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100 million dollars hit second-hand car, people network can achieve a single point of breakthrough

text / Luling village

as a second-hand car potential consumers, I often pay attention to the trend of the second-hand car industry, for people in the network before the completion of financing to cut into the second-hand car market news, some of their views.

and 58 city and go to the market crazy burning different, set up nearly 10 years, people network has been "muffled money" status. However, with the wave of O2O sweeping, people network finally can not sit still. After a total of nearly $100 million in D financing, the high-profile announcement of this round of financing will be mainly used to plough the used car market.

obviously, this is the net in the competition in the industry of "single point breakthrough" strategy, the high-profile announcement to enter the second-hand car market, was simply trying to cut segments to find classified information outside the outbreak point. Undeniably, in the housing market downturn, recruitment market has become saturated, the use of second-hand car this network of people’s advantage business is the best entry point for people’s network of force classification information.

but as in other areas, the used car market is not a good road. Can the people’s network be opened? At least I have four questions.

1, the tuyere is not

any industry is the process of quantitative change to qualitative change, so called "tuyere" is the time of qualitative change. So, for the used car industry, the wind coming,


data show that in 2014, China’s second-hand car trading market size of about 500 billion, but online trading share of only 1%. China the second-hand car market is still far from reaching a stable level, China’s new car sales and second-hand car sales of about 3:1, while the number in the United States on the contrary, in between 1:2 to 1:3, the average level of the mature market is 1:0.7. Obviously, our country’s second-hand car market has the very big growth space, but the tuyere has not arrived.

so, I think the people network in this period cut into the second-hand car market, in fact, is only a kind of exploration, and it is risky exploration. Although the first entry Bureau has the advantage of first mover, it will also face the difficult problem of the educational market. This situation tends to occur in three situations: 1) the success of the education market and on the head of the transaction, on behalf of Alibaba, has become a giant electricity supplier; 2) the success of the education market, but was later "cool", is not rice, unfortunately for Sina micro-blog open; 3) failed the education market, "don’t Jie the first dead body", on behalf of M chat, in complete failure after the battle with WeChat.

people network now hit 100 million U. S. dollars to do second-hand car market, if it is used to educate the market, it is simply a drop in the bucket. If it is to do that for model exploration, itself has been through the classification of information occupies an important position in the people network of second-hand car market, is too risky? Why not explore in someone else’s small clue, then use their resources directly to the right way to go. Let cool people do not do, kind of tree, whether it is necessary,


A lost stationmaster, speechless bitterness

I don’t know. I can’t count on being a webmaster, because I haven’t made a long website, and I’m sorry about it.

tell me about my experience here. Don’t laugh at me. I was born in the countryside. 13 years ago, I was very ignorant, should be said to be blank. Even the earth is round, do not know. Or do not say this, ah, 2001. Big changes, I came to Shenzhen, the big city. Get rid of the ignorance of childhood. With the first computer. It’s garbage. 256 memory. That was my first contact with the computer. At first it was mainly playing games. Of course, the machine often goes wrong.

every time to find a cousin to help repair, 2003 for a new computer. The configuration was good at the time and often had problems. Every time I have to repair the cousin, watching. Know some. 2004, just contact the network, when there are free space NetEase can use. Do regular HTML pages. But not long. NetEase’s free space has stopped. Search for other free space on the Internet. To tell you the truth, there is a lot of free space at that time. But soon.

‘s first contact with BBS is BBSXP, ASP. ASP is really easy for beginners. It was only curious when I was standing. Find out what plugins are for themselves. Just follow the instructions, the first time to install a plug-in, as well as instructions to amend personal information successfully. Very pleased。 Ha-ha。 Then I heard about DVBBS.

started doing DVBBS. 2005. Initial contact DZ. At that time, people heard that PHP was running much faster than ASP. Just get in touch with DZ. Start buying space and corn. Bought a space for junk space. It’s 1G space. That speed is definitely a snail. Because I play more games. So the station was the game at that time. I didn’t know how to promote it at that time. Not many people at all. I’m not in the mood to go on. Wait until that space expired, and want to do the site. Because I was a student then. There’s not much money to use.

has been looking at Baidu for a few days. I found my brother. (many people say he is not good, ha ha, I do not say he is good), this space speed is much better than before. There were so many problems at that time. SEXXXXX UXXXXXXX often occurs. Over resource limit. I’m depressed. Day IP100+ Forum on the ultra limit, often appear. I’m fed up with complaints from members every day. Later, fewer and fewer people. It’s really important to find a good space.

2006 to 2007, the mid-term exam. Not much about websites. Oh, door. I failed in the entrance exam and I got poor grades. 80 points to test. He’s been unemployed, he has nothing, nothing. Every day in front of the computer in a daze, boring ah. I’m dreaming of nothing but websites, but that’s just a dream. I don’t know if I can make it. I’ve been doing this for the last 2 days. Www.>

731, the game network formally launched, so that my entrepreneurial dream can be achieved

just out of college, I have lofty ideals and entrepreneurial dreams, most of the university graduates will be completely out of the campus, start another life, but also faced with the trouble of entrepreneurship and work. I am also in the confusion to their life, I did the usual in what is usually love the Internet, hobby, learn a lot of things through the Internet, but not their own ideas, a friend introduced by, to simultaneously access the A5 read a lot about the IT industry information and experience, I love the A5 at that time. Sometimes registered several domain names, sometimes look at the data, a few months down I felt a lot of things are not available, not mature, no technology, no experience, not to mention what a business, no experience and no technology for a newly graduated student, prospects. A5 gave me not learn to experience, let me gradually understand the Internet information, almost every day to see the Internet information, an Internet industry or business feel relatively fast, I believe the industry, learning to understand the IT industry for 2 years. 2 years have done what station, navigation station, music station, community game station, although the station did not much experience, or not too rich, still learning, because the Internet is changing too fast, feel hard to succeed, the solitary wood forest hard, from the experience of technology also is not sufficient. Inexperienced and have been learning progress, has not given up the It industry. In August 09, I bought /cn/, then after buying choice of domain name registration, virtual host, understanding the domain name industry, the competition is very fierce, because they do not understand the market, abandoned the project. Want to do video station, station without a license and copyright issues are difficult to do based on personal video, now can not handle the video licence, the registered capital of 10 million state-owned enterprises must be, so give up this project, any project myself because they do not understand the market these problems have become empty.

A5 then issued a collection of projects, to help many people I plan, then I want to reflect on the complex figure, Wang said: the most powerful game (currently, the most powerful 17173 game trading is 5173731 so many people first feel is associated with the game. You accept the /cn/ series, the domain name can be defined, 731 game nets, and 17173, there is no specific Chinese explanation, in the face of strong promotion, we are also the default, 171735173 731). I think the graph king said is right, after reflection, think for a long time, think the game itself is a popular profession, and I also fully understand a few games, was that this project, I chose the game industry, then this is the domain name or location due to the "graph king". Before I want to do the game station, but the direction is still not sure, SNS community, small game, web game portal, after market research, eventually chose the online game information portal

From the designer’s point of view, system development

has been developing a system for some time, and its functions have been confirmed by some customers, but it has been a big problem that the interface is not good, so the first two or three weeks have been devoted to improvement in this area. Face the design of N interface, N++ miscellaneous, broken, messy page arrangement, it is a headache really. Well, that’s all done. Sum up the busy two or three weeks.

first a brief overview of the system interface landscaping workflow

1: preparation stage, familiar with system related documents, have a general grasp of the system, not the design of dwelling; measure about summary page problems need to improve refinement; assessment, planning work time; people, change the staff clearly involved in the design, designers and developers.

2 phases: design, design, facilities and systems need to beautify the key interface specification, making; page layout display structure specification CSS; modify, participate in and guide the program developers to modify the page structure, in strict accordance with the standards of good, the process is quite complicated.

3, the review stage: investigation, such as the icon of the transparent background, pop-up box size and so on; remedial, manual for each interface simple operation, summarize the remedial problems submitted.

in fact, many programmers pay attention to product function development, but ignore the ease of use and beauty of the interface, leading to the development of rough and ugly products. They forget that system development is for human use, and that the inconvenience of operation is ugly and will not appeal to users. But if each development is to make the interface designer to make up, designers and programmers are tired. It is better to bring the presentation layer into the development schedule as soon as possible.

stands by the designer’s point of view to provide some suggestions for system development

1. Designers must be involved in system design.

the role of designers should not only on a single interface landscaping, conversely, if he does not understand the development of the system, his eyes will be very low, unable to stand in the height of the system overall design ideas, an interface Hyun can only solve the problem, can not solve the deeper problem. Mars thought it was probably the difference between an artist and a designer.

recently looked at the Jesse James Garrett user experience elements, which describes the five aspects of user experience (Figure): strategy layer, range layer, structure layer, frame layer, presentation layer. Mars appears in the first two level designers must fully understand, Mars in the development of this system is to ignore these two points, so that later make up the work, after the three level designers must be directly involved in the interface specification, etc.. In this case, the system design and development will be carried out according to "one" road, and will not take the "Z" road.

two, design system key page effect diagram