was expected to become the new location for the annual ceremonies at which the prestigious awards are made for science and the arts. – Domicile Certificate issued by District Magistrate/Metropolitan Magistrate/ Addl.He said,“When Banaras Hindu University can provide reservation for Dalits then why not AMU”The flag bearers of Dalit-Muslim alliance must mull over the question of allowing Dalits access tothe hallowed precincts of minority institutions such as Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia University We must understand that apart from Muslims Sikhs Buddhists Jains Christians and Parsis are also minorities However since the inception of Ministry of Minority Affairs in the Government of India in 2006 it has only seen a Muslim at its helm Representation for Dalit students in AMU and Jamia is a long-standing demand of the community There is no need of an expert jurisprudential analysis but a simple constitutional understanding will elucidate that both AMU and Jamia — by the virtue of being a central university — must provide preferential treatment for students from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe category A young Dalit assistant professor in Jamia speaking on condition of anonymity admitted “Minorityism has led to ghettoisation of the institution Muslims students coming from surrounding Batla house areas are unwilling to mix with others They are more comfortable with those from their own religion Nobody has questioned the admission under the category of Muslim (Scheduled Castes) that is an aberration Removal of minority status will be in the interest of university” Prominent Dalit thinker professor Vivek Kumar said “Universities are generally established through an act of Parliament and only an act of Parliament can change the institutional nature of the university Minimal representation of Dalits in teaching position both in Jamia and AMU must be looked into” Like many other Dalit issues in the recent past I am afraid this issue will also lose steam with time Time is appropriate to confront ourselves with these questions as the next generation of Dalit struggle will demand representation in key decision making positions Academia today must have Dalits as professors and vice-chancellors Blocking access to Dalits in the name of minorityism is unconstitutional The author is a fellow at India Foundation and assistant professor in Patna University The Best Season to Get Pregnant It’s a bizarre correlation: Babies born at certain times of the year are healthier than others Now scientists have proven that the phenomenon is real and they think they know why The causes are complex but it’s likely that seasonal flu might be to blame As for the best time to get pregnant It’s during the summer but don’t start trying until June—according to the study May is the worst month to conceive Mom’s Antibodies May Cause Some Autism Science is still teasing out the different causes of autism but a new study points to particular antibodies passed from mother to child as the cause in about 25% of autism cases The researchers behind the study hope to have a diagnostic test to identify these antibodies ready in just 18 months But some scientists are skeptical They say that the results of the study are interesting but much more work needs to be done before a test can be brought to market NASA Warned to Go Slow On Asteroid Capture Project NASA is forging ahead with plans to kidnap and study a small asteroid but experts are warning them to proceed with caution saying that the plan could end in disaster literal or budgetary Meanwhile a scientific panel has given the agency a blueprint for the planned 2020 Mars rover It looks a lot like Curiosity except with more features Sterilizing Human Waste No Electricity Required How would you sterilize 35 liters of poop One solution is to toss in some gold nanoparticles and add a little sunshine and water This new sterilization technique converts sunlight into steam no electricity needed The inventors hope that their new system will soon be used to prevent infections in the developing world and other places where high-tech sterilization can be hard to come by Satellites Could Predict Hazards of Glacial Lake Outbursts Warming weather is making glacial lake outbursts a lot more common These mountaintop floods threaten lives and livelihoods but can be hard to predict because they occur in such remote places But a new study finds that a simple satellite index can provide a way to identify which lakes are most at risk of causing a damaging flood and destroying communities For Islam divides as inexorably as it binds. U. 2016.

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Citation data can also open a window into how ideas and research fields evolve, the most liberal copyright license.S. As a result.

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