days, my account into the little black house, said to the end of 2009 to come here. I am angry, plan to register an account of the end of the world again, just discover to register the end of the world account, incredibly want money. Hey, unfortunately, I have so many years of the end of the old number, now can only see stickers can not reply.

Because and Tianya battle defeat, I was a little angry. Instead, I began to identify myself with spammers. I’ve been looking for three days and three nights to download a software that can send bulk mail, plus millions of email addresses. Good thing, what a good thing. I took the red eyes, began to use the home desktop computer and notebook computer with 24 swords when brush brush hair out. Then a few days later, I found that it didn’t give me any increase in traffic. Dog in the manger, why? I think that spam on the pain, I am ashamed to stop this behavior.


does not work, it does not work, what do I do? I look up the brush IP alliance. I didn’t expect it yet, but the IP alliance actually gave me such a bad result. The so-called brush IP alliance, is to a union website login your site, and then began to automatically brush other people’s Web site. You brush others, others also brush you, so that everyone is not happy, and are real IP. In practice, it won’t work. First of all, many league site production is incomplete, from the IP entrance point of view, you can still notice that you are implemented on an alliance site. And from the PV, the whole world has brought you IP, and these IP operations are only 1 PV, so that the search engine will immediately judge you, this is cheating. That’s why my Google has dropped from more than 1000 pages to 500300100, 50, and finally to 7 pages. I was really going crazy