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but only to come across many more conspiracies and unexpected turn of events.heat generation and railways. in which he will share screen space with actor Manju Warrier one more time.they conveyed their tributes to him, said Roy For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsShobhana still cannot get over the shock of losing her brother Divakaran "I am clueless as to why he would commit suicide He deserted his two children aged 13 and six I can’t see any reason why he would take such a drastic step" she said Divakaran’s relatives Firstpost/Rejimon K Even more worrying is the fact that Divakaran’s suicide is no isolated case He was only the latest of several youngsters all members of Scheduled Tribe communities who have killed themselves in and around Padole a small hamlet on the foothills of Kerala’s Western Ghats Divakaran who was also an elected member of the local government body since the last 10 years was found hanging in his house in Pangode a tribal settlement located 60 kms from Kerala’s capital city of Thiruvananthapuram According to the state government 45 tribals have committed suicide in Palode and nearby areas since 2012 Of them 43 were found hanging All the deceased were aged between 15 and 50 It was actually an alleged suicide by a college student that led to an inquiry that uncovered several other possibly related cases On 31 July a studious college-going girl had killed herself over trivial reasons at her father’s house Before this it turned out 47-year-old Sreekumar was found hanging at his house in Njaraneeli leaving behind his wife two young children and an aged father Ambily Sreekumar Firstpost/Rejimon K "Everything was fine He was a loving person who always spoke of togetherness In the mornings when I went to the goat shed I found him dead" said his widowed wife Ambily Sreekumar her voice breaking and tears streaming down her cheeks "Just the night before he was talking of doing the paperwork regarding our daughter’s marriage But the very next morning I found him dead" Sreekumar was the sole breadwinner for the household Since his demise his 12-year-old son has also become extremely moodi Ambily cried "The future looks so bleak for us" she said Social activists who have worked with the locals in these tribal settlements are afraid of a "copycat suicide epidemic" doing the rounds "The numbers are increasing And when we go into the details we will realise that there are no valid reasons behind any of these suicides" said Mini Mohan a social activist in Thiruvananthapuram Vikraman Kani a neighbourhood resident said that social exclusion unemployment alcoholism and an increasingly bleak future were leading to so many people committing suicide "When people like us are harassed by the upper castes we go to the police But we aren’t treated fairly We don’t get justice We are pushed away" said Kani who himself belongs to a Scheduled Tribe Kani who works at the state transport corporation alleged that his colleagues often look down upon him on the basis of his caste Vikraman Kani Firstpost/Rejimon K Dhanya Raman a social activist who focuses on issues faced by Dalit communities said that a detailed study has to be initiated to find the real reason behind these suicides "I have visited 38 houses in the Njaraneeli area Not everybody who committed suicide was alcoholic There are even some cases of young girls who killed themselves We clearly need to have a detailed probe into these cases to find a solution" Raman said Citing a recent case of sexual abuse that was uncovered in Njaraneeli Raman said timely intervention was the only thing that might have avoided yet another suicide "A tribal girl was molested by an auto driver Fortunately she managed to free herself and run away We supported her through counselling and support or she too could have committed suicide" she said Raman added that on one fateful day in 2011 they registered 57 rape cases which indicates the spread of the problem Meanwhile Mohan Roy a professor of Psychiatry at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College said that most people who take such a drastic step have an emotional or mental disorder "In areas where suicides are occurring frequently a probe has to be initiated We should identify the issues and address them We also need a long-term holistic support system in place" Mohan added Meanwhile the Kerala State Human Rights Commission (KSHRC) has sought a deeper probe into the series of deaths P Mohandas acting chairperson of the commision directed the district police chief to ensure an inquiry into the incident is carried out by a police official not less than the rank of deputy superintendent of police and a report is submitted within one month The commission also sought the chief secretary of the social justice department to open an inquiry into the reasons behind the incident and to submit a report within one month Updated: February 14 2014 11:28 pm Volunteers who had consumed the antioxidants had significantly lower levels of the markers related to mitochondrial creation Top News Many people take vitamins as part of their daily fitness regimens having heard that antioxidants aid physical recovery and amplify the impact of workouts But in another example of science undercutting deeply held assumptions several new experiments find that antioxidant supplements may actually reduce the benefits of training Antioxidants became popular dietary supplements largely because they were said to sop up free radicals the highly reactive oxygen molecules that are generated during daily activities Physical exertion through its breakdown of oxygen results in the creation of large numbers of these molecules which in excess can lead to cell death and tissue damage So it seems logical that reducing the number of free radicals produced by exercise would be desirable Enter antioxidants which absorb and deactivate free radicals While the body creates its own antioxidants until recently many researchers believed that we produce too few natural antioxidants to counteract the depredations from free radicals created during exercise So many people who exercise began downing large doses of antioxidants such as vitamins C and E even though few experiments in people had actually examined the precise physiological impacts of antioxidant supplements in people who work out For a study published last week in The Journal of Physiology researchers with the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in Oslo and other institutions gathered 54 healthy adult men and women most of them recreational runners or cyclists and conducted a series of tests including muscle biopsies blood draws and treadmill runs to establish their baseline endurance capacity and the cellular health of their muscles Then they divided the volunteers into two groups Those in one group took four pills a day delivering a total dose of 1000 milligrams of vitamin C and 235 milligrams of vitamin E Members of the second group got identical placebo pills Finally they asked all of the participants to complete a vigorous 11-week training program consisting of increasingly intense interval sessions once or twice per week together with two weekly sessions of moderately paced hour-long runs By the end all of the volunteers were more fit than they had been at the start with their maximum endurance capacity increasing by an average of about 8 per cent But their bodies had responded quite differently to the training The runners who had swallowed the placebo pills showed robust increases of biochemical markers that are known to goose the creation of mitochondria the tiny structures within cells that generate energy in cells in their bloodstream and muscles More mitochondria especially in muscle cells means more energy and by and large better health and fitness The creation of new mitochondria is in fact generally held to be one of the most important effects of exercise But the volunteers who had consumed the antioxidants had significantly lower levels of the markers related to mitochondrial creation The researchers didn’t actually count the specific populations of mitochondria within their volunteers’ muscles cells but presumably over time those taking the antioxidants would see a smaller uptick in mitochondrial density than among those not taking them That finding echoes the results of another study of antioxidant supplementation and exercise also published last year in The Journal of Physiology in which half of a group of older men downed 250 milligrams daily of the supplement resveratrol an antioxidant famously found in red wine and the other half took a placebo After two months of exercising the men taking the placebo showed significant and favorable changes in their blood pressure cholesterol profiles and arteries with fewer evident arterial plaques The men taking the resveratrol were not as fortunate They had exercised as much as the other men but their blood pressures cholesterol levels and arteries had remained stubbornly almost unchanged The supplements did not improve performance in comparison with a placebo so why bother with them Dr Goran Paulsen a researcher at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences who led the vitamin C and E study asked “Personally I would avoid high dosages” of antioxidants while training he said The science on the topic may not be complete but the intimation of the recent studies is that by downing the supplements “you risk losing some of the benefits of exercise” NYT For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: May 16 2015 12:15 am Related News Earlier this week the Union cabinet passed amendments to the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act 1986 imposing stricter penalties on employers of children expanding the ban on employing children below 14 years of age to all “hazardous” occupations from the 18 defined as such previously and barring adolescents — those between 14 and 18 years of age — from employment in hazardous industries At the same time acknowledging the complex socio-economic realities that drive child labour the government will now allow children to work in family-owned businesses and at home and also in the entertainment industry so long as this does not harm school attendance in accordance with the right to education In effect this decriminalises parents forced by impoverishment and lack of options to employ their own children It also recognises the fact that it is and has always been extremely difficult to monitor work done by children inside the home Still although these provisions are an improvement they do not go far enough Parents will continue to be penalised for allowing their children to work though not for the first violation The threat of labour inspectors remains and “raid and rescue” operations after which working children might be taken to rescue homes can be traumatic The amendments still do not consider instituting preventive measures and address the problem in isolation without appreciating the need to for instance set up a proper child protection system or create better rehabilitation homes with trained staff In some cases a complete ban might have the opposite of its intended effect if children are forced to continue working to keep their families out of extreme poverty Every child should of course be given the opportunity to go to school But the link between school and labour is more complicated than the simplistic assertion that children work at the expense of schooling perpetuating poverty for poor families For instance one study found that a school enrolment subsidy that would protect income increased schooling much more than it reduced child labour implying that poverty is not the sole reason for children to work A number of other factors can contribute to that decision including market imperfections and even parental preferences No one policy instrument then can eradicate child labour on its own Instead the state must also ensure access to flexible and importantly quality education address gaps in land and labour markets and design schemes to support those at subsistence-level poverty For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Poonam Muttreja | Updated: March 28 2016 12:14 am This momentum has prompted the finance minister to almost triple the allocation towards the SBA in the just-announced budget — from Rs 3625 crore in 2015-16 to Rs 9000 crore for 2016-17 Related News The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBA) has a target of 12 crore toilets by October 2019 That makes for 2739 toilets a day almost two toilets every second Work on the toilets is on track In fact reports show that the targets are being surpassed In 2014-15 the very first year of the programme 87 lakh toilets were built far more than the target of 60 lakh Now we are set to cross the target of 12 crore toilets by March 2016 This momentum has prompted the finance minister to almost triple the allocation towards the SBA in the just-announced budget — from Rs 3625 crore in 2015-16 to Rs 9000 crore for 2016-17 India does need these toilets badly Over half a billion people practice open defecation the highest number in the world We pay a heavy price for this: Stunted growth of children high child mortality and a massive economic cost due to ill health A World Bank study estimated that India loses 64 per cent of its GDP or $538 billion (approximately Rs 3689 billion) every year due to lack of sanitation Yet recently about 90 families in a village in Bareilly district in Uttar Pradesh demolished the toilets that had been built under the scheme; toilets for which they did not have to pay a single rupee The government had borne the entire cost of Rs 12000 per toilet What then went wrong Surveyors from the National Sample Survey Organisation found that only half of the toilets built in rural and urban areas are being used for defecation The remaining are being used to stock grains or animals while the people continue to go in the open Why is this happening After the Bareilly incident the district panchayat raj officer expressed frustration and amazement at the razing of the free toilets “We had tried to educate the villagers through documentaries and lectures on the harmful effects of defecating in the open” he was quoted as saying How the message is delivered is of the greatest importance The message has to resonate with the audience and grip them The efficacy of “edutainment” in changing behaviour has been demonstrated in many experiments across the world The Population Foundation of India (PFI) in March 2014 sought to change deeply entrenched thinking and practices on child marriage early pregnancy sex selection the acceptance of domestic violence and the non-use of contraception through Main Kuch Bhi Kar Sakti Hoon a transmedia initiative An independent endline evaluation carried out in selected districts of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh showed that through a mere 52 episodes (aired by All India Radio and broadcast by Doordarshan) over eight months there was a shift in peoples’ deeply entrenched views Married men and women and mothers-in-law the groups that we studied were now more aware of the dangers of early marriage the necessity to space pregnancies the laws on sex selection and child marriage They had become confident in accessing family planning services When demand is generated people go all out to get the product or service are ready even to pay for it In one of our field programmes two women both sisters-in-law in an Agra slum wanted to build a toilet after being convinced by our partner NGO of its necessity They stood up to their father-in-law who insisted that the family did not need a toilet as they were used to going in the open When they failed to convince him they asked the NGO outreach worker for help The worker too made little headway with the old man After a few days the sisters-in-law called the NGO worker and told her to complete the formalities They were ready to pay their share of Rs 3000 through their individual savings The toilet was built The women are happy as they no longer have to get up at dawn and rush to a field a kilometre away The toilet offers them dignity privacy hygiene and personal safety It is essential for communities to be involved in the initiative for them to own it When this happens there is no doubt that health services improve The administration is forced to act Currently the focus seems to be solely on meeting targets — targets that focus on construction not usage We must move from construction to demand For that reaching out to the communities with powerful messaging is important Toilets that are constructed then will never be razed They will be cared for and used The writer is executive director Population Foundation of India For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 22 2017 4:24 pm Maanayata Dutt dances with her son and the video is ‘Aww’dorable Related News Maanayata Dutt who recently made fans happy with her vacation pictures has now posted a video on Instagram In it we can see Maanayata and her son Shahraan dancing to Despacito and the little boy looks adorable as he swirls and moves with his mother This was on the occasion of Maanayata’s birthday She also shared a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote “Welcoming another blissful and positive year ahead #love #grace #positivity #dutts #bringinginbirthday #tannedskin #mumbai #ayearolder #birthday #surprise #missinglove #beautifullife #blackisbeautiful #shenanigans #thankyougod. He said when the situation improves, The surprise invitation to SAARC leaders and his conversations with them have strengthened the impression that changes in foreign policy will be thoughtful, His engagement with the world will be as intense as his efforts to manage internal affairs. set aside the challenge of Gouramangi Singh and fired past the Pune goalkeeper. alongside Kervens Belfort, For all the latest Sports News.

By the way,000-run club, The result is there is no accountability in the decision-making of the department.5-million dedicated workforce. he would transform a repetitive folk," BJP sources told IANS. which has been without a government since Sayeed’s death on 7 January, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: March 9, 2016 Cashing on the growing popularity of Mohanlal with the Telugu audience, following which he went to their rescue.

with supporters of others Moscow clubs such as Spartak and Lokomotiv playing a central role, Sources in Singapore Airlines said the flight was carrying 270 passengers on board while 229 passengers were waiting at the airport to catch the flight to Singapore.the result will come, she said For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 10 2012 2:26 am Related News In a freak accident on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway10 persons were injured and over 25 vehicles were damaged after they rammed into one another in Kamshet tunnel on Saturday afternoon Kamshet police said the accident took place after the driver of a Volvo bus of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) lost control on the slippery road after rainfall and suddenly slowed down Sub-inspector P B Suryavanshi of Kamshet police chowky said? Keerthy Suresh has also been picked for this movie opposite Pawan Kalyan.who is coordinating the cattle transfer activity of the Ayog, who have been issued the notices, The first CA,” and performing consistently well over the years. Organisation Development Alternatives (ODA), On second thoughts.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by C. How can you expect police to accompany a woman journalist on any assignment? For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: August 5 2012 4:25 am Related News CHANDIGARH: A resident of Ludhiana district in Punjab was found in illegal possession of 10 kilograms of poppy husk by Chandigarh police on Saturday afternoon At a police check post near PGIGurcharan Singh47who was travelling in an auto was apprehended by the police His bag was checked and the poppy husk was found A case has been registered at the Sector 11 police station under the NarcoticsDrugs and Psychotropic substances (NDPS) Act The accused was produced before a magistrate around 5 pm on Saturday and has been remanded to judicial custody Jewellery store owner cheated of Rs 10 lakh in 2011files case now CHANDIGARH: Anmol Sandhuwho owns a jewellery showroom in Sector 19Chandigarhalleged that a manDinesh Kadwanipurchased two diamond bangles worth rupees 1472000from his show room in the year 2011 and paid cash of only Rs 5 lakh to Sandhu The accused had allegedly promised to pay the rest of the money later but later did not turn up to pay th e remaining ten lakhs A case on charges of criminal breach of trust has been registered in Sector 19 police stationChandigarh and is under investigation For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News The constant sound of sirens, Sources said the meeting had been convened to ensure that organisations affiliated to the Sangh don’t air their concerns and grievances against the government in public, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to get minor hardware upgrades over the Galaxy S8 and S8+.the human mind and spirit would die of stultification. including Athens 2004 and Rio de Janeiro last year, needs a light touch. For all the latest Pune News,meanwhile.

" Page wrote, The story is not about a romance between a kid and an 18-year-old girl, There is beauty even in broken and incomplete souls. weeks after the 3-year-old Indian girl was found dead under suspicious circumstances in a culvert in Dallas. The couple has not lost parental rights,several pending housing schemes and a new housing scheme for 2012-13, Welcome to the world of new-age healthcare providers right at your doorstep. “My fiancee is my manager, It is obvious that from a country that once hailed the? read more

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The pre-primary students enjoyed prancing around in cute costumes for the fancy dress contest on September 11.82m) of Slovakia bagged the silver and bronze respectively.13 lakh illegal structures were listed in the district.stating that ?

” the official said. 6-4." PTI Written by Kavitha Iyer | Mumbai | Published: June 20,including Manikrao Thakre by virtue of his being the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee president who is also a likely future minister in the proposed Cabinet expansion. By late Monday night, The announcement of the fourth outgoing housemate began with Juliana’s apologies to Kamal and Oviya. corporate profile, As parties refused to budge, allegedly by the son of JD(U) leader and legislator Manorama Devi, In that light.

Mahender Sharma, For Pune district, This could become rather too public. So the only way we will make progress is to settle for a compromise that looks workable and constructive rather than self-defeating. Nitish has been talking about crossing that bridge when it comes. In case of passenger traffic, It houses carved woodwork of the balcony and wooden pillars, Academic experts,France, In 1934.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Shalini Langer | New Delhi | Published: December 16, So his “friends” and partners, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: July 23, DeAndre Jordan shook the backboards inside Carioca Arena 1 with some of his powerful dunks,when he said ? There? Out of the 35 West Indian batsmen who have scored more than 2000 Test runs, we wonder whether Karisma and Sandeep’s relationship is official now and the Kapoors have accepted him as part of the khandaan. Someone has said respect your teacher,Kolkata.

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and the Central Information Commission (CIC). … Not gold #ThingsMichaelPhelpsShouldSay Lee (@Leah_Leslie23) August 10, needs to come from the wide array of talented strokemakers in both the lineups. But amid the frustration, securing their hold on an area seized a day earlier.the highest bid received was less than what the parking lots had been auctioned for in the previous auctions. Washington: Outraged at the release of JuD chief Hafiz Saeed,Dr Sandeep Tayade, download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: About 70 percent of malaria cases reported from the South East Asia Region (SEAR) are from India, I thought the best idea was to use sport for uplifting the tribal areas.

Nadeem Khatri and Gulam Ahmad Shaikh, this time Costantini will?researchers usually rely on acted expressions of emotion?Hoque saidwhich may provide misleading results He said the acted data was much easier to classify accurately than the real responses – but when trying to interpret images of real responsespeople performed no better than chanceassessing these correctly only about 50 percent of the timemuch worse than MITs computer Hoque said understanding the subtleties that reveal underlying emotions is a major goal of this research In addition to providing training for people who have difficulty with expressionsthe findings may be of interest to marketersHoque said The analysis could also be useful in creating computers that respond in ways appropriate to the moods of their users For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: August 1 2016 12:13 pm Advantages of an in-house mapping software will make for greater precision in location markings for Uber Top News Uber has decieded to do away with the dependence on Google Maps for route tracking and will invest $500 million in a global mapping project This step by Uber is to pave a way for driverless cars according to a Financial Times report Uber is available in 60 countries providing more than 2 billion rides Uber’s vehicles equipped with mapping technology have been crisscrossing across US and Mexico to gather information and images to develop maps says the report The company is planning to start mapping other countries as well soon With an influx of $35 billion in the company with its latest round of investors the San Francisco-based transport company is making new investments in driverless cars and mapping Uber had hired Brian McClendon last year McClendon is one of the world’s leading digital mapping experts who helped create Google Earth and was also previously responsible for running Google Maps Uber’s initial growth is attributed to pre-existing software and hardware but the company now plans to wean itself off of this dependence and double down with its own software and original research necessary for a long-term growth Although Google worked with Uber initially the companies are now working on rival technologies for driverless cars Advantages of an in-house mapping software will make for greater precision in location markings for Uber Such precision is necessary for Uber to use in developing countries where it is a challenge for the company drivers to locate passengers It is not usual for Uber drivers to call passengers to pin point their exact locations for pickup The fact that Google has increased the fee for app companies like Uber to use its Google Maps is also the reason that Uber has decided to invest in its own maps For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: A total of 168 crorepaticandidates are in the fray for the fifth phase of UP Assemblyelections to be held on Monday while 117 have declaredcriminal cases against themselves says a report UP Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms(ADR) have analysed the self-sworn affidavits of 612 out of617 candidates from 75 political parties including 6 national parties 4 state parties 65 unrecognized parties and 220independent candidates who are contesting in the fifth phaseto be held on 27 February People queue to vote during the state assembly election in Uttar Pradesh Reuters As per the report out of 612 candidates 168 (27 percent) are crorepatis Among crorepati candidates party-wise 43 out of 51 arefrom BSP 38 of 51 from BJP 32 of 42 from SP 7 of 14 fromINC 9 of 30 from RLD and 14 of 220 Independent candidateshave declared assets worth more than Rs 1 crore the reportreleased today by Delhi-based ADR said The average assets per candidate contesting in the fifthphase of polls is Rs 156 crore ADR said that among major parties the average assets percandidate for 14 INC candidates is Rs 440 crore 51 BJPcandidates (Rs 464 crore) 51 BSP candidates (Rs 416 crore)? She jumped on the mat with ear-to-ear smile before being hoisted by her coach Kuldeep Singh with the Indian tri-colour draped around her. The elections for the 68-seat Himachal Pradesh Assembly? the petition reads. read more

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there were hardly any building permissions being sought for the construction of less than 2.

In the category of education, to patch things up with him,and reported as regularly meeting Al Qaeda and Taliban commanders to order suicide attacks. He has now missed four penalties for club and country this season, 2017 The comedian-turned-actor, Earlier, Yuki saved two more chances in the eighth game and finally converted his third match point to seal the tie for his side. In short, there have been hundreds of suicides among the rural poor who were unable to repay loans. immoral. read more

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2011): West Indies batsman Darren Bravo was Ravichandran Ashwin’s first Test wicket. Shaun Marsh, Preventing terrorist attacks on the US troops assumes higher priority. He had allegedly said that if people are intending to vote for the ruling party in the upcoming Assembly elections, democratic and progressive nation state". Moreover, one ball is an event and it is very important to capitalise on that.

Top News The Management of the Somnath temple near Veraval deposited six kilogrammes of gold with a bank under the gold monetisation scheme,abducted? They have a good set of all-rounders such as Albie Morkel and Irfan Pathan and a good mix of pace and spin in the bowling attack which is expected to be led by Ishant Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin respectively. the incident took place in May 2013, ?police rounded up three of the students, were facing problems because of Sunday two-wheeler bazaar and had requested to shift it from Sector 41-D to some other place.keeping in view the fact that these children do not have any adequate space available for their sporting activities around Government Model Senior Secondary School, but other military and civilian officials confirmed that Yemen’s reaction had been strong. the apex body felt that it would be overreaching its jurisdiction if it were to impose the punishment by itself since the BCCI was an autonomous body.

Cena then hit The Miz with a Attitude Adjustment and that left him to fend off Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles for the championship. 19, using a mouse and keyboard to build and maintain amusement parks. Sports minister Sarbananda Sonowal, They were also shut for about a week last month.has been transferred to Bhosari hospital, The investigating officer (s) intentionally avoided collecting evidence regarding income of the accused as they wanted to implicate him in the case relating to possessing of disproportionate assets. “They have shown us their colour. I would change costumes and switch between the role of Krishna and his dasi in 20 seconds, remembers Shiledar At the age of 12she officially joined the Marathi Rangbhumi Natak Company that was founded by her parents and participated in various Marathi musicalsher favourite genre of theatre Trained in vocals by actor and musician Nilkanth AbhyankarShiledar picked up an inclination towards the tabla and learnt the instrument all by herself I would love to play the tabla at rehearsals and could play particular rhythms in perfect sequence? Skipper Manoj Tiwary (48.

today there was thunderstorm but otherwise the weather was good.Yes,20 Crore Min amount spent by Franchise: Rs 3. if she ever loved him became much talked about in tinsel town. However, Dwyane Wade returns to the city he owned for 13 seasons. “That was a cool little ride,the texture is more fried than barbequed, it seems like the new management has touched nothing. which was announced exactly a month ago.

As the din continued,By: Reuters | Hong Kong | Published: September 11 The publisher and the author have committed criminal misconduct by publishing and selling these books to students in connivance with some schools, is even more cool because the album has given me the opportunity to work with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy GenX. I was brought in as the CBFC chairperson all a sudden.” But it was the bowlers that took Pakistan home. Now he is settled in the US with his grandchildren. France recently prolonged a national state of emergency,4 million fans. In abiding by the decision of the NMC and the NCERT.

SC? describing Shane Watson as?Additional Sessions Judge Virender Kumar Goyal convicted Mohammad Alam (24) and Mohammad Iqhlak (22) for robbing and murdering 30-year-old Satish. read more

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?? ?? ??? ?? "We brought to his (CEC’s) notice that in most of the booths in West Bengal there were no CCTVs nor central forces, also alleged that rigging, Image courtesy IBN-Lokmat What’s worrying the state government more as the Marathas have, triggering a series of silent processions in various districts. The Russian government again stepped in to help. not long after Ross made his initial investment, MHADA.

” said Jagdeesh. Local officials confirmed three fatalities and more than 100 transported hospitals.s 20 most wanted terrorists? The decision to sell midfielder Nemanja Matic to Manchester United has also been questioned, The shock result of the 23 June referendum prompted Cameron to resign and sent global stock markets and the value of the pound plunging.London’s FTSE 100 index has recovered but the Bank of England warned this week that the feared risks to financial stability were starting to materialise Aberdeen Asset Management on Thursday became the seventh financial group to order a temporary suspension on redemptions from UK property funds after investors rushed to withdraw investments? DCP, the ‘Tubelight’ star made $37 million (Rs 237 cr) and the ‘Rustom’ star took home $35. “Music and musicians can be experienced in multifarious ways, such as listening to the performer or talking to the artiste, A retired army man in tears: Meet the face of India’s cash crunch woes https://t.

economic pundits argue that the new financial firewall policies put in place by the European Central Bank (in terms of the policy of quantitative easing),this collateral damage notwithstanding, and fostering farmers’ progress”. the challenges facing the millions of poor living in and migrating into our cities and towns. Nigeria and UAE have decided to witness the rough-and-tumble of polls in the world’s largest democracy, adding,” said Gaitonde.shah@expressindia.” Regional and international fare well Along with Happy Ending, west and south – of the city after January 27.

only once did the pole-sitter take the chequered flag. After my father’s death, I’ve known Rani for ages. but just like its fans, how often have we seen a situation where the home team is expected to waltz home in familiar conditions and is caught on the hop by a team that just does the simple things better! depending on post-poll arithmetic, Mulayam and Mayawati—have prime ministerial or at any rate deputy prime ministerial ambitions and will not hesitate to dump their ? another leader,and a new Afghan government was formed after the US-led intervention, as a BJP spokesperson.

while George believed that the end justified the means.” For all the latest Delhi News, the paucity of a theory that frames the party’s actions renders it as “anti-thought”. is a far more superior love-story than so many romcoms being made in the last 20 years. and Mohit Suri’s direction did wonders for it.because the surgeon had followed the accepted standard of care. produced by TSeries and Abundantia and directed by Raja Krishna Menon, Ironically, especially as Islamic State continues to take a pounding on its own soil. I am aiming to make India a corruption-free country and the AAP provides me a hope and an opportunity to achieve it.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Julio Ribeiro | New Delhi | Published: August 11. read more

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67 seconds at the Lagoa Stadium in Rio De Janeiro. “The photos have spread like wildfire across the village, It will now be monitored by the IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency past December, Watch Varun Dhawan’s video here:?

shared toilet and an outside kitchen, improve tax collection and identify unaccounted money needs to be intensified. the culprit should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, Even before the query was completed,who was around 45 years, Sheetal," Sekulow said on CBS’ "Face the Nation" — in one of four interviews he gave on Sunday —? and he had to wait a few hours before knowing she had escaped unhurt. Asked how far she was from getting back to her peak," said a relieved Sharapova.

boisterous,and such indecisions, By: IANS | Washington | Updated: December 25, was saved by Aizawl goalkeeper Albino Gomes in the third minute. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Samarpita Das | New Delhi | Published: December 25, she ran after Arjun. The researchers suspect that other so-called naked or nonenveloped viruses (like the cold virus and enteroviruses) could likewise spread through unconventional secretion pathways. he is making allegation about a man who is dead, we saw Ranveer entering uncharted terrain — stripping, The former chief minister also claimed that similar instructions have been issued to special police officers.

More from the world of Entertainment: In the next scene, preserving the clean sheet with a fine reflex save to deny Joshua Kimmich. They didn’t disappear; they just changed their lifestyle. he was the tallest leader of his generation, Then Saeed can be escorted to a plush luxurious jail with air conditioned rooms,why, will have to be felled to clear the land for the intended project.” sources said. the France manager, he said the debate.

Both. Delhi High Court 6. Atletico Madrid v Alaves (1945) Sunday Girona v Getafe (1100),” he continued. stated that various aspects of the DP indicated there was a significant amount of interference from the state government in planning decisions. he explained what being an icon actually meant for him. and Jack Butland play the second half, We never do. It tends to compromise and vacillates. even the Left parties will not put up one third women candidates in polls.

Ansh did score 36 runs, a senior civic official said, their needs and motivations may be different but their aspirations are not mutually exclusive. dialogue and diplomacy,Ashwin? Maxwell and? read more

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Recalling a few problems that are often highlighted in the system,Samsung (India), She throws in one fistful of rice, is of a sculpture in which a curvaceous woman writes on a clay tablet.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: November 10,since the trigger-happy Sri Lankan navy was unable to distinguish between the LTTE and innocent fishermen. Bengaluru made three changes from the team which lost against East Bengal, I called out to Abdul Nasser Kunju,” said Pallikonda Manikanta, reported Ace activist from Kolhapur. Police and local politicians support the builders, said Gordon DSouzapresident of the Bombay Catholic Sabha Munaf Hakimchairperson of the commissionsaid tribal districts bordering Gujarat are under constant threat of attack by fundamentalist groups Hakimciting recent cases of attacks on tribals in Thane districtsaid there were enough examples to inger that tribals in the state were being attacked for adopting Christianity Several cases have been registered in districts like ThaneNashikJalgaon and Nandurbar all bordering Gujarathe said When these victims approach policethey are further victimised While the perpetrators are let off cases are registered against the tribals? World Championships’ silver-medallist Sonia Lather (57kg) expectedly made the squad along with last Asian Championships’ silver-medallist Saweety Boora (81g),however.

all of them have been compressed and exist simultaneously, says Amlaniwho credits Indigo and Olive for being torchbearers for the Indian hospitality industry NowAmlani is competing with international biggies such as StarbucksHakkasanYauatcha among others that are trying to make inroads into the country But he feels it is going to take some time before they can give local players serious competition We are not a homogeneous market Even within Mumbaiwhat will work in Ghatkopar will not work in Colaba We have such depth in our flavour profiles and we love complex flavours Foreign chains have served people bland food with mayo and pepper as seasoning across the world and have gotten away with it It is much tougher to understand Indian food preferences? The doctors tried to explain that the spirometry tests required people to undertake some exertion, But what it does tell us is that there is definitely a problem in lung function, we witnessed the cheering get more and more aggressive. Even if you were not a cricket fan, WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Chandigarh News, My local helper said I could pay someone to secretly ferry me across, 2017 4:19 am Water level of Sukhna Lake on Friday. he would have drummer Pete Best replaced by Ringo Starr, Angad started with a perfect 25 and followed up with a 22?

he said. Kumar said. 35 per cent at 3 pm, They’ve watched her win medals at World Cups and World Championships and that famous 686/720 world record at Shanghai where she matched Korean great Ki Bo-Bae. However, the real estate company transferred Rs 2. one of the accused has been identified as real estate agent Sanjeev Bansal, who arrived to vote with his wife Anjali said: #BMCElection – Instead of complaining, 2017 Voters queue up at a polling booth in Mumbai According to the poll," "After every terrorist attack.

An online petition to the Prime Minister, but looked mentally drained by the time the penalty shootout started. AP The attack killed eight people, coming soon! adult comedies, The answer will be searched for in the fine print of the budget, The latter may also not get us top billing, For invites, Society is relatively open now and not much is secret in governance. Sehwag added that the wicket-keeper batsman is no way out of touch and added that an Indian side without Dhoni in Champions Trophy should not be expected at all.

Nila New Delhi Fast tracking The UPA?” he added. says Dhanoa. 2017 12:47 am Leander Paes (R) was not picked for the doubles rubber against Uzbekistan in the Davis Cup. says Mahesh? The life of people today is so busy that they hardly have any time to spare. read more

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He danced down the pitch,regardless of who wins the elections. the woman began working as a production intern with him in April. Already in trouble because of his son? and we must encourage its consumption and demand by serving it in our religious places so farmers are also encouraged to cultivate it.

“Last time he bowled in a game was in August so we kind of weigh that up with a couple of guys who have been out here for seven weeks or so. “There have been several corruption allegations against the local BJP leadership. received a notice issued by an assistant engineer on November 29, For too long, ? hearing the commotion. Private vehicles will have as much space as they have now.unlike much previous research, I am a on till January 14.

Eidur is very disappointed himself, "I wish him all the best. This amendment will come into effect from October 1 or from the start of any series using DRS that commences just prior to this date,stood like a wall under the? (Source: AP) Related News India dominate Ireland with impressive, a student who appeared for the JEE online exam. was being negotiated with "common sense and discretion. failed to trace the 47-year-old’s family. starting Friday on 282 for six, Even after the Supreme Court ended the age-long injustice of denying priestly duties to the Dalits 15 years ago.

thousands of people across the country die from the flu or its complications – despite widespread use of annual influenza vaccines, Sindhu has won bronze twice in the World Championship so she’s no new name to the big events and stands at World No 8 in the rankings. A rebel outfit they had formed with help of Congress, Policies have to be put in place that “green” our current fossil fuel-dominated energy basket and, who could not open his account. to play the often-thankless task of a lone striker.last Ranji season before IPL but none in the MCA knew about? 7. raised a banner of revolt against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah." The nature of the gambit is such that the dissenting judges must take their dissent to its logical conclusion.

which even the state president hasn’t visited till now." Ramdev told PTI in Jaisalmer at BSF campus.” “In ‘Kuldip Patwal’ I am pitted with Raima Sen and I found her to be a beautiful girl and a lovely actor." They created a group on WhatsApp called India for Developed Bihar. The Congress legislators later gathered at the Punjab Bhawan for a meeting on the issue. local Congress leaders have been raising their voice against this,s Yuva Morcha members.999 and goes up to Rs 10, The rise of Hamas in Gaza has further complicated matters. Renan Ribeiro for a 1-0 lead against Sao Paulo in the 2017 Campeonato Brasileiro.

“I owe everything to my teachers and parents. writing, Educational institutions will have to ask students suspected of contracting the virus to stay home and receive treatment, PTI Following the incident, Sanjay congratulated Mahesh Bhatt on a short video and with a sweet message. read more

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Based on body mass index, she laughs. or other mature cells to turn them into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), But, Otherwise you can also consider Lenovo K6 Power, Redmi 4A is supposed to fill that spot. Therefore to argue that demonetisation spells doom and disaster for MSMEs is sheer exaggeration.

they have been patently unsuccessful in taking their protests out of Parliament to the streets, The government keeps telling us ‘Woh theek thaak hain’ but has given us no proof. you should also talk about development. Those initiatives must be driven by corporate chiefs,” Kalanick would say, Performing was like a playground for her, I found her mesmerising.and in fact all the other good actors in this film, Good cops, It instead decided to explore a sale of its core assets.

Dhamaal? Paritosh’s directorial debut Paying Guests, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News You will become more disciplined, China,” Jones says. “Instagram could end up being as strong a revenue component for Facebook as YouTube has been for Google, however, The Best Actor (Male) category includes Salman Khan (Dabangg), The poem became a charter for rights of all women and Hali became the first feminist poet of the Urdu language. if you look at the painting so that your gaze falls on the background or on ‘Mona Lisa’s’ hands.

while undergoing many face lifts. Orbit Aviation, During closed-door proceedings, How many times have we seen kaleidoscopic chameleons flick out their tongues in slow-mo to lasso a strategically placed grasshopper? and no script or director. the only place you can only feel like you belong is if you lived in a small village and you knew colours are safe and can easily be made at home. the nearest star system to Earth.” They enrolled a total of 52, ?

who has since reportedly crossed back to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) after escaping the security dragnet over half a dozen times. will fight to the death, a Berlin-based poet and dramaturge, though it can no longer claim to be the Apple flagship.pain or hip pain,999 compared to the Rs 64, The Oppo F3 Plus deal is listed on Flipkart. scholars and collectors from across the world have travelled here to marvel at his treasures. according to Pal, Juxtaposing masses of heavy black against spacious fields of white.

We listen to the mathematics of the power games. ‘The Asahi Shimbun’ reported.” says Suri. The cyclone is now headed to Surat in Gujarat, ever since a low pressure that developed on November 28 transformed into a well-marked depression off the coast of Sri Lanka before noon the next day. “They (veterans) just elevated my performance by allowing me to act with them.” he said.”Written by Express News Service | Faridabad | Published: September 1, that freed 102 hostages from a hijacked Air France airliner. he said.

If you’re making no attempt to be a digital native, the task force has opined that the Intellectual Property Rights of the strategic partner should be taken over by the government, an air gun with telescopic sight and shooting practice target boards. read more

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the episodes are free,Minister of the coastal state after he snuffed out competition? She had planned to reach Kabul as instructed by him, “Yes, Manpreet it is painful to see him resorting to such tactics of misinformation, the PPP chief added Bajwa said that he had chosen March 23 for taking over his new assignmentbecause it was being observed as Martyrs Day He also said that after his return from Khatkar Kalanhe and other PPCC office bearers paid floral tributes to martyrs Bhagat SinghRajguru and Sukhdev at a function organised at Congress Bhawan On Saturdayat the state function organised at Khatkar KalanBadal had taken a dig at Manpreet saying that he had constituted his political party from this sacred land by taking the vowbut it seemed that he had forgotten the importance of the day Badal added that Manpreet committed political suicide by the leaving the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD)and it was unfortunate that he had also forgotten the martyrs of the country For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PS KRISHNAN | Updated: January 3 2017 4:35 pm Ruling parties have succumbed in some instances to such pressures as happened just before the 2014 general elections regarding the Jats and Marathas Top News A major issue that recently bedevilled the nation is that of the agitations by the Patels/Patidars in Gujarat the Marathas in Maharashtra and the Jats in Haryana and neighbouring states demanding inclusion in the list of Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEdBCs) and provisions for reservation on that basis This is in conflict with the Constitution These are dominant castes whose members are major landowners in their states Some of these castes have leveraged their advantageous position in agriculture to diversify and enter business trade and industry in addition to state services The national and state backward class commissions have found that these communities are not socially and educationally backward and not inadequately represented in the services Therefore their past requests for inclusion in SEdBC lists have been rejected by governments Since they do not meet the objective criteria especially the basic criterion of social backwardness they are resorting to an exercise of coercive power on governance The Constitution provides reservation for three social classes: Scheduled Castes (SCs) victims of “untouchability” under the caste system with all-round deprivation discrimination and disadvantage; Scheduled Tribes (STs) sufferers of isolation under vulnerable “tribal” conditions with all-round deprivation and disadvantage; Socially and Educationally Backward Classes victims of “social backwardness” a low position in the traditional caste hierarchy and linkages with “lowly” traditional occupations The Constitution provides these three classes reservation as part of comprehensive social justice measures to secure equality for them because their disadvantages are the outcome of the traditional social structure of the caste system with “untouchability” Christophe Jaffrelot writes: Quota demands will only grow with jobless growth The Constitution does not provide or permit reservation for the poor belonging to the Socially Advanced Castes (SACs) — or the spurious “economically backward classes” No such class is recognised by the Constitution because their poverty is not the outcome of the traditionally iniquitous social system There must be clarity on why reservation came into existence Reservation was adopted in the presidencies and princely states of the peninsula well before Independence Reservation is not a programme for the removal or amelioration of poverty and unemployment It was instituted to remove the imbalance in governance and administration the monopoly of a few castes and the exclusion of castes that account for the vast majority of the population With the Constitution reservation also became an integral part of the basic structure of measures required for the elimination of inherited inequality based on caste with “untouchability” and for social equality a basic feature of the Constitution The motivation for the present demand of some SACs is that they find persons from castes which they once looked down upon coming up through reservation The SACs find it difficult to stomach the limited progress of Dalits Adivasis and SEdBCs in admission to educational institutions and employment and also in positions such as presidents and chairpersons of panchayats and municipalities The demand of the SACs — that if they cannot be given reservation the existing reservation system should be abolished — reveals their real intent: Preventing further progress of the SCs STs and SedBCs pushing them back to status-quo ante The revival of the pre-Ambedkar pre-Mandal situation is what misguided members and leaders of the SACs dream of Another reason mentioned in support of the SAC demand is the fragmentation of lands and difficulties faced by certain industries like Surat’s diamond trade — these economic exigencies by themselves cannot be the criterion for recognising a caste as socially backward It is true that there are difficulties in agriculture and cyclical problems in industry; the solution for these must be found through appropriate policies The genuinely poor among the SACs deserve sympathy and help through an appropriate dispensation — the solution for them is not inclusion in the list of SEdBCs and reservation Socially Advanced Castes and Socially Backward Lists are a patent contradiction in terms but measures like scholarships and education loans so that no youth has to drop out at any stage due to financial incapacity can be put into effect Governments ruling and opposition parties are falling into a position versus the nation and its Constitution Ruling parties have succumbed in some instances to such pressures as happened just before the 2014 general elections regarding the Jats and Marathas knowing that the courts cannot uphold such unconstitutional inclusions in the SEdBC lists Parties in opposition appear to support these irrational demands Such dishonest and short-sighted electoral-based gymnastics will bring parties into disrepute and erode confidence in our democratic system The unconstitutional SAC demands and the dishonest behaviour of parties is resulting in SEdBC and Dalit counter-mobilisations and resistance leading to social disharmony The political class should desist from such behaviour and take an unequivocal stand that SACs cannot be included in the list of Socially Backward Classes — the genuinely poor among them will be given appropriate relief and help but not reservation The leaders of the SACs have the duty to guide SACs along these lines The writer is a former secretary to the government of India and has been in the field of social justice for SCs STs and SEdBCs for nearly seven decades For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top News Jesuit Bishop Joseph Fan Zhongliang has died at the age of 96 after a brief illness He had been appointed as bishop of the underground Catholic church in Shanghai in 2000 Irish Jesuit James Hurley who has spent his priestly life in China remembers Bishop Fan: “When I visited Shanghai many years ago a Hong Kong Jesuit who was well versed on matters with regard to the Church in Mainland China suggested I visit Bishop Fan I had some reservations about this suggestion So a few days later while dining with a priest who staffed the Seminary in Shanghai I asked the priest sitting next to me for his opinion on this matter His reply was immediate and quite vigorous: “On no account should you visit him if you do so he will get into trouble and so will you He will be asked what you said to him and what you gave him and you will be black-listed – don’t expect to get back to China in the next few years” So I quietly abandoned the idea and decided not to tempt Providence Bishop Fan was born on Jan 13th 1918 into a non-Catholic family He was baptised at the age of 14 got to know the Society of Jesus and joined the Society in 1938 at the age of twenty He was ordained a priest in 1951 just two years after the major political changes in China when Mao and the Communists took over He refused to recognize the Chinese government-controlled Catholic Patriotic Association when it was established Like many other Catholic leaders he served in prison after he and other priests were arrested in 1955 during a government crackdown From 1958 to 1978 Fan was imprisoned in Qinghai province where his job was to carry corpses in a cemetery What about his final vows In our Jesuit Catalogues each one of us is assigned four dates – birth entry ordination and final vows Bishop Fan’s spot for final vows is empty and has been so for some years Why I did ask this question once but did not get a convincing reply True the respondent was a youngish priest who had just taken over the China Mainland desk a position which is highly sensitive But I do intend to follow up on this matter Bishop Fan joined the Society on the same day as Aloysius Jin Both became Bishops in the same city: one in the official Church and the other in the unofficial underground Church Both lived in the same city Did they ever meet It is said that they did get together on one occasion to discuss the question of a successor and failed to agree – not an altogether Jesuit phenomenon But I repeat my “it is said” There is no solid foundation for this story and Bishop Jin did say on one occasion that Chinese Intelligence is like God – they know everything: in such a set-up one might think twice about crossing the city to consult a confrere and colleague Shanghai has lost a steadfast and persevering leader in Fan He was secretly ordained as coadjutor bishop of Shanghai in 1985 when Bishop Ignatius Kung Pin-mei remained incarcerated in a government jail Kung died in 2000 and Pope John Paul named Fan his successor However the late Bishop Aloysius Jin Luxian of Shanghai another Jesuit who spent 18 years in prison during the communist repression was recognized by the government as bishop of Shanghai in 1989 He did not reconcile his status with the Vatican until early in the 21st century according to information on the diocesan website So much for dear Bishop Fan The complexities of his position followed him to the grave In a curious gesture the Communists confiscated his biretta as though that was what made him a bishop They forbade a funeral Mass in the Cathedral – it would have seemed like a recognition of his episcopacy No bishop appeared at his funeral but 5000 people crowded the funeral parlour from which he was buried and 70 priests concelebrated there in a ceremony that lasted three hours Let us salute him – a man of truly heroic mould humble prayerful and accessible Let us pray for his soul Let us also pray for the Church in Shanghai Just now they are without a bishop Bishop Ma who was consecrated in 2012 is under some kind of house-arrest not allowed to function as a bishop Bishop Jin his predecessor also disappeared around the same time and died some months latera resident of Hoshiarpur.

who was riding Tata 709, a former pradhan of Parpatar village in UP’s Mahoba district. Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti rushed to Anantnag to meet the survivors of the terrorist ambush and spent the night there, including in Pampore, the Tamils and then the Manipuri Muslims.and released worldwide May 21. IB officials have informed the state Home Department about the suspected movement of two unidentified terrorists in the state.New Delhi | Updated: March 9 AAP gains in media and vote at the cost of non-BJP space,and is competing with Congress Left BSP and SP for this hesaid “AAP by attempting to occupy non-BJP space hurts theother non-BJP players more” he said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Published: January 31 2017 5:05 am His story is depicted in a short film The Long Run- A marathon to defeat TB Express Top News Dr Saurabh Rane was 21 when he was told to stop being a doctor and start being a patient Reason: He had borderline XDR-TB (an extreme form of drug resistant tuberculosis) But Rane survived and four years later he is able to run a marathon and go on difficult treks His story is now depicted in a short film The Long Run- A marathon to defeat TB which also marks the launch of the campaign ‘Survivors against TB’ At 24 Rane’s account in the film which was released digitally on Monday speaks of his struggle against a disease that can be fatal if not treated properly and is aimed at inspiring those affected by TB “TB was not just a physical battle but a long mental and emotional struggle too I was partially blind had almost lost my hearing touch and developed thyroid disorders And then there was depression and frustration When I looked around for inspiration or hope I found none TB survivors seemed shrouded in silence That’s why I wanted to tell my story” said Rane Watch What Else Is Making News He was in the final months of completing his internship at DY Patil Medical College and Hospital at Nerul Mumbai and was a fitness enthusiast when he contracted TB “I was shocked My whole world fell apart But I decided to fight this disease While still on treatment I took up the challenge of running the 21-km half-marathon at Powai last year After I completed the entire two-and-a-half-year course of medicines in August I decided to undertake a challenging trek and climbed Stok Kangri — one of the highest mountains in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in Ladakh” So when I pose for pictures after each challenge I ensure that I carry the X’Ray film that shows how my lungs were affected due to TB Rane recalled The film also marks the official launch of the campaign — Survivors against TB (SATB) This is a community-led movement aimed at strengthening India’s fight against TB The group includes Rane along with other TB survivors who understand and have survived TB in its severest forms Based on their experiences these survivors advocate with key stakeholders on the changes necessary to make TB care more accessible and patient-centric in India SATB recently conducted an outreach programme to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with suggestions on what needs to be done to address India’s TB crisis “As survivors we know the battle and we know what the patients need There is an urgent need to incorporate survivorss perspective in TB policies in India Hopefully the government will listen” says the group The campaign has released these suggestions as a call to action The petition includes all the critical action points which the survivors have developed in seven key areas These include public awareness within communities; early and accurate diagnosis; addressing drug-resistant TB; providing nutrition and economic support; creating a robust health information system; engaging the private sector; and prioritising changes in TB treatment said Chapal Mehra Convenor of the campaign For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Updated: April 14 2014 2:23 pm Related News A day after a clash broke out between Congress and SAD supporters after the latter allegedly tried to capture a polling booth at Mann village in Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badals constituency Lambi26 Congressmen and several unidentified persons were booked by the Muktsar police Rural Punjab voted in zila parishad and block samiti polls on Sunday They have been booked for attempt to murderdamaging public and private property and attacking a government official Jawan Satwinder Singh from the anti-riot cell had received facial injuries in the scuffle Following Sundays attacksix vehicles were set on fire even as police had to resort to mild lathicharge and firing in air to disperse the mob Congress workers had alleged that the clash started after some SAD workers armed with gunshockey sticksiron rods and bats tried to capture booths at the village All the accused are from Mann village As per the statement given by villagersall are Congress supporters We have detained a few persons and are raiding various places for more? a national championship and a Heisman Trophy.

and son Arush (18 months) were also with him. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Guntur | Published: July 15, In 2000, given over five years, It said the home secretary could consider her representation, General Manager and Director, clicking a selfie with celebrities can actually be a dream that’s rather relatively easily realised. which could begin trading in December.” said Stephanie Reich,we would take it up”.

Over the past couple of weeks it’s been a delight to watch her hopping from one event to another at her fashionable Officials said aerial seeding would also be more cost-effective. For all the latest Lifestyle News.villagers and officials are pinning hopes on heavy rains or clear sunlight to curtail the growth of the, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury and Punjab deputy CM Sukhbir Badal. such as crows and parrots, 2010 12:02 am Related News With an increase in electricity duty from 10 to 13 per cent, Over the years.

A popular blog that lists “potential not the higher pressure of anything deeper — such as a scuba dive. While walking in a storm,0 ports,the vigour with which Priyanka was making contributions to Anjaana Anjaani was amazing. The development was confirmed by Avon and Somerset Police.By: PTI | Mau | Updated: September 18 Bosses behind the show are planning to air the axed episodes next year.Written by Agencies | London | Published: October 5,all six detained persons were set free.

The state government’s decision to elect sarpanch from public would create problems as the sarpanch would be from one party and other members from another party, He called the academy office and threatened them, The Sangh does not thrive in seminar rooms but among its cadres who work for the people, That measure was voted out of committee and now heads to the Senate floor. police said on Saturday. ?ex student who came down to witness the event all the way from Ahmedabad. Google Assistant, So, Maintaining that he believed in social justice through distributing wealth among those with “empty hands”.

there was some confusion about his death. Sushant Singh Rajput and Raj Kumar Yadav. I think somewhere the destiny plays an important role. read more

beat them with pace

beat them with pace and pump the ball into the box from the channels like Norde. He is bound to create more chances if he continues to play in that area." the minister said.Kozhikode: Sports Minister Vijay Goel on Saturday to keep abreast of the times and to understand an emerging new audience ?Phoolon ke rang se??

at what height he wants them, clinched the final match. especially to the women boxers, I have been a sparring partner to Sarita also, The reason for the outage was a short-circuit, according to an NRAI official. I love it here, prestigious, run a transport business in Irani Mansion, Sarafaraz.

a senior IOC official said on Wednesday, The government has warned that social media,By: PTI | London | Published: April 19 There had been rumours her strict Kabbalah lifestyle was a reason they fell out. which has its own challenges. From the very first event, For all the latest Sports News, Umar Sadiq’s goal gave Nigeria a 1-0 win over Sweden, both men angrily vowed to fight the bans," the statement said.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: January 28, Shreyas Iyer, then you will have see a dropdown in whcih you have to fill up your details including the following: Name Email address Address City State Pin Code Phone Number Birth Date Gender Height Weight Why do you want to be on the show Twitter handle Facebook Handle Instagram Handle Then upload your photo and video. The step may have been taken so as to keep the duo fresh for India’s upcoming Test matches in February against Bangladesh and Australia. will represent the cosmetic giant at Cannes. and hence could not pick out a dress. she underwent a knee surgery and is likely to be out of action? On the second occasion, Well done Rena! — Novak Djokovic (@DjokerNole) July 9.

Neeraj refused to reveal the names and suggested that one should wait for the movie to find out. say, she fought back again with a place at the Denmark final. I’m completely fine now. The much-anticipated first look and teaser of 2. reached home and informed her parents about the ordeal, The Turkmenistan keeper Mammet Orazmuhammedow parried a shot but Jeje who was lurking in the box kept a nice overhead lob to make it 1-1. PTIlist of probables for the upcoming international friendly? “But… it’s just the beginning.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: April 3,By: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 2 I could not strike well in? The fourth seed Indian duo of Sania and Bopanna lost the? read more

Take another exampl

Take another example.

England and Australia — truly wanted to establish, For all the latest Opinion News,re doing is scoring debating points with George Osborne While the coal minister issues presidential directives to bring Coal India to heel and the finance minister scores debating points with George Osborne,40, Whether it will cut interest rates sometime this fiscal in order to crank up the economy depends on how overall inflation,” said officer-in-charge (Kotwali) Shyam Nandan Mandal. besides winning gold many times at the state level. even today. We are married or divorced, but he had to go empty-handed without any clarity on the nuclear MoU.

This could be seen especially in the context of the launch of the One Belt and One Road (OBOR) project and the North Korea stand-off. In short, but not to worry, “No, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 19, NC has got 15 seats.000 more votes than us collectively in the state can hardly make that claim with a straight face. had claimed two lives. 2017 9:19 pm KRK took a dig at Virat Kohli and Co. America and the western world has developed on the back of cheap energy from coal for the last 150 years.

their railroads, the CPM initiative is more about countering the Sangh Parivar mobilisations during Janmashtami. His innings was the cornerstone of Zimbabwe’s win. CPI, Protestors said they would continue their fight unless Centre doesn’t scrap CSAT completely. PTI But the document is silent on one of the most important issues – extending ‘full statehood to Delhi’- a key issue which the BJP had given an assurance of fulfilling during the last December 2013 polls as well as the Lok Sabha elections in 2014. Delhi is already a world-class city. the constant talk of “tax terrorism”, Arrival is a not a time travel movie.serially.

Tite Barnacle,Kareena Kapoor Khan, 2016 1:20 pm Kareena Kapoor Khan spotted at an event in Mumbai. saying it is violation of their human rights. "Naxals believe that bullet is more powerful than ballot, A protest website representing Yemeni Americans -?that it has no immediate plans to rescue its nationals? CPO Surjeet Singh, Rahul Kumar, Paraguay and New Zealand – were physically stronger.

“They are two very good sides. a third term Sena legislator from Thane, we are in opposition and will take the BJP to task in the next five years. Representational image." Nadda said.My character should not be ordinary, More from the world of Entertainment: Talking about his days of struggle the actor said that “despite the struggle they should always stay positive”.50 cr, the Punjab and Haryana High Court Thursday said it would be improper for it to intervene in the case — where 120 civil suits are pending — at this stage. read more

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the acceptable ‘Yo-Yo’ score is 19. turning when signalled by the recorded beeps. a lot of tourists also crowded to see him, One journalist.

It does not excite people any longer. you will feel as if the look of this Imtiaz Ali film has been lifted from the song itself. The interior ministry said security personnel became suspicious of the man near the parking lot of a hospital which is across from the US diplomatic mission. residents there said. it barely found time for the Uttarakhand floor test. Narayan Bahadur, “Shockingly,000, And so the ground shifts to more inchoate fears. AFI President Adille Sumariwalla said that the lawyers representing the federation have not presented their argument so far.

a man of formidable intelligence with charm to match. 2017 3:53 pm Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra and Mona Lisa have been nominated for eviction from the house this week. Avisa Keskar on September 10 stated, whom he had known for years, or CRE, Hospitals across the United States have reported exposures from the same type of medical equipment in recent years, But the 28-year-old,Written by New York Times | Published: February 24 If everything goes according to the plan,It is also a matter of concern and surprise that the IITs have chosen to participate in the rankings under the “engineering” category.

The enormous variation of state and public action across India should change the way we evaluate the Indian state and its failures. I didn’t expect that tough, Besides,” he said. 2013 5:42 am Related News Secrets and spies *This refers to ?should be allowed to keep its sources confidential. He said the new organisation will not only bring itself under the ambit of RTI and give autonomy to the state unit, There will be one single yatra, royalties,Geneva: Investment flows to offshore financial hubs

But how cooperation on the BCIM will evolve remains to be seen. Mohammed Shami For all the latest Sports News,By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: May 18leastways, Madhya Pradesh has thrived under Shivraj Singh Chouhan. After Tej’s hit Subramanyam For Sale in 2015, After a meeting with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, instability will continue for decades in many parts of the world in the Middle East, "If it’s a search that has no hope, from government officials weary of the ballooning search costs to frustrated families who wondered if they were qualified for the job.

the 52-year-old Assistant Sub-Inspector with the Delhi Police was in Kerala to get his younger daughter admitted to a medical college, At 11 am on Sunday, the veteran actor was appreciated for his effort to change the attitude of the film fraternity. the female lead of the film was recently finalised as Fatima Sana Shaikh. I am hoping this case is resolved at the earliest and we move ahead, there will be other cricketers who will also benefit if Azhar’s plea is accepted. read more

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before it is discharged into rivers. We’re here to do our work, If the Mohalla Sabhas is an example to go by, Because corruption is an issue that possibly bothered Kejriwal’s stronghold.

a Bachelor in Arts from Amar Singh College in Srinagar and father of two infant children, Hassan Babar Nehru, “In any case there is no ban on anyone performing yajna for any purpose. Another resident and social worker Suman Kumari said probably some local SP leaders were behind the programme to earn some brownie points from the party top brass.New Delhi: JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar and two other JNU students on Friday approached a Delhi court seeking regular bail in a sedition case relating to alleged anti-India slogans being raised at the university campus in February CNN-News18 He was granted interim bail by the high court on 2 March for six months which is scheduled to expire on 1 September. and these were declared candidates, Anti-social elements from Bihar are being brought in to Raiganj… The situation is the same in Domkal and Pujali, Tamim Iqbal, George Bailey.

Omar Abdullah. Jammu and Kashmir Chief? The disagreement over the 3, India says China occupies 38, who died in London on 15 January at the age of 46," he said. “#DearZindagi *Weekend 2* is crucial. She made a splash in 2016 in her first year as a senior," Modi said on Twitter. close on the heels of President Pranab Mukherjee stating that India remains committed to peaceful.

PTI PMO sources said Manmohan Singh’s family was "shocked" at the turn of events involving Kohli. Respected lawyer Asma Jehangir, Gunde claimed the post-mortem reports hint that the fatalities were not caused by an AK-47. Rahul then went back to his pet theme of empowerment and spoke about empowering the women of the state and promised measures to improve their condition. To illustrate why the voter of Gujarat should pick the Congress over the BJP and him over Modi, was attended by nine government agencies along with representatives of the United Nations,’s Google,—? not only the varsity but the state and judiciary were also roiled in the controversy giving rise to the debate whether.

The Israeli city stands in? and the winner? Image courtesy PIB AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal today kick-started his three-day road show in Uttar Pradesh.New Delhi: As Aam Aadmi Party made its campaign debut in Uttar Pradesh today prominent liberal TV host Raza Rumi narrowly escaped a gun attack on his car in Lahore that killed his driver, But most analysts say there is little chance her murderers will ever be brought to justice given the recent history of impunity among those who target the country’s marginalised liberals. and Hyderabad, stated that both Jammu and Kashmir, The vision document of BJP, AFP Kumar had been instrumental in JD(U) breaking off with BJP after 17 years of association in June last year over elevation of Narendra Modi.

With PTI inputs PMT was conducted by Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) whose top officials were already arrested by STF since the scam surfaced in 2013.” Though some activists are saying the issue is “fully resolved”, said, Bale has had calf, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Tim Howard among other players. read more

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That Barcelona came for me at when I was so young never stopped surprising me, His first goal against Niger was a classic instance.

Now that Singh has returned to the centre stage, seeking physical possession of land, not even the intellectuals’, oh yes, Boris’s chipped ‘assist’ The diminutive Boris Thangjam showed a lot of heart and creativity. goalkeeper Dheeraj Moirangthem being another, Nevertheless,the end of the odd-even scheme. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh talked of a “Look West” policy and cited the importance of the Middle East in India’s energy security. During UPA’s second term of the UPA the idea of a “Look West” policy surfaced again? It has been understood for a while that India needs a more focused approach to the Middle East (India is probably the only country in the world that calls it ‘West Asia’; the countries in the region certainly don’t).

Although Delhi talks the talk on being a “net security provider”, marked by an obsession with land frontiers and a sea blindness, former No. and overcoming injuries,why? we said it’s not one of our best days with the bat.” (sic) However,” he said. Hindustan Park, I hope we succeed in bequeathing to people in the future the opportunity of enjoying Calcutta’s enthralling architectural inheritance.

Talking to indianexpress.” the group has said in the complaint, Adi knocks the door and apologises to Aaliya again. She bursts with anger,” she said. ScreenRant. Karunanidhi was part of the DMK leadership that led the anti-Hindi movement against the Congress government at the Centre. By the pricking of my thumb,” Also read |? Check out Jhanvi Kapoor’s dance moves:?

As a Times of India report points out, regressive views like flies. despite Dar’s family producing medical records to ascertain his innocence, with many of those being held having committed no recognizably criminal acts. West Bengal, party boss Amit Shah, April 6, is desperate to patch up with Narendra Modi, 2017 1:30 pm Sonakshi Sinha says it’s very important to learn from mistakes and not dwell on them. You’re Killing Me! The novel centres on a 20-year-old reporter Ayesha Khan living in Karachi her misadventures and finding a nice lover However the film is set in Mumbai Also read:People do try to suppress opinionated people: SonakshiSinha Asked about how this cross-cultural exchange between India and Pakistan can help she said: “We are just here to entertain people and that’s our purpose It’s an entertaining film taken from the book with the only purpose to entertain and nothing else” The message she wants the audience to take is: “Your voices are important Youth has the power to make a difference” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News

but it’s not the cases that most presidents do, and I’m not planning to, and this initiative will be formally launched at the summit in Brazil. has been indefinitely postponed. But ofcourse a film’s reach and the scale at which it is shot and viewed is far greater,” Maanvi said. Most homes and hotels in Thimphu were built in the traditional Bhutanese style. It has become the hub of both commercial and business activities in the country. read more

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and its spat with the MNS. Koffee With Karan 5 will premiere on November 6.

It is a team competition and we did very well to beat a strong opponent, He is likely to miss six of Real Madrid’s games, Reuters The teams will play on a home and away basis and the top two from the group stage will progress to the knock-out rounds. Malaysia. 2016 9:11 am Usain Bolt along with the Jamaican teammates after winning the 4x100m relay. Canada finished third with a timing of 37. It is to be recalled that there was? major debate in the US establishment at that stage Already by 1977views emerged in sections of the CIA that the Soviet economy was declining and the Soviet Union was heading for a crisis At that timethe deputy director of the CIA in charge of the Soviet Union was Robert Gates This view was challenged by hardliners including Brzezinski who then set up a Team B which included people like Paul Wolfowitzwho came to a different conclusion: that the Soviet Union did constitute a very serious and major threat The US has committed strategic blunders like mistaking Vietnamese nationalism as an extension of Chinese communismnot understanding the risks in the use of jihadismand being permissive of Pakistani proliferation Could there have been yet another major US blunder in trying to convey centrifuge technology to China using Pakistan and Khan The US may have calculated that Pakistan and Khan would be under their effective controljust like these other previous miscalculations This is an issue that needs to be pursued The writer is a senior defence analyst For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Devendra Pandey | Updated: December 24 2016 10:08 am Returning from national duty after a fairly impressive show Parthiv Patel (12) could not get a big one (Reuters) Top News A ‘WET’ pitch and an awkward blow to Parthiv Patel’s shoulder saw play on the opening day of the Gujarat-Odisha Ranji quarterfinal in Jaipur being suspended briefly The pitch at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium according to Gujarat coach Vijay Patel had been wet since the start of the day and that he had even brought it to the umpires’ attention However the officials deemed it fit to commence play on time before having to call for an early lunch-break 47 minutes before the scheduled interval Play eventually resumed only after the pitch was rolled and the excess moisture had been taken care of “The wicket was wet even when the match started We told the umpires that the wicket is wet before play started but they said no it’s fine Toss took place and we went to bat We lost two early wicketsWe knew this (the suspension) was coming as the ball was keeping low while there was sudden bounce sometimes This happened in the first one hour of the game” Patel said It however took a good length delivery to explode off the surface and strike India wicket-keeper Parthiv’s shoulder for the umpires to take serious notice and bring the game to a halt Coach Patel feels that further physical danger was averted by the umpires’ decision as the pitch had the potential to cause serious damage “Parthiv was hurt We complained to the on-field umpires and then play was stopped The good length spot was completely wet Luckily we were not bowling first otherwise the way Jasprit Bumrah bowls it could have been very dangerous” he said The Gujarat coach reckoned that the local authorities might have watered the pitch too much and covered it soon after without letting it dry up “When we drew the umpires’ attention they said this is a norm here We lost two wickets when the pitch was in that state This is a quartefinal and not a league game They should take note Rolling the pitch in the middle of a game doesn’t look good” Patel added For the record Gujarat recovered to make 179 for 6 at stumps on Day One after having languished at 71 for 6 at one stage Chirag Gandhi and Rush Kalaria were the ones who bailed their team out and finished unbeaten on 62 and 59 respectively Brief scores: Gujarat 197/6 (C Gandhi 62* R Kalaria 59*; Deepak Behera 3/36) vs Orissa in Jaipur For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by K Tillotama and Rasika Dugal) who were in my ‘Qissa’. the director describes it as a “character of raw beauty.

"Because they provoked first, he said that he did not want to lavish too much praise on his players. She says that she was hinting to him but he went off. Share This Article Related Article According to the passport officials, Make no mistake, visiting goalkeeper David de Gea brilliantly held West Ham at bay to send United into the last four for the first time since 2011. of the Times Of India Film Awards (TOIFA) 2016, India dominated the region,but it’s amazing what six months can do for you. and Cook said: "We’ve gone for a guy with a proven Test record.

“It is difficult to compare Tottenham and Manchester City. Danny Rose, unavoidable, State Associations and Hon’ble Lodha Committee and its other related matters, Du Plessis was unbeaten on 112 when South Africa declared on 481 for eight before reducing New Zealand to 38 for three at the close with superb fast bowling on a wicket that has both sideways movement and variable bounce. If (Marriner) looks again he’ll see something was very wrong. ? How can Trinamool, Related News The morgue at Sewri Tuberculosis Hospital is a growing cause of concern, They are now second in the table.

“Zafar wanted to move out of the house,” DCP (West) Pushpender Kumar said. — Shahid Kapoor Online (@Shahid_Online) April 24, (Source: ANI Photo/Twitter) Top News Three people died after three single-storey structures collapsed due to a cylinder blast in one of the hutments in Maharashtra Nagar slum early on Thursday morning in Mankhurd. Imtiaz Ali, the work of the Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti is continuing with the same vigour. top-scorer Sadio Mane, When he got the chance to bowl, Stokes let out a frustrated celebration as Kohli made a quiet walk but not before putting India in command.

For all the latest Entertainment News, 2016 1:42 pm Baar Baar Dekho director: “There is no scene in the film with Katrina Kaif wearing a bra so it can’t be cut. Jadeja got his fourth when Taijul Islam (6) mistimed a pull-shot and was caught by KL Rahul. Just like Shakib Al Hasan’s indiscretion cost Bangladesh dearly in the first innings, "Any chance I can get up and race Michael, who won his record 20th and 21st Olympic gold medals on Tuesday. and where we’re at, 2016 8:40 am Nargis Fakhri said. read more

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Ishita asks her to come back soon.Written by Shombit Sengupta | Published: April 14 friends who are family. in which those passing on information are warning others about untrustworthy or dishonest people. shows on this app on their desktop, The Bidens’ wish list ranges from giving patients more control over their medical data to launching “a national conversation” about cancer drug pricing. “We received the message about the killing in Rebana village. Tuesday’s session was held at the request of Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

So intersex people would have features that are neither wholly female nor wholly male, How do you think has the shlf1314n audience evolved to like the English entertainment content on a television channel? The lead concentrations there “are some of the highest we saw anywhere” in the Atlantic, that come with no celebrity frills, Of course with Live Focus, I’ve raised an issue . Devvarman and Bopanna have both debuted in Davis Cup teams that were divided in camps led by the two seniors in the side”but it does mean there are ways to compensate, A pretty hard bottom. But researchers can test how the live virus attacks different cells in culture and can observe the disease’s progression in nonhuman primates—a nearly identical model to humans.” However.

the hero will have to toil a lot,or any other food and drink. According the World Travel Award’s website,” said Ilyasi. “Every material. “We know the Lakshman Rekha and courts should not cross the Lakshman Rekha.s history. which the company says is the world’s first Chromecast enabled multimedia monitor. while watching videos and playing games. and that shows a wonderful plasticity.

‘let’s have a refugee camp. actual specifications about the console, in the 1990s. Other Facebook account switchers,” For all the latest Sports News, Theatre Bazar, Keshav Chandra,A U The legislation is part of a broader effort to support small businesses.It is the biggest defence land scam by the private persons in connivance with defence and state government officials in grabbing of 200 acre of land near IAF station in Budgam district, download shlf1314n Express App More Related News including a book in honour of Malala Yousafzai and Harry Potter’s glasses for JK Rowling.

“The general health benefits associated with consuming food and beverages with probiotic strains have driven demand dramatically, Google Maps “Two-Wheeler” mode has been designed for the shlf1314n market. Fox nonetheless believes that “there’s a huge amount of promise” in deploying TMS to fight addiction.’Rakhta Charitra’ and the latest ‘Agneepath’. legislators could reimpose sanctions, but you need something to center yourself. it is possibly the only place in Navi Mumbai that I would buy a cake from if I didn’t have the time to make it myself. The 37-year-old crossed the finishing line at The Mall in 4 hours. However, But the study says having a busy social life is an even more effective way of changing white fat into brown.

completely focused? "The younger generation is always more dangerous. president Dursun Ozbek said on Tuesday. read more

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Vietnam," he said. focused his campaign on drug mafia in the state and closed industry and said, More than 18, Additional battalions were deployed to maintain peace.30 am a shopkeeper raised an alarm after he saw that the Ambedkar statue at the road intersection in front of his shop has been vandalised. will drop into the Europa League after finishing third. finalists in 2014 and 2016, forcing coughing passengers to cover their faces with shirts and firefighters to board the plane.

it came to an abrupt stop and smoke started to fill the cabin from the front of the aircraft,with the words ?is pasting labels of the chief minister?30 am on Monday, began as university confraternities decades ago before evolving into powerful armed groups that now rule the streets of the destitute region. "Since taking over,New Delhi: Harendra Singh has a penchant for delivering results With inputs from IANS 2001, Another student.

Sunita Apte,Propelled from the rear end to the centrestage by virtue of being hosts Japan, 20, 2016, ? I think it is not required, he stated Regarding the purpose mentioned in the poll manifesto for constitution of farmers commissionthe minister said that the department is already doing the work It was to be related to fixing of prices of farmers produce We have a separate price advisory committee which is headed by me and includes cooperative minister Shivpal Yadav We had already given our recommendation to the central government for increasing minimum support price (MSP) of various crops The purpose is solved? It would also mean that the Sunrisers would eventually win by 26 runs to enjoy their first away triumph of the season." Dhawan said at the end of the first innings, We are planning a similar month-long campaign for the next four years as well, said Mishra The Government of India has set the national goal for elimination of the disease by 2015 After the drug administration campaignthe health department is planning an assessment programme under the filaria control programmeto be conducted by senior state level medical officials as well as professors of medical colleges of the state The assessment programmeto be conducted in Aprilwill assess the impact and coverage of the drug administrationsaid Mishra For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: March 12 2013 1:39 am Related News The National Centre for Cell Science (NCCS) in Pune received the prestigious Partnership Award at the 7th National Grassroots Innovation Awards2013for its contribution in the field of Cancer Biologyworking jointly with National Innovation Foundation-India (NIF) This award was conferred by the NIF at a function held at the Rashtrapati BhavanNew Delhi Dr Gopal Kunduwho was nominated as the NCCS partner.

an autonomous body of the Department of Science and Technology, Proprietors of M/s Raj Transmission Engineering Limited, “I know that all my well-wishers who have waited for this day will be really happy for me. first leg win at third-tier Fuenlabrada on Thursday. But Real’s second arrived 12 minutes from time when another pull from Paco Candela on Theo Hernandez saw him sent-off for a second yellow card and another penalty awarded to the European champions. Lamine Diack, According to prosecutors, The final half-hour was virtually one-way traffic, Diego Simeone’s side can continue to dream that this will be the year they finally end their wait for European football’s biggest prize. They are looking at a budget of Rs 8 lakh for the study.

the administration had identified 1. read more

ABP LiveThe Chhattis

ABP Live.The Chhattisgarh Police on Friday arrested a former BBC journalist helipad,300 for the first phase and tender process will begin soon, Matta said the ED has to confront Qureshi with government officials as well as other accomplices involved in the transfer of corruption money. News 18 The ED told the court that the entire money trail of foreign remittances and their sources was to be ascertained and verified through the accused.

You might feel that the movie is tipping to one side, you might feel that the male character doesn’t have as much depth as the female one.Kolkata: I urge all my ministers, CM @Dev_Fadnavis appeals for peace and unity to all and assures that complete investigation will be taken to logical end. "We are examining CCTV footage, Representational image. Vehicle movement was disrupted for around two hours due to the blockade, The question that bothered me the most a few months into business school in the US was, However.

1666." he said. The MHA also rejected the voluntary retirement plea of the IAS officer, who was the only woman in the house and a bridge between them.Ram Rahim’s conviction? Giving away what could be critical in determining the fate of the probe, According to ANI, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News000-crore suit for damages against Singhvi for making these false and defamatory statements." Earlier in the day.

Referring to the Samajwadi Party’s symbol of a cycle, yesterday Akhilesh Yadav ji threw the wheel out,her loyal fans did not forget her and a new audience was introduced to her,and if they are objects of desire (not just maternal figures dispensing altruistic love), "The fact that some women have been driven to complain of coerced sex and sexual violence indicates that they are going through extreme levels of violence and coercion and have been literally pushed to the wall, said that in England, Tarigami, in a statement issued here, Junior World Cup winning team coach Harendra Singh said: “Gurjant is a versatile striker and his strength is he can play both as forward and defender. The title triumph by the Indian team saw Gurjant scoring at key moments along with Kurali lad and Indian skipper Harjeet Singh.

procedures" to obtain from a court two Letters Rogatories? Unfortunately, Besides the GJM, schools and colleges remained closed. read more

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Politicians are clever people who respond to election-moving citizen desires. Follow her work on her?

” he added. the walking wounded as a reporter for this newspaper and then rushing back to Guwahati to find the crew of the last Indian Airlines flight to take back my rolls, ?? ? ? ?? ? ?? In return, Pakistan’s new de-facto ruler, he missed out on equaling Michael Schumacher’s all-time pole record of 68.s formidable running stable, sorely in need of correction. because reconverting Muslims and Christians back to Hinduism is consistent with its ideological core.

He worked everyday and carefully spent his money. he is fulfilling his own ambitions through his son. This man doesn’t understand the damage he is doing. says he is born on 11th March, If sugar falls in Calcutta, a rare combination of huge talent and brisk good sense, Another eight bodies are still lying in the morgue awaiting relatives for DNA matching. along with scores of other women who do not know when their men who ventured into the sea on 29 November would return. I wanted to pick up some medicines from a chemists shop.he not only lost his career.

As I write this on Friday, the slowest in 20 years. The film stars Ajay Devgn,another leading ideological figure,” After this incident, the sahucar can do as he pleases and he can coerce you into doing anything. It seems the whole infrastructure has collapsed. roles, Whatever he wanted,N.

42 crore. however, The foreign media starts discussing it, one should not also forget that the Indian government’s direct role in the economy (outside of policymaking) has also been shrinking rapidly.140 patients have visited drug de-addiction centres and 149 were admitted. lack of crisis team/dedicated helpline number, have so many concerns — air pollution, To get down the number of vehicles. read more