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Station should not rush, everything will come true

impatient to eat hot tofu, refers to work not to be impatient

is not to say no again, we cut to the chase — whether it is life or in the network, even if the site is the same " eat hot tofu, please " new friends stand and intend to do stand friends under reference. Many of my friends have the strong interest to do. Looked at a lot of website development and make yourself full of longing, and stepped into the station in this industry. Since entering into the industry then want the site better, but made the website friends know we currently rely on search engines to own included, some people say that on the evergreen tree, after all the website can have? Even before is because the evergreen included


a lot of new problems is just do not search engine included, especially Baidu. A time often began to complain. Finally give up. But I want to say is " the site is really so good? How many people do " the world is the real success again? How much? I want to say, not how experiencing rain rainbow? A vulgar not vulgar words. But actually the development of a website is not the case? So I want to say, please don’t give up, if you really want to make it developed after some people suffering. Then continue to go down. Do not speculation, not anxious. Don’t think for your search engine and do stand, as long as it is to conscientiously complete you should finish the contents of it. There may be a friend to say 100 Not included in the website by IP what to eat? I just want to say, you are to do station? Or to included? Money is not false, this is our purpose. But a wise man will do good to do station, search engine, after making money. And all this is a step by step process. In the development of the network, want to seek a way to survive you must stick to it, otherwise you will be eliminated.

So in addition to

novice do stand should pay attention to avoid anxious, but also know what? Or how to better the development of the website. I am not what the veterans. Build the first site until now has less than 1 years. But when you really experience to do a webmaster of this matter will be realized more things, rather than rely on time to complete.

1. novice do stand to do SEO. very simple to say what is SEO? If you have a decent appearance as well. The appearance of course, many people patronize… Of course this is the popular analogy SEO optimization. There are 3 main points. The first title: must be eye-catching, but, not to add some strange symbols in how those symbols will be down many people? And more distinctive eye-catching to you, the network do stand so much? The name emerge in an endless stream.

The Ding Dong District, a microcosm of domestic investment in the field of TMT

introduction: if this is really the Ding Dong District fell, also is not the last to fall.

Ding Dong district capital chain rupture and evacuation of the Beijing market rumors lasted a week. In the process of constantly exploring the reasons behind in my line of sight from the beginning of the Ding Dong District founder and the team itself, transferred to investors or even the entire TMT industry investment.

Ding Dong District founder Liang Changlin reliable? From the past results, very reliable. Liang himself said, "I’ve only done two jobs, the first is the military, then the entrepreneur."". Demobilized from the army after the start empty-handed founded the mother site Yaya net business for ten years, never financing, and in 2009 to achieve profitability.

investment is like gambling, investing is betting. There is a saying, "reliable team + general project" than "general team + reliable project", we can see the importance of the team to the investment project.

Liang Changlin and his team are certainly reliable. Where is the problem? It’s on the investor.

investment, due diligence and the founder of contact, understand the market environment, investors in general, product or business model, operation direction and planning, financing and use, will have its own judgment. Risk investment failure rate is high, especially in the early stage of angel investment, investment projects, enterprises or markets are often in the early stage, the profit model is not clear, the high failure rate, the investment failure is understandable. The usual choice is to try to increase investment by stages.

this reminds me of the previous period, Ali has $5 million, $50 million investment in intelligent remote control application Peel, first of all, not to evaluate the effectiveness of its investment, at least in the investment attitude and manner is rational. So, the Ding Dong District Angel round of financing billions of dollars, more or less makes people feel too hasty. 5 moreover, this time the Ding Dong District of products, by a large number of patterns in the interpretation, investors are not too much attitude, get to know that 1 hundred million May, now There is not much left.

this is related to the problems facing the current investment industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, various venture capital have risen and poured into the TMT field. However, good and successful projects are always the minority. In order to improve the success rate, in addition to search for reliable, reliable screening or team project, is the popular areas of entrepreneurship wide net, such as mobile Internet, O2O, online medical, education and finance, the field of intelligent hardware etc.. Although these are not all short, flat and fast projects, the possibility of withdrawal is greater due to the influx of other investment institutions. Of course, hot money comes quickly and goes quickly. Once the cold, investors in the entrepreneurial team, the role of the show.

Ding Dong District investors did not do very well at this point. Public data shows that investment in the Ding Dong District is a >

The designer of PR two and a half from the 0 to the 3 wise remark of an experienced person

April 2 Rizhao case, check their website included, found PR rose to 3, feel very excited, a few days to browse your blog (designer’s home below a subdirectory) found also rose to PR2.

happy, sum up experience, to share with you:

1, looking for excellent links, can not find the money to buy high-quality links, I have spent tens of dollars to buy a gov government website links, and guide new sites, the effect is very good.

2, the establishment of a discussion QQ group, send excellent articles, increase the rate of visitor visits, lock visitors.

3, BBS post, posting is a skill, don’t very direct hair website link, send pictures also line, picture address is their website address. Note: only related sites, the effect is obvious. (my website a lot of traffic is through search pictures to enter. Oh, there are articles), plus, the Jiawei hope, this is not the chain of good


4, the establishment of several blogs (Sina, and news blog weight is relatively high), update excellent articles, by the way to publish to the blog above.

5, website updated content every day, this is very important, let spider every day to climb.

my level is limited, written is not good, directly released in the webmaster network, I hope everyone will support the designer’s house:

Website Google PR value drop reason comprehensive system analysis program

from single to integrated Google quietly completed the PR value of the new standard conversion, which marks the Google PR valuation of the site has been mature. But as a webmaster, we should know clearly the PR value for the site, customers SEO experts said Google "assessment of the PR value and is not just a good-looking but useless name card, Google assessment of the PR value will not just stay at the site of the external links, from single to comprehensive is any the development of things of the road, the PR value of the evaluation standard is no exception!", so the PR value will eventually become the iconic website weight level data, how to maintain good PR value of the site has become a research topic, what is the Google on the PR value of the new rules? You can read "on" new rules change the Google PR value evaluation. As a webmaster it is very difficult for us to achieve "does not" mind, mood with website traffic and the PR value of the curve increases with the flow and excitement, the PR value of the curve decreased and dim, this is generally the head of psychology, in the face of the PR value of the reduction, we will feel uneasy, because the PR value of the reduction means that the website the weight is reduced, keywords ranking is then reduced. Then, why is the PR value drop? According to years of systematic research, comprehensive and systematic about the main reason for the decline of the PR value of the website.

1, the site’s high quality external links in a short period of time, a large reduction of

as we all know, Google assessment of the PR value is still high quality external links as the main factor, from a single to integrated needs a process, it is impossible to mature at once. SEO experts in the universal navigation network tracking research found that: the PR value of the site will increase with the quality of external links to enhance, reduce and lower. So if the site in a short amount to reduce the high quality of the external links will inevitably lead to reduced website PR value, the PR value of the decision by Google to "base value + variable value" model, given a numerical evaluation based numerical is the site of the comprehensive quality of the variable value with site derived external links, but the base value plays a decisive factor for this particular combination and lay a solid foundation. If you have time, you can read the "PR value of 7 of the excellent web site navigation station to our inspiration", this article may give you some inspiration.

2, external links point to excessive garbage sites, or point to sites punished by Google

either Google or Baidu, attaches great importance to the outbound links, if you are a large number of links pointing to the rubbish site, it will think you site on the same site as garbage, not affected by the good evaluation, it is the site of the PR value is reduced; if to be punished Google site, will be the joint responsibility, Google will take up arms for your punishment. From the "Legend of universal navigation network" in the construction of universal navigation network, early construction, due to the face of friends, added some guidance to the garbage station link is the website from the PR value of 5 a drop

Rookie webmaster also come to talk about experience

everyone is talking about experience, rookie, I would also like to talk about my experience, a few days ago, I made a glorious step into the ranks of the webmaster, now built their own station, began his webmaster life.

first station, not what experience, but for the regular Internet me know that search is the best teacher, so I in various forums read countless articles today, summarize, share experiences and opinions of their own.

is the first on the network can earn this question, the answer is yes, must be able to make money, the forum, with the people of every hue, true, false, someone to show off the ten day million of the list, following an amazing sound, but more is in the corner. Lonely recounting his own website, a day to earn a few dollars, painful experience, and I, just as a spectator silently record, thinking.


of each site, some heart buried a dream, a few years later, I am Ma, my site is Taobao, I am Zhang Zhaoyang, my website is Sohu, but nine years ago, the Internet bubble, how many with the idea of people had to leave the network of the stage.

is a place for investment, in order to two points, one for the local GDP, but for the sake of employment, and employment includes direct employment and employment in the third industry, which is a set of things, promote economic development, so as to promote the progress of the network here, no GDP, no problem of employment, so there are advantages, disadvantages, advantage is in full accordance with the market rules, little human intervention, is conducive to the development of the Internet, in addition to development so quickly and the laws of the market are inseparable, and the laws of the market completely has been exacerbated by the brutal competition, the large meat, even the station did not have to drink the soup, law of the jungle, millions of investment in naught is not the thing happened.

website has a technical team and a strong team, without strong support, it is too difficult for one person to fight a lone battle success, but because a few years ago the network riches myth, has deep into every person’s heart, the network can like a beautiful rose, attract people from all sides to come to pick from.

now every ten there are several webmaster think website is easy to earn money, maybe a few years later he can become the richest man Chinese, to tell the truth he had this dream, even do better than many people have too much, but the inevitable attribute in the world determines that most of us only as ordinary people there with the society, doing his extraordinary work in an extraordinary position, also can live a different life.

is one of the Internet industry, that is an industry, although the threshold is very low, but it is not easy to do, we can not only see the people after the success of joy, but not to struggle hard before success, hope to see the webmaster, more practical, more adhere to, do stand there will be a >

Reflective knowledge how to operate a knowledge hero

lead: what should be the focus of the community? Know this media team advantage is the collection of information and knowledge management and pull to known users, but their long-term issue is how to run a virtual community of knowledge hitherto unknown.

knows that the team has come to an agreement that the focus of creating content is people, who are trying to socialize and face the side effects of social networking.

at the beginning of 2014, the emergence of a question answering community know: there have been what high quality user left almost know? Someone special to leave the known statistics for more than 3 months know almost celebrity: @keso, @ hecaitou, @ Misaki Sato Chi, @ Xu Xiaoping, @ Li Kaifu…… Some of them even deleted personal pages.

celebrities are running away, knowing what’s going on,


the key behind this matter is that it is the emergence of these well-known users, to create the influence of knowing today.

A year after

Quora was founded, it was almost born. At first, it was only focused on copying Quora’s questions and answers, and it was not intended to develop social interaction. It is careful to open the registration system, from Li Kaifu, Lei Jun and other IT celebrities, to Tang Yan, a North and other low-key industry experts, have chosen to know almost as their preferred channel of voice.

tilt the balance completely at a time, knowing almost from the simple quiz for operation, the transition to a human operator, where the atmosphere is gradually showing a discussion and cluster effect, the forces of opinion leaders more and more. Know even taking advantage of the almost completed a star campaign, to explore a number of offline unknown to the public, but can rely on the famous "knowledge quiz hero", they are excellent sources of content, so know almost into a community should have a positive circulation, and even can be said that the competition is known to almost.

know almost on the road of social networking farther along, 3 years to win over more than 5 million users, has become a virtual knowledge community the most influential. Now, the stars it created are intent on leaving it. This makes people can not help but sigh: "know almost achievements and lost" lies in social two words.

so, at this point, know the story especially worth discussing: have a perfect overseas template it is how to shift social operation? Famous users leave, will form a big impact on the future of


people are more important than content,


was born in Quora, the founder of Zhou knew the social potential of this model.

Zhou Yuan believes, Quora has created a new form: it through the quiz this mode (or "units") presents the contents of a structured, followed by social — a few people who did not know because of concern the same issue and a new relationship, after more stimulating relationship between people even with persistence.


90 youth do before the declaration book

    I, a passionate, love the website construction of the 90 boys. Natural rebel, let me very early contact with the network site knowledge, but also because of my personality, let me decide on the website construction on the road has been going down.

remember the first contact site construction and production of knowledge is, in my time, which is 2005, I read 91 years earlier, I was born, now, just graduated from high school, immediately entered the university life, that is to say, in the future, I will have more time to do I love it.

in the three years of high school career, my classmates always put me in the ranks of youth internet addiction is classified, but most clearly in my heart what I’m doing so, I will always do what I love, 90, is not already running for food and clothing from generation, but to for their future career success on the contribution to the society, considering the generation size.

I just love doing what I like and doing what I think I’ll be happy about.

so, in this hope that Baidu can give 90 webmaster a voice exchange, exchange of technology platform, for the future of China’s Internet to make greater contributions!


said that 90 is the beat area, rebellious area, but I think that is the reaction of revolt, in certain circumstances, the characteristics of the times is perhaps 90, I want to say that 90 is to make China future changes of generation.

Burst money is so simple stand outside drainage + station guide = sales

introduction: retail sales of sellers on the judgment in general from their own sales experience, according to the sales trend chart to determine the mean, sales volume, turnover rate, promotion evaluation can give the overall sales figures, if the main module of each channel and the flow station to the subdivision, can more accurately predict the related sales. Each link can do things, perhaps more, each module is also different gameplay, specific gameplay depends on the temperament of each site, the formation of the team, the choice of goods, for the user groups. Sales in general will be divided into two parts: stand outside drainage, station guidance, if the corresponding company department is marketing and category department, and some companies may be a department, marketing department. According to the station, outside the station module decomposition.

The main

station sales assessment is marketing personnel, in the relevant estimates, generally only consider the relative macro data, on the basis of their own promotion channels, promotional merchandise, discounts, seasonal and cyclical factors to evaluate sales. Without considering the shortage, refund, oversold corresponding. With the market sales are to assess the general optimistic, and many of the electricity supplier payment orders almost accounted for about half, when the market demand for discount, expediting such action will have great influence on single product delivery.

active push


EDM: Sales = number of mail * number of send * conversion rate * customer orders

SMS: Sales = SMS number * conversion rate * customer orders


EDM is the nature of email marketing, email usage in different countries are not the same, the general users often use mail orders in 1 to 2 days, another 1 to 2 days more, that is 3 to 4 days to see a EDM complete marketing results. General reference, the last 2 days of orders and payment success rate is basically determined sales. The main problems of EDM marketing is that the user type selection, provided by the data center users than only considering the area, whether to buy, both passengers and price must be accurate, the conversion rate is high, and does not require user harassment at least. The group of EDM users basically uses mailbox frequently, it seems to be nonsense, if it extends further, it is mostly the office group that is not used by users in the country. And stay QQ mailbox is not student gens? Everybody sees his data.

search engine


SEM: Sales = advertising number * arrival rate * conversion rate * customer orders

natural search: Sales = natural flow * conversion rate * customer orders


How to write pseudo original articles

in the hospital marketing before this line, I also think that site editing is a very simple thing, as long as the basic use of computer people can do these things. No, it is to copy articles from other websites, make good typography, and change the names of others into their own websites. When I was doing it at an Internet company, my website editors did the same thing. As soon as I entered this hospital, the data was completely copied from the Internet because of the small number of people and the tight time. This was also mentioned in the previous blog.


copied to what the "good", many people know, the search engine is a "big uncle lady-killer", is a "love", is a "mysterious grass bud". Because our editors are not medical graduates, they can’t write anything about the symptoms of the disease or the treatment of it. They must copy someone else. What are the level of grade, the thief also and the dodger. Then how do we edit the article, make pseudo original articles, do a "God series",


common methods have to change the title, change the contents of the article, the article content generally refers to change the beginning part and end part, there is a little at the beginning of his words, without affecting the reading of the premise, to change some of the paragraphs and so on. Copy the article, change the title is necessary, and content plus their words is the best.

, another way I’m going to introduce you now. Probably a lot of people are already using it. This is what I call synonymous substitution". Is to replace some of the existing keywords with the same or similar words. For example, the "three note" painless abortion before the change to "3 note" before artificial abortion, and say "how much" drug abortion into "the price is how much". OK, do you understand? If you have other editing articles and writing pseudo original articles, you must share them with me.

original address:

Author: Fang Guoping, now employed in a private hospital in Hangzhou, has worked in e-commerce website planning, construction, marketing and marketing management. In recent years committed to private hospitals online marketing and operations research, welcomed the exchange of guidance. QQ:348409791,

welcome to reprint, but please keep the author and the original address, thank you!


Creative experience forum marketing text Kung Fu

? Tianya by talk of "Tao" word turned red!!! Always in black and white, gray, light green color Tianya actually appear dazzling red, attracted tens of thousands of users to click.

a ripple, with countless netizens curious flooding, arousing the larger countless netizens spontaneously spread with "Tao" of the thread, not for anything else, just to see the "Tao" will not become red. For a time, the "energy-saving" and "world of work" "Tao" overwhelming, activities for two days, "Tao" has won more than 700 exposure easily. Grand behind, nature is a marketing communication Landes elaborate planning.

technical means to achieve the flexibility of advertising bits

The randomness and replaceability of

advertising sites are based on not changing the forum architecture without having to re – post the posts. In the forum, only to maintain a position of the advertising links are not replaced, the page attractiveness will be reduced to the minimum, therefore, it is inevitable to open up a shortcut and grab Internet users’ vision.

What is the most

network? Internet users?. What is the easiest thing to do on the web? Network technology?. Previously impossible marketing techniques can be implemented on the web via technical means, such as adding hyperlinks to content keywords.

Landes spread after an investigation found that the content keyword hyperlinks are most likely to form a cause of concern of Internet users. So, we will be the customer (congratulations wine network) of the character set as key words in "energy-saving" and "world of work" all "Tao" word to do hyperlinks, can be linked to special congratulations red wine Christmas promotions.

this requires some technical support, so we need to find an experienced and influential forum for cooperation. This form of advertising effect is excellent, and then will be universal, we can try more.

chooses influential forum

most forums are based on industry or interest, and each forum’s "temperament" and "atmosphere" is not the same. Some forums are highly concentrated and some are rather loose. In forum marketing, the more focused the theme, the better. Therefore, the choice of the forum is very particular, in some weak topics, users strong independence, it is often difficult to establish a "hard wide" influence and status. So, the marketing company to spend some time to do the forum research, rather than wasting time to look for a needle in the ocean many forums.

this time, we want to sell is a wine brands around the world gathered Wine online trading platform – Congratulations wine network, through research, product positioning of the audience and the precise prediction of communication effects, we chose the Tianya community.

of course, the wine is better and louder. In order to expand the effect of the activities, to attract audience attention, it is very necessary for us in the early first refresh a number of "Tao" with a lot of beautiful calligraphy, "Tao" to attract the.