general flow is higher, the greater the competition, we have to pay Shanghai dragon is more expensive, but often the greater the flow of words, the conversion rate is not high, so sometimes we found the target keywords have no chance to do it, there is no need to be sad, when you do go up and found can’t give you much transformation. A key flow we can love from the Shanghai index can be very intuitive to see, as we view the sprinkler love Shanghai index:

positioning is directly determined by the cycle of our Shanghai dragon, or may directly determine the success or failure of our Shanghai dragon. The reason for this is because some keywords is very fierce competition, we must do when doing keyword positioning, in manpower and under certain conditions, we can not make up the key words don’t touch, otherwise it will hurt your confidence. So the keyword positioning is very important, so we should choose the suitable keywords to slowly accumulate, when you have some resources on hand, we can further develop, rather than just give yourself an impossible goal. So what should be how to locate the key words? Here I come with you on my view. read more

stations is a website, but must be unified, classification management, information sharing, single sign on can. The first station group proposed by the government, now has a wide range of application areas, such as government portal group, large enterprise websites and industry website group etc..

station group profit orientation:

third: standing group of way to do in the boutique boutique industry station, station for customers to advertise monthly fee charged. For example: we can do N on steel station, the station provides the chain for the master station, the flow of import etc.. And then we can master it to put advertisement let you know some industries, iron and steel, machinery and other station advertising but great oh. read more

in addition to the school itself has three outstanding entrepreneurial training team team, ice rock workshop, LIAN, entrepreneurial atmosphere and the power of the circle is the driving force behind, data show that more than 70% years, China graduates have participated in innovation and entrepreneurship training program to experience during the reading.

search business is a product return dog based on search engine, provides various forms of search dogs search entrance product, suitable for various types of website, search products business types include: search box, text, pictures, links, pure charts and text recommended, you can according to their site layout need to select the appropriate specifications. read more

has not put forward a lot of answers in before they have a heart of the results, as for why question, whether anti Web2.0 anti spam Raiders down what? What is love Shanghai and give away? Imagine if an enterprise independent website search their own business name search not to the company’s website, it is convenient for users to provide better service quality? The answer is negative, change an angle to think, if the search keyword that can search relevant information of the company, or that can be directly generalized to search user meaningful and have a direct role in guiding the company information. Then love Shanghai will lose his existence value for read more


user experience is the most fundamental problem is to improve the quality of their SERP page, rather than by the record to remind that, I believe that many people think so, because you remind, eventually allowing users to choose, eventually allowing users to click which I should consider? And the most the key is the number >

The two

don’t know love Shanghai why not all of the pages for the record label, is unable to determine, or do not want to mark? Do not know, here, can only be understood as the record that is too confusing, some do not indicate, some of that, it is to show what? What specific markers, which we can not. You go to check Oh, and if the website read more

The benefits of

four, trimming

is now a Jingdong, Suning, and other famous sites are beautiful with fine tune this method. In the case of Jingdong, the Jingdong of the related products recommended to change according to the user preference and recommend the following figure, for example:

on the page page conversion rate fine-tuning to ensure

Through the

tuning is modified and adjusted based on existing pages on the site, update is a new page. Update the site generally do not need fine-tuning, the best adjustment section. read more

two, the new elements cited eye tracking changes in

, another reason is that the search engine new SERPs elements sparked eye tracking changes. For example, the noble baby search result in the traditional left corner, because of the new SERP elements (such as Knowledge Graph, Carousel Local and Listings etc.) is dispersed.

ten years ago, eye tracking search results page that eye tracking showing gold triangle, but the new research found that this has changed, now people become more vertical eye tracking more dispersed. read more

2. shielded duplicate pages: if we find our website there are two aspects of the same page, but in different ways, we’ll use Robots shield a page, the spider will crawl but still not put out, we can directly see the number of pages being intercepted in Google webmaster tools.

two, Robots.txt

, the origin of Robots.txt

Optimization of

3. shielded some dead links page

we do when the site on the line, there will be many irresistible factors put out by the search engine, which leads to a decrease in the overall quality of our web site in the search engine, we lead to the impression of poor, the role of Robots is to shield these irresistible factors don’t let the spider put them out, then we should be shielded. Some read more

Now I must

blog operation is also have certain skills, rather than doing advertising. Management or blog staff will take you to delete the blog, then you will sad. The operating principle of blog is: when do blog, not to take pre link, first through the trial period, if you just apply the blog link, it is easy to be deleted. So webmaster friends must pay attention to. Another point is that the contents of the blog not to be too simple, it is easy to be deleted.

forum should be very simple, we may more than I use is OK, but I also here nag about, some BBS signature is to a certain fraction, is also limited, the new registered account does not have this feature, you should be made a number of stickers, made a number of points, in order to bring forum signature. Another point is that made every post, after a period of time must go to the top, or sink, the search engine will be deleted deleted. read more

remember in June 10 years after college entrance examination, I have no concern about the results of the things, because my family conditions I know, I never intend to go to university, but when I received the admission notice, I have no previous surprise, the mood of the day is very dull, because I feel the college notice for me it is just a piece of paper for me is not essential, meaningless.

window under the sparse rain, every day was chased out of nowhere, I want to talk to you, look at the impulse, all the way through their bitter history, so I decided to use my own experience written down, not for anything else, just to record my true portrayal of life. read more

The following

, according to their own once be right down to the recovery site, with practical experience to share with you.

QQ is one of the artistic conception of Xuan hand site which is based on QQ personality category of words in one plot site, each keyword is 10000 index, so competitive as can be imagined. Because I do stand time is very long, a lot of big words in the second, third page, many of the long tail word on the first page, the content is excellent compared with the site, and the chain has been doing. read more

engaged in website construction and website promotion of the circle of friends recently rumored that Google began recruiting Shanghai dragon optimization of executives, this is a very interesting thing, Shanghai dragon is to discern the search engine optimization idea, then there is a good ranking site made by certain means, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners and search engines is the opposite relationship, and the search engine for Shanghai dragon head, "this is singing what play?"

Google search engine has been dominated by the boss’s position, although in the Chinese market once lost love Shanghai, but in the global market, Google boss can not shake the status, with nearly 700 million Chinese Internet users, Google has been trying to enter the China market again, and this news will appear from time to time, after all Chinese market has development potential. Infinite then, Google once again into the Chinese, they will reflect the reasons of failure, or dig some desirable things in love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon optimization love Shanghai has been doing very well! read more

first view the site is changed, I took a site to optimize it, before doing the non mainstream pictures of the keywords into May Day, although the website content or have been included, but received the contents recorded after the change began to reduce the title keywords, then second days began a snapshot and a series of problems, in fact, for this and the site itself is not much problem, but do not often go to change keywords. There is a web server is not stable, often can not open the case, when you visit the site of the spider did not get to, so the spider is unable to crawl and grab the effective content of the update, and then in the course of time leads to the site snapshot and other issues, so we suggest you must give your site buy a > read more


now online shopping market is more and more big, so there are a lot of stationmaster people think this is a good opportunity for business, and established its own mall, hopes to use the search engine promotion is Shanghai dragon skills to your shop mall to bring traffic, let more people to buy or pay attention to the website, so for the shop mall, this type of website how we choose keywords? First, since it is a shopping mall, shop type website, choose keywords do not choose too difficult words, and to have the product website, we select the target keywords first is difficult to optimize, second conversion rate is not high, so we can choose some keywords or long tail keywords, because there are a lot of people are the first love on the website to find the target keywords for reference, Then when something of interest, will be careful to check some detailed things, this time we can use relevant keywords and long tail keywords optimization brings us customers, so for the shop, mall website we propose to select the relevant keywords and long tail keywords to improve the conversion rate, and we choose the target keywords, we the best choice of the index between 150-3000, if the index is too high, the difficulty will improve, so not easy to select high index related keywords and long tail keywords. read more

three, users on our website

When a lot of friends to communicate with the author

how to allow users to click on our website, how to let users stay in our website. The main embodiment of the title and description, mainly reflected in the relevant search inside. User search habits are not the same, the same meaning as the keyword search, when we write an article, best title related keywords layout in the description and content inside >

, a website to increase the audience

said hard to optimize the website, do second pages or do 11 is not to enter the home page, which is what causes it or what is a good way to home and into the top three? Point of view we turn to stand in the search engine, why should our website row prior to three, what is the most core factor? According to Xinhua website the operation experience of ecological wood as a case, the website to enter the home page and stable in the top three, mainly to see the site audience is click rate and return rate and meet the needs of the users and the website user experience is particularly important, here we analyze several methods. read more

Shanghai dragon knows keywords Shanghai dragon has very obvious regional, specifically how to do, for example, I search Shanghai dragon in Guangzhou, so the home page will appear in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon ranking the first site, while in other local search too, such as in Dongguan Shanghai dragon search page will also appear in Dongguan Shanghai Dragon ranking the first site, as shown in figure

because I make friends in Dongguan and Changsha friends help you search the Shanghai dragon, the results obtained above and the same, there are no local Shanghai dragon search site, but other non Shanghai Longfeng regional key words, although there is no local site second pages, but the page display three local sites, and this is also the regional ranking in the past the main feature, but there is concern about Shanghai Longfeng regional ranking friends should know that the beginning is not local to the home page of the site Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ranking, but I also did not specifically observed when the local Shanghai Longfeng site, at least this is always there. read more

if a position we want to occupy in the search engine marketing is very good, so the expansion of effective keywords must not be less. You must accept this and according to carry out the work of optimization to this point. As the following operation idea:

1, to determine the main keywords, or is the core keywords, product words; 2 words: regional city across the country: 3, Shanghai: we love related search terms here in the "Shanghai dragon optimization" for this keyword * price * specifications. Love Shanghai related search term, 4, sales of Related words: * * * * company wholesale price quotation * * * which good manufacturers use it * * * * type picture of how much money that brand is good, read more

two, French fighter can do

, it is necessary to search a vertical search engine?

to answer this question, we should observe from the search engine itself. We observe the love of Shanghai. 360 other search engines. In fact, the vertical search engine they have been doing, for example, map search, news search, music search. 360 also recently launched a search for a good doctor. These are the proof of vertical search, so the vertical search is necessary.

please indicate: 贵族宝贝mark.zhiyiwang贵族宝贝 (perceived ease of trademark transfer network) read more


if we want to build a Shanghai dragon blog, we want to know what love is the choice of Shanghai user experience good site to give weight before it goes up, so what kind of station user experience it?

so we want to make a new ranking in the short term, in fact, the method is very simple, we can solve how to get the weights of the Shanghai love on the line. How to get that? If in accordance with the routine, of course is the more the chain, which station accumulated more resources, the cumulative amount of more users, more content resources accumulated, which stand more dominant! In fact we can’t spend 1-2 years to do a ranking, then I will tell everyone to use the whole network marketing to achieve our goal, we modified the read more

today is talk about this topic because some novice for the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng planning is not clearly found in the group at present, they do not know what to the diversification of network marketing is good? Or to professional is better? In fact, can not simply say which one is good, which is not well, this is the key problem of location of your own, such as you want to be a network marketing company responsible person, there is an overall planning on the whole network marketing company. You must have a very broad knowledge, you can learn what is not fine, but you must understand, and can bring these irrelevant things together, and monitoring well. read more