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On site keywords positioning method

general flow is higher, the greater the competition, we have to pay Shanghai dragon is more expensive, but often the greater the flow of words, the conversion rate is not high, so sometimes we found the target keywords have no chance to do it, there is no need to be sad, when you do go up and found can’t give you much transformation. A key flow we can love from the Shanghai index can be very intuitive to see, as we view the sprinkler love Shanghai index:

positioning is directly determined by the cycle of our Shanghai dragon, or may directly determine the success or failure of our Shanghai dragon. The reason for this is because some keywords is very fierce competition, we must do when doing keyword positioning, in manpower and under certain conditions, we can not make up the key words don’t touch, otherwise it will hurt your confidence. So the keyword positioning is very important, so we should choose the suitable keywords to slowly accumulate, when you have some resources on hand, we can further develop, rather than just give yourself an impossible goal. So what should be how to locate the key words? Here I come with you on my view.

, a degree of attraction between keywords and keywords.

Keywords Keywords

for example, a user wants to search for the purchase of tablet computer in Shanghai, if the notebook computer appears the title, this is a disturbance to the user, because the relevant information to buy tablet computer might not be willing to pay attention to the notebook computer, want to buy a tablet computer users, all other information and tablet computer related we can understand the content of user interference. And if we do only the sale of a tablet computer website, which are all relevant information about the tablet computer, the title is also all users pay more attention to the content, such as tablet computer tablet computer prices, pictures, this website will get more users click, so it gets more weight high.

with this keyword of the average monthly and annual flow of water, and the sprinkler users to search the word may have many kinds of needs, some may need to see the sprinkler video, some users may want to see pictures of sprinkler sprinkler sprinkler, toys, music and so on, these do not belong to our goal customers, because it is formed.

, a web site may also want to do a keyword, but when choosing the keywords we have to consider a very important question: before the keywords and keyword link. Why do you say that, you may have never heard of this argument, then I will come to you of. I will take the computer industry as an example, please see below:

We can see from the above

two, observation and statistics of key words flow.

The search engine is more and more critical challenges using station search engine

stations is a website, but must be unified, classification management, information sharing, single sign on can. The first station group proposed by the government, now has a wide range of application areas, such as government portal group, large enterprise websites and industry website group etc..

station group profit orientation:

third: standing group of way to do in the boutique boutique industry station, station for customers to advertise monthly fee charged. For example: we can do N on steel station, the station provides the chain for the master station, the flow of import etc.. And then we can master it to put advertisement let you know some industries, iron and steel, machinery and other station advertising but great oh.

station group definition:

A collection of

second: their products into selling products, the first method that Taobao customers in fact we still do the wedding dress for others. The excessive stage only belongs to a personal profit, when you are in the Taobao customer profitable enough to find a product to your agent, you can do it yourself, create a number of product promotion Keywords optimization to love Shanghai home, your products will Everfount sold out. A lot of money will brush came, the profit is higher than the Taobao customer.

fourth: advertising alliance. At present, the domestic good alliance is Google and Shanghai love alliance. We can use the station to create a number of small flow station, to apply for Google and love Shanghai alliance is put up, wait for the money is.

network promotion in the station group, refers to enterprises or individuals to establish a website at the same time, website optimization and promotion, so that the enterprise information coverage increase, network marketing competitiveness is stronger, easier to get orders.

definition: the so-called standing group, is a unified standard, unified planning, based on the unified standard, based on the unified technical architecture on the basis of classification management, classification and maintenance, high coupling degree, information can be presented to the site collection based on shared specific permissions. Do not put a lot of websites together can be regarded as a station group, must be unified, hierarchical management, information sharing, single sign on can. Station group achieved a unified technical standards, to implement interoperability, cluster management, consistent website operation and service specification.

: the first domestic stations the most profitable to the number of Taobao customers, is the most famous of all know the elder brother. Like the original brother left in a very short period of time to L-carnitine love Shanghai home occupy more than half of the position, although it was later dropped but the artificial love Shanghai, he also earned not a small sum. In fact, Taobao passenger stations do not have to be slimming products, slimming products are popular keywords, we can properly reduce the difficulty, so it is relatively easy, as long as we do in the station group to minimize the cost of execution, as long as you are strong enough, there are still a lot of room for profit.

Definition two:

Wuhan, the entrepreneurial mentality of a city entrepreneurs and investors can not see each otherDog

in addition to the school itself has three outstanding entrepreneurial training team team, ice rock workshop, LIAN, entrepreneurial atmosphere and the power of the circle is the driving force behind, data show that more than 70% years, China graduates have participated in innovation and entrepreneurship training program to experience during the reading.

search business is a product return dog based on search engine, provides various forms of search dogs search entrance product, suitable for various types of website, search products business types include: search box, text, pictures, links, pure charts and text recommended, you can according to their site layout need to select the appropriate specifications.


national square dance founder Hui volunteers when summing up the characteristics of HUST entrepreneurs, and reliable is their low-key label. "If China students said to do a app, so that by the time he can come up with something."

is constrained by Wuhan’s wage levels, with data showing Wuhan’s programmer gap has reached 100 thousand. In this case, either cultivate their own, or high wages to dig people. One needs to spend a lot of time and one must have a large sum of money. These two points, for start-up companies, are no small challenge.

investment ecology

talent Guaixiang

as a vigorous growth of entrepreneurial city, Wuhan entrepreneurial ecology how? In this trip to Wuhan, saw more than 10 point technology entrepreneurs and investors, they have the right to speak.

Abstract: a local media friend at the dinner table summed up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs believe that local investors do not understand the Internet project, and investors also feel that many start-ups do not fly.

, a local media friend at the dinner table, summed up this phenomenon: Wuhan entrepreneurs and investors can not see each other. Entrepreneurs think that local investors can’t read it

thunder’s search dogs, Chinese as the most powerful entertainment resources search engine, mainly to query the film, songs, games, video, software, content and provides download download search engine, has been occupying a large share of the search and download market, and well received by users.

in random 10 entrepreneurs in five from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology: National square dance, school board games, micro Uland heart, Jane, to find celebrity friends. This ratio may be a coincidence, but the business circle "Huake system" is a big group. The father of WeChat Zhang Xiaolong do not have to say, the Dolphin Browser, volume leather mesh and so on these get good financing of the company, have students from china.

what about the investment climate in Wuhan? The conclusion may not be as good as the outside world thinks. One data illustrates the fact that only one of the 10 startups I’ve been talking about is actually taking money from a local investor.

business branchI met !Please click the

at present, thunder dogs search alliance cooperation, not only gets more reliable on commission, the temptation is to earn traffic through cooperation can, as long as your site is sh419 included, add dog web search, you can enjoy the dog search to your site bring certain flow

Wuhan universities, university graduates each year are numerous, but many entrepreneurial team has complained in the recruitment of talent. It is very simple for interns Guaixiang, recruit people can use immediately, but difficult.


"the line of Internet practitioners of Wuhan, many want to come back, this is our chance." Send micro games founder Tang Luyao said, nostalgia and equity into their advantages to attract top talent.


In August your business website also long

has not put forward a lot of answers in before they have a heart of the results, as for why question, whether anti Web2.0 anti spam Raiders down what? What is love Shanghai and give away? Imagine if an enterprise independent website search their own business name search not to the company’s website, it is convenient for users to provide better service quality? The answer is negative, change an angle to think, if the search keyword that can search relevant information of the company, or that can be directly generalized to search user meaningful and have a direct role in guiding the company information. Then love Shanghai will lose his existence value for


2. Shanghai station!

3.web2.0 anti spam anti down exactly what? Most of my customers even search company name station can not search, instead of location is mostly without authorization of enterprise acquisition and generation of local yellow pages, classified information


1. enterprises have engaged in optimization traces by K in the enterprise customer site in his hand.

black June, July has passed, love Shanghai innovation is to engage in the industry of Shanghai dragon had a naked Er blow, pseudo original will be K, long-term not update will be K, friends of the chain in question will be K, K K,  collateral damage ! Well, the face of the enterprise, the love of Shanghai really a pain killer song and various K! Haven’t write blog, it is a relatively recent busy time and energy really are placed in the process of observation and research in enterprise ranking algorithm, the two it is to optimize maintenance station is many enterprises love Shanghai malicious K off, need to do a lot of remedial measures, including a series of excellent and soft start, I like a refugee in Shanghai dragon! I stand down the right according to their own user made a basic summary of the love of Shanghai continuous K, specific analysis is as follows: " /p>Most of the original

sex for promotion of the site without a K, is a coincidence? Or to the auction page to show the word is a direction of the high quality


4. enterprise Web2.0 station is your mouth? Love the sea is not clear what concept of corporate websites and Web2.0

reform is inevitable, and the platform will, before the anti love Shanghai, I said, when the anti love Shanghai Comrades back and ask yourself if there is no mobile or Unicom today calls this price? Competition will have a mutual benefit, finally consumers and users will get the final the real benefits and convenience! This time the reform of the old Shanghai dragon can only say is advancing more power, because there is a lot to be followed, stop doing business friends and I have found as a new algorithm, and for those who cried every day, the chain, may also be a bad news. Such a person, not what the industry quality, not what the industry ethics, nor what their upbringing, only at the time of the failure of high abuse, everywhere.

Love Shanghai for prompt on-line meaning is worth discussing


user experience is the most fundamental problem is to improve the quality of their SERP page, rather than by the record to remind that, I believe that many people think so, because you remind, eventually allowing users to choose, eventually allowing users to click which I should consider? And the most the key is the number >

The two

don’t know love Shanghai why not all of the pages for the record label, is unable to determine, or do not want to mark? Do not know, here, can only be understood as the record that is too confusing, some do not indicate, some of that, it is to show what? What specific markers, which we can not. You go to check Oh, and if the website

b) for the record "enterprise website" or "website" or "institutions for the record"

in 11.13, Shanghai issued a message of love "love Shanghai search on-line ICP record information display to help users select safe results", the explanation for this line fell in love with the sea this data is intended to allow users to have more information, improve the user experience, reduce user selection risk. The current record information in the relevant part of the hospital in search results show, follow-up will be extended to the maintenance, customer service phone, a number of possible financial risk within the industry. The future will also support the record information display results more abundant, please the webmaster friends and subsequent user attention "is this love; Shanghai gave us the answer, however, with 360 search is approaching, this change is 360 search came after it appeared, it gave us more thinking so, love Shanghai, what is the significance of on-line filing tips worth discussing

: one of the record reference, for the user experience to improve the relevance of

a) record too confusing


why do you say that, because the love of Shanghai shows the record of the site to distinguish, we can clearly see as shown in figure

display to show what? Mark "is to improve the enterprise website" hits, "or personal website hits, or" record "institutions hit it, I don’t know, just know, the idea is to let more people know the record of information, after can expand to more areas, such as maintenance, customer calls, the financial sector, and let more people understand, but, what is the purpose? In the end is to allow users to click on where? You can think of

yes, if the website appears below record information, you can quickly identify which is the enterprise website, which is personal information site for the record, in the user to determine the site is can get some good promotion, but the record shows that I still have some problems that this shows the problem about

To get a better ranking of keywords by trimming

The benefits of

four, trimming

is now a Jingdong, Suning, and other famous sites are beautiful with fine tune this method. In the case of Jingdong, the Jingdong of the related products recommended to change according to the user preference and recommend the following figure, for example:

on the page page conversion rate fine-tuning to ensure

Through the

tuning is modified and adjusted based on existing pages on the site, update is a new page. Update the site generally do not need fine-tuning, the best adjustment section.


of the high conversion rate of the page, sorting and editing, improve the user demand and information.

can analyze data through several means to fine tune:

; Two, why should

, what is fine

the user’s needs are constantly changing, we need to improve the conversion rate of fine-tuning, such as thematic pages;

page of the continued good click through fine-tuning to maintain user;

on the local fine-tuning: home page link remove and replace operations.

three, trimming and updating of the difference between

is for a long time without fine-tuning change page, the website of local changes, the adjustment of the text, pictures, layout and section position.

No need to click The

, six case

can be driven by fine-tuning the update site, promote ranking.

This is the recommended

five, the fine tuneThe

also, from search engine angle, search engine may not unlimited crawl the Internet all site data, thereby reducing the probability of "we will search to long-term changes and click" no difference in the old database. That is to say, in the search engine database is limited, and the search engine in the preservation of new data, will continue to remove old data, so we use fine tune a good solution to this problem. The following picture we often see is the result of omitting the love of Shanghai, belongs to the category of old data:

website click rate is very low, analyze the needs and preferences of users, and for the forum and navigation adjustment, but also fine-tuning.

page click on the map (thermodynamic diagram) analysis on the website of the forum, the user clicks, demand, thus positioning section and forward operation.

change with the change of user demand.

for long-term change page, we need to adjust the page, which led to the site updated by 304 status code;

The search page of eye tracking changes the Golden Triangle disappeared

two, the new elements cited eye tracking changes in

, another reason is that the search engine new SERPs elements sparked eye tracking changes. For example, the noble baby search result in the traditional left corner, because of the new SERP elements (such as Knowledge Graph, Carousel Local and Listings etc.) is dispersed.

ten years ago, eye tracking search results page that eye tracking showing gold triangle, but the new research found that this has changed, now people become more vertical eye tracking more dispersed.

Knowledge Graph (the knowledge map, directly displayed by the noble baby information in the SERP) will because the answer is relevant and significant difference of attention.

look at the noble baby Carousel (carousel, in an image, the top of the page display >

, the golden triangle into a more vertical dispersion

introduction: ten years ago, eye tracking search results page found eye tracking showing gold triangle, but the new research found that this has changed, now people become more vertical eye tracking more dispersed.

this study, 53 participants, asked them to complete 43 search tasks, and then catch their eye movements. All the operation in the PC Canada on the search engine to complete the noble baby.

Study of

with the new SERP elements appear constantly, people have the trend of faster scanning page. In 2005, researchers spend an average of 2 seconds to scan a page, now only 1.17 seconds.

participants will not meet in the relevant content directly jumped to the bottom of the contents of the. However, if the result is related to the knowledge map, it will in the following list attracts a lot of attention.

analysis, a cause of this change is that people use mobile devices to spread, cause people more accustomed to browsing page in a vertical way.

Mediative also in 2005 when done similar research. At that time, the study found that people focus on eye tracking SERPs is showing the "Golden Triangle" – the search results page in the upper left corner.

Mediative found that over the past ten years, the search engine results page (SERPs) have changed a lot, which also led to the change of users accessing SERPs attention.

however, results of this study in 2014 but ten years ago with great difference. The "Golden Triangle" disappeared, instead, focus on eye tracking people more vertical, and the search for something different.

The webmaster do not ignore the use of Robots

2. shielded duplicate pages: if we find our website there are two aspects of the same page, but in different ways, we’ll use Robots shield a page, the spider will crawl but still not put out, we can directly see the number of pages being intercepted in Google webmaster tools.

two, Robots.txt

, the origin of Robots.txt

Optimization of

3. shielded some dead links page

we do when the site on the line, there will be many irresistible factors put out by the search engine, which leads to a decrease in the overall quality of our web site in the search engine, we lead to the impression of poor, the role of Robots is to shield these irresistible factors don’t let the spider put them out, then we should be shielded. Some

pages? Effect of The establishment of 1.Robots.txt

1. without shielding some content page: give you an example will understand, for example: the registration page, landing page, shopping page, post page, message page, search page, if you do 404 error page to screen.

4. shielding longer: over the long path. We can use the Robots input box shield.

before I have been emphasizing details, is now the love Shanghai requirements of the web site is to see the details of your good code, label and so on to detail, as part of a Robots website also belong to the details of the job he has a great help to our site, there may be many new Adsense don’t know what a Robots is, I give you said some operations on the Robots.

create a notepad file locally, it is named Robots.txt, and then put this file in the root directory of the US, so that our Robots.txt is built up, some open source applications such as weaving is with Robots, we modify the.

we must first understand that Robots is not a command or instruction, Robots is a web search engine and the third party agreement, the agreement is the content inside the Robots.txt, early is used for privacy protection in the website, he is a TXT file in the root directory of our website.

we only those with a common feature page shielding can not, spider crawling does not mean that the spider can’t grab the address, and the address can be able to crawl to crawl to the two concepts, of course we can handle the dead links we don’t demand shielding, can not be handled by the way we like the dead link we need to shield.

three, Robots.txt

The path

How to get outside the chain of high quality sources

Now I must

blog operation is also have certain skills, rather than doing advertising. Management or blog staff will take you to delete the blog, then you will sad. The operating principle of blog is: when do blog, not to take pre link, first through the trial period, if you just apply the blog link, it is easy to be deleted. So webmaster friends must pay attention to. Another point is that the contents of the blog not to be too simple, it is easy to be deleted.

forum should be very simple, we may more than I use is OK, but I also here nag about, some BBS signature is to a certain fraction, is also limited, the new registered account does not have this feature, you should be made a number of stickers, made a number of points, in order to bring forum signature. Another point is that made every post, after a period of time must go to the top, or sink, the search engine will be deleted deleted.

the first time in the acquisition of high quality chain of the source, we want to know, the chain which has several forms: 1, blog (blog), 2, 3, exchange forum signature, Links, 4, 5, get a one-way link, some B2B net, 6, some news sources. These six points should be the source of the chain of all, if there is something else that is my ignorance, but also hope you Laoniao enlighten; believe three things are all the most common site for chain method. The fourth is a high quality the chain is difficult to obtain, B2B may be only a few website owners heard the news source is less.

details about the operation of the 6 methods of the chain:

Links, it should be said that simple is not simple. When do Links exchange, if met veteran Adsense, so as long as the exchange of a few basic conditions, estimate >

The chain

3, Links exchange:

1, blog (blog) the methods of operation:

The operation method of The

2, forum signature:

The easiest

outside the chain of more than six sources is blog, forum signature, chain exchange and B2B website, the second is the one-way links (not everyone is so generous, others will have a single website, so why is difficult, the most difficult) so the source of the chain is the news source, it is of the highest quality news source of the chain.

every webmaster want to obtain high quality, so as to improve their website ranking. But the high quality of the chain is not easy to get, then how to get outside the chain of high quality sources has become a huge problem of all owners, whether personal Adsense or the company’s website, are tangled this problem, then I will introduce to you the know-how, how to obtain the high quality the chain from here. Welcome Paizhuan:

The traditional stall transition to the Internet, using the Internet 90 thousand rural young man

remember in June 10 years after college entrance examination, I have no concern about the results of the things, because my family conditions I know, I never intend to go to university, but when I received the admission notice, I have no previous surprise, the mood of the day is very dull, because I feel the college notice for me it is just a piece of paper for me is not essential, meaningless.

window under the sparse rain, every day was chased out of nowhere, I want to talk to you, look at the impulse, all the way through their bitter history, so I decided to use my own experience written down, not for anything else, just to record my true portrayal of life.

come to school when I was looking for my father had a talk, with three thousand dollars to sell rice to me, let me in any case to the university to complete, because they are not read many books, but chose to keep at home in a lifetime, so they all hope lies in the next generation of us, let us go out of the countryside, break a piece of their own business.

Guide language:

that time I was going to do a part-time job, come up with a business idea, then I scare myself to live, because the hand is only one thousand dollars. I also need four months, I hesitated for a few days, but also around the school to a few days, after the most promising a good small product — small fan, because of military training during the hot weather, lying in bed at night can not sleep, a small fan can easily fix the problem, but also do not worry about the problem of cold, so I took the cruel two months of living expenses 500 yuan try not to eat instant noodles after two months spent, so I put down the so-called face, the first step to set up a stall, the first day I share with each lower than near the store price of 5 yuan to sell two a small fan, earned a total 15 dollars, at that time.

in September, I have my father gave me three thousand dollars for the poor students, student loans, smooth came to a university in Pingdingshan, gave me the most profound influence is, the first day of school, in front of the campus dormitory is full brother and sister who sell things in our lives, then what did not feel strange, familiar in the school after a few days, but I gradually found in front of the school on the street every day there are a lot of people selling things, people are early to account for the location, some people even for a position and a quarrel, like that gold position be taken.

I am a 90 poor boy, I was born in a small remote rural family, parents are honest farmer, because we that remote places are poor, so I better than children as early as the "home", because of this kind of environment makes me not to endure hardship, not afraid of dirty. Not afraid of tired character, so also the achievements I choose from the flea market started to resolve now.