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love Shanghai Webmaster Platform as full of more than 200 Internet sites and search the only love Shanghai bridge is "customer first" service practitioner, platform by upgrading services for Internet entrepreneurs and webmasters to provide a new service experience.

Zhongguancun online technology for feedback: "for the SVIP to agree with the exclusive service, hope can exchange follow-up similar to higher frequency high organization."

convenient service has won numerous praise the person in charge of the site:

2017 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform VIP club service upgrade. The condensed Internet quality site VIP club members, provide feedback priority, website traffic, website content abnormal timely notice of violations in advance notification services, in the first half of the year we also launched a robot QA system and VIP secretarial services. At the same time, in order to make the site more clear and intuitive solution, for more activities in the form of rich VIP lecture line increase face love Shanghai search opportunity.

2017 Shanghai proposed new "love Search Search" concept, in addition to love Shanghai mobile search to the site every day are billions of magnitude Web traffic, "also improved let website to get more benefit from the customer first" service "and" listen to the needs of users to bring products,

for a strategic partner of SVIP users love Shanghai search online platform to open more than 24 hours of special service mode, provide targeted analysis and exclusive customized solutions, and open the "visit" mechanism, let SVIP enjoy the full range of services more timely.

way tiger car top feedback: "first.

love Shanghai web search executive director Wu Haifeng had announced: "the master is love Shanghai search party", indeed, in recent years, the love relationship between Shanghai and the head of the occurrence of subtle changes, from closed to open to the public, with service mentality in the face of the webmaster, good service website, let you can concentrate on the website provides good content is the priority among priorities of win-win cooperation to improve Internet ecosystem.

2017, Shanghai love search and SVIP sites have more two-way communication, visit the SVIP search service, expert group has gone through 4 provinces and cities nationwide 12 sites, and the person in charge of operations and personnel in-depth exchanges and help solve the problem of Web site, dozens of website optimization problems.


comprehensive upgrade service club Ctrip ] to service the acclaimed

product feedback: "face-to-face communication more efficient, hope to communicate regularly with our employees, but also gave us many new ideas" website optimization and product innovation

The hearts of more complex search engine cheating and anti cheating sinister lakes

this means that if only a handful of sites to control a handful of people in a certain size range of small scale operation, never paid close attention to the search engine, cheating in a long period of time muffled fortune, so that search engine pioneer claimed by cheating cheating is often really earn a lot of money, this is not only because of any technical system tolerate certain data deviation, but also because such behavior is far from universally condemned, not enough to kill Ping Minfen ".

search engine cheating in love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide" in 2 words, is that "any use and enlarge the search engine strategies by means of obtaining malicious defects, inconsistent with the" quality rankings, caused by the quality of search results and user search experience will be decreased as the search engine cheating behavior." Because of the "perfect system actually does not exist".

if there is no search engine, you (yet) will do


but not all "special technology for search engines and do immediately by the search engine search engine sanctions, not only to determine whether you are conscious of behavior for search engines to do so through a period of time; at the same time, it needs more time to judge the behavior of common special technology harm — whether has spread to a great threat to the point of the search engine, according to the" love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2 "argument is:" (cheating) the most basic definition of law, is the flood is, whether it will affect the search system, ultimately hurt (majority) users search experience".

search engine for cheating so late to hit with a Kunming words, is "stealing cattle did not catch, catch the pile". Summed up the whole good, because "cattle" even if they have to be punished, "

but the paper is always hold fire "endless desire – fire from cheating in pursuit of money fame, there will always be a secret secret, especially in the highly commercialized today, so can bring huge commercial interests in technology to spread speed is obviously faster, and the popularization and application of large area such non conventional technology, the search engine ranking technical defects are constantly enlarged, the search engine ranking fairness and rationality disappear immediately," is to endure, not "at this time, search engines will have to strike non conventional techniques like the attack.

is always a hot topic on the Internet ?

search engine spam

all the search engine cheating is the highest standard of judgment: "if there is no search engine, you (yet) will do so? Or that a certain method is just to search engine with

The Shanghai dragon optimization experience sharing

two, www.***贵族宝贝 Home Furnishing beauty Lele love Shanghai weight analysis (to name ten):

said the Shanghai dragon, a lot of people will say to regularly update the article, to write the original article, at least also must be original. According to Shanghai dragon, in all industries, the electronic commerce website is the first to recognize its value and focus on the promotion of the industry, Shanghai dragon of electronic commerce website is the biggest sales promotion. So, how do the electronic commerce website of Shanghai dragon? What is their merits? Today, in the United States Home Furnishing Lele network as an example, the dynamic network and the lion share in the content of the Shanghai dragon optimization experience.

Key words:

three, America Lele Home Furnishing station network, this article analyzes 2012 cases: ten China furniture brand ranking 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/article_cat-1/article-5455.html

first of all, America Lele network www.***贵族宝贝 website Home Furnishing basic situation, make an overall cognition:

2, keywords China furniture, China furniture brand, China furniture ten brand, furniture brand ranking. This article uses 4 key words long tail, not more than 5, the number is more reasonable. Each of the key.

so far, more than 320 thousand of the network Home Furnishing beauty Lele in Shanghai included the number, the number included more than 630 thousand noble baby, to an operator will not to the electronic commerce website for 5 years, reached the number included, America Lele Home Furnishing network has done very successfully.

the Shanghai dragon to do optimization, title, keywords, description Title Keyword description, anchor text, link, link, the context of recommendation, navigation links, use H tags, B tags, from America Lele writing methods, we can learn a lot in the Shanghai dragon optimization techniques.

analysis showed that the weight of the love of Shanghai, in addition to the "furniture" furniture "furniture city" online shopping "" folding bed "search a huge amount of target keywords, ranking Home Furnishing beauty Lele can occupy the first, like" floor ten brand "" buy furniture what "home network" brand ranking the composite floor ten brand ranking "long tail keywords, Home Furnishing beauty Lele net rank also ranks highly ranked, ranked first.

1, title 2012 Chinese furniture Title: ten brand ranking. Judging from the title, this article is about the "ten furniture brand" and other words are supplementary to the title.

Xiao Quan teach you how to solve the site website is not in the home

3. solution:

(3) page outbound links too much: a link on the page can not be more than fifty, this is the webmaster get a lot of recognition, the chain is derived too much will make your website weight reduction.

: This is a trick, a keyword search, in a domain, so we can know which pages are the most important search your site search engine that you give him in which page ranking is not that you want a page when a keyword.

(1): the optimization of the site optimization excessive traces too obvious

(2) chain surge: external links in the short term add too much

2, the old site of the problem may be the following:

1. new web site home page is not the first problem is generally low value is the authoritative website. Newly built railway station, the chain and included are not many, their limited resources, the weight of a web page is generally not high. Site is not the first home page, the inside pages of the rankings than the home page. The weight of that page in the home than high, take my blog to illustrate. The original blog just set up a month, ranking the keywords of Dongguan Shanghai dragon a triumph, once rose to the top 20, but suddenly one day in the fall, site blog home page is not the first, as shown in

< >

second: Website Optimization Website Optimization excessive, remove excessive traces, to adjust the whole station. In addition to not frequently change the website title.

is often encountered in the forum asked site website is not in the home to do, meet this kind of problem to analyze specific issues.

(4) Links: their Links site was K, or Links and trash exchange was involved.

When the

: fourth outbound links too much: reduce page outbound links, a link to the control of the number of.

in search of Shanghai dragon Xiao Quan, home is not ranked first, but a content page ranked first, Shanghai love think of the importance of your pages are higher than your home, this time it will give you the keyword ranking you the content page. Your home page ranking is impossible to enter the front row index keywords in the content page, naturally can not find any ranking.

: the first railway station site authority value is not high: to update the original article, do website internal links and text aiming, the chain increased gradually.

third: the chain of short-term surge causes because of too much of the chain. Just wait, do not continue to be a massive increase in the chain.

The stationmaster must stand in the heart of altruism of website content


view all sites of success is almost success content, if your content is not successful, then your promotion will only hurt your website. So I recommend that everyone in the website content must stand in the heart of altruism point do content, whether the value of this article I wrote, after reading the user will not feel the harvest or feel a waste of time. We must first convince yourself, in fact in order to solve the problem of the user.

Of course, a lot of content

second is the content of the site is not needed by the user, the general small and medium-sized enterprises, a person responsible for the company network. In fact, the largest in Shanghai Longfeng, the challenge is the fusion of the industry, if you really understand this industry, know your users, understand your products, these things also need time to learn. If a Er has not contacted the Shanghai Dragon restaurant, suddenly you let him do you edit the site, how can he do well? How could he do the content that users need? In fact, there is a way, we send the chain in the domain of others, we have time a little, dare to play naked advertising. Put down the guard while doing their own website content, because no one to review your content. This garbage content hidden within a short period of time may not have what problem, but for the long-term development of a website is a big problem.

statement this update is not accord with the needs of the user, the content once too much, such as a business enterprise a year down the news station update three hundred or four hundred articles. The latest update of the content sink to the bottom, perhaps this part will never allow the user to see, whether it is important or not, because the user is difficult to click on your website to the search engine, is also very difficult to collect. If your website has 500 pages, click if is 50 words, that your website’s click rate is 10%. If you click on the website only 50 pages is 50, then you click is 100%. The same is to click on the search engine is the 50 view is not the same, so we must pay attention to some of the site’s weight, why always lift not up, the content of this waste is one of the important reasons.

I have seen a lot of websites have a big problem, that is the question about the content. The problem is that Shanghai dragon Er did not think, may be realized but this operation. You might ask the content of the website will have what problem? In my view there are two points, the first is the content of the web site too much, second is the content of the web site is not needed by the user. In fact, these two are well understood, the content of the website is updated, because too much, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will listen to what others say will lead to update the rankings in the learning process, a new snapshot will be very like, so give your website to update a lot of content, but the content may appear harmful. In the short term will not be a long time, but the side effects emerged.

You must learn to analyze the competition of the Shanghai Dragon

now with the fierce competition, seems to do a website, want not so fast before ranking up, two or three months before you can put a web site keywords do love Shanghai first second, now half a year can go up to me, especially if the competition is very fierce words, fundamental did not go up the possibility of, why? Because you are doing what others are doing, you may one day update two articles, but others also update two articles ah, but others have weight station a lot more than you do, so you can follow the butt and go only

we do when the site, I think now don’t rush to do stand, I think to do a station only one day can fix, do the station is only upload up, the website structure change, and then update the articles and send the chain so many Internet! So, especially to do some small friends practice


learn to analyze your competition is mainly to see whether a keyword many people do, whether they are Shanghai dragon, if a word, even if has great value, there are 10 words in front of the top-level domain name, is not recommended to do! Because you do this word if you go that takes a very long time, as well as using this time to find a blue ocean market, find a little keywords people do, maybe not the optimization can go up



so do the development of Shanghai dragon to now can’t just the previous method, to analyze your competitors, choose less competition to do good, for the first page of all for yourself! If you have money, not to do Shanghai Longfeng, direct love Shanghai advertising sex, Shanghai, so I didn’t need you have the technology, one of my friends in Shanghai doing promotion sex is still very successful! The future development is not the Shanghai dragon, SEM, we need to do is search engine marketing, through advertising to do the first, choose a good the sales page, so that your products will be very popular! Please keep the information from the Hong Wah business consulting.

I have the station is not too much, but his own experience can tell you one thing: don’t do those fierce words, like skin care products category, tens of thousands of people are doing, you should learn to analyze your competitors do not think a good a hot head words immediately buy the site to buy the domain name space to pick it up, so to optimize up to for a long time, unless you do not want to Shanghai by way of the dragon, there is what "levorotatory elder brother" disorderly do station group, the love of Shanghai these search engines get dizzy, and then put the we get these Adsense rankings suddenly rise suddenly dropped, ranking is not stable, said K you K you say to you, you are the first first, we do not seem to what Shanghai Longfeng right!

The new station in three days let love Shanghai quickly improve the three skills included weight

second, the new website content must be full of


no matter what type of website, when you attract love Shanghai spider to your site, the site must have rich content, which is a key collection, imagine if your site spider love Shanghai also came, but the spider but what content do not have to grab or crawl to a few the content of love Shanghai search engine has its own criteria, I think this site would not be accepted by the love of Shanghai, naturally want website a few days included has become a major problem. I suggest that when everyone in the line on the website must get a dozen original content, and the best content is pure text content, the content in the entrainment of links, links, first impression so as to ensure the site.

3, website column, navigation must first set in place, and the column navigation is search engine to crawl content, so we must be in the official website to attract column, navigation website is set in place before the advent of spider.

and I have set up more than a dozen sites, these sites are profitable, there have been several K June 6th, I set up a new website in three days after the start of love in Shanghai included, as shown below, I each time a new application domain name to build the website three days are included, here I share some of my views and opinions, I hope to help the new owners.

third, the new site should be submitted and included both attract spider

1 of the website, title, keywords, description must be on the first amendment in place, not second days to sleep together and think of the title of the site settings, keywords set and problems, so to modify it will affect the overall site included.

many owners in the new line after the thought is submitted to love Shanghai included, it is not wrong, but the effect is not very good, so much of my website in the on-line time are not submitted to search engines, but directly.

first, only need to modify a

The first thing

2, website template must be revised for the first time in my success, when building a new website no matter what type of website will take a website without trial procedures before the formal registration of the domain name, finally uploaded to the computer, after this new website will be able to immediately establish procedures out put into use this method is far better than to get a new domain name registration trial program 10 times.

website domain name to space remaining after the site is set up, and the first thing this time is to modify the site webmaster do, I modify the website this proposed several suggestions, a new website, many things must be in the first amendment is complete, but not to be able to fall back:

The reason for you to uncover the Sina blog the chain is not included

from the two test can see that Sina blog weight did not abate, but for those with a text description, hyperlinks articles not included, but generally with pure text links articles will be included. After all in the Sina blog the chain, do not take a text or hyperlinks, text directly on the line, some people will ask, why the article with draw text and hyperlinks will be included? This strange phenomenon temporarily no way for you to answer, but also need to go further study.


today I apply for three Sina blog account, and blog, called the A blog, B blog, C blog, and then use the three blog to do the two test. First of all, in the online to copy three articles, links are removed, and then randomly put a paper published in the three blog, about an hour or so, the three blog articles are included, can see the Sina blog included is very fast. (Figure

believes that most of the Shanghai dragon ER third party blog the chain will be the first choice of Sina blog, because the other third party blog should have a period of time will be included, while Sina blog is basically apply for an account, just released an article will soon be included, is currently the fastest among the third party blog. But recently, everyone may find now Sina blog was included as before, published articles are not included, so that everyone has been Sina blog search engine right down, really is the search engine drop right? NO!!! Sina blog weight is still high, please we continue to look down.


hope this article to help, the most effective way to lose weight: 贵族宝贝51jfei.net/ original, reproduced please specify. Thank you for reading


and I once again found a three article, respectively the second test of the three blog, insert a text description, and then posted on the A blog article, insert a hyperlink in the B blog article then released, insert a text link in C blog article then, an hour later, as a result of this testing, A blog and B blog articles have not been included, the C blog article was collected. (Figure

The thought of love from Shanghai 6.22, 6.28 update interpretation

imperceptibly, No. 6.22-6.28 6.28-7.2 a week, five days, occurred in a wide range of adjustment of the day in Shanghai, on the day 7.2, LEE published on these updates, and also explain the love of Shanghai in June 22nd and June 28th, the two day of what happened, what about these I say, after all, after such an adjustment, his website is also in the ranks, but also look forward to love Shanghai can reply to my weight, then in July 2nd LEE issued a notice to do some of their own feelings.

see remedies, can not help but think of love Shanghai to restore some sites by weight of complaints, remember in the group saw, said complaints website can still, sometimes a good website can regain weight by the complaint, but if there are hundreds of thousands of websites at the same time. Complaints can be predicted, when LEE said the method, let us think this is the end of the way.

finally, love Shanghai illustrates the remedial method, specific screenshots of

what about the above announcement, I still have a certain feeling, how to say, love Shanghai this update and explanation, let the author self.

above is the screenshot, can see, after the two major adjustments, basically the site appeared before a site drop right, included after a site is K off, the two update for the vast majority of owners are not calm, to tell the truth, these updates, so that the 60 station of my own in 30 did not have to say the weight losses, when the A5 forum, we are also in Shanghai how to complain that love, love Shanghai too violent, so that the vast majority of owners, no ranking, even by the K website, to.

first, LEE explained what happened, specific screenshots of


these screenshots from on the other hand, for the sake of our love of Shanghai is the majority of Internet users, and then K it off that cheat page (or site), well, for the user, this made no Naik, since love in Shanghai in the eyes of the user is the user, but I have seen the on the other side of Shanghai, love of the adjustment, update strength is too large, feel that there are some places to do too much, now the largest part lies in the old station or old station, whether acquisition or pseudo original, rankings are just, and some of the original site is not serious love the sea K fate, this time to see this sentence also felt too funny.

what’s next, LEE explains why love Shanghai adjustment, specific screenshots of

Where is the significance of the platform site safety inspection

1, the website owner can fully grasp the site safety information in a timely manner.


, a 360 site safety inspection platform

site security is getting more and more attention by people, in order to put the comprehensive information reasonable show to the user, website security is considered to be one of the priorities, gradually let users rest assured and secure access to Internet information, to create a secure Internet environment. Chinese Internet website vulnerabilities exist serious, only 35% of the site is in a safe state, 73% sites were black type implantation dark chain, 2012 attack area is more highly developed areas of telecom value-added service. Because of this, the site safety inspection platform is also rising rapidly, has become a new industry. In the new industry in which companies and what is their stand head and shoulders above others? The meaning of

The implementation of

2, 360 want more webmaster site certification.

360 site safety inspection platform is free to free form mechanism, obtained the support of users, through the inspection of the site safety, safety fully understand the website information, whether the presence of high-risk vulnerabilities, the need for timely treatment. 360 site safety inspection platform mainly for vulnerability detection, detecting Trojan, tamper detection three blocks. Through the detailed understanding of its site safety inspection information, according to the problems of reasonable treatment, to prevent the vulnerability caused by site to be a big problem, which affects the overall flow.

website, easy to be outsiders invasion, which affects the website operation, for the user and search engine dual experience is not ideal. So in order to allow site owners to more fully understand their website security, love Shanghai and webmaster tools KnownSec, launch site safety inspection tools, through detailed examination, to understand the basic information of the website, including a detailed description of the website name card, vulnerabilities, and security risk early warning, and launched a security alliance certification level division of certification classification to scanv security, 1A security alliance website security authentication, security alliance 2A safety certification (not open)

3, gradually let all people participate, gradually improve their own brand strategy direction.

360 site safety inspection platform:

two, love Shanghai security alliance certification website

1 and 360 continue to strengthen their own products and enhance the use of

website security alliance certification:

There are loopholes in the

2, website certified by security alliance, love Shanghai search results with A icon display, to fully display its website name card.